Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 6 Episode 6

Destination: Imagination

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • about this episode

    This was excellent episode.
  • The best movie on Cartoon Network ever.

    Frankie gets over worked by Mr. Herriman then a toy chest appears at the front door tightly padlocked. A note is attached that says there's an imaginary friend inside and to not open it. Mr. H tells Frankie to put it in the attic but she opens it and falls in. There she is given whatever she wants. Then one day she decides to stay in the world. Bloo, Mac, Coco, Eduardo, and Wilt try to find her until the imaginary friend that was in the chest tries to stop them by doing numerous things. They eventually get her but she doesn't want to come back because she doesn't feel appreciated. This episode is a little like Coraline but still a great movie to watch. Mr. Herriman also smiles for the first time and gives Frankie respect for the first time. At the end the Frankie lets the imaginary friend, "World" stay at the house.
  • Destionation Imagination!

    I really liked this. It is not very bad. I like how nice Frankie is. She knows very well what a friend needs. And Mac and the others show they care about Frankie a lot. (Besides Bloo which kinda makes me sad) Yeah some parts made me laugh but it wasn't super hularious. Bloo totally didn't change a bit in this movie. I feel that Bloo should of had some change of heart in this film. He did not care about Frankie at all. Well, I guess that's just Bloo. In love the how Edwardo tried to save Frankie, even though he was scared. I like this movie, and I recommend watching it, unless you want more comedy.
  • Amazing

    It was definitely the best episode of Foster's. I also kind of did enjoy the allusion to Coraline. Frankie is forced with doing all the chores and receives no respect from other members of the house. Then, a box arrives that is tightly locked. Wondering why anyone would lock up an imaginary friend, she opens it and falls in. She finds herself in a strange world where she finally gets respect from the mysterious friend who lives there. Meanwhile, the Foster's gang goes in to find her, and makes their way across the strange new place, ultimately learning that Frankie deserves respect. Also, when Bloo said "pissed" I guess its the closest thing to a real swear.
  • This reminded of Coraline.

    So basicly Frankie is sick of doing all the chores and getting no respect. So one day she finds a toybox with an imaginary friend in it. but it's locked with a sign that said "do not open." The story was very creative and vivid plus had a sweet ending the face guy was so happy to be free and for the first time (I think) Mr. H smiles. This movie reminded me of Coraline. Like when Coraline is having a rough day with something she goes to the other mother then it turns out to be a trap. And for Frankie she does the exact same thing. I'm not saying it's unorginal. It was just a coiscdence. Anyway best foster's Episode Ever
  • frankie is sick and tired of working for mr.h and the rest of the house without getting a single thank you but when a toy chest arives with a note on it that says imaginairy friend inside to no open frankie has to open it but will this trip be her last?

    this was the best movie on cartoon network ever and the best show on cni give it a 100000000\1000000000 frankie falls into a toy chest and the person that was locked up trys to keep frankie their forever but when her friends come to try and rescue her things get much worse but in the end they let the person that was trapped out and into the house and everybody in the house gets to go in the toy chest and see what this strange world looked like the trees were cardboard and the ground was carpet strange i thought it was
  • a mysterious world....

    Destination Imagination looks perfectly plotted and twisted. Now, in this episode, Frankie goes missing from the Foster Home and into the toy box that leads to a mysterious imaginary world, where she's kept comfort as a princess by another imaginary friend. When Mac and the others come to rescue her, they go through cops, a piano bridge, and self-zombies. Worst of all for them, is that they learn that the imaginary friends switchs to any faceless things at one place at one time, which is why he caused a bridge to break, even the piano bridge, and put sleeping powder on the crumpets, but Mac didn't eat one since he can't eat sugar. Throughout, it was entertaining and had its moments. When Mac and the others try to free Frankie, Frankie declares that she won't go back to the Foster Home, Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco came back, but not yet, they now became shrunk and trapped inside a Foster's Home replica. When the imaginary friend agrees to Frankie to unimprison Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco, he becomes friends with them. Later, Herriman comes by abd the imaginary friend becomes angered when Herriman starts to act as boss-man and the imaginary friend causes chaos until Mac. Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Frankie, and Herriman get out of the toy box, then Frankie decides to have the imaginary friend stay at Foster's, after for being sorry for them. It all ends well, it was a very special episode. I would review other FHFIF episodes, but this would be my last one.

    Grade: B-
  • One of the best CN movies!

    The only bad thing I hated about this episode was when the imaginary friend, forgot his name, kept forming into things. It started getting annoying. Also, I cant believe Bloo said a cuss word! The funniest part in the movie was when they landed in the gum and they kept forming ghost versions of themselves and the ghost versions of themselves started to attack them. That was also my favotite part. So, overall, I give this movie an A-, or a 9. A must see CN movie. Well, thats my review. Now I just have to wait for the Ed, Edd n Eddy movie!
  • finally,about time frankie gets some respect from mr. herriman,and finally this show stepped it's game and damn i never see the day when bloo starts to cuss "you pissed him off" now that's good entertainment and this is going to be my

    when frankie dissappears into a mysterious box the gang must go into the box to rescue her and faces
    all kind of peril and dangerous, and this is a
    new beginning for the last season eduarado is finally
    being brave,bloo finally said he's first cuss word
    ,coco is still crazy and wilt still the same,frankie
    is getting the respect she wanted all suffering 6 long season of disrespect and torture by mr. herriman
    and the house and i like the part when she was treated like a queen,wearing dress, getting pampered
    with foot massages,manicure and shoulders rubs and
    live it out royalty style even with a craze imaginary
    friends and that esipodes cann teach you guys something about a friend,you can't just look at him or her just say they're bad news you got see who they're real are and that's by to know them
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