Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 6 Episode 13

Goodbye To Bloo

Aired Unknown May 03, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • could have been so much more

    I used to watch Foster's Home, and while I was not a huge fan of it, I did find it entertaining at times. When I first watched the show I always wondered how they would end it. I figured it would be Bloo, or Mac, leaving forever. When I heard about this episode, "Goodbye to Bloo" I figured Mac was leaving forever, and it would be a sad, fitting, and well-written finale. Was it?

    First off, in some ways it did feel like the end to the show. The numerous call backs to past episodes, like when Bloo is trying to think of stuff he and Mac haven't done. The absolute ending, with the house being erased. These felt like the show was ending. I liked it. Mac and Bloo have done a lot since Bloo came to Foster's and it was a nice call back to different stuff they've done.

    But the ending… what? Nothing really happened. The ending didn't have an ending feel. Maybe a season finale, but not the series finale. Throughout the entire episode, everyone thought Mac was leaving forever. OK, this is good. But then at the end, it turns out that he was moving to a different room in the apartment they live in? What? I don't get why the show just does not continue. Was it canceled? This is not the finale I was expecting. It didn't seem like a finale to the show.

    Was it funny? Yea; Mac thinking Frankie will kiss him, "Let's jump the shark!" the call backs to previous episodes… so in the humor department this was fine. But the ending… it didn't feel like an ending. It just didn't. I wish they'd make more episodes to give the show a better ending feel. But that won't happen. So, we're stuck with this. Is this the worst finale ever? No, but it certainly isn't one of the better ones I have seen. Grade- C+ or so. Average feel. Shame. I was really hoping we'd end with a sad, tearful ending. Oh well, can't have everything you want.