Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 5 Episode 13

Let Your Hare Down

Aired Unknown Mar 06, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • Mr. Harriman learns to have fun, but does he have too much fun? You better believe it! :idea:

    Mr. Harriman is a stickler for rules, and has a pre-planned regimen to go along with it! Everyone at Foster's is supposed to run by his schedule, but almost nobody Can! His schedule moves by either too fast or lasts too short for most people's enjoyment! Frankie decides it's high time Mr. Harriman loosened up and became less up-tight. So she decides to enlist the one Imaginary Friend who can help her: Blooregard Q. Kazoo! At first, he doesn't want to help since he doesn't care about Mr. Harriman's schedule anyways. In fact, he's playing paddleball successfully for the first time! But when Mr. Harriman takes Bloo's paddleball away, it becomes personal! Bloo hijacks the stuffy rabbit and gives him the works in trying to have fun. Yet even though Bloo tries anything and everything, Mr. Harriman doesn't and won't crack up! But when Bloo gets pecked on by a bunch of chickens, Mr. Harriman can't hold the laughter inside himself anymore, and laughs heartily for the first time! He finally feels the burden lifted off his shoulders, so he strips naked and jumps into the ocean to begin his new, fun-filled life. At first, Frankie and the others enjoy the new Harry as he has allowed in Foster's a kind of fun that's never been allowed before. But Frankie soon learns fun can be a double-edged sword. Nobody is taking any responsibility or initiative anymore, and the structure of rules and regulations at Foster's is falling apart. It is then Frankie decides for better or worse, Mr. Harriman should return back to the way he was. For Frankie and the others, the only way to accomplish this is by acting more lazy and care-free than Mr. Harriman is! Sure enough, the stress begins to build and Mr. Harriman can't stand the disregard for the law of the house anymore. He fixes everything as it once was and returns the order back to Foster's again! Best of all, Mr. Harriman learns that he really has fun when he bosses Bloo around! This is one good show! :idea: Enough said! ;)
  • Harry!

    After getting tired of all of Herriman's rules, Frankie, Mac, Wilt, Coco, Eduardo and Bloo plan to loosen him up. Bloo takes him on a big trip to make him have fun. Nothing works until Bloo is attacked by chickens and Herriman laughs. He turns into Harry, a totally work-free, rule-free rabbit. At the house, things go well at first. Then, there are lots of messes, insanity and things that make Frankie angry. She plans to get Harry back to Herriman. They do, eventually.

    This episode was pretty good! I would love to live there when it was Harry. I loved that spoof of Lost! Hilarious! This episode gets a 9.0!
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