Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 6 Episode 13

Goodbye To Bloo

Aired Unknown May 03, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Okay, okay I admit this was an okay ending

    I know what your all thinking, "what?! oh no, Bloo is gonna leave", and I thought that too. But sadly, it was about Mac. This episode was supposed to be the season finale, but due to Craig McCracken quitting Cartoon Network because of the changes, this episode became the series finale. I can totally see why this is the last episode. Since all the activities have already been done throughout the whole series, it's time the show closes. We all thought that Mac was gonna move somewhere far away, but sadly it turns-out he only just move to his neighbor's apartment next-door. Sad watching the house being drawn in reverse (it's really heartbreaking), but hey at least Cheese said the last words before the show ended.
  • Not a good way to end the series.

    As much as I love Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and I like to see how shows end whether I like them or hate them, but this was a terrible way to say farewell to the series and had several plotholes. Now before you even watch this episode, you'll "Oh no Bloo's going to leave!", well actually he didn't, it was Mac who left, and Cheese moved in. In this episode, Mr. Herriman tells Bloo that Mac is moving and Bloo tries to spend as much time as possible with Mac to make it the greatest day he ever had in the home. Now to be fair I liked how Bloo wanted to show how much he cared for Mac in this episode, but that was pretty much the only redeeming value to the episode. The writing in this episode was poor and seems rushed, and I really hated how it ended. There wasn't that much funny moments in this episode and the humor felt lacking. The ending was horrible and it didn't feel much like a series finale. Mac didn't even move, he just went to a different apartment, and because of that he couldn't visit Foster's anymore. That is just stupid. If Mac just moved into a different room, in the same apartment building, he could have still seen Bloo and all the other imaginary friends! I felt really disappointed how this can pass as a series finale while its filled with several plotholes. Then Bloo just stood at the house and Cheese moved in. After that, the intro played in reversed and the credits just showed Bloo on top of Mac holding a sign that reads "Thanks For Watching". This so-called finale is a very bad way to end an awesome series. Nothing was explained either, such as to why Cheese moved in, and everything this episode consists of seems so rushed and incomplete. The only saving grace for this episode was that the episodes that aired back in 09 when this show was about to end is that those episodes felt pretty dull and lacked the charm the previous eps had, so maybe it was best for Craig to put Foster's to rest before the show would start to fall flat. The Thanksgiving TV Movie of the show, Destination Imagination, would've been a better way to end the series IMO. Even if you're a fan of this show, like me, do not see this episode at all, it was a terrible way to end the series. The writing is poor, there's several plotholes, the humor felt lacking, the ending was just atrocious, and overall this episode feels rushed and unplanned. But the sad part is that after this show ended, Craig quit his job at CN and there weren't many reruns of the series. I know it's on Boomerang but not everyone has that channel, and the DVD release box sets only consist of Seasons 1 and 2. Farewell Foster's, you will never be missed with your memorable characters and several funny moments to go around. This isn't the worst episode, but it's definitely not worth your time, even for a series finale.
  • This is how you end an awesome series?!?!

    In this episode, You think Bloo's gonna leave when you first hear about it and first watch it. Bloo didn't leave, Mac did. Actually he didn't move, he just to another apartment and Cheese finally moved into Fosters. This is why I hate it when good shows have terrible endings. Craig was a genius on Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Both had terrible endings. Mr. Harrimen tells Bloo that Mac has to move, and since Bloo and Mac were best friends, Bloo wanted to spend as much time with Mac as he can on his last day. I liked that Bloo wanted to show how much he loves Mac and how much he's gonna miss him, but that's the only good thing about this episode. What sucks is that after this episode Craig left his job here at Cartoon Network so this is the last show on Cartoon Network that Craig worked for. And even worse, there are no reruns, Seriously Cartoon Network (I guess they should now call themselves Craptoon Nitwork for hiring stupid Stuart Snyder as the new president of their channel and causing huge trouble for this channel). They need to pay attention more to their rating slips. Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends got 8.9/10. And they need to show reruns, although they do show reruns on Boomerang only Saturday nights from 8-9. You need Cable to get that channel.

    Anyways this was torture! I cannot believe they had to make such a terrible series finale for one of the greatest cartoons of all time. If Mac moved to a different apartment in the same building, he could still see Bloo and the other Imaginary Friends. They really need to bring this series back! If not then please make a spinoff of cheese! Or whatever. Just bring this series back! And also The Powerpuff Girls and the other classic shows. Don't waste your time with this episode. Overall Grade: (2.5/10) D-
  • could have been so much more

    I used to watch Foster's Home, and while I was not a huge fan of it, I did find it entertaining at times. When I first watched the show I always wondered how they would end it. I figured it would be Bloo, or Mac, leaving forever. When I heard about this episode, "Goodbye to Bloo" I figured Mac was leaving forever, and it would be a sad, fitting, and well-written finale. Was it?

    First off, in some ways it did feel like the end to the show. The numerous call backs to past episodes, like when Bloo is trying to think of stuff he and Mac haven't done. The absolute ending, with the house being erased. These felt like the show was ending. I liked it. Mac and Bloo have done a lot since Bloo came to Foster's and it was a nice call back to different stuff they've done.

    But the ending… what? Nothing really happened. The ending didn't have an ending feel. Maybe a season finale, but not the series finale. Throughout the entire episode, everyone thought Mac was leaving forever. OK, this is good. But then at the end, it turns out that he was moving to a different room in the apartment they live in? What? I don't get why the show just does not continue. Was it canceled? This is not the finale I was expecting. It didn't seem like a finale to the show.

    Was it funny? Yea; Mac thinking Frankie will kiss him, "Let's jump the shark!" the call backs to previous episodes… so in the humor department this was fine. But the ending… it didn't feel like an ending. It just didn't. I wish they'd make more episodes to give the show a better ending feel. But that won't happen. So, we're stuck with this. Is this the worst finale ever? No, but it certainly isn't one of the better ones I have seen. Grade- C+ or so. Average feel. Shame. I was really hoping we'd end with a sad, tearful ending. Oh well, can't have everything you want.
  • A big disapointment.

    Okay,this is the worst ending of a show of all time.When you hear a title like Goodbye to Bloo,you're like"Oh My God!Bloo's gonna leave?!".But what you get turns out to be the worst season finale of all time.Bloo never left at all.Instead,Mac never moved.He moved in the next apartment and Cheese moved in.Wow.Just wow.Craig had a job to make a lot of good episodes,but instead,he losed it and made a terrible finale.This is the worst episode of Fosters of all time.It's worse than Everybody Knows Its Bendy.I really hated it.It was supposed to be sadand should've had a lot of flashbacks,but what we get is something that made a terrible ending.A REALLY terrible one.
  • want the heck is that you call that a ending

    well I be fair fosters home for imaginary friends is a great show one my favorites and the last good show before we have crap like hi hi puffy amiyumi and my gym parters a monkey but if you going ended the series end it properlee but there are some thing that i like some of the some of the jokes that are funney like when mac we done all of that except europe that is funney because thats ture but it has been build up way too much the ending is the worst ending i have ever seened in my life it po me because I thinking that there are going to be more episode so after that cartoon network now suck 1/10
  • Horrible series final for a great show. *Spoilers*

    This episode sucked, big time. I thought the episode was going to be like this: Mac was going to be in fosters for alot of hours, his mom comes look for him, she sees him in fosters with bloo, then she will ban him from going, and bloo will try different stunts to try to get mac back.

    But no, let the series final be crappy. Craig (The creator) did a HORRIBLE job in the series final for PPG, now this? The episode goes like this: Mr harrimen says to bloo that mac had to move, so bloo tries to be nice to mac on his last day. BUT mac is not moving away, he's moving to another apartment in his building. What the hell kind of ending is that? I was expecting MUCH MORE then that. The writing was very poor, and the episode looks like it was really rushed. Bloo was annoying (Especially in the end) and mac was being self-centered in my opinion.

    Don't get me wrong, this was a great show. I've been seeing episodes of this since 2005, and almost every episode was awesome. This episode, however, was a dissapointment.
  • wow. just like Stewie Kills Lois from family guy. a giant middle finger in the end.

    I must say this was a dissapointment. I still like Foster's, but this show didn't end powerful at all. So mac moves out of his apartment, but everyone things he's leaving for good, so they give him everything he wants. In the end, Mac is not leaving, and then Cheese suddenly appears to be living at foster's now. OK, come on! Mac should've left and told him that both of them need to move on. That would've been a good ending. Better than this one. Well, I am still going to miss it. it was a great show. Just bad series finalle. Hope to see more shows from Craig though!
  • "Let's jump the shark" indeed!

    The final episode of Foster's. Like many people, I was interested in seeing how they'd end the show. Well, let me assure you, you'll never guess. But before getting to the finale's finale, let's talk about the build-up. While the second-to-last episode rolled up all of what made Foster's great into one episode, the finale takes the series in an entirely different direction. Bloo's self-centered antics, which have been the show's foundation over the years, are purposely absent in this episode, with the Pac-Man ghost lookalike instead trying to be what can only be described as Bizarro Bloo. The result is less than funny, and with the rest of the cast playing minor roles at best, this episode provides very few laughs.

    Putting aside the lack of humor, the episode's biggest pitfall is easily the climax. Rather than the expected tearful goodbye to the series, McCraken has opted to end the show without an ending. That might not make sense to anyone who hasn't seen the episode yet, but you'll understand once you do. The finale will undoubtedly leave fans feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. It's almost as if McCracken is scared of closing the book on the show, and instead opted to create a finale that leaves everything up in the air, ready for a new season should it come.
  • The series finale of one of the greatest shows on CN.

    We see that Bloo and the imaginary friends think that Mac is moving far away. Then the friends try making the day the greatest day Mac has ever had at Foster's. But it turns out that Mac is not moving to a far away place. Also, there is a certain someone moving to Foster's...

    So, this is the series finale of the show. Not just a show, but one of the greatest shows on Cartoon Network.

    Even though this episode was the very last episode of a great show on Cartoon Network, it was not all bad. I give this episode a 9 out of 10.
  • A fitting farewell to a great series.

    There have been farewells on television that lived up to their hype, like M*A*S*H or ER, or were a complete surprise, such as the one-armed man in The Fugitive.

    In the case of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, we got both and some in-jokes as well. Needless to say, the finale, "Goodbye To Bloo", served as a swan song worthy of a goodbye. References to past episodes, cameos by visiting friends from the past, several humans sharing the last party for Mac, and even a hilarious referene to "Jumping The Shark" (a term from an episode of Happy Days meaning a show is going downhill past its' prime) as well as a surprise final appearance by one of the series' "least favorite" characters - Cheese - claiming they'll now be "brother roomates", doesn't even tell how much fun this was.

    Even the final touch by series creator Craig McCracken and his wife, Lauren Faust with a hand-drawn pen-and-ink picture of Bloo and Mac happily laughing their way off intop the sunset as the final credits roll, brought us to tears and a last smile. We will truly miss this type of program on Cartoon Network.