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  • One of Cartoon Network's last good shows.

    This show is just as good as the Powderpuff girls (ok so maybe Powderpuff girls are a little better but still) what i really like about this show is that Mac, the main character is poor, but despite that it shows that you can have fun and friends without money
  • Original, Relatable Plot with Great Characters

    Growing up with this show, I almost gave it a ten just for sheer nostalgia. But looking back on the show now, it definitely deserves its praise. However, the one thing holding Foster's from a 10 is the plot. Sometimes, the plot can be pretty boring and sometimes I don't really even understand the plot. But the greatness of the characters made up for that. Mac, an 8 year old who visits Foster's everyday, is extremely clever despite his age, and is also extremely unselfish and tries to teach his best friend, Bloo, life lessons. Bloo is Mac's best friend and also his "imaginary friend". Bloo can be extremely selfish, but at times is seen as a good friend. These are the two major characters of the show. Mac also has other imaginary friends who live at Foster's such as Wilt, who is extremely tall and nice and loves basketball (he's named after Wilt Chamberlain), Eduardo, who is enormous, but is surprisingly very cowardly, and Coco, who is my least favorite characters. All she can say is "coco". Mr. Herriman, who is a rabbit, is the president of Foster's and is very proper and polite, as his tuxedo and monocle imply. Frankie, a girl who Mac and Bloo have crushes on, works as the caretaker of Foster's. Madame Foster, the grandmother of Frankie, founded Foster's. My favorite character is probably Bloo. He is one of the funniest characters on the show because of how stubborn he is. One thing I love about this show as well is how it is extremely relatable. It teaches kids about sharing, putting up with people you don't like, and how framing people for your own actions is terrible. Funny, relatable, and unique? I would say this is one of Cartoon Network's greats.

  • Imaginative in terms of characters, not so much in story though.

    Growing up, I watched this show alot mainly because the characters are so great; looking back now I realized that the characters were the reason why this show was so popular and not the actually plots the go on. While there were some good episodes like the awesome house party one and the 90 minute movie Destination Imagination, most of the episodes were mediocre story-wise. The plots were either rushed or underdeveloped; instead of showing scenes that could benefit character development, they leave it up to the viewer to think about it for themselves. I'm all for leaving some things up to interpretation, but when you do that almost all the time it becomes frustrating, especially to the kids who watch this show. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the show, I never did; I just think some episodes could use a few more tweaks in terms of story telling . the episode where everyone goes to the beach and leave Bloo behind because of what happened last time. Even though we're told what happened, we aren't show; when it comes to telling a story it's always better to show, not On the upside, this show has a great cast of characters; each one of them unique, likable and funny in their own way. The voice acting is also very good though some may find that Mac sounds too old to be 8, Sean Marquette just works as this character (besides, do you really what to he Mac sound like an actual 8 year old, especially when he yells?). Grey DeLisle is perfectly casted as Frankie as she just sounds like a woman who works almost 24/7 with few breaks let alone days off, and of course Bloo is just a lovable character. Sure he's selfish, but he's not heartless, as seen in that episode where he saves Mac from Berry on a toy train. Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco have some of the funniest parts in the show and Mr. Herriman is a stuck up, yet likable rabbit. The best character out of them all is by far Madame Foster; sweet old lady one minute, eccentric daredevil the next. The animation is very colorful and simple to understand; the character designs look like you as a viewer can draw them yourself. The imaginary friends in the house are all uniquely drawn and very creative, so much so that I'd like to see our main characters interact with them more (much like Gumball and Darwin interact with the characters in Elmore). In terms of presenting lovable characters and colorful animation, this show excels at that wonderfully; however when it comes to story telling, it's not the best. I recommend this show for the characters and the laughs; the story might be lacking, but it's the character's you'll remember most about the show.
  • Excellent series!

    It was really wonderful! I kinda like Bloo better when he's not a jerk. My favorite characters are: Bloo, Eduardo, Coco and Cheese. This show has always been part of my childhood, and even though I am in my late teens, I still watch it.

    Sadly, the show got cancelled because Craig McCracken quit Cartoon Network, due to the network focusing on live action instead of cartoons. The series ended with Cheese moving into Foster's and the house being reverse drawned (which was very sad for everyone). And it was quoted that after 15 years of working on the channel, Foster's was Craig's last and final project because of his departure. But hey, he moved-on to Disney to start the amazing "Wander Over Yonder".
  • Ahh, childhood

    My childhood series here. I loved, loved the idea of a foster house for imaginary friends. Heck, back while I use to watch the show I remember trying to imagine my very own friend just like the show.

    I thought this show was very well-suited for kids and anyone older. Great humor, animation, and just getting know the characters!

    Ah.. I miss this show.

  • An almost perfect show, one of Cartoon Networks best!

    This show is one of the most funniest animated series I ever saw, that's how I see it after seeing it again for awhile. The majority of episodes work with the story, and the majority of jokes for each work very well. What really stands out about this show though are the characters, most of them are fantastic and different. Bloo is similar to Eddy from Ed, Edd n Eddy except Bloo's not in love with cash. Eduardo is shy but big, and Wilt is calm and probably has the most creative design. Coco only says one word (cocoa), but the others can actually comprehend what she says, and honestly so can I sometimes. Some of the side characters are my favorite, Cheese who is always annoying but likable, and Goo who is very hyper and also is likable. My only problems that didn't make this show perfect, is that some of the episodes are pretty bad. The other is that Mac and his brother Terrence aren't really that interesting. But that is a nitpick because my philosophy is: Having at least 1 weak character, and having the rest strong, makes a TV show balanced. Overall, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is a great show for the whole family, if you haven't seen it yet, you're missing out.
  • Best Cartoon Network original ever.

    In honor of this shows 10th anniversary (August 14th, 2004), I have decided to review the show itself. This is definitely one of the most original and creative shows that I've ever seen. Foster's was about a 8 year old kid named Mac who is forced to give up his imaginary friend by his mom because he got too old to own an imaginary friend. So Mac sends Bloo to a foster home called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, a foster home that consists of a variety of imaginary friends that the owners can visit any time they want.

    The creator does a wonderful job at keeping the characters unique and maintaining their likability. Mac is a kind hearted child who wants everything to go good. Bloo is the exact opposite of Mac, instead Bloo is a goofball who causes chaos in things he does, but they can also keep him likeable and funny. Wilt is the tall and kind guy who doesn't get mad easily.

    Eduardo is a bit of a coward, but he has a huge heart of gold. Coco is a palm tree bird who can only say her name, but has a unique talent to lay eggs with cool and useful items in them. Frankie is the caregiver at fosters and does a good job at keeping everything in order and making sure everything goes right. Mr. Herriman is a little bossy, but at least he knows whats right for the home. Madame Foster is a sweet old lady who has the energy to live life at the fullest. Each character brings in their own type of humor that is garunteed to make you laugh, and there are plenty of funny moments to go around in most of the episodes. The animation flows very smoothly and doesn't have a choppy feeling to it. The artwork is superb, with the characters being designed beautifully, and the set designs look really creative.

    There were a few bad episodes worth passing up, such as Everybody Knows Its Bendy, Where There's A Wilt There's A Way and the disappointing series finale, Goodbye to Bloo, so those are worth avoiding, but other than that, I highly recommend this series to anyone, it is a classic to behold. With it's memorable characters, creative storylines, clever humor and unique feel, Foster's will sink in history as one of the greatest shows ever made. I was saddened when the series ended, but the episodes that aired when the shows was about to end felt pretty dull and lacked the charm the previous episodes had, so maybe Craig McCracken thought it was a good idea to end the series before it would go downhill.
  • It was amazeballs of a show .....

    The last real Cartoon Network show............... I miss this show muuuuuuch!
  • This show managed to keep Cartoon Network alfoat

    Now this is how shows are done. While CN was going through it's MTV esque slump I was pleased that this show managed to keep the network a float for a while before more hit shows came to save it. And it managed to keep CN alive for a good reason, the writing is good, the animation is good, the voice acting is good, and it's really original. It seems that Craig McKraken knows how to stay original when it comes to animation, despite being the creator for PPG. Even though the show had its occasional hiccups, it's still a good show.
  • Good program for all ages

    This is a nice clean show for children,I must say I miss it myself
  • Not as good as Ed, Edd n' Eddy

    But still a show that should never be forgotten.

    Craig mcracken who worken on great shows like powerpuff girls and dexter's lab, created another great show is 2004. Now, 2004 was not a good year for cartoon network. Most of the cartoon cartoons got canceled and were replaced by bland shows like atomic betty and baby looney tunes. Honestly, I thought that the network was going downhill, until I saw this show. At first, I thought this show was going to suck because of the annoying and childish commercials. But I finally gave it a chance, and boy was I impressed. The shows was really hilarious. The characters actually all had unique and different personalities and the art style was really beautiful. The episodes are well written and are enjoyable for kids and adults. The only episode I hated was the bendy episode, but let's face it, even the hardcore fans hated that episode. And the goofball episode and the episode were the house throws mac a surprise party were neither good nor bad. While they were mean spirited to the max, they also had some great jokes.

    Also, I kinda agree with supermariobros11, this show was way better than my little pony. But my little pony is actually not a bad show. It's actually GOOD if you get past the girly nature of the show..

    But back on topic, this show is amazing and it definitely deserved to be a cartoon cartoon instead of that stupid robot jones show that nobody remembers. Yes, it's THAT good. If you haven't seen this show, go watch it. If you get past the childish premise, it's actually a really awesome show.

  • This was replaced by MLP?

    Okay, this is a good show, but it's sad it got cancelled. But it got replaced by a terrible show, aka MLP. Seriously, don't watch MLP and watch this.
  • loved it!

    It had its own sense of decency to it and I found it to be a cute and enjoyable show. I loved how each character had a past like Wilt's long lost friend and when Mac and Blue first met and became friends, I hope to see more shows like this in the near future.
  • One of the Best Cartoon Network Shows

    I love this show since I was little. It's hilarious, memorable, witty, clever, and brilliant. Season 1-2 were awesome. Season 3 was great, but I hated the Goo episodes. Season 4 was funny; Season 5 was great because Goo stopped appearing. Season 6 was also amazing Destination Imagination. The characters are funny, well Coco sometimes annoys me and Goo is the worst of the show. I love the plots and the animation. I knew that it was going to last for 5 years, for some reason. My favorite episode is Mac Daddy. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of Cartoon Network's best shows ever made.
  • Obssesd

    I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH IT MAKES ME NOT WANT TO LIVE IN REALITY. I've watched this a lot so I know this so lets get down to the grading and rating

    Characters: All the characters to me were very funny and cute my favs are: .Mac because he's smart and sets a good example for kids(and he's the cutest thing on that show) .Goo because she's random funny and is pretty smart if you can create all those friends 3 .Bloo because he brings the life to every episode. My hated ones are:. because he's so strict and treats Frankie like a slave 2. Ducthess because she also treats people like they are slaves. 3. Cheese because he's disgusting and very annoying.

    Dislikes: I love this show but we all know somethings we know can get annoying like the episode I hate to my guts I Only Have A Surprise For You. I didn't like this one because they humiliated my fav character and all the characters acted like jerks too(Even Wilt !!!). Also I didn't like Bendy or Imposters because its annoying how they try to annoy everyone else and I wish in the Imposters episode that Goodall was a human and got in trouble.

    Loves: I loved Mac and Goo because I read fhfif fan fictions with them in love and its cute enough to make my heart stop. Also bloo is the boss and bloooo are my 2 favs because they make me ctmu

    This my favorite show and who ever does not like it or my review needs to go and do some therapy MAJOR THERAPY so thats all for now folks

  • Awesome carton.

    An awesome cartoon, I love Coco, she was funny.
  • This show is pretty good.

    Whatever I mean, this is mabye my second favorite show right now...this show could be my favorite if I watch more of it. This show is obviously way better than My Gym Partner's a Monkey(which I hate). Also, this show is really improving which could be why this show is so popcular(improving as Camp Lazlo and some other shows). So, this is actually about a Foster Home which is for imaginary friends like Bloo. Also, Coco, Wilt, and Eduardo, and trouble mabye caused by someone like Bloo, Mac as for sure is Bloo's imaginary friend. What else can I say? Probally nothing! Anyways, I liked the plot and this show deserves a high rating. Anyone agree with me?
  • Being a very imaginative and hilarious show, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends really stands out as one of the best, or perhaps best, show on Cartoon Network.

    The show started out pretty decently. It had a great start in the form of a pilot movie. Then came the next ten episodes for the first season. The first season didn't have that much humor but they eventually picked up the pace in the second season. From there on and onto the next seasons, they were able to keep the viewers enjoyed and filled with laughter. The thing that obviously kept the series alive were the characters, all of whom I will sorely miss. Each of the characters had their own specific trait that made them unique and special in their own way. Bloo was the selfish one. Mr. Herriman was the strict and "always-follow-the-rules" kind of character. Frankie was the cool and caring big-sister kind of character. Mac was the boy who would usually try to get Bloo out of trouble or also known the classic sidekick. Madame Foster was the hyper-active old lady. Coco was the crazy girl who could only say her name. Wilt was the helpful one. And of course, Eduardo was the crybaby. All of these characters contributed to the show's great humor.

    I personally love the animation as well. It wasn't breathtaking, but it was just brimming and nice to look at. Even the songs were really enjoyable and catchy. Another thing I greatly love is that this show doesn't have repetitive plots and there weren't much cliches. Accompanying these is the show's rather great humor. It's not something you can actually describe as witty humor but it can really make people laugh, or at least grin.

    Unfortunately, and like all shows, this show does have its flaws. For one thing, I'd have to admit that this show has a tad too much screaming with the characters. Another flaw it has, on some occasions, is inconsistency, specifically the characters. Bloo, at the start of the show, was a sweet and caring character but then he suddenly turned into a selfish and ego-maniacal one. Although his selfishness did contribute greatly to the show's humor. For the other characters, there are some episodes wherein they seemed really out of character. Characters are what keeps shows alive, so there really shouldn't be any inconsistency. Although unlike in other shows, these inconsistencies aren't really that bothersome so it doesn't really bring the show down too much.

    The last thing I dislike is the ending of the show. It was just so appalling how they ended a great show. Except for Frankie and Herriman, no one had any actual character development. From my standpoint, characters should usually have some kind of change in their heart in the end of a series.

    All in all, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is a superb show with a few flaws but will, no doubt, keep its audience enjoyed with its fun characters and somewhat witty plots and humor.
  • Great for animation fans!

    A story about two friends Mac and Bloo who hangs out with other imaginary friends at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends the adoption center created by Madame Foster. My favorite character is Bloo because I like the way he's drawn, he might be a jerk but he's cute and adorable and I wanna hug him so much!!!! I also like Frankie and Wilt I don't know about Eduardo he's a big baby and I don't like him. I like how the creators uses the animation it's so clear and perfect. I wish all animation is like that. Also the episodes are great but not perfect enough because of Fosters goes to europe who would make an episode like that. It's so annoying, but still a great show.
  • Very imaginative, and very funny

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is easily one of the most creative, and best shows to air before CN fell in hard times. The show was about an 8 year old named Mac who has been forced to give up his imaginary friend named Blooregard Q Kazoo, or Bloo for short. Mac finds a place for him called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. In it are other imaginary friends that have been placed in there, and Mac meets Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Mr. Herriman, Frankie Foster, and Madame Foster. Together they all get into wacky, and crazy stuff that ends them all in trouble. The premise is really creative, and original, and this show utilizes it to its full potential. The characters on this show are characterized well, and have great personalities to them. Mac is a kind hearted kid who tries to make everything right. Bloo is the opposite of Mac he is headstrong, and very goofy in everything he does. Wilt is a very kind and generous friend who doesn't get angry easily. Eduardo is a bit of a coward, but has a huge heart of gold. Coco is random, and lays eggs that contain a variety of things like cards, or a picture. Mr. Herriman is strict, but knows what's right for the house. Frankie is able to keep her chin up despite all the trouble she has thrown at her. Madame Foster is a sweet lady who has a wild side to her as well. The stories are also very creative, and have plenty of humor to them all. I especially enjoyed the World Wide Wabbit one the best. The humor is really funny, and each character manages to bring their own type of humor. I especially love Cheese and his random use of humor in this show. The artwork is really good. The characters were designed beautifully, and a look very imaginative, and the set designs looked very creative. The animation was also very good, and flowed very smoothly in this show. The show did have some bad episodes like the Imposter's Home, which is the worst episode of the series, and I Only Have Surprise for You, and some of the newer episodes were kind of bland. Thankfully Craig must have realized the show was starting to sink, and finished the show. Overall this is indeed on of the final good shows by CN before it went into a rut, and even though I was sadden by the show ending it was starting to tank, so maybe it was best that this show was put to rest before it got bad.
  • One of the best shows on CN back then

    This show was funny as hell, but it was pretty annoying at times, but it was still funny and imaginative. Why can't CN have shows like this. and for all you people out there who say it made no sense why if they were imaginary friends, why are they real, it's because most kids wish their imaginary friends were real, and this show shows it.
  • Foster's Home For a Great Cartoon.

    Craig McCracken, the genius who made The Powerpuff Girls, put his skills to the test once again in Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, one of Cartoon Network's greatest series before the network took a great downfall. The show had amazing humor, it was well-written, and clever. Sure, the characters were REALLY annoying, especially Cheese, but we learned to live with it throughout the series and sometimes we found them funny. I'm not sure why Cartoon Network wanted this series to end, maybe it's because the President, Staurt Snyder, wants a channel called Cartoon Network to have some more live-action series, because you know, I love myself some of that. (No, get rid of him.) Craig McCracken, if you're out there we need more series from you, Cartoon Network's kind of dieing. I know you stepped down, but seriously, we need a great series before Staurt Snyder decides to make Cartoon Network like Fox News.
  • Top 10 Of My Cartoonetwork Best shows

    Fosters is in my Top 10 Best from Cartoonetwork Because It really relates to kids who have know siblings And Like to talk to imaginary people But that's not it this was A great Classic because the humor and It's really talented writers when you can make the best humor with out using dirty jokes or profanity but Im not saying they didn't There are Lots of Unforgetable Charecters Like Chese if you type Foster's Home for Imaginary friends In you'll find Tweets about how people want the show to come back every day and how they miss the hilarious Charecter Chesse I always say Those Kids Born in Middle 2000's will never Know About these type of Classics Thnak You Craig Mccraken Genius
  • Oh yeah.

    One of the legendary shows. Let me explain.

    Warning: Spoilers.

    Plot: Imaginary friends, made by kids and even adults by their imagination! In this cartoon, they can be seen. You can do anything to them. Let's move to the storyline itself. Mac, a 10 year old, has to send his imaginary friend away because he's a grown up now. Mac, and his imaginary friend, Blooregard Q. Kazoo, doesn't like the idea. Because he would get adopted by other kids. Bloo is going to be in the Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. When they get there, they got a tour from Wilt, the imaginary friend who's there for a long time, Wilt showed the places, rooms, and the other friends in here. They cried for a bit, but Madame Foster, told them that Bloo can stay, if Mac visits him everyday. And now there they go. Bloo and Mac are always having fun in the house everyday, and Bloo, somewhat gained alot of pride, is now doing ridiculous things.

    Characters: They have good points. a lot of points. Mac, is a good natured boy, Bloo, became a braggart and gained pride after now he's in the house forever, sometimes annoys me, but his ridiculous stuff that he does makes up for it. Eduardo is a big imaginary friend but also a big coward! Coco, sometimes hard to convince, and can be grouchy sometimes, and somewhat a little smart. Wilt, a loyal friend that will do anything for you, easy to trick, Bloo tricks him most of the time. He can't deny every errands from people. Mr. Herriman, annoying at some times, but sometimes he is funny! Frankie, does all the chores in the house, helping the friends in their problems, but she is kind anyway. Madame Foster, a quirky old woman that does ridiculous things that you wouldn't expect an old woman would do! Terrence, Mac's big brother, rather than being a generic big bully, he makes some fun stuff around that can make you laugh. That's how unique they are. Voicing is nice.

    Humor: Innuendos, Bloo's schemes, their problems are making this show funny. Each character and episode has problems and stuff that are just funny. The episode "Bus the Two of Us" is hilarious. Almost every episodes.

    Art: Some are poorly drawn, not an issue, because they're an imaginary friend! Imaginations are sometimes supposed to be cluttered! Animation is excellent.

    Overall: 9.5. Great show IMO. Makes me laugh all the time. I recommend watching this one.
  • It's a great show,even if some of the characters are unlikable

    Before Cartoon Network was going a bit down the crapper,around 2004-2006,there were some bad cartoons (Atomic Betty,Squirrel Boy),while the rest of them were great and very underrated,C.I.P,Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. The show is about an 8-year old kid named Mac,and his imaginary friend Bloo. He has to give up his friend,but sends him to a foster home where imaginary friends are taken care of until they find another owner and get adopted. There he meets Frankie,Mr Herrimen,Eduardo,Coco,and Wilt. But since he doesn't want to give him up,Mac has to visit Bloo everyday. Now,the show has such an original plot. There has never been a show like this before. The animation for this show is brilliant. It's colorful,and there is never a dull design. Speaking of them,The designs for the friends have got to be one of the best character designs ever created. Each one of them look great,and refer to my last statement. The show is also funny,and barely relies on toilet humor,but when it does,it really is just unessecary (Misspelled),especially when it focuses on the plot,like when Eduardo thought he was farting in a video when in reality,Bloo edited it with him arm farting. Now,besides that,this show is great. My biggest flaw has got to be the characters. Now,believe me,I do like some of the characters,but most of them are just really bad. Bloo is the major example of that. Now,Mac is a responsible child,but could have his moments,like his sugar rushes,but on the other hand,Bloo is a huge prick. He was great for the first few episodes,but then he started to become from funny,to a selfish,idiotic,jerkface who only wants attention,and only cares about himself,even if he could still be funny. Mr Herriman is even worse. He could also be funny,but he is such a huge killjoy who ruins everything,only cares about work,and never cares for anyone. He also treats Frankie like a huge slave. He's forcing her to do work all the time,never lets her have a break for once,and even kept her from going to a concert she worked hard on. Goo is also extremely annoying,and never shuts up,even if she did realize that. Duchess is by far the worst character of the entire show. She is such a selfish prick to everyone,treats as if she was the only normal character,and makes Sarah Jessica Parker look like an angel. There are also minor characters like Bendy and Goofball that piss me off so badly. And heck,even some of the good characters like Wilt and Coco could act like pricks too. Other than that,the characters are great. Plus,there could be some unlikable episodes like Everybody Knows Its Bendy,and Imposters home for Um..Make Em Up Pals. And the show ended so poorly. Overall,this show is great,and very original,and is CN's finest.
  • Screw Adventure Time, MAD, and Johnny Test! This is real Cartoon Network!

    This is obviously the 3rd best show that ever aired on Cartoon Network. 2nd was Johnny Bravo, 1st is Ed Eddn Eddy. The Story is created by Craig McCracken, creator of The Powerpuff Girls, presents an Emmy-Award winning Flash-animated Cartoon Network original series with some of the best friends you can think of. In this world, imaginary friends become real the instant a kid thinks them up. Everyone can see them, everyone can talk to them -- but what happens when a kid outgrows his friend? Then that friend is welcome at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, an adoption center owned by old Madame Foster, that provides a home for them, until a child in need of an imaginary friend, who can't think their own up, comes to adopt them. One such friend there is Blooregard Q. Kazoo, the creation of eight-year-old clever, yet shy Mac, who's mother tells him he's too old for Bloo. Though the little blue blob felt that "adoption is not an option," Mac convinced him to stay long enough that, after a sinister plan devised by self-centered Duchess and Mac's 13-year-old dumber than dirt bullying brother Terrence fails, Mac proves his loyalty. Moved by his loyalty and pure imagination, Madame Foster, herself, states that Bloo may stay at Foster's without ever having to worry about being adopted. In return, all Mac has to do is visit every day. This isn't a problem, considering that Mac would rather spend his after-school time with Bloo and all the other wacky friends, like the egg-laying sanity challenged bird-airplane-plant thing Coco, cowardly protector Eduardo, basketball-playing Wilt, along with Madame Foster's granddaughter Frankie and the imaginary friend created by Madame Foster, Mr. Herriman, than at home. Every day, thanks to Blooregard's crazy schemes, the gang end up in wacky adventures. The last good show on Cartoon Network was Camp Lazlo! I hope the real cartoon network returns someday! Except we can keep The Amazing World of Gumball and Regular Show.
  • A well written show

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, a show that was kick off way to soon. I think that this show was a great show for it's well crafted imaginary characters and the well though out episodes. Another reason way this show is so good, is that the characters do have original personalities and are like able. The next thing that is also enjoyable are the original plots, I truly think that this show comes up with some amazing ideas for an episode that work so well with the characters. I do think that this show really needs to come back, hopefully a petition could be made to bring this series back. Though, it may never happen it is worth a shot!
  • This is another good new original animated show on cartoon network, that uses flash animation!

    My 24th review after "Camp Lazlo".

    Wow. How hot is this cartoon? there are some many Foster's avatars on this site! Been on for 3 years, But the series are going downhill. They are getting boring, bloo dosen't break any more rules, There's even no more good humor. This show is about a 8-year old boy, (Now he's 9,) named Mac. He putted bloo into foster's home for Imaginary friends thinking it's a normal home, but when he figured out it's an Adoption center,
    Mac has to see Bloo EVERY DAY, at 3:00pm after school, so bloo will not be put up for Adoption. Now it's time for the Grade!
    This will get a A+!!!!!!!!! Here the results:

    Voice-acting: C- 5.8/10.0 There's some whiny voice-acting added on the newer seasons and it's getting really annoying now.

    Animation: B- 7.5/10.0 This cartoon has crummy animation, and it's Technically Busted, which it's flash animation but, that's what makes the show so great!

    Graphics: D-- 4.0/10.0 Poor Graphics in the newer seasons. The chracthers are getting uglier and uglier by season after season.

    Sound: A+ 9.0/10.0 Jazzy Music and some werid goofy music,
    added with great sound effects.

    Dialouge: C- 5.5/10.0 This along with the voice-acting has whiny scripts and voices. They need to change it.

    Lasting Appeal: A++ 10.0/10.0 This show can be LOTS of fun to watch if you like flash animated humor.

    Overall: A+ 9.1/10.0 One of the few good original new animated shows on cartoon network, right next to Camp Lazlo.
    Better then "My gym partner's a monkey" (Which i totally hate.) Catscractch, (A little better but still terrible.) Squrriel boy, (worse of them both) Mr. meaty (Worse then all 3) But the most hated show I abouslutly hate is "the Jerry Springer show" Cancel those shows and save "Donkey kong country" and "The Land Before time"!
  • Bring it back!!! Bring it back!!!

    I loved this growing up but then they replaced it The marvelous misadventures of Flapjack.

    I dont know why it was cancelled.this is they best show in the history of cartoon network

    If someone from cartoon network is reading this, Bring this show back

    this deserves a 20 out of 10
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