Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 4 Episode 11

Make-Believe it or Not!

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

In her sleep, Goo accidentally creates all the villain characters from a make believe game that she had helped out on while the power was out at the home during a thunderstorm, who then imprison Mac and Bloo at the home. Now, the gang must finish the game to save their friends.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Finally Goo is gone

    I hated Goo and I'm so glad this is the last episode of her. She was so annoying. I'm so glad that the writers stop making writing episodes of her.
  • Most creative episode yet!

    Wow, when I first saw this episode when it debuted last fall, I was awe inspired. The cast and crew of Foster's are so imaginative and creative! They're true geniuses, being able to re-create the imaginations of children! This is such an awesome episode, I don't know where to start....

    Perhaps it starts with my own childhood and when I would play the "Make Believe" game with my younger brother. We'd get so into it, it really did feel "real" to us, and it would entertain us for weeks. Seriously, we'd pick up the same game again every day after school and it would go on for literally weeks before we got bored of it. I guess we were imaginative, too. This episode really brought back memories of the good 'ol days. It was so well written, with funny scenes, catchy sayings, some suspence, and delightful surprises.moreless
  • This episode was awesome I loved it! It all started when Goo plugs in her Karoke machine and the power goes out so they play pretend which leads to an agrument which leads to Goo thinking about it then imagines then the space guys kidnao Bloo and Mac. yamoreless

    I'ts all Goo's fault because she plugs in the machine which leads to pretend which leads to fight which leads Goo to think about. The next morning the Space nut boogies kidnap Mac and Bloo so Its all up to Goo and Coco (since wilt went with the space nut boogies) and they save them. i thought it was a great episode when I watched it I wanted to see it over and over again. The thing I don't like about it was that Ed abandons Goo and Coco and shows up at the end with Pie thats stupid and cool. This episode was my favorite.moreless
  • The foster's friends play an omagonary game

    Ok so in the beggining of the episode everyone is using up electricity. So goo comes over and plugs in her stereo. So the lights go out. So now there all board. Goo decides to play an imaginary game. So there all playing and Goo and Mac gat into a little fight. And goo looses. And the power comes on. And as goo is home and is going to sleep she keeps on thinkin about the game and then the people become real. So the people go and hunt mac and bloo. So now wilt coco and goo have to save them. Wilt was the evil guy so now's he's on the bad side. So now that they saved mac and bloo. Edurdo bakes everyona an imaginary pie. So eduardo saved everyone.moreless
  • Make believe game turns "deadly"

    The power is out at the house and when the Characters, with the exception of Harriman and Madame Foster

    All of them play a make-believe game with heroes and villians but when Goo imagines villians on accident, they get locked up in the house, in particular, Bloo & Mac. Now the rest of them have to finish the game to fee them both.

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