Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 2 Episode 1

Partying Is Such Sweet Soiree

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • When Duchess tries to get the phone to call Madame Foster and the one-eyed friend (Later known as Cy) grabs it before she could and makes her angry her legs momentarily disappear.

    • When Frankie first looks into the car with Bloo and the others next to her, Mac appears to be normal aside from being naked and wearing a blanket; when she looks into the car again, all but Mac is disguised and he again looks normal and not sick.

    • If Eduardo was riding the bike followning the car Bloo was driving, then how on earth did he get there when they got back? They were in a rush, and it doesn't show Eduardo getting back to the house.

  • Quotes

    • Mac: Bloo, we need to talk. (To Mr. Herriman)
      Bloo: Hold on a second. (To Jackie Khones) And here we are. At the great party. Haaaving it.
      Duchess: That is the problem. This party is unauthorized and more importantly it is interfering with my twenty-three hours of beauty sleep.
      Bloo: (Whispering to Mac) I would shoot for twenty-four..
      Duchess: (Angry) Ooooooo, you are going to get in big trouble for this.
      Bloo: Ah, your just sore 'cause you didn't get invited.
      Mac: Bloo, I hate to say it, I mean really hate to say it, but I think Icky von Yuck Yuck might be right.
      Bloo: You taking sides with Blicky McBarf!
      Mac: No, I just think Grossy Grossenstein might have a point.
      Duchess: I am calling Madame Foster this instant. When she hears about this, your days in this house will be numbered.
      Bloo: Fine, call her, see what I care.

    • Mac: (In a raspy voice) You...said it...was sugar!
      Bloo: It is sugar, sugar free.

    • Bloo: Madame Foster! Frankie! We leave the house for five minutes, and you two come home and trash the place! Well, I for one am speechless! Speechless I tell you! Speechless!

    • (Eduardo drops the marbles jar given to him by Wilt and they skatter on the floor)
      Eduardo: Oh no! I lost my marbles!

    • Madame Foster: (To Mr. Herriman) I'm disappointed in you, Mr. Herriman. I told you, explicitly, implicitly, and unequivocally, NO WILD PARTIES... (Pause) WITHOUT ME! You know how much I love wild parties! (Herriman reels and faints) DJ, put the needle to the record!

    • Bloo: Everything okay, Mac?
      Mac: It's fine. Just dandy.
      Bloo: Then why not have some candy?
      Mac: Bloo, you better stop.
      Bloo: Just wanna offer you a soda pop.
      Mac: You won't like me when I eat sugar.
      Bloo: Can't resist this sour jelly booger.
      Mac: Ahhhh!

    • Mr. Herriman: Master Bloo, I will have you know I've sworned to uphold the intergity of this house. I trust I can count on you to refrain from your usual nonsensical plots and knuckle-headed shenanigans?
      Bloo: Ah, they're really more like hare-brained schemes.
      Mr. Herriman: If they were hare-brained, they'll be clever!

    • Wilt: Everyone is so loving this party.
      Duchess: (Passes by) I am so loathing this party.

    • Handy: Things are getting out of hand!
      Bloo: You always say that.
      Giant Gummy Bear Friend: Your friend ate half my ear!
      Bloo: You always say that.
      Giant Gummy Bear Friend: No, I don't.

    • Bloo: I'm gonna get rid of Herriman.
      Eduardo: How you gonna do that?
      Bloo: How am I gonna do that? How am I gonna do that?! HOW AM I GONNA DO THAT?!?! Really, how am I gonna do that? I got nothing.
      Eduardo: Umm... maybe you can tell Herriman about the party and... uhh... then invite him to the party?
      Wilt: Have you lost your marbles?
      Eduardo: I don't got no marbles!

    • (The friends try to get Mr. Herriman to leave the home, Coco calls Mr. Herriman and he answers the phone)
      Mr. Herriman: Hello, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
      Coco: (In a deeper voice) Coco, Coco, Coco, Coco!
      Mr. Herriman: Is my refrigerator running? Hmm... why, yes, it is.
      Coco: Coco, Coco, Coco, Coco!
      Mr. Herriman: (Gasps) I better go catch it, indeed!
      (Mr Herriman runs out of Foster's)
      Bloo: I stand corrected.

    • (Mac comes in after record screeches to a stop)
      Imaginary Friends: Mac!
      Mac: Hey, everybody!
      Bloo: Mac-a-lacka, so good you could make it. Now you've got your music and dancing over here, your refereshments and snacks over there, games in the palour and common rooms, and on the sixth floor, Ring Around the Rosie, if you know what I mean.
      Mac: No, not really.
      Bloo: Yeah, me neither.

    • Duchess: Now, dial the phone. Quickly!
      (Mac dials phone very fast)
      Madame Foster: (On the phone) Hello?
      Mac: (Over the phone rapidly) Madame Foster, come over for a party!!
      Bloo: (Grabs phone from Mac) Wrong number! (Hangs up phone) What are you DOING?!
      Duchess: You sugar-coated idiot! You couldn't even hang on to the phone!
      Mac: (So fast, it's almost illegible) I'm gonna call Madame Foster and tell her about the party so I can get the chocolate!!!!!
      Duchess: There will be no chocolates for you!
      Mac: (Fast) Gimme my chocolate!
      Bloo: Chocolates?! You were trying to sell us out for some of Duchess' stupid chocolates?!
      Duchess: I'll have you know that's STUPID GOURMET CHOCOLATES!
      Mac: (Talks too fast to be understood)
      Bloo: Man, I don't know who you are anymore. I don't know who thinks it was a good idea to eat sugar.
      Bloo: You're right, maybe I do ruin chocolate. Be that as it may, you're not getting any more.
      (Mac then runs off, steals the box of imported chocolates from Duchess, and then stops and eats the entire box, further fueling his sugar rush)

    • Coco: (Looks up and sees her beloved lamp broken) CO-COOOOOOOO!!!! (Starts crying)

    • Bloo: (To Mr. Herriman) You have my word... (Herriman leaves) that this will be the biggest, partiest, housiest house party this house has ever partied!! Now who's with me?!

    • (In Madame Foster's car, Bloo is at the steering wheel making race car noises while Wilt is working the floor petals)
      Mr. Herriman: Do you have to make those noises?
      Bloo: Yes. (Resumes making race car noises)
      Mr. Herriman: How you ever received a license, I will never know.
      Bloo: License?

  • Notes

    • Fast Forward: 1. Remember when Bloo was wearing the Cat in the Hat striped stovepipe hat? Mr. Herriman's laid-back alter ego, Harry also wears one in "Let Your Hare Down". 2. Mac has two more sugar fuled induances, first in "Affair Weather Friends" when Bloo befriends Barry Bling (a/k/a Berry in disguise), and then in the Halloween special episode "Nightmare on Wilson Way" where he and Bloo attack the zombie residents until Bloo realizes that Mr. Herriman tricked him. 3. Mac would later appear in the nude in "I Only Have Surprise For You" as well as in the previously mentioned "Nightmare on Wilson Way" and in "Race For Your Life, Mac and Bloo!"

    • It is later discovered that Mr. Herriman is not responsible enough to take care of the house by himself.

    • This is the first time Bloo throws a wild party, as well as the first time Frankie and Madame Foster barely appeared in a episode, as well as the first time we saw Mac naked on screen.

    • Listen Closely: When Coco lays an egg with hearts coming out of it, the harp arpeggio is played that would later be used in the title card for Frankie My Dear.

    • According to an interview on the Animation Insider website, Sean Marquette, who voices Mac, says this was his favorite episode to voice because he got to run around and scream like a maniac for several hours.

    • When Mac is in the middle of the outset of his sugar rush, he jumps and grabs some candy from a giant baby imaginary friend, much like the cliché "taking candy from a baby."

    • Handy returns for this episode.

    • Animation Studio: Cartoon Network Studios.

    • UK airdate: April 13, 2005.

    • Title Card Sound: A dance beat version of the Foster's theme is played with a kickin' bass beat.

    • Madame Foster's car that Bloo and the other friends take to track down Mac is actually a late '70's Pontiac Trans Am. Though it's drawn in a very stylized way, the headlights, taillights, and Firebird emblem on the hood are dead giveaways.

    • For the first time in the series, Herriman refers to Bloo as "Master Bloo" instead of "Master Blooregard."

    • Credits: Clip of Fridgy running in the road.

    • Most of the dance music is a remix of the Foster's theme.

    • Mac appears naked on screen.

    • Frankie has no dialogue throughout the entire episode, but she has three short cameos.

    • Imaginary Friend Debuts: Shakey, Hangey, Dancey Pantalones, Fridgy, Chick Cluckers, Giant Baby, Giant Gummi Bear, Billy the Squid (not named until "Setting a President").

    • Duchess is actually 2-D. Whenever she turns, she becomes flat.

    • Running Gags: 1) Bloo acts like he knows what he is going to do, but he admits he doesn't. 2) Wilt and Eduardo comment about someone losing their marbles, but Wilt actually has a set of marbles. 3) Bloo and Mac rhyming when Bloo tries to get Mac to eat sugar. 4) Mac running around naked after eating sugar. 5) Bloo saying, "You always say that," when someone comments on Mac's behavior.

    • Bloo & Mac's Names For Duchess: Icky Von Yuck Yuck, Blikey McBarf, Grossie Grossenstein, Ol' Ug-Mug.

  • Allusions

    • Bloo: (Slides across the hood of Madame Foster's car)
      After collecting Mac (crashing down from his sugar rush), Bloo slides across the hood of Madame Foster's car, in much the same style as that of both the Duke Boys from The Dukes of Hazzard and Michael Knight from Knight Rider.

    • n/a: DJ
      The look of the imaginary friend DJ in this episode is based on Parliament Funkadelic bassist Bootsy Collins.

    • n/a: Bloo's Hat
      When the rhyming segment at the party between Mac and Blooregard is shown, look closely at the hat Bloo has on. It is loosely based on the one worn in the famous children's book The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss.

    • Mr. Herriman: Is my refrigerator running? Why, yes it is. (Later) I better go catch it, indeed!
      A classic phone prank.

    • DJ: Dancey, Wilt... Move it like a U-Haul!
      A U-Haul is a rental van or truck that is used for moving furniture to new homes.

    • Mac: Pour some sugar on Mac!
      This is a spoof of the title of a song by the band Def Leppard called "Pour Some Sugar On Me" from their "Hysteria" album which reached #2 in the USA back in 1985.

    • Bloo: Do I have to fight for my right to party?!
      This is a reference to the Beastie Boys song "(You Gotta) Fight Four Your Right (To Party)" from their "Licence To Ill" album in 1986. The song reached #7 on the Billboard Chart that year.

    • Mac: You wouldn't like me when I eat sugar!
      This is an alteration of Bruce Banner's "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!" from The Hulk.

    • n/a: Pop Rocks & Soda
      There's an urban myth that stated that drinking Pop Rocks and Soda would make it explode inside your stomach, and it killed Mikey, the Life Cereal boy. While it was proven false, it still has been existing lore. In this episode, Mac had a substance very similar to Pop Rocks and he drank soda while consuming it at the same time, which caused it to "explode" in his mouth, although it only added fuel to his sugar rush.

    • Mac: Precioussssss sugar.... It burnsss us!!!
      When Mac is on his sugar rush and goes into withdrawal, he's doing an imitation of Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, right down to the quote he says in The Two Towers where he is held by a rope on his neck: "The rope. It burns us." Also, he says "We hates it, yes we does", which is another line right out of The Hobbit, the prelude to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    • Eduardo: Dancey Pantalones is the best dancer in the house...
      Crony Friend: With the worst reputation.
      This is taken from the movie, Grease. A girl comes to the high school and Frenchy says she's the best dancer at St. Bartholomew's "with the worst reputation."

    • Episode Title: Partying Is Such Sweet Soiree
      The episode title is an obvious parody of the famous Shakespearean line from Romeo and Juliet: "Parting is such sweet sorrow," while a "soiree" is the French word for "party."

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