Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 3 Episode 6

Foster's Goes To Europe

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Worst Episode Ever

    One of the top WORST Foster's episodes ever!
  • Fosters "Go To Europe"

    I HATE this episode a lot!!!!!!!!They don't even go to Europe at I first watched it i was like "This is gonna be the best episode ever but I was wrong. Realy wrong 100 percent didn't go to Europe!!!They had lots of time but no they I typed a lot I must realy hate this episode
  • plain bad prubley woser than emposter for them make um up pales and everyone nose that bendy did it and were theres a wilt there away very bad ending

    this episode ended terable with the gain fanialy made it but madome foster carzy old lady and everyone hated mac that is bad so bad of a ending crag mckreaten whats wrong with you this is a realy bad episode 1 diffenly thats the probblem with the siers somtimes bad soooo bad i cant take it sooooooooooooooooooo cruwllllllllllll poor mac why was there such a bad ending i think they shouled brouad cast this episode ever agin everone hats it its going to make the show worse well thats my reiview of this bad episode bye.
  • Not a good episode. (again) this shows a big disappointment and is another total rip-off to see. ugh.

    What is with Cartoon Network receiving all these writers who want to torture thses characters? Seriously, this episode yet again shows abusing of these characters, and this writer wasn't even Craig Lewis, so I don't know what the heck is going on here, maybe it has to do with some conspiracies going on behind the scenes of this show that Craig McKraken (the director) has the writers put them up up to it. Either that or the writers just don't want to see the characters have a nice time and day, which leads to the idea-makers making some disgraceful moves, and that is all I'm gonna say here because I don't even want to discuss what happens for the cahracters at the end of this show, not even the European Imaginary friend had a good time when her creators told her to go back to America. Ugh, This Review is done now!
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  • Wow. It is impossible to explain this episode.

    Well, as I said, it is impossible to explain this episode. I mean they are all going to Europe, and Bloo does and doesn't wanna go. A girl named Eurotrish wants to go but can't. Wilt doesn't pack anything. Eduardo wants to pack 12 suitcases full of bunnys. Coco is afraid of flying and bus rides. Mr.Heriman tries to make a schedule. Frankie tries to pull everything together. In the end they all make it but Madame Foster stole thier tickets. It was... a little confusing, and yet funny at the same time. Nothing else to say but that. Yep.
  • The worst Episode I'v ever seen

    Mac wins a sweepstakes to go to Europe. He decides to bring Ed, Coco, Wilt, Herriman, Frankie, and Bloo (Who can't decide whether he wants to go or not). Another charachter, Eurotrish, wants to see her "familia" in Europe and she keeps persisting to go. This episode isn't really what I wanted it to be at all. I wanted to see them in Europe. I won't give away the ending (for those of you who didn't see it), but I will tell you that things don't go as planned at all! It's one of the most boring episodes i've ever seen.
  • This episode was plain cruel.

    Mac worked hard for those tickets. He waited six to eight weeks for them and then Madame Foster, usually kind and caring, takes them all when they were all already delayed beause of mac\'s friends all messing about and not making their mind up about whether they are coming. Coco was quite bad for taking the spark plugs and Mr Herriman could have just wrote the schedual on the plane. Bloo kept getting Eurotrish\'s hopes up and smashing them down again with his contant mind changing and Madame Foster by trying to have a wild tea party, thus making Frankie delayed when she had to call a sitter. Then, the only good thing that happened, Eurotrish seeing her family, was ruined when they rejected her for singing. The othe episodes are good, though.
  • This episode is a lie!

    I've seen alot of horrible episodes this show has, but this one takes the cake! Mac got his hopes up and worked hard for nothing just because Madame Foster had to be such a pig, and everybody blamed Mac at the end, I wouldn't blame him if he punched them all in the face as they came in and scolded him, it was mostly their fault that they didn't go with all their stupid delays for nothing(mostly Eduardo and Mr. Herriman). At last they're just about to leave when Madame Foster gives Mac a looooooooooooong hug and finally lets him go. They reach their gate at the airport just in time just to discover all the tickets gone! In the end, Madame Foster and her friends/bowling rivals go to Europe instead, and Eurotrish comes with them, she was cute at first, but she just got annoying with her constant singing. There was nothing great in this episode at all, and I thought Madame Foster was supposed to be a kind, loving, gentle, giving, and selfless woman. Well I was wrong. This episode is just another injustice, unfair episode where the bad comes out on top all the time. This episode is just a waste of time!
  • It had its moments...

    Mac wins tickets to Europe and decides to take Bloo, Frankie and the other Foster’s friends with him.
    The episode had its moments, unfortunately, there was just too little of them and too many bad ones.

    While it was somewhat funny seeing Madame Foster stealing the tickets and going to Europe on the plane with her friends, it was unentertaining to see everyone blame Mac for ‘losing the tickets’.
    Another down point in this episode was Eurotrish. Personally, I’m not fond of her character at all and it got to a point where her singing just downright annoyed me.

    In short, this episode was just okay. It wasn’t downright disappointing but that being said, it wasn’t amazing either; in my opinion anyway.
  • Poor Mac!

    I wanted to strangle bloo in this episode. He rouined it for Mac, Wilt, Mr. Herriman, CoCo, Eduardo and Eurotrish. I hated how he ripped up Eurotrishe's tickets, i wanted to reach through the TV screen and hug her. I wanted them to make it BUT Madame Foster stole the end of The tickets from Mac (i thought she was a Great Person, i guess some people can steal and cheat no matter if there nice or not though, and thats what she did.) So nobody got to go. At Least Eurotrish got to go .

    I only thought the funny parts were where Eduardo couldn't choose a stuffed animal and Wilt didn't know what to pack.

    So needless to say, this is another bad Fosters episode.
  • Poor Mac!

    Mac has won tickets with his friends to go to
    Europe but sadly when Madame Foster is hugging on him
    For a long time, she takes the tickets away from him
    And that now her and the ladies are going to Europe
    With also an imaginary friend from Italy or France as poor
    Mac is the scapegoat in all of this! Poor Mac indeed!!
  • Bloo screws Everything up, and Madame Foster just makes it worse.

    I wanted to strangle bloo in this episode. He rouined it for Mack, Wilt, Mr. Herriman, CoCo, Eduardo and Eurotrish. I hated how he ripped up eurotrishe's tickets, i wanted to reach through the TV screen and hug her. I wanted them to make it BUT Madame Foster stole the end of The tickets from Mack (i thought she was a Great Person, i guess some people can steal and cheat no matter if there nice or not though, and thats what she did.) So nobody got to go. At Least Eurotrish got to go (by cheating with madame foster.)

    This is a great show, but i give this episode a big fat 0/10.
  • A great episode actually.

    This episode of Foster's was funny. I like the part when they were packing to get to go to Europe and when Eurotrish was singing and then Bloo came to get her ticket she was so interrupted. I also like the part at the end when they came home and Frankie was checking Madame Foster but she was already at the plane with her old friends and Eurotrish! I just hated the part when Mac was very sad because they didn't got to Europe and he was so embarrased. But it is okay. A great and funny episode of Foster's and I enjoyed it!
  • This was the first episode I watched - and will be the last.

    I hated this episode, and it's made me decide that watching the rest of the series is pointless. The characters are the same as most cartoons on at the moment, and the storylines are just as original.

    Another reason I hated the episode is I hate it in cartoons where they think it is funny to laugh at another character's misfortunes, and in this case, the fact that they were unable to go on their trip. Was this supposed to be funny? Because I don't see anyone laughing.

    All in all, I watched this episode with an open mind, willing to give the show a chance, and now I've seen it, I'm sure I can live without seeing it again.
  • This is definitely the worst ever episode of foster\'s. It was so painful to see Mac get all of his hopes up for nothing, all because Madame Foster was such a cow.

    This episode should undoubtedly be taken away from this planet forever! Children like to watch this show for the funny stories and happy endings. We don\'t need some old pig stealing things and taking a bowling team on a trip instead of the boy who won the tickets.
    Eurotrish was just as annoying as Madame Foster. People watch cartoons for the comedy, not for some weird creature with a horrible accent singing all the time. The only reason I\'m not killing the producers right now is because they did one thing, and only one thing, right in this episode. They sent Eurotrish back home, so hopefully we\'ll never have to see her again. Ever. Hell, I hope the plane crashes and all of them die.

    0/10 No question. In fact, the only reason I\'m giving this more than 0 is because this rating setter won\'t let me!
  • A great episode of Foster's!!!

    I kind of like this episode because it is a little funny to me. I like the part when Madame Foster was not listening at what Frankie was saying. I hate the part when Mac, Bloo,Frankie, Mr.Herriman, and the gang didn't get to go to Europe and they didn't arrive there just 'coz of Madame Foster stealing their tickets.

    I also like the part when Eurotrish was singing because I like the song she was singing,but I hate it a little bit. A great episode!
  • Every one who gave this episode a incredibly low score(like 0.something or 1)are wimps.

    I mean the episode can't end happily all the time people. Some times there are gonna be episodes which don't end the way you want them too. Anyway its starts with Mac winning a contest and going to Europe at least we think their going too. After a bunch of delays caused by Mac's friends it seems like their never going to get to Europe. But when their about to leave after a long hug by Madame Foster they get to the airport only to find out that she stole the tickets. During the credits scene we see Euortrish in Euorope only to hear her creator say "Stop singing, why do you think we sent you away?" Anyway I liked this one, not perfect but good and to the people who gave it a good score thanks for giving the episodes like this a chance.
  • I think one word can describe how I felt about this episode: BLARF!

    OK, what in the name of Cheese happened with this episode?

    Mac wins the sweepstakes, thus winning tickets to Europe. The whole episode shows the whole scenario of packing and getting ready. Which in this episode was done VERY badly.

    It's another one of the Foster's episodes with a bad ending. Everyone angry at Mac for 'losing the tickets' when it was all Madame Foster's fault anyway. I watched this episode to see Bloo falling off the edge of the Eiffel Tower etc, not just a load of crud.

    As for Eurotrish, the happy-singing-and-then-upset-then-singing-again gag got old faster than you could say 'whiplash'.

    A very disappointing episode.

  • This episode suffered a lot of problems I can think of. Easily, one of the worst episodes I've seen in my life. Also, I agree the title should be called "Foster's Gets Delayed", instead of "Foster's Goes to Europe".

    This episode is easily one of the worst episodes I've seen in my life, and easily one of the two worst episodes I've seen in Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends (The other is "Imposters...").

    What went wrong in this episode is that Mac won the tickets and a trip to Europe. He deserves to go to Europe. Then, as they were about to leave, everyone keeps delaying the preparation of the trip, instead of going out the door, like "Going to the bathroom" to "I can't decide what I should take". It really iritated me and I felt really sorry for poor Mac. I mean, he's the only one who works so hard in this episode.

    I then was about to give up on this episode, but when I heard this sentence "Mac, we're ready", I rejoiced. My excitement got trimmed when Madame Foster gave Mac a LOOOONNNG hug, but then got excited again when the hugging was done, and they were on their way to Europe. But then, what happened? Mac lost the tickets. Everyone scolds at him and went home, but then, Madame Foster is not home. Why? Because she stole the tickets from Mac and she is on the plane that's going to Europe.

    Personally, the ending really sucked and it was really heartbreaking. I mean, Mac won the tickets to Europe. He's the one doing ALL of the work, and... well, all I can say is that he's working so hard just to get his imaginary friends, counting Frankie, ready for the trip. And what does he get? NOTHING! Even when the Foster's were fianlly ready for the trip, Mac still gets NOTHING! I felt sorry for poor Mac, because he worked all his butt off just to get nothing. He completely deserves to go on the trip to Europe. I got so mad at everyone for scolding at Mac for not having his tickets, Mac was working so hard to get them ready for Europe, but THEY were the ones who kept him delayed. Then, there was Madame Foster, who crushes Mac's dream by stealing his tickets and is the one who ends up going to Europe. I hated her so much for what she did at the end, but at least the girl who kept wanting to go back to Europe went.

    I like twisted endings, but in this episode really gives twisted endings a bad name, big time.

    Also, I think the title should've been called "Foster's Gets Delayed" instead of "Foster's Goes to Europe", because "Foster's Goes to Europe" is suppose to be an episode where they ACTUALLY go to Europe, not getting delayed. They completely misused the title, it's not even funny.

    This episode gets a big, fat 1 from me. I really like Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends, but because of Season 3, I'm not sure anymore. If I see one more injustice episode like this, I'm not sure if I can trust myself to watch Foster's anymore.
  • Smooth Madame Foster,smooth.

    Just like how Terrance made Duchess Of Wails a bad episode,Madame Foster msde this episode bad to.Even though I condider Mac a twirp just like Bloo,I felt bad for him that Madame Foster stole his tickets and everyone blamed it on Mac for that disaster,also I thought they were actually going to Europe and not getting delayed alot.They should call this episode,Foster's Gets Delayed A Million Times.Anyway,if you like this episode,you're thinking wrong.
  • I think the Foster's crew are going mad. Don't they see that happiness is a good way to end an ep? Not everyone fighting or everyone dissapointed? Read my review for more ifno on the lack of success in this episode.

    Okay. I watched this and I was waiting and waiting for them to get out of the door to Europe. I live in Europe. Europe is the greatest continent on Earth, trust me, it has all the best countries (The UK, France, Spain, Greece, Holland, Portugal ect.) but they never gt there! They had so many delays! For one, Eduardo, who wanted to take all his cuddly stuffed animal, pluss Pacho from Squeakerboxxx who seems to have been retrieved from Bloo's stomach. Then there's Eurotrish! Thsi singing Goldilocks-like friend who has a French accent and wants to get back to Europe, and begs for tickets. Her singing got boring (she was cute at first) but then she just got annoying.

    And when they finally leave after all the delays from everyone, especially Eduardo, Mac hasn't got the tickets and Frankie goes home to find Madame Foster has stolen them, plus all is money and everytihng else in his bag. Madame Foster, Eurtrish and all hr friends from The Big Lablooski fly off to Europe afterwards.

    So that's it. THAT'S IT!? Mac and the gang never go? Mac won the tickets, he deserved to go, not Madame Foster. I hate her now, seriosuly. She messed up BWAS and TBL a lot. Please agree with me, they shouln't have thsi enidng with mac all sad and the gang angry he hasn't got the tickets. I wish Madame Foster could die in an episode, she deserves it. She's just plain crazy.
  • Bad Madame Foster. Bad.

    Urgh. This episode was sort of frustrating and nothing really happened. The only reason I gave it a 6.3 is because Paco returns from the grave and because of Eurotrish. And, get this, Eurotrish is dissed by her creator anyway, so even that was bad. This was soooo unfair to Mac because Madame Foster took the tickets, and since she is not a parent or a legal guardian, he could sue. That makes me happy because justice will be done! MUHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!
  • This was a great episode, though not my favorite. Lots of twists here. I don't know why so many people loathed "Foster's Goes to Europe."

    The first act of Foster's Goes to Europe begins a little bit too slowly, for my tastes. Mac won some sort of contest -- and received tickets for a trip to Europe. The gang prepares for the upcoming vacation. Mac appears to be ready, but the rest of the gang wasn't as prepared as he. Coco fears travelling in air, even though she is part-airplane herself; Wilt and Eduardo were unsure as to what to pack for the long trip; Bloo was uncertain as far as going; and Mr. Herriman felt that it was imperative to have a proper schedule (pronounced as 'sheh-doo-uhl'). The episode also marked the debut of a European-themed Imaginary Friend, named Eurotrish. Trish wanted to return to her native continent to see her creator. Flo and the rest of the Jerkhins bowling team from The Big Lablooski return here.

    The second act improved quite a bit, with a lot of humor and some of the funniest scenes from the episodes. Eurotrish, a few times, sang about how she's going to be going back to Europe -- after Bloo wanted to stay at Foster's and not go to Europe -- only Bloo having second thoughts later (after Frankie calls for a babysitter for Madame Foster) and takes the plane ticket out of Trish's hand. One great moment in this episode was Wilt removing some of the essential items (scratch that -- make that a LOT of numerous essential items), such as pairs of socks, shoes, deodorant (yes, it was a bar of Deo), inhaler, and even a pair of reading glasses. We also learn that Herriman isn't very handy, when it comes to typing a schedule. Later on, it appears that eveyone is ready to go -- only to be interrupted by two bathroom breaks, and a problem with the Foster's bus.

    The final act comes the huge twist in everything. After a few more inconveniences, Mac was ready to throw in the towel and go home. Frankie stopped Mac and showed him that everyone was ready to go, and they were. Then, Madame Foster gave Mac a great big hug, which lasted quite a while. Hey, it was only hug, right? Well, as the gang of seven arrived at the airport, they approached the gate, and Mac was about to show the tickets. Unfortunately, the tickets were missing, and the seven returned to Foster's. Mac got the short end of the stick, as he got blamed for something he didn't do. Frankie was about to tell her grandmother that they're back -- only to learn that Madame Foster was absent. Where did she go? We learned that that great big hug she gave Mac was a trick, and she, the Jerkhins, and yes -- even Eurotrish were going to Europe. What a bizarre way to end the episode.

    I found this to be a very good episode, although I cannot say that this was a favorite. If the first act were a little better, maybe I would have given this a higher score. I also felt a lot of sympathy towards Mac. He didn't deserved to be blamed for what happened, but I'm sure a lot of people would be crushed, after going through all the trouble to be prepared for a vacation. Life isn't perfect, you know. I thought this episode delivered a lot of laughs, especially during the middle of the episode. I loved the character design of Eurotrish, and I felt that she was an interesting character. Still, I cannot figure out some of the negative feedback.
  • Great new character!

    Some people think EuroTrish is annoying, but I think she's awesome and I hope she shows up in future episodes!

    Grey DeLisle is such a great voice talent! Not only could she make an accent that's a mixture of French and Italian, but she could sing with it too!

    And I didn't mind Mac and the others missing out on a free trip to Europe for two reasons:

    1) Madame Foster isn't right in the head. She can't help it.

    2) If Madame Foster didn't steal the tickets EuroTrish wouldn't have been able to go back home.
  • Mac wins a sweepstakes to go to Europe. He decides to bring Ed, Coco, Wilt, Herriman, Frankie, and Bloo (Who can't decide whether he wants to go or not). Another charachter, Eurotrish, wants to see her "familia" in Europe and she keeps persisting to go.Ba

    This episode isn't really what I wanted it to be at all. I wanted to see them in Europe. I won't give away the ending (for those of you who didn't see it), but I will tell you that things don't go as planned at all! It's one of the most boring episodes i've ever seen.
  • Ok, I guess.

    It wasn\'t my favorite episode at all. I didn\'t like how Madame Foster stole Mac\'s tickets. It was really sad and it would have been cool if Mac and the others went to Europe. I also didn\'t like how everyone was un-prepared. I felt sorry for Mac. Not my favorite, Madame Foster stole Mac\'s tickets, cool if Mac and the others went to Europe, everyone was unprepared, felt sorry for Mac.
  • Man! What a total rip-off!

    Geez! I thought this episode was called "Foster's Goes to Europe"; not "Foster's Gets Delayed A Million Times"!

    You know, I'd hate to say it, and I mean really hate to say it, but this is the absolute worse episode I've seen in my life!

    They said it was "Foster's Goes To Europe"! Yeah right! Bunch of liars!

    If this show jumps the sharks, it's the creator, Craig McCracken's, fault! Or shoud I say this? It's the writer's fault that this episode sucked!
  • Ever have those problems like the Grizwalds?

    Well, remember the Grizwalds from the National Lampoon Vacation films? Here\'s the anti-Grizwalds.

    In \"Foster\'s Goes To Europe,\" Mac has won a vacation to Europe with seven friends. However, one of them is not named Eurotrish, an imaginary friend who wears a Scottish Beret, a United Kingdom jumper dress and and Dutch wooden shoes who speaks with an Italian-French accent. Mr. Herriman remakes the schedule, Coco, part bird part airplane is afraid to fly (who knew?), Bloo teaches French (with a bad accent), Eduardo has to choose one of his many beanie buddies, Wilt can\'t pack anything needy, and Frankie calls Madame Foster\'s babysitter (who is older than her!) Look for the surprise twist ending to shock you, with a guest appearence by some old enemies from a Season Two episode.
  • Mac win 7 tickets to Europe, so he invite Bloo, Frankie, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, and Mr. Herriman to go together. After having a lot of difficulties during their preparation to go to the airport, they ended up failing to go to Europe. Why ? Because MADAM FOS

    Mac is the one who win the tickets. Mac is the one who doing his best helping all of his friends packing. And in the end, Mac won nothing??? This cartoon is never fair!! The good never win in the end. The bad are always win. I really hate this cartoon more than ever!!
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