Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 3 Episode 6

Foster's Goes To Europe

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • At one point Mac says he is calling his mom, although in "Infernal Slumber" he mentions that his mum doesn't know about Foster's. Originally "Infernal Slumber" aired much after "Foster's goes to Europe" so how could Mac's mum let him with the gang at Foster's to go to Europe, when she doesn't even know them?

    • We learn that Wilt's tooth brush is green.

    • How come Bloo took Eurotrish's ticket although Wilt gave her his own ticket, in other words, Bloo got Wilt's ticket, and Wilt got Bloo's ticket after Bloo gave it to Paco, and Mac gave it to Wilt.

    • Goof: Why does Mr. Herriman have so many tickets when only Mac, Bloo, Frankie, Eduardo, Coco, Wilt and Mr. Herriman are going?

    • At the airport, the group had to check in and failed to board the flight. In reality, when Mac did see that he lost the paper tickets, he should have recognized this when he was at the curbside check-in area, the check-in booth or the security checkpoint, not at the gate past security as the episode was shown nearly four years after Sept. 11, 2001. Travellers are now never allowed past security checkpoints without tickets and ID.

    • Wilt has reading glasses although we never see him read. He also has pajamas, although he never sleeps with them on.

    • Mr. Herriman's type writer keys are wrong. On a real type writer, the letters on the first row are Q-W-E-R-T-Y-U-I-O-P, but when he tries to type, the "E" is under "W" and "R" when it should be between them.

    • Mr. Herriman is saying they're 15 seconds off schedule. At that moment, the second hand is only a second past the 5, meaning they were 10 seconds behind schedule.

    • As Frankie gets the keys, her mouth stops moving before she finishes her sentence.

  • Quotes

    • Madame Foster: (On the plane using Mac's tickets) Yep, I got everything I wanted out of that hug!

    • Frankie: Madame Foster can't be trusted.
      Madame Foster: (Walking by with scissors) It's true! I can't! Bwhahahaha!

    • Bloo: (In bad French accent) Waiter, why is there perfume on my hairspray?

    • Mac: Bloo! Aren't you coming to Europe!? Remember SuperFunLand???
      Bloo: Eh, I can go to the one down the road, they take real money.
      Mac: You know what they have in Europe? German Chocolate Cake!
      Bloo: Really?
      Mac: Uh-hunh! And Belgian waffles! And French toast! And Danish...Danishes! And best of all... they have tea!
      Bloo: They have TEA in Europe?
      Mac: They also have TEA-TIME!!! Every...Single...Day!!!
      Bloo: Whoa! NO way am I missing Europe now!!!!

    • (During Credits)
      Eurotrish: (Singing) I am home and I have my family/ Come and take me into your loving arms!
      Girl: (Looks out window) Stop the singing! Stop the singing!! Why do you think we sent you away in the first place!?
      Eurotrish: (Sadly singing) I am going to America.

    • Wilt: (While packing) Let's see...(Looking at luggage) let's straighten this baby up! OK...socks? Mac said only pack the essentials. I'll just take two. Then again, only got to feet. I'll just take shoes! (Throws socks out of window and picks up shoes) Let's I bet I can take one shoe and switch it back and forth! (Throws out of window) Toothbrush? I can afford a few cavities! And I'm sure there are dentists in Europe! Soap? No! Deoderant? No! Pajamas? No! Reading Glasses? No! Allergy Medication? No! (Looks at luggage) That's a lot of extra space! I don't really need a suitcase!

    • Frankie: (While walking past balloon imaginary friends and explaining to Madame Foster) Make sure these friends are tied down at all times!
      Madame Foster: (Giggles first) Well that's no fun! (Unties friends)

    • Bloo: (In funny French accent) Madame, why is there roast beef on my toothbrush?
      Eduardo: There's roast beef in the kitchen.
      Bloo: (normal voice) You speak French?
      Eduardo: Urm si, I guess so!

    • Eurotrish: I'm a-going home!

    • Bloo: Hey, is there celery in my sandwich?
      Mac: No.
      Bloo: (Whining) But, Mac, I love celery!
      Mac: (Shouting) Just eat the stupid sandwich!!

    • Eduardo: NO! Please do not make me choose! It's impossible! It's impossible I tell you!

    • Bloo: Tea party! All right!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • This episode is an animated twin of the Friends episode "The One Where No One's Ready". Here, Mac's trying desperately to get everyone out the door and to the airport. In Friends Ross is trying desperately to get everyone out the door and to a gala. In both there is a constant stream of interruptions and setbacks, but they make it out the door at the last possible minute.

    • Eurotrish: Character
      The character Eurotrish seems to be an allusion to Tanya, the young, hopeful and singing European mouse star of the sentimental animated musicals An American Tail and Fieval Goes West.

    • Eurotrish: Name
      The name of the new imaginary friend, Eurotrish, is a pun of the European TV series Eurotrash. The word "Eurotrash" is also considered an insult toward Europeans who pretend to be rich, but aren't.

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