Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 3 Episode 8

Crime After Crime

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Not my favorite Mr. Herriman episode, but still good.

    Crime After Crime is a fairly good episode, but it suffers from a few major flaws. First--the plot was good, but it was a bit confusing at the beginning with Mr. Herriman grounding everybody without supper and hunting for his carrots, Frankie attempting to make 'It' and Bloo deliberately trying to get punished(And failing) happening at the same time. It does flow well and actually even in a creative way, but with children being the chief target audience, I'd imagine some of them might be a little confused following the storyline. On the other hand, it's VERY admirable that this episode chooses not to insult the intelligence of their children viewership with some boring, routine plot.

    Second, it was over-the-top at times. I know this is a cartoon and not realistic, but there also need to be limits. Bloo hitting the house with a wrecking ball is nothing short of ridiculous. And they could've done a better job of portraying Mac's "dirty" side. It was fine if he had some random desire to jump in Frankie's bed, but the way he taunted her about how she couldn't punish him because he doesn't live at Foster's was both out-of-character and stupid of him.

    Thirdly... have I mentioned my ever-decreasing respect for Madame Foster? This season has done a very good job of turning her from a pretty good knockoff of Hey Arnold's Gertrude into an utter witch(Stealing the tickets to Europe, paying Mr. Herriman mere cents and being completely apathetic when he left after losing the presidential vote). Here we have Madame smacking poor Frankie with a wooden spoon everytime she fails to concoct 'It' correctly, which isn't even her fault as multiple characters are seen hopping on her bedroom causing ceiling splatter to fall down. If I were Frankie, Madame Foster would be eating 'It' alongside Bloo as punishment for her sins.

    This is still a good episode, however, and further proves that Mr. Herriman is a consistent presence in the episodes centered on him. He may be an uptight bastard at times, but he sure has an entertaining personality.
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