Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 2 Episode 1

Partying Is Such Sweet Soiree

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Awesome episode

    So glad I don't have a sugar addiction. Lol
  • This was a good one! I like parties!

    So Frankie and Madame Foster are destined to leave the house for a night of wild entertainment. In the mean time, Mr. Harriman is told to not allow any House Parties! Strange... considering that in the end Frankie and Madame Foster end up partying themselves and everyone has a good time! Refrigerator running! Mr. Harriman panics and soon realizes that there is no Refrigerator running! Mac and Bloo try to maintain a steady flow of partying and to not let Mr. Harriman find out! Basically the only person that tries to ruin Mac and Blooo's party plans is HER ICKINESS, but Mac and Bloo have it covered! I thought this episode was funny! Especially when Mr. Harriman goes all around town looking for a refrigerator! I give it a two thumbs up!
  • This is a very exciting episode.

    This episode is very exciting as it depicts everything a party needs to be about. I've seen this ep in 2005 and Sure there were some parts that seemed rather unusual but they where good for the climax of the episode. Later on funny things start to happen and I was surprised at Mac taking off all his clothes near the end of the episode and the fact that when Bloo and others tricked Herriman by telling him his fridge was running which was a joke he ended up chasing an actual fridge. The part where Duchess tries to bribe Mac. into calling Madame Foster, with chocolates was also funny especially when all her plans ended up failing.
  • This episode was wicked funny! OMG Sugar rush!

    This episode was pun intended... Mac running around town naked! Ok this Ep starts with Bloo getting the idea of having a "wild party" while Madame Foster and Frankie are out... Mac shows up and Bloo trys to give him sugar. Mac ends up getting sugar by running into a friend carrying extra sweet punch... one drop of this sweet concoction and he goes off the walls! Mac runs around eating all the sweet candy in sight. He even eats the ear off a giant gummy bear imaginary friend. And when he has Duchess' imported chocolates is when he jumps out of his clothes and runs out of the house.
    At one point he is like Gollum from Lord of The Rings with his obcession with chocolate as Gollum was obcessed with the ring... he says "My precioussss sssugar!" and "It burnsesss usss!"
    My favorite part is when Bloo comes out of the Foster's car and gives Mac a piece of gum and Mac puts it in his mouth and he collapses on the ground yelling "It burns us!". I laughed so hard when i first saw it I was like O my god! lol Gollum! yea this is one of my top four fave episodes! lol the other two have Cheese in them... and the last has Bloo living for the randomocity of the day...
  • A fun episode!

    When Frankie and Madame Foster leave for the night, Bloo decides to break the explicit rule set by Madame Foster of "No wild parties!"

    The sub plots of this episode surrounding the party were great to watch: Wilt's dance competition, Coco falling in love with a lamp, Mr. Herriman chasing down the fridge, Duchess' attempts to call Madame Foster and Eduardo's references to "losing his marbles". Mac's sugar rush was also great, seeing as we're so used to seeing Mac be his normal responsible self; it was great to see him being hyper-active for once and seeing Bloo take on a more responsible role trying to get Mac off his sugar rush. Overall a great, fun episode that had me laughing until the end!
  • great episode!

    Partying Is Such Sweet Soiree: Bloo throws a party while Frankie and Madame Foster are away. But to do that, Coco tricks Herriman into believing that Herriman's refrigerator is running and off he goes! Then, Bloo tells an imaginary friend to prevent Duchess from using the phone. Then Mac comes. He runs away because Bloo is offering him sugar. He becomes wild whe a bit of sugar lands on his tongue. And.. I won't tell the rest. Just watch it.
  • silly...

    the second season premiere of fosters was funny. like in some parts when bloo tells mr.Herriman is his refri. running? and Mr.Herriman saids yes, And bloo saids go chase it and he does, also Whilt doing the dancing competition, Coco fallen in love with a lamp, and Mac getting Sugar high hyper. overall this was a silly episode.
  • Now this is a fun episode!

    The first funny part of this story is where Coco wants to execute her idea of how to get Mr. Herriman out of the house, and Bloo says, "He's going to know it's you." (Hm, if you don't know much about this show, it's because the only word she says is "Coco"). But she calls Mr. Herriman up and starts saying, "Coco. Coco, co-co." And Mr. Herriman falls for it anyway and runs out the front door.

    The little subplots are good like the dance contest between Wilt and some break-dancing imaginary friend, Duchess trying to use the telephone, and especially the one with Coco and her true love--er, um, a lamp! which Mac breaks later on.

    Yeah, Mac is on quite a sugar high during most of the party which is pretty darn funny! especially when he runs out of the house buck naked! (Do not try that at home).

    I think my favorite line of this story is when Eduardo pulls up on his tricycle next to the Foster's van with Frankie driving and says in is normal voice, "Hola, Frankie." but then realizes he's not suppose to let her know what he's up to and corrects himself with a disguised voice: "I mean: Hola, Frankie." and he rides off making Frankie all suspicious. It's similar, of course, when Frankie sees the rest of the gang in Madame Foster's sports car and Frankie does a double take, the second time they're all dressed up in customes.

    That reminds me another funny line is Mr. Herriman a little terrified because of Bloo's crazy driving and deadly serious says to Bloo: "How you ever obtained you drivers' licence I'll never know." That funny bunny is a funny bunny.

    Well, Madame Foster's response to the big fat awesome house party is pretty predictable and kind of blah, but when everyone starts dancing the episode is fun again.
  • hah this episode was good but not great. i think they could do better.

    This episode was about how will bloo throw a party that will have crazy ballons, candy, soda. Unfornatuly Mr. herriman won't let them throw it.Mrs. faster and frankie were leaving fosters fo a day and she made promise to mr. Herriman that there wwon't be wild parys in the time she is gone. Bloo decides to have the party anyway and they distract heriiman for awhile and it seems to work. Mac doesn't know if they are aloowed to have a party. Dutches seems to be having a bad time for this party because she has no beaty sleep. Mac can't have any sugar because hell get hyper and run around. Wilt had decided to dance and beat Dancy pantalones at the dance floor and he spilled the marbles and that made him win the contest. He had sugar and now hes roaming the hotel nude. Wilt, Bloo, Herriman, and Coco go find Bloo in Madam Fosters car. They calm him down and they have to get to fosters fast or theyll get discovered that they threw a giant party.Madam Foster liked the party and decided to go on with it.

    The characters were giving great roles except we didn't see to much Frankie which gave it a little duller to the episode.Wilt ,Eduardo were great since Wilt had to go against a dancing imaginary friend and Eduardo was the sidekick. the hilarious part was when they were in the car and they changed clothes. Of cpurse it seems mr herriman can't remember someones voice because he accepted the prank but that was what it gave the good taste to the episode. It had it's good moments and that what i expect to see in most episodes of fosters. So i hope they keep up the goodwork and they get new episodes with great plot and great roles for characters.
  • Funny, funny, stuff!

    The episode was an average episode
    But in a good kind of way
    When Frankie & Madam Foster leave for awhile
    And want no parties at all as Mr Harriman is run out of town due to Bloo's joke
    As the party of a lifetime begins with Bloo being the mastermind
    Mac tries to stop the party but then sugar mode gets to him as he can't stop
    Only person that wants the party stop is the snobbish Dutchess
    Who will do anything to stop the party!
  • A great party and a very funny episode of Foster's.

    This episode is great. This is the only episode of Foster's that has party that's why it's great and funny. I like the part when Mac was over reacting and the one when Wilt talked to Dancy Pantalones and his like assistant and they compete on a dance. I also like the part when when the gang with Mr.Herriman were following or catching up on Mac. Also the one when after the gang without Eduardo go, Madame Foster's bus stopped and Frankie saw Eduardo. Eduardo said " ola Frankie, I mean ola Frankie. So Frankie I think got mad or shocked about it. I think all the parts of this episode are funny and great.
  • It's time to party-Blooregard Q. Kazoo style.

    When Bloo throws a wild party, he sure does know how to throw one. Madame Foster and Frankie are gone for the day and Herriman must watch Foster's. They trick Herriman to leave the house for a while and Bloo throws a party. Then, Mac eats sugar and has a major sugar rush. He is running through the town in his birthday suit. Bloo and te others catch Mac and bring back to Foster's just in time to see Madame Foster and Frankie have returned. Turns out that Madame Foster does not want any wild parties unless she is there.
  • When Frankie and Madame Foster leave for the day, Bloo throws a wild house party while Mr. Herriman leaves the house.

    This episode is very stimulating and hyper, my kind of episode. Partying is Such Sweet Soiree is filled with a lot of typical Foster's humor, and among many people's favorites (including Sean Marquette's, voice of Mac) However, I've found that some people think it's a bit too hyper for their liking.

    There is a Lord of the Rings reference in the end, and several other references throughout the episode. Cleverly plotted, though I feel that in certain parts of it, the characters started getting a bit out of character. I also noticed a few bloopers here and there, but it was well done!

    This episode is so very funny. My friend and I were watching this episode when it first came on. We were laughing sooo hard! This episode was all over good. It was very well written. When Mac was sugar high, it was just very funny, like when he kept speaking very fast or gibberish. It just sounded funny too. Well written, very funny, speaking fast or gibberish, over all funny!!!

    Groove and dance in a spectacular party-based episode! It's got humor, a good plot, and some action too, when the gang go out to save Mac from embarrassing himself in the streets, nude! That was funny.

    The party was good. For a while. When Mac starting ruining things I was kinda dissapointed. The party was great, with everyone having a good time and all. Then Mac drinks some soda and runs aroudn destroying everything. It's funny, but annoying.
  • First episode of Season 2 shown, very good and funny.

    This episode was one of the very rare few good funny Season 2 episodes and it has to be one of my favourites.

    Mdm Foster and Frankie leave and leave Mr Herriman in the house. Coco plays a very stupid prank on him "Is your refrigerator running?" well, Coco mostly says "coco" but Mr Herriman went off to look for the fridge. That was really hilarious.

    Later, at the party, Mac thinks Bloo manupilated Mr Herriman to leave and thinks the friends will get in trouble. So, Bloo insensitively gives him sugar candies and he becomes hyperactive. The parts when he became hyper got slightly tiring for me after some time. The next funny part when Herriman really found a running fridge, it was an imaginary friend! So, Mac runs out naked and Bloo makes Herriman think e is in trouble. SoHerriman faints. HILARIOUS!

    The car chase scene was funny and the part when the friends in the car and Frankie see each other was so funny. The part when Eduardo sees Frankie and Frankie see him was also funny. Ironically, Mdm Foster and Frankie get hoe before Herriman and the sweet old lady scolds him by saying never to throw a party WITHOUT her, nevertheless a good ending but you just cant help but feel sorry for Mac in this episode.
  • When Madame Foster and Frankie leave the home for a while, and clearly states 'No wild house parties' Bloo automatically decides to break that number one rule, and as Mac arrives, Bloo tempts Mac to eat sweets, knowing that Mac goes crazy when he eats sug

    This was not my favourite episode, the storyline fell apart after Madame Foster left. This is one of those episodes that I wouldn't like to watch again, and I also found it a bit disturbing, especially when Mac got a little too hyper. Young children should not watch this episode. But some parts were quite amusing.
  • One of the best Foster's ever!!!

    They did it again with this episode. This episode has the perfect story line along with some adult and child-like humer. With the comedy being laugh out loud funny with Mac, Blue, Coco, Ed, Wilt, and Mr. Heriman as the main stars. The second best episode only after "Mac Daddy".