Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 3 Episode 2

Hiccy Burp

Aired Unknown Sep 05, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • To beat a school bully and his imginary friend bloo and mac sign themselves up to appear in a talent show contest.

    I liked this one, it was funny how Bloo used his hiccups to annoy people in the House, especially the part where Frankie is holding him down tryiong to make him drink some water and madame Foster comes by with that kooky luagh of hers weilding a hose. It was funny how, when ed and Mac were trying to figure out ways how to get rid of the hiccups, Ed suggesting that Bloo gets scared and tries to scare him. But bloo ends up scaring ed. At least, using Bloo's hiccups, Blake and his imginary friend could finally shut up with all of their boasting.
  • Very funny and silly

    This show I admit is kind of disgusting due to
    The belching and the hiccupping from Bloo and his
    Counterpart in this episode but also it was very funny as
    I laughed very hard as Bloo had to be explained what
    The Hiccups were by Mac. No wonder Mac is more very quiet, shy, and reserved!
    While Bloo is lively and talkative
  • Excellent Episode to Enjoy!

    Hiccup Burp is so funny were we see Bloo having the hiccups for the first time.

    How about for the funniest part in the episode is Wilt who completely screwed up the opening Talent Show cemomeny. GOD That's why I can't stop laughing.

    Not my Favourite but Still funny though.

  • Bloo has the hiccups and starts bothering people. Comic genius to the max!

    This is comic genius! Especialy when Frankie is taking to the imaginary friend and Bloo starts hiccuping. I laughed my butt off when I saw that. It was also funny because neither Blake or Bloo won the talent show. The only way to get invincable hiccups is to eat and drink a bunch of chips and soda at the same time.
  • Say hello to a new friend and a new character.

    This episode introduces us to Richie Wildebrat, Mac's in-school rival. If you think Terrence, Mac's older brother, was a real royal pain, Richie makes him look like...Terrance. After all, you can't argue perfect typecasting.

    This episode centers around Richie and his Imaginary Friend, a super hero tiger named Blake Superior. Richie brags that he has the greatest imaginary friend ever, and I guess he's never met Uncle Pockets. These two scheme to purloin the act that Blooregard has with Mac from a case of the hiccups by having Blake burping the very same song Bloo was trying to perform. Hilarity ensues.

    Also, the running joke about Wilt's hosting abilities in front of large crowds and Coco saving the day at the annual County Imaginary Friends Talent Show Pagent (which is the home's annual fund raiser) by taking over was genius.
  • A graet start, but finsihed so annoyedly.

    The storyline was great at first. It was halirious and I was thinking Foster's was back on track after the dissapointing Season 2. The came the ending. Blake Superiro and Bloo burp like crazy for ages in a ryhthm that made me so annoyed I could run straight into the episode and tell them to shut their faces up. Also, Richie was a massive bighead. I like bigheaded characters usually. Like Bloo. And Lightnng McQueen in 'Cars'. But Richie just couldn't stop. Also, the fact they didn't win anyway was kinda sad.

    It was good in some parts though. I mean. the start was brilliant. But why does such a good episode have to have a lame ending? Weird.

    This episode was great. It really reminded me of the glory days of season 1. Bloo was less jerky and more laid back. So al the people that complained about that got what they wanted. I think it was really funny. The way Frankie and the little guy who was new to the house were trying to get rid of Bloo's hiccups. Then Madame F comes up with the hose. But the best was seeing Richie's loud mouth being shut once and for all. Great going Foster's crew!
  • This episode had me laughing at lest a few times every 11 minutes.

    Bloo + hiccups means a very funny episode. Some of the things he did with them were funny, like when Wilt was practicing for the Imaginary Friends Pagent, Bloo popped up everywhere, stopping Wilt and the music. Another funny part was when he randomly just fell on the ground, rolling around laughing and hiccuping. I also thought that Blake and Richie are a good pair of rivals for the show. In short, it was funny.
  • Bloo gets the Hiccups....

    ...and he thinks that they are the best thing that ever happened to him. o_o

    Anyway, this episode supplied comedy gold in the first half and even at the end pulls through with an astounding end as well.

    There really isn't much to say without spoiling it for those who haven't seen it yet so...

  • One word :woah.

    This episode had a funny ending but the begining wasnt as good. My personal favorite was when Edwardo was looking for his hiccups. This episode was different form the otheres in a way i canot say in words. I hated the snotty brat and his wierd friend who he thought was the best but was a snob also. All together it was a good show old chap keep up the good work.
  • I never thought hiccupping and burping would work in an episode, but I was proven wrong.

    When I first heard Lauren Faust mention that Hiccy-Burp would be the next episode, I kinda didn't believe that it would work. However, when I viewed the episode, I was far from being right. At the beginning of the episode, Mac heard a boy, named Richie Wildebrat, talking about how his imaginary friend, Blake Superior, was well, 'superior' to all the other imaginary friends, including Bloo. Richie's comments made Mac feel quite envious.

    So, Mac decided to persuade Bloo into entering an imaginary friends pageant to prove that his imaginary friend would be victorious. Unfortunately for Mac early on, Bloo denied his best friend's request. Mac would not give up on begging Bloo to enter. Bloo, then, devoured several small bags of chips, and drank lots of soda. Bloo, all of a sudden, began to hiccup. Bloo felt very delighted over having the hiccups, saying that he had never had them before.

    Later on, Richie entered Superior for the imaginary friends pagent, and Bloo began to agree on entering himself. Mac still felt that Bloo should eliminate the hiccupping...or lose the pageant. So, Eduardo and Mac tried different methods to wipe away Bloo's hiccups. While Ed was telling Bloo to do the methods he mentioned, Ed's ways were nothing but to see if Bloo would really do them (which he did). Later on, Mac realized maybe Bloo should do the hiccupping at the pageant. Unfortunately, Bloo's hiccups were gone. You gotta love Ed trying to 'find Bloo's hiccups.'

    Throughout portions of the show, Wilt had been practicing with the introduction of the pageant. When it was showtime, he totally messed up....again (apparently, Wilt did the same thing for the last pageant). It was an amusing moment, but I did think, "man, poor guy." Some guys aren't meant to be on stage. Seeing Coco on stage was funny, as well. The show began. Different imaginary friends performed all of the different routines for several categories. Bloo's restroom break during the middle of one segment was great.

    Then, Bloo and Blake Superior did their hiccupping (which miraculouly came back) and burping respectively. Though I'll admit that it did drag a bit at times, the hiccup/belch routine worked for this episode (remember Wakko's belching musical act for one episode of 'Animaniacs?'). Both guys were defeated by Armpit Joe, an armpit farting imaginary friend.

    This episode exceeded my expectations easily. This was not one of my favorites, but it certainly is fun watching. You gotta wonder if we've seen the last of Richie and Blake Superior. Probably not.
  • A drop dead hilarious first half completely ruined by the terrible ending.

    The one flaw Foster's has, in my eyes, is that it does contain some rather crude 'humor'. This episode was off to a great start, which had me laughing quite hard (especially Wilt's attempt at the opening ceremonies). However, all humor quickly died when the episode reached its juvenile and horrific ending. I lost a lot of respect for Cartoon Network's greatest cartoon after seeing the last 5 minutes of installment. I'm quite disappointed, McCracken. You can create comedy gold without having to resort to unsophisticated disasters like this one.
  • Questionable at first, astounding results in the end.

    To me, Hiccy Burp was the indication that Foster's was going downhill. 'After all, how the heck can they make a 30-minute episode about Bloo getting the friggin' hiccups?' I thought.

    Well, I've never been more pleased to be wrong.

    This episode was, in truth, my favorite episode in the series. Humor abound, this episode is sure to make you grin more than once; if not make you roll on the floor laughing.

    This installment is not an indication that Foster's reign is over; for I believe that this solid Season 3 beginning is proof that Foster's shall survive for years to come!

    So it's not Hiccy-Burp, it's Hiccy Burp. Funny.

    THIS EPISODE RULED!!! Bloo got the hiccups and when he was gonna' use them for the talent show they went away! Chips. Pop. Chips. Pop. Hold your breath. A hose. Hiccy. Burp. Hiccy Hiccy Hiccy Hiccy Burp Burp Burp Hiccy. Hiccy Burp!