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Strange "camera"

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    [1]Apr 25, 2010
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    I only just today came across this show, and I have only seen a few of the episodes available on, but why is it that this show is presented in a curved perspective? I imagine the show as being projected on a curved screen, so the edges are closer to you and the center is further away. If you watch, objects elongate as they approach the edges and shorten as they approach the middle. This is a horrible decision, as it's very distracting, especially when the "camera" scrolls across a room or when characters walk across the screen.

    I have to assume that this is intentional, and not a fault of cartoonnetwork's Flash player or something. Why would they do this? It's absurd.

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    [2]Oct 30, 2010
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    It's because Cartoon Network is forcing the stream in 16.9 when fosters was filmed in 4.3 fullscreen.

    Basically they're HDifying shows that shouldn't be in HD.

    Kind of like FUNimation with Dragonball.

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