Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 4 Episode 5

Infernal Slumber

Aired Unknown Jul 17, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Bloo and the gang arrive at Mac's house for slumber party that Mac didn't plan to have on a school night. But because they are all so loud, Mac's Mom could wake up and get them all into trouble. Will the slumber party be a success or a failure?moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • What do boys do on a slumber party? Well, these boys might be the exception.

    This is one of my favorite episodes because it's a little out of the ordinary and so much fun. We get to see a bit more of Mac's home life and his apartment. And Bloo brings Wilt and Ed over for a slumber party- WITHOUT Mac's permission. They don't do what you might do on a typical slumber party. Wilt cleans the apartment from top to bottom. Ed takes pictures, which he calls "photographic memories" so they will remember the night forever. Bloo is attempting to play practicle jokes. Goo and Coco show up, accusing the guys of discrimination by not having invited them. Cheese shows up again, too. It ends up to be one pretty memoriable night for everyone.moreless
  • Bloo makes the others believe Mac invited them to a sleepover. But when they find out that no one besides Terence knows he visits them everyday, the friends have to make sure they don't make INFERNAL SLUMBER!moreless

    Well, I havent had the time to watch all of Season 4's episodes. But this one was actually quite good. But I do have to talk about the negative parts of this episode first. Bloo in Season 4, as I can see, has become worse than the pilot, Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3. He actually just tunes his ears off and doesnt listen to Mac. All he could do was make the other friends think they were invtied and I believe e enjoys making Mac feel bad. Bloo's character has changed in a way I could not tolerate.

    OK, now for the positive parts. I really think Timothy McKeon was a genius (wrote 'Camp Keep a Good Mac Down', 'Squeeze the Day' etc.). He really made the story interesting and Cheese was as cool as before. At least now we get to see that Cheese thinks juice is chocolate milk! Bloo's pranks were also quite erm... cool, despite he being jerky. I did like how the characters were acting so that Terence would think its a dream. Well, in other words, this episode was great in many ways. It would have gotten a 9.3 if Bloo's character was not persuasive, manupilative or jerky.moreless
  • this is the best epsode!

    a figure approaches Mac's room it gets closer and closer could th be the end for mac! oh never mind its just Bloo but what the heck is he doing in Mac's apartment he ain't supposed to leave foster's! Mac tries to get them to leave but Bloo refuses Mac decides that they they can stay until 5:00 (because that is When his mom wakes up) if they keep quite suddenly there is a thumping noise it is Goo and Coco angry because they weren't invited mac lets them in. Goo decides to play truth or dare then a saence (is where people gather together and talk to spirits) but instead of a spirit it attracks Cheese and then they make so much noise (wich Mac told them not to) that Terrance wakes up! but they act crazy wich makes Terrance think it is a dream. Bloo guides him to his room but he wakes back up and then Eduardo knocks him out. Mac stalls his mom until they leave.moreless
  • One word: Torture!

    This episode showed that everyone is a complete loser. I mean, they show up at Mac\'s apartment for no reason at all, and then they really give him a pain reliever when they all go home. But seriously, if they had any brains, they would know it\'s not right to go completly insane in an apartment filled with other people! Sheesh!

    But it did have plenty of humor in it! If it wasn\'t for the people\'s lack of brains, I would\'ve given this a perfect 10!

    Me: Hey! Wake up jerks!

    Bloo: But we\'re tired.

    MeL I don\'t give a darn if you\'re in pain! Get up and play with me.

    Wilt: I\'m sorry, but we haven\'t slept in forty years.

    Me: Don\'t care.

    Torture city, here I come!moreless
  • Slumber party on a school night!

    Mac we find out knows that his mom doesn't know

    That he goes to Fosters at all in order to

    Make sure that Bloo doesn't get put up for adoptions

    It seems as though that Mac's mom trusts him more than

    She trusts Terrence more. And hey, who could blame her for not trusting that jerk of a big brother!

    He goes to a slumber party but it is a school night! Yipes!!

    Also we get to see Mac as a baby! Cute!!moreless
Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Mrs. Applebee/Cheese

Recurring Role

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Mr. Applebee

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Goo/Mac's Mom

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Bloo first walks into the apartment and down the hall, you can see family photos on the wall outside Mac's door. Terrance's room is seen across the hall from Mac's numerous times throughout the episode (and others). But when Mac drags Bloo out of Terrance's room and shuts the door, you can see those same pictures on the wall outside Terrance's door.

    • Remember when Eduardo state that Opossum are part kangaroo and part rat,well they are actually part kangaroo and part koala. Also a character from the game "Crash tag team racing" called Pasedina Opossum is part kangaroo and part rat.

    • When Ed offered Mac his smoothie,stated that it 3:00.But,if you look closely at the clock in Mac's room, it states that it's only 2:40.

    • Mac says that his mother doesn't know that Mac goes to Foster's everyday. But in Duchess of Wails, Bloo spent the night at Mac's so they could sabotage Duchess' owners, the Applebees. Also Mac apparently asked his mother if he could go to Europe with the Foster's friends than with his family. Which was stated in Fosters Goes to Europe.

    • Mac claims that Cheese belongs to his neighbor, Louise, first seen in "Mac Daddy". However, When the friends leave Mac's apartment, you can see Cheese with them too.

    • If you notice Cheese is riding a bike with his friends so shound't he be screaming because in Mac Daddy he screamed just by going one mile per hour in a go kart?

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Goo: What a bunch of girls!
      Bloo: We are NOT...! YOU'RE the girl - Girl!

    • Bloo: You want us to walk home in the dark city streets alone?
      Mac: You got here by walking in the dark city streets alone?
      Bloo: Exactly! We already stuck our necks out for you once! And besides 'bout now is when the vampires come out.
      Eduardo: Va-Vampires?
      Bloo: Sure. Vampires and werewolves and possums!

    • Wilt: This is a really nice place Mac. Not that I'm surprised. I mean not that have to live in a nice place to be a nice person. I mean that's saying that nice people don't have to live in nice places too though. Like you for example because you're a nice person. I'm sorry, does that make sense?
      Mac: No.

    • Mac: How did you get in here?
      Bloo: Stole the house key from your backpack and made a copy, why?

    • Bloo: Hey Mac. Potato chip? It Fell on the floor, two-second rule. Well 14-second rule.

    • (During the end credits)
      Terrence: (Trying to explain to his mother what happened) I didn't do it! It was Mac's friends. They were over last night!
      Mom: What friends?
      Terrence: His imaginary friends! There was the purple Spanish one, the red, tall guy with one arm, a bird and a black girl, who were riding a bicycle in the living room, and then there was a yellow friend drinking a smoothie, and last but not least, there was Bloo! Mac didn't give him up at all!
      (Slight pause)
      Mom: Terrence, you're grounded.

    • Mac: Goo, that's not my door!
      Goo: Speak up! I can't hear a word you're saying!
      Father Applebee: Well hello. What can I do you gals for?! (Gets knocked out by one of Coco's eggs)
      Mother Applebee: (Sees father Applebee) Thank you so much. He's been having the worst insomnia!

    • (playing Truth or Dare)
      Goo: Boys lose ten points! (High-fives Coco, Coco using her foot)
      Mac: There's no points in Truth or Dare!
      Goo: Boys lose twenty points! (High-fives Coco again)
      Mac: Goo, there's no points!
      Goo: Thirty! (Another high-five) Keep it up, Mac, I can go all night!

    • (Terrence wakes up to find everyone in the living room)
      Mac: This is a dreeeeam! You're having a baaad dreeeam!
      Eduardo: (moving his arms like a clock) Tick tock, tick tock...
      (Wilt starts doing the worm, Cheese drinks Coco's smoothie so hard he sucks his head in every now and then, Goo and Coco ride around on a two-person bike, and Bloo walks up to Terrence with a log in his hands. He seems to be saying the "woodchuck" tongue twister backwards.)
      Terrence: What did I eat last night?
      (Bloo, still talking, walks Terrence back into his room.)
      Mac: Sleep tight. (Bloo walks back into the living room.) I can't believe that worked. (Goo and Coco ride up to Mac.) Where'd you get a two-person bicycle?
      Goo: Um, yello (hello), how'd you think we got over here? Duh! (honks bike horn happily)

    • Goo: Ooh! You know what we should do? Seance!
      Bloo: Ance! I said it first! Boys win!

    • Eduardo: Say "Cheese" Senor Mac!
      (Eduardo takes a photo of Mac)
      Mac: You invited Wilt and Coco over too?!

    • Mac: It's 1 AM!
      Bloo: Duh! We can't have a slumber party in a daytime!
      Mac: What slumber party?
      Bloo: This one.
      Mac: No no no! There's no party you have to go now! If my mom catches you you're getting so much trouble!

    • (After Cheese arrives in Mac's apartment)
      Bloo: I get it. You send me away to Foster's, but there's always room for Cheese!
      Mac: Cheese doesn't live with me! He belongs to my neighbor Louise!
      Coco: Co coco?
      Mac: Yes. Cheese, Louise.

    • (Cheese makes ghost noises)
      Mac: Who's there?
      Goo: What do you what do you want from us?
      Cheese: (In his normal voice) I like cereal.
      Eduardo: It is Senor Cheese! Say cheese Cheese!
      (Eduardo makes a photo of Cheese)

    • Cheese: I like chocolate milk!
      Wilt: I can get you some chocolate milk! (Walks out of living room)
      Mac: No, wait I -
      Wilt: (Returns with chocolate milk) Here you go.
      Cheese: (Drinks chocolate milk; spits out milk on the others) Noooo! Chocolate milk!
      Wilt: I'm sorry, but that's what I gave you.
      Cheese: (Points to Coco's smoothie) Chocolate milk!

    • Mac: (To Bloo) You invited Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco?
      Bloo: No - not Coco! It's boys only.
      Bloo: (After seeing Goo and Coco at Mac's apartment) I told you, no girls allowed!

    • Mac: Guys, you don't understand. This is really serious. My mom doesn't know that I go to Foster's everyday, so if she wakes up and sees you here, she'll never let me go back again.
      Eduardo: And we'll never see each other again?
      Mac: (Shakes head no)
      Eduardo: (Starts crying)
      Mac: That's what I'm talking about!
      Eduardo: (Covers mouth)
      Bloo: Why didn't you just tell us to be quiet before?
      Mac: (Glares at Bloo angrily)
      Wilt: Don't you worry, Mac, from now on, you won't hear a pe-
      (Banging on the wall)
      Mac: (Runs to door; opens door and finds Goo with Coco throwing Coco's eggs at the wall)
      Goo: (Yelling really fast) Mac! What's the big idea not inviting us to your party, you dirty pig!?

    • Cheese: Wheeeeeeeee! (shouting) I like chocolate milk!

    • Goo: We aren't in CAVES ironing shirts anymore!! WOMEN deserve free and equal rights! There was the evolution of United States Of America!! WE ARE THE FREE AND THE BRAVE! OH SAY CAN YOU SEEEE--
      Mac: Sssh!! Alright! You can come in if you just be quiet!!
      Goo: (Stops marching) Thank you!

    • Goo: (Fast) Maybe they died because they were eating popcorn and they choked on it and they were all (does gagging sounds and pretends to choke) and died!
      (Eduardo slowly puts away popcorn)

  • NOTES (15)