Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 3 Episode 8

Crime After Crime

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • I didn't really liked this episode of Mr.Herriman because of the parts when he was shouting on the imaginary friends that who ever was near to the carrot hide out of Mr.Herriman....... the other parts were funny and good. It was still a good episode.

    This episode is good and funny. I like the part when Bloo was doing everything for Mr.Herriman to send him back into his room. But it's not really funny, it's just funny.
    Here are some lines of Bloo and Mac: "I tried and tried, but nothing works! nothing works!" Bloo said. " What do you mean" Mac asked. " I'm supposed to be the king! the king I tell you! now I lost my touch" Bloo said.

    That part was after he wrecked some of the things in the house of the Foster's home, that's why I like that part. I also like the part when Bloo, Mr.Herriman, Eduardo, and Mac were jumping in Madame Foster's bed. They jumped one by one but not the same time. That was just ok and funny.

    When they were jumping in the bed, in the kitchen, Frankie was making "it" for dinner, Madame Foster was tasting it if it is correct or wrong. Then Madame Foster said wrong. Until Frankie found out who was jumping on the bed. Funny.

    He saw Mac jumping on the bed so she got mad and made Mac go home. My favorite and funny part was in the credit loops. Frankie was forcing Bloo to eat "it" and after Bloo ate one, she gave the second "it" to Bloo. That part was making me laugh and it was funny. The other parts that I don't like are the ones when Mr. Herriman was saying to the imaginary firends "Go to your rooms now and no supper!!!" or the one "Go to your rooms immediately and no supper!!!".

    I just don't like that parts because the imaginary friends are not doing anything and he's just treating them like that. I just hate that parts but still a good and funny episode of Foster's. That was the sucky parts. The other parts were funny and good so it was still a good and funny episode to me. So if you watched this episode again, put the rating not really high. Only like 6.0 - 9.0 that's ok. Come on people!