Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 5 Episode 10

Nightmare On Wilson Way

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • But were the 3-D effects worth it? :question:

    Sometimes I think that the only reason people add in 3-D effects to the episode is because the episode itself doesn't have that good of a plot. Unfortunately, this one didn't either. All it really had was Bloo running and screaming from the zombies which I figured weren't Really zombies! But man, were they good at acting like zombies, so that bumped this episode up! Also, Mac getting high off of another sugar rush is a good choice! I just think that if the people who made this episode didn't try so hard with the 3-D effects, they could've made the plot a little bit better and a little more believeable! And for some strange reason, whenever I see a 3-D presentation of anything, it almost Always looks More 3-D Without the 3-D spectacles! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • What a super special halloween episode!

    This episode is was really awesome.It begins when Bloo try to trick Mac with a halloween trick but he fails.Then he tricks Mr.Herrimen and he kills him.Bloo barried him in the yard but didnt see how he was still alive.Bloo saw him as a zombie in the house and Mr.Herriman bitten Madame Foster and now she was a zombie too.She went chasing Ed and Bloo but she didnt get them but she did got Wilt.Now there were three zombies in the house!When Frankie and all the friends got back from trick or treating they were turnded into zombies and now Mac,Bloo,Coco and Ed were only ones not zombies.Unfortunetly Coco and Ed were turned into zombies quiete soon.Bloo ran to the to bedroom were Mac was tied up becaouse of his sugar problem.Bloo gave him lots and lots of sugar and Mac and he went running around crazily kick the zombies away.Once they got to the hallway Mr.Herriman said that it was only a halloween trick.They tricked him becouse they were fed up with hes hallween trick.Bloo tought he was not un trouble but he was becouse he gave Mac candy on halloween and now he is chasing kids for candy.I really loved this halloween episode!
  • WOW!! Zombies, and candy, and scardy cats, and that's just the begining! WOOOHOO! Best Halloween Episode Ever!!

    After bloo ties up Mac to the bed to prevent the previous events from the episodes, "Partying is Such Sweet, Sorrie" and "Affair Weather Friends", bloo tries to pull pranks on the friends, and they end up fighting back by turning into zombies. When bloo and Mac are the only ones left, they tend to use the secret weapon, Mac with sugar. When evveryone is hurt by Mac, the friends tell bloo it was all payback because of all your pranks. Good news, everything's back to normal. Bad news, they let out a sugar hunting Godzilla monster on Halloween. Best Halloween Episode I've ever seen!!!
  • fun episode

    Everbody gets capture one by one and gets turned into zombies I thought the 3D would make it cooler but the 3D glasses gave me an eyesore too. overall I give this episode a 9.7 out of 10. bUt I still think the best halloween episode ever made is Ed Edd'n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw. . . .. . . . .. . .. . . .. . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .
  • Really good halloween episode.

    If you had the 3-d glasses it would be better but tthe episode is still good and its all i have to say but you need at least one hundred words for the review so im going to use nonesence words like dsd ddd ddd g f f d d d d d d dd d d d d d d d djd jnjn j s sn jnsdjn sd sjns s js njjnsjnk snsns n nn n njnj jn kjn njjn jnk nj nkj jk jnk jkn n n j jn nj njj jn jn jn nj jnjn jnnjnjn j.
  • best halloween episode ever

    this is one of the most best halloween episodes i have ever seen in the history of cartoon network! i love this episode its so exciting i realy thought herriman was realy dead and that they were not kidding around cause they acted so real i liked the part too when mac got a suger rush again but this time he got a SUPER suger rush bloo gave him like alot of candy this time whiched was cool cause mac was action real crazy this time and bloo was real funny in this episode too i think that ALL the fans of THIS SHOW should defently watch this episode its so cool GREAT halloween episode so i give it a 10/10 good episode!
  • Every one in the house is sick of Bloo's same prank that he plays every year, so they all pretend that they die and become zombies to scare him. Bloo, however takes it too seriously and gives Mac candy in an desperate attempt to save himself and Mac.

    I know this one of my favorite episodes! Although the 3-D effects weren't that great, the episode made up for it.
    I don't usually like to watch episodes over and over agian, but this one is an exception. I watched it the first two times it aired, and I still taped it so I could watch it agian! I can't believe it's only rated 8.2 as much as I've heard how people loved it so much...
    This episode was so much more better than the last one. The last one was a bit of a dissapointment. I loved how Mac got super human strength and broke the ropes after eating sugar. Very good piece of work.
  • Needed three-D glasses for this!

    I think that you needed to wear 3-D glasses for this. As this was the ultimate trick or treat show. Bloo, up to his usual mischevous tricks, plays indeed the ultimate trick. As he ties down Mac, because Mac mentions his sugar cravings again. To make sure that Mac doesn't go nuts like he did when the House had a party. But all goes awry as every main character, sans Eduardo, turns into Zombies. We see Frankie turn into Blossom from Craig McCracken's "Powerpuff Girls", Wilt a butler or magician, Bloo as an executioner, and what else, Madame Foster as a witch. Which fits her well. Some kind of trick of treat it was and is.
  • Aah! 3D Effects! NO!!!

    I don't know why the 3D effects were there, they kinda gave me an eyesore, especially when I didn't wear 3D glasses either. Strangely, I didn't notice them when I was looking out OOJH, but if I had 3D glasses, the effects would of looked a bit cooler ...

    Anyways, the episode review ... another Halloween special. This time, Bloo is scared to death when he realizes his trick killed Mr. Herriman and that Herriman turned into a zombie ... wow ... it seemed so real that Bloo believed it when the WHOLE entire house acts like zombies and try to get Bloo ... but Bloo takes it so seriously, that he puts Mac on a sugar rush and goes crazy ... well they did act that crazy when Mac and Bloo had the house to theirselves and acted like zombie fighters. Wow, that part was pretty neat, and now Mac's gonna steal all of your candy! Overall, I thought the episode was better than Bloooooo, where Wilt, Eduardo, and the gang thought a sick Bloo was a ghost and abused him.
  • Did I miss something?

    I guess a show that is nothing to the extreme, would continue to be nothing to the extreme. Billing itself as a 3D episode it would have made some sense to make some attempt to make sense of nonsense. I guess rationality would not have been really justified...really!

    After Boo plays one too many pranks the group decided to teach him a lesson and all pretend to be zombies. Not realising he's been set up, Boo attemps to use Mac to escape this zombie filled mansion. His engenious plan requires candy feeding Mac. Quickly Mac, in a sugar fueled rampage, ends up whiping out all the zombies. To Boo's horror he finds they were not zombies after all...ooops!