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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 1 Episode 1

House of Bloo's

Aired Unknown Aug 13, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

House of Bloo's
When Mac, a shy 8-year-old boy, is forced to give up his imaginary friend, Bloo, he finds the perfect place for him: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. There, they meet many of the home's residents, like Eduardo, Wilt and Coco; as well as the home's staff. Their problems appear to be solved until it is revealed that Foster's is an foster home and adoption center, and, if Mac isn't there at the time someone tries, another person could adopt Bloo. To make matters worse, a sinister plot by the evil imaginary friend Duchess, uses Mac's 13-year-old bully brother, Terrence, and puts Bloo in peril. Now Mac and his new friends from Foster's must work together to save Mac's best buddy Bloo.moreless

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  • and thus the show begins....

    the was a perfect way to begin a great show. Nowadays, most cartoons just start showing random episodes from the start, but this show actually had a pilot and a good one at that this show is about a boy named man and his imaginary friend bloo. Mac's big brother terrence is always picking on them, and mac and bloo always find a way to bring him down. One day, his mom comes home to see the knocked out Terrence while he was bullying them. MAc has a personal talk with his mom and his mom tells him hes too old to have an imaginary friend. Mac and bloo are shocked and at a loss what to do....while mac sleeps, bloo watches t.v. and sees a commercial about a foster home for imaginary fiends. He and mac thinks its a good idea to take him there but they're in for a big surprise.....moreless
  • This was a perfect beginning for a perfect series!!!

    Well lets see here...an 8-year old kid named Mac is forced to give up his imaginary friend since he's (too old), but Mac doesn't wanna get rid of his nice imaginary friend, Blooragard Q. Kazoo. Bloo then discovers a nice home for imaginary friends where thay can take care of you, you can also hangout and talk with other friends.

    Lets just say the movie was great! The plot was stupendous, it also made me laugh alot at the jokes, and the idea was great! I'm so glad that they started such a popular series after this movie. It was definitly the right choice to do.

    OVERALL: =D It's outstanding, funny, great - do i even have to say it???moreless
  • This was great! This is how everything started.

    One of the coolest things I think about this is that Ed speaks a little Spanish. It's good there's more than one language in here. One of the best parts in this movie / episode is when Ed is running around like crazy. I also like the part where the "monsters" are let out of their cages. That was cool, but not for Mac and his friends. I also liked the reaction of Bloo and Mac when they meet Wilt. That was funny. They're like, "you're tall!" looking up really high to look at his face. That was really funny. This was definitely a great way to start things off.moreless
  • How it all started!

    I didn't catch this when it first debuted, but after seeing a number of the episodes, I fell in love, and was thrilled to finally see the Pilot Movie, and how it all started. I use to have Imaginary Friends when I was little, and although real life IFs are different than the show's, I thought it was an awesome idea. Here is where we first see Mac and his imaginary friend Blooregard, and a bit of Mac's home life. And we're introduced to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, the foster home owned by Madame Foster. Mac's mom says he's too old to have an imaginary friend, so Mac brings him to Foster's, and the adventure begins! Hope the adventure continues for a long, long, time! LOVE IT!!! =)moreless
  • Mac is forced to get rid of his imaginary friend, Bloo.

    This was a very good episode for being the pilot. I was very impressed. This show is very funny. I new it was going to be good from the very beginning when Terrence was chasing Mac and Bloo around the house. I also liked the part where that little girl was chasing Bloo around the house and calling him Tiffany. It was funny seeing everyone run around the house tripping and delaying each other in an effort to try to grab Bloo. The ending was also pretty funny. I laughed when Duchess, Terrence, and Bloo were arguing about everyone forgetting Bloo. With an episode this good, the rest can only get better.moreless
Sean Marquette

Sean Marquette


Tara Strong

Tara Strong


Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Coco/Madame Foster

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Frances "Frankie" Foster/Duchess

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr


Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Sultry Woman / Boy / Snooty Girl / Snooty Mom

Recurring Role

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Friend #1 / Unicorn #1

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Mac's Mom

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Eduardo saves Mac from a monster, he goes over to hug him. However, Mac is considered as a stranger to Eduardo in this episode and we learn in Store Wars that Eduardo is afraid of strangers.

    • The brief moment where Wilt is being chased by the Extremeasaurous, as he jumps over a pile of destroyed cars, his wonky eye, stubby arm and his stitches are in the wrong places, making him look like his reflection in a mirror.

    • Most of the time, we see Mr. Herriman wear his monicole on his left eye, but when he sees Madame Foster coming down the stairs, it's been switched to his right eye, which has become sort of a running gag through the series.

    • During the junkyard chase as Mac tricks Terrence, he tells Bloo to go left and Mac says he'll go right, but they do the opposite.

    • When it's 4 PM at Foster's, the scene switches back to where Mac is locked in the closet in his room and his clock radio reads 3:45. Not much later, the clock now reads that it's 4:10.

    • When Mac comes home after his first visit to Foster's and goes to bed, the clock radio in his room reads 7:13. The scene then moves to where Bloo is getting his bed where Wilt once slept, and when the scene shifts back to Mac's room, the time on the clock hasn't changed.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Mac and Bloo: (While talking to Wilt) You're tall! You should play basketball!

    • Terrance: (Chasing Mac and Bloo) Wait! Stop! I just wanna punch you!

    • Bloo: So here I am, on my knees...
      Mac: Uh-unh.
      Bloo: (To Mac) What? (Mac points to Bloo's knees as Bloo is standing up) Oh. (Gets down on his knees and Mac buries his hands in his face. To Mr. Herriman) So, here I am, on my knees at your mercy, kind sir!

    • Wilt: Mac, Bloo, this is Eduardo, and he's one of the sweetest friends we have at Fosters. he wouldn't hurt a fly.
      Eduardo: Si, I'm too afraid of them, anyway.

    • Bloo: (Surprised) Madame Foster, you're alive!
      Madame Foster: Hunh? Well of course I'm alive! What did you think?
      Bloo: Well it's just that I've been here for a few days, and I've never seen you so I figured...
      Madame Foster: It takes me a while to get down thehe steps, okay? I AM OLD!
      Jackie Khones: (To Herriman) See?
      Madame Foster: Speaking of steps, this place is a madhouse! Steps, steps, hallways, hallways... I got lost once in a hallway for a week. Had to survive on toothpaste and acorns. Ho ho ho, what are you going to do?

    • TV Late-Night Talk Show Host: Sorry you have to go...
      (Bloo changes the channel)
      Boy on TV: (Angrly to his dog) Go on boy, I don't need you!
      (Bloo switches to another channel)
      Man on TV Informercial: And just like that, it's gone!
      (Again, Bloo changes the channel)
      Male Commercial Announcer: ...Featuring blues classics like "Feeling Blue", "Getting Rid of the Blues" and "Nobody Wants the Blues"...
      (Bloo changes the channel again)
      Sultry Female Announcer: Are you...alone?
      (Blooregard flips through the channels)
      Nature Documentary Narrator: The Grand Canyon, a natural wonder, and one of the deepest, deepest depressions the world has ever known.

    • Bratty Little Girl: (After her parents have taken Duchess into Mr. Herriman's office for adoption) Shut up! I like you, you're cute, I'm gonna adopt you. I'm going to call you Tiffany, you got that TIFFANY!?!

    • Bloo: Remember me, the one in danger?
      Mac: Don't worry, I have a plan. (Picks up one of Coco's eggs) Now, come on guys, lets... (Everyone stares, Mac gets annoyed at this)
      Bloo: Don't you dare say...
      Mac: Do this, do this! Are you happy?
      Terrence: It's still a stupid thing to say.

    • Mr. Herriman: (On intercom) Miss Frances, Miss Frances. Your presence is required in the foyer. There are a couple young gentlemen in need of a tour. (Slightly long pause) Miss Fran...
      Frankie: I'M COMING!! Sheesh!

    • Terrence: Listen. I don't need some stupid imaginary friend of my stupid little brother telling me how stupid I am, for I know how stupid I... (Catches himself, then there is silence, even though Mac and Bloo appear to be on the verge of hysterics) SHUT UP!

    • Wilt: Hey, how you doing? Name is Wilt. (Mac and Bloo stare at Wilt) Yo, guys? Hello. Oh, I get it. It's cool, it's cool. I know I'm all broken, with the wonky eye and the stubby arm. Probably freaks you out, hunh? I'll get someone else...
      Mac and Bloo: You're tall.
      Wilt: Uh...yeah.
      Bloo: You should play basketball.
      Wilt: Oh, well, actually I used to...sure. So how about that tour?

    • Mac: All right, guys. Let's bloo this!
      Wilt: Oh, man! I'm sorry but that was not okay.
      Eduardo: Muy stinko.
      Coco: Co-co.
      Terrence: Ha-ha-ah. Lame! That was even stupider than me!
      Bloo: Yeah, really. Come on, "Let's bloo this?" That was so stu-- ! (Chased off by the ball-and-chain extremeasaurus)

    • (After the Extremeasaurus swallows Terrance and Duchess, it spits them out and they land in front of Frankie and Mr. Herriman)
      Frankie: I guess extremeasauruses don't have much of a taste for something so spoiled...
      Mr. Herriman: ... rotten!

    • Coco: Coco?
      Mac: No thanks.
      Coco: Coco?
      Bloo: Yes.
      Coco: Coco?
      Bloo: Yes!
      Coco: Coco?
      Bloo: YES!
      Coco: Coco?
      Bloo: YES!
      Coco: Coco?
      Bloo: YES!
      Coco: Coco?
      Bloo: YES!!! WITH MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!
      Wilt: Oh, no, Bloo. This is Coco. She wasn't asking you if you wanted cocoa, it's just that... well, all she ever says is "Coco."
      Coco: Coco!
      Bloo: Then what was she asking?
      Wilt: (Imitating Groucho Marx) You want any juice?

    • Mac: His name is Blooregard Q. Kazoo, and you know that, Terrence!
      Bloo: Right, right, or Blooey, The Bloo dude, El Blooderino, or hey, how about just Bloo?

  • NOTES (10)

    • Frankie's real name is Frances.

    • Running Gags: 1. In the movie, as the bratty little girl is chasing Bloo and his friends, they go in and out of doors in a hallway simular to a typical episode of Scooby-Doo. 2. The bratty girl renaming Blooregard "Tiffany". 3. Coco, Eduardo and Wilt all trying to save Bloo from that girl...but winding up arguing over it.

    • Coco can lay plastic Easter Eggs with prizes in them like a chicken game and Eduardo can speak both English and Spanish.

    • This is the only pilot that has been on Cartoon Network to be shown four times in a single weekend (August 13-14-15, 2004): It aired twice on Fridays and on Saturday and Sunday on Cartoon Theatre.

    • The noted internet cultists "The Clock Crew" can be seen as clocks in the foyer outside Mr. Herriman's office. All they do here is tell time.

    • Human Debuts: Mac, Terrence, Mac's Mother, Frankie, Madame Foster, Snooty Parents and Bratty Daughter.

      Imaginary Friend Debuts: Blooregard Q. Kazoo ("Bloo"), Scissors, Mr. Herriman, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Duchess, Jackie Khones, Extremeasauruses, Sloppy Moe, Pointy Toehair, Mabel Licorice, Boris the Florist, Mr. Edmondson, Sassyfrass, Rodney Squiddlebeak.

    • Look Closely: 1. What appears to be an Eduardo doll appears when Terrance is adopting Bloo. The same doll is seen on the bus in Foster's Big Fat Awesome House Party. Mac also owns what appears to be a Nintendo Game Boy Advance. 2.Another reference to Craig McCracken's Powerpuff Girls can be found by looking at Frankie's T-shirt that she wears with representations of Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup in their signature colors, which are blue, pink and green respectively.

    • This program tied the Justice League as the longest premiere on Cartoon Network and counted as three episodes. The finale of the series, tenatively scheduled for November 27th will also be triple-episode length and serve as the series finale.

    • ON DEMAND Credits:

      1. Bloo flips through the channels and finds The Powerpuff Girls on and watches it.
      2. The Friends run through the doors in the hallway and instead of Jackie Khones, they find Mojo Jojo.
      3. Bloo is chased by the Extremeasaurus simular to Pac-Man all over the junkyard.

    • Animation Studio: Boulder Media, Ltd.

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Wilt: Do you want any juice?
      Wilt is obviously imitating Groucho Marx.

    • Pac-Man: Resemblance
      Just seconds into the movie, people realize that Bloo looks like a ghost from the famous Pac-Man video game, but in the junkyard scene, where the Chain Chomp extremeasaurus is chasing him, the complete sounds from the game can be heard.

    • Mac's Mom: Resemblance
      Like Ms. Sara Bellum in The Power Puff Girls, we do not see the face of Mac's mother. Also several other cartoons such as Cow and Chicken use the same thing, as the top bodies in the parental figures are not shown.

    • Coco: Her name
      May have been taken from the Cocos Islands, where most of the Dafoe novel Robinson Crusoe takes place.

    • Wilt: Unimaginary friends. Some kids just take their ideas and copy them from characters they see on TV.
      While Wilt is explaining about unimaginary friends, Mojo Jojo, one of the main angagionists from The Powerpuff Girls, which was created by Craig McCracken, makes a cameo and is pointed out by Wilt.

    • Extremeasaur: Look-a-like
      When it is fully revealed, the extremeasaur looks like the Chain Chomp from the Mario games. A chain chomp is a gigantic biting head that is attached to a chain on a post or block.

    • Wilt: His name
      Taken from the famous basketball player Wilt Chamberlain.

    • n/a: Laundry Scene
      Wilt is in the laundry and notices a sock. He picks it up and rolls it in the shape of the basketball, does some tricks, and then throws it into the basket of laundry someone is carrying. The music playing is associated with a basketball team called The Harlem Globetrotters.

    • Bloo: Right, right, or Blooey, Bloo the Bloo dude, El Blooderino, or hey, how about just plain Bloo?
      This line is a spoof of when The Dude meets the vandals at his house in The Big Lebowski.

    • Episode Title: House of Bloo's
      "House of Bloo's" is a reference to House of Blues, which is a concert hall/restaurant that has many different locations, co-founded by Dan Aykroyd.