Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 3 Episode 8

Crime After Crime

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • (As the credits roll, we see Bloo after eating a serving of "it", he groans)
      Bloo: Oh. That's ... it.
      (Frankie comes in screen left with another helping)
      Frankie: This is for gluing the furniture on the ceiling. And make sure you leave room for banana hallway and condiment couch.

      However near the midpoint of the episode, Bloo never did glue furniture to the ceiling, he broke a series of them in a hallway by using a feather and ingenuity to make a chain reaction.

    • In "The Trouble With Scribbles," Mac claims that Clumsy can't walk two steps without falling over. Yet when Mr. Herriman scares Clumsy and the other imaginary friends to their rooms, Clumsy is able to run away without falling over.

    • Mr. Herriman gave Bloo a warning for dismantling "the only mode of transportation" Foster's had. Yet, during his carrot craze, he opens the hood of a Foster vehicle (proof is on the hood's design of the Foster's logo) to get some carrots. It's nearly impossible for a dismantled vehicle to be repaired in that short amount of time.

    • Mr. Herriman said that he lost one-hundred carrots, but on the fireplace, it looked like there were only about eight or so.

  • Quotes

    • Police Officer in helicopter: Drop the diamonds, Rabbit.
      Mr. Herriman: Diamonds? Oh no, silly. These aren't diamonds. They're carrots.
      (Opens up bag)
      Police Officer: Yeah, about a hundred of 'em.

    • Bloo: Blooreguard Q. Kazoo, you've outdone yourself. (A huge crane with a recking ball is then shown) GUESS WHO'S NOT COMING TO DINNER!

    • Bloo: When Mr. Herriman sees me messing up Madame Foster's bed, he'll send me to my room for sure. Then it's good bye "it" and hello...hello...hello to saying good bye to "it"

    • (As the credits roll, we see Bloo after eating a serving of "it", he groans)
      Bloo: Oh. That's ... it.
      (Frankie comes in screen left with another helping)
      Frankie: This is for gluing the furniture on the ceiling. And make sure you leave room for banana hallway and condiment couch.

    • Madame Foster: (To Frankie) Now, let's see how you did, girl. (Tastes Frankie's cooking) Hmm... It's... It's... Awful! Just like my grandma used to make. I knew you had it in you.

    • Bloo: Uh, I'm not really hungry.
      Frankie: Tough beans, blob boy. I made it five times tonight, and you ain't leaving until it's all gone.
      Madame Foster: Don't worry, dearie, it's not that bad. Oh, it's much, much worse! Ha ha, much, much worse!

    • Mac: (Jumping on Madame Foster's bed) I've... never... felt... so... alive!
      Bloo: I can't believe we're related. All right...desperate times call for desperate measures. (Opens Madame Foster's jewelery bureau) If stealing diamonds doesn't get me sent to my room without supper, I give up.

  • Notes

    • Mr. Herriman says that he just started his obsession with carrots again. His obsession might have been spurred when the bunnies gave him carrots to eat in "Camp Keep a Good Mac Down."

    • There's some continuity in this episode. When Blooregard does the clown drawing on the portrait, it goes back to Duchess of Wails, where the Applebees portrait along with the one of their grandmother were vandalized by Bloo and Mac with moustaches and clowns drawn over. In both cases, red crayons were used.

    • Clumsy from "The Trouble With Scribbles" makes a cameo.

    • This is the second time Frankie calls Bloo "Blob boy". The first was in "World Wide Wabbit".

    • What "it" is, is never revealed.

    • Credits: Bloo reacts to eating "it," and Frankie serves up seconds followed by thirds and fourths as punishment for the rules Bloo broke.

    • This is the first episode with the roll-up captioning at the top of the screen.

    • There are cameos in this episode by local newscaster Todd (from "Sweet Stench Of Success") and the imaginary puppies (from "Who Let The Dogs In?").

    • Animation Studio: Boulder Media, Ltd.

    • Running Gags:
      1) Mr. Herriman telling the imaginary friends at Foster's that they will get no supper and making up silly punishments (no standing on rugs, etc.)
      2) Madame Foster calling the food "it."
      3) Frankie failing to make "it."
      4) Eduardo, Mr. Herriman, Bloo, and Mac jumping on Madame Foster's bed, putting falling plaster from the kitchen ceiling into "it."
      5) The line "For the love of--", which is used by four different characters in this episode.
      6) Wilt disobeying the rules Mr Herriman makes up just after Mr Herriman made them.

    • The reason Bloo wants to get in trouble is because he doesn't want to eat Frankie's "it."

    • Title Card Sound: Mr. Herriman scarfing down carrots.

  • Allusions

    • Comic Strip: Calvin and Hobbes
      Bloo's reluctance to eat Frankie's dish ("It") in this episode is similar to a running gag from the C&H comics where Calvin would often be forced to eat a similar looking green foodstuff for dinner despite his protests. In fact both Calvin and Bloo liken their respective meals to vomit, and have pretty much the same reaction when taking a bite.

    • The way Mr. Herriman eats carrots is similar to Cookie Monster from "Sesame Street" way of eating Cookies.

    • They are playing the Nintendo GameCube in this ep again.

    • Mac: I'm too young to go to jail!
      This an allusion to the normal line of panic in a crisis: "I'm too young to die."

    • Wilt: Writing at the blackboard.
      Wilt writing at a blackboard ("I will not stand on rugs") is likely a tribute to the openings on The Simpsons which finds Bart writing on a blackboard as punishment.

    • Imaginary Friend: Yogi Boo Boo
      A merger of the names of classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters Yogi Bear and his sidekick, Boo-Boo.

    • Bloo: You know what they say, Mr. H.: there's always room for Gelatin-O!
      This is a familiar slogan for JELL-O. However, since the standards and practices folks at Cartoon Network won't let the crew use the brand name "JELL-O", they had to use "Gelatin-O" in it's place.

    • Episode Title: Crime After Crime
      The episode title is a reference to pop musician, Cyndi Lauper, and her hit, "Time After Time."

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