Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 6 Episode 3

Pranks For Nothing

Aired Unknown Apr 24, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • The entire Foster's Home household must spend the night in a motel, seven hours away, while the house is being fumigated for termites. Mr. Herriman lays down some ground rules, which Bloo is determined to break, resulting in a "prank war".

    This was one of the funniest episodes to date! The entire household of Foster's has to spend the night in a motel, which is a seven-hour bus trip from their home, due to the house being fumigated for termite infestation. Once the bus arrives at its destination, Mr. Herriman lays down some ground rules for behavior, largely in the interest of saving money, such as no eating from the "honor box" refrigerator, no ordering room service, no "Pay to Watch" movies, etc. Right from the start, Bloo is determined to break each and every rule in his excitement, much to the dismay of his roommates, Wilt, Coco and Eduardo, who are exhausted from the long, uncomfortable bus trip, and only want to rest. In his attempts to get them to join in his "fun", Bloo gulps down a pot of coffee, going on a caffeine "high" that results in him being extremely rude and obnoxious to the other three. To get back at him, they plot to play the old "bucket of water over the door prank" after sending him out for ice, and pull it off successfully, but the dripping water alerts Mr. Herriman in the room below, and Bloo is caught and blamed for the prank(it doesnt help that the room service HE ordered shows up as Mr. Herriman is scolding him for the water on the floor), and summarily locked in a janitor's closet to keep him out of trouble. He's unintentionally released by two newcomer Imaginary Friend, "Frit" and "Frat", who are a couple of clueless individuals loosely based, it would seem, on "Beavis and Butthead". Bloo plans to enlist their aid in getting even with his three roommates, especially Coco, whom he believes to be the mastermind of the bucket prank, but Frit and Frat, being so utterly clueless(they mistook the janitor's closet for first a bathroom, then a gift shop), prove to be more of a hindrance than a help. Despite Bloo's every effort, his attempts at staging a successful "prank war" against his roomies are second-guessed, and the other three wind up beating him to the punch with their own pranks each time. They even succeed in tricking him, through the use of a clever Mr. Herriman disguise, into cleaning the entire motel, inside and out. While the pranks themselves are predictable, it's that predictability, and Bloo's lack of originality, that makes the whole situation funny, combined with his seriously underestimating his three roommates and OVERestimating the assistance of Frit and Frat, who are happiest playing the pranks on themselves! By the following morning, Bloo finally can take it no more, and goes after Coco, whom he assumes is responsible for having planned all the pranks against him, in order to get in the last prank-that old hand buzzer trick. Satisfied that he's won the "prank war" at last, Bloo gloats his way onto the bus, only to find out that he WASN'T the Ultimate Prankster; SOMEONE has placed a Whoopie cushion in his seat, and he falls for it! Coco, however, has not yet gotten on the bus at this time, so Bloo is left wondering just WHO the REAL Pranking King was, who got the final prank over on him...and the last few seconds provide a very satisfying little plot twist indeed, revealing another side to one of the series' most complex characters!
    Mac was not present in this episode, though honestly, it would have been difficult to have him along, given that this was an overnight stay seven hours from Foster's. Madame Foster was also AWOL, and Frankie appears only briefly, but neither one's absence detracts from the fun of the episode.
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