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  • Mac After School Gos To A Home To See His Imaganary Friend Bloo And His Friends Wilt Coco And Ed. He Must Go Back Every Day Or Bloo Could Get Adopted!

    My Very Favorite Show! Its One Of The Only Shows I Watch! Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends Is The Greatest Thing That Happened To Cartoon Network. From Bloo To Berry And Coco To Goo, Every Single Thing Is Different! If You Think This Show Was Bad Or Unoriginal, I Definitely Disagree!!!
  • Yes yes, this show is just fabulously HILARIOUS!!!

    I really love this show. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends have now become my 3rd fave shows! It's hilarious and fun. Maybe this seems to be a kids show, but I think anyone can watch it! I just love all the characters. My personal faves are Bloo, Mac, Wilt, and Eduardo. All of these characters are hilarious! It's a shame that I didn't get to watch all of the episodes yet and there's only one episode in youtube! Man, this stinks (a bit). But there's a new episode coming up tomorrow, ready to cheer me up! So watch this show and you'll love it!
  • Too good to miss

    Foster's is like the best show on Cartoon Network at the moment. It's got some very important things that make a show really good:
    Good animation
    Convincing lines
    And of course,
    An awesome plot.
    The episode I was 'blessed' with the other day was Frankie My Dear. It was so outrageous, yet so funny I had to stay and watch it, even though it meant giving up some very precious time.
    What do I wish?
    I wish that there were more shows on like Foster's, but unnfortunatley I'm finding the things coming out of Cartoon Network are just not what they used to be, and if they really want to push it home, they should put on more shows like Foster's.
  • Its a classic.

    This show could use a little something. It is an ok show.Just not my fav. it is about a boy who out grows his imgnaniry friend and his mom tells him to let (Bloo) his imganariy. off at this new place called Foster's home for imganariy friends he gose to let bloo off and runs into these crazy friends at foster's he lets bloo off and he agrees to come and visist bloo every day after school so he'll never get taken by a kid. some who Bloo all ways mannages to get into alsorts of trouble every day. So be sure to watch out for bloo and his crazy friends.
  • 2 words Watch it!!!!

    I was in 8th grade when the show first primered. I love it and the characters (Frankies my favorite) It\'s a wacky and weird Cartoon but I LOVE it!!!!!! The creator is super creative and the characters are friendly.
    Bloo and Mac always seem to disagree about stuff but there still friends!!! I can watch it and never get tired of it!!!
    Good plots and good episodes!!!!
    It ROCKS!!!!
  • Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is the best show ever,because they make me laugh.I thick everyone will like this show.There is Mac,Bloo,Will,Coco,and last my faver cartoon Eduardo ,and more.I wish I can imaginary a friend like Mac made Bloo.hi OK ,bye

    Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is a great show to watch.Bloo is so funny and Mac is his creaer.Coco is a wrier bird.Will is a tall funny guy.Eduardo is my faverit guy he is one funny latio.Eduardo is big, but he is scaer and he is a nice guy.Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is my faverit show because Eduardo is on the show.All of them put together they are so funny.I watch it everyday.Eduardo is the coolest cartoon on t.v. today.Bloo always does things funny so everyone can have a good laugh with their friends or family.Foster's Home For Imaginary Friend is the best show to watch this's days.Bloo is one funny guy for imaginary frind.I like almost all the shows about Foster's Home For Imaginary Frinds.Some show I don't like.Mac is a seven year old.After school he always goes to Foster's Home For Imaginary Frinds because if he doesn't Bloo can go out of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends and have a family.Mac's mother does not one a imaginary friend in the house.Mac's big brother is mean to him.They fight alot.Foster's Home For Imainary Friends has alot of funny's going on the house.Bloo does everything he what to do.
  • Bloo - "I'm a hot Toepicker!"

    This show WILL make you laugh, no matter how old you are!

    you could be 3, 7, 12, 19, 87!!
    This show will drive you almost to tears.

    Bloo is the single-greatest character in any show ever.
    Everything he does will make you laugh.

    (Frankie walks in on a room with 100 different Bloo look-alikes.
    -Frankie - \"Bloo, have you been playing with Mac\'s chemistry set again?!\"

    Bloo - \"Yes Frankie. Yes I have.\"

    Cheese is also a great part of the show, although not in it daily. THe Episode mac daddy is one of my favorites.

    The rest of the friends are all very funny, from Eduardo to Wilt to Coco and on..
  • What can I say? This is a PHENOMENAL show! The artwork is cutting edge and has a very unique style to it, and the premise of the show is completely original. The characters are simple and yet instantly loveable. There is nothing else like this on TV.

    In a time when so many shows are cranked out with little concern about the content or the actual educational or entertainment value of the program itself, this show is a breath of fresh air. Unlike so many shows that rely on fighting or flashing lights or big robots or pink unicorns to target a very specific narrow band demographic, this show manages to be equally enjoyable for boys, girls, adults, and teenagers. At the age of 24 I find myself drawn into the story again and again. Each episode is a full length episode (instead of the 11-12 minute short clip episodes that are becoming increasingly popular in todays shows), which allows each episode to really begin to take shape and be complete. Each character has it\'s own unique flavor and personality, as a contrast to so many other shows where every character has the exact same hopes, fears, ideas, and dreams. A sure sign of a great show is when it manages to draw in the adult crowd without resorting to making naughty jokes, obscene references, and wording things in such a way that it can catch the attention of an adult while seeming innocent to children. There is no other show on TV that\'s as fun to watch, or that has such a unique art style or original feel.
  • It's On Too Much....

    This show is okay, but it is on too much... They are the spokespeople for Cartoon Network. I actually think that this is an okay cartoon, and a great idea....

    I was watching Cartoon Network for the first time in years, and I was thinking "What Crazy Shows Does Cartoon Network Have These Days" I saw Fosters, and it is created by they guy that created The Power Puff Girls, but Foster's has better animation. I thought the show wasn't that good, but then I watched it again, and some of the episodes are hilarious!!

    But only some of them. Other episodes are just plain wierd. And why are the majority of the Immaginary Friends look like freaky monsters?! Bloo isn't, which says that not Everybody creates Immiganary Friends like that, and I'm not talking about Eduardo, who is a monster... I am referring to the "broken" one, that guy that is made of some kind of green slime, that french snob, that little one that gets Bloo's old room, and other wierd Immaginary Friends.

    But Madame Foster is okay, and so is Frankie, Mr. Herriman, Bloo, Eduardo, Coco, and Mac. And so is that guy with the mustache and the Irish accent that has made several apperances, but I think that they should make THAT guy a regular cast member!! And they should bring back Redd, and Wally, and Mandy (from The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy, which also had a show like this on TV one time, but the Foster's House blows up!! ) But Mandy was sooooo funny in that one episode with "Goo". ( or whoever that girl is ) , they should also bring back her!!

    They really could be doing a lot more with Foster's, since it is about all these immiganary friends and some we should see more, and some we should see A LOT less. In a house that is an immaginery friend itself, who knows how many ideas the writers can come up with... and it seems like they aren't thinking of very much of them.... They could get one of their immiganery friends to do that for them....
  • this show is originally came from the fist movie they ever did and now bloo gets to stay in this great place for imaginary friends that didn\\\'t want to be theirs anymore (well except for bloo of course)

    this is a reallly great show! their is Mr. Harriman (sorry for all the people that likes his character but i hate him) the manager of the foster\\\'s home for imagainry friends. blooregard Q kazzo is a adventures guy and likes to get into trouble alot. Mac is the person that created Bloo when he was 5 and now he is 8 and is smart and gets in trouble with bloo to. Franky- the house keeper and Madame foster\\\'s grandaughter Madame foster- well the owner of the house and creator of Mr. Harriman. Ed- a scary cat and a monster.
  • When 8 year old Mac’s mother tells him he’s too old to have an imaginary friend, he discovers Foster’s and with it a whole group of totally unique imaginary friends.

    Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends is an incredible show circulating around Mac and his creatively thought up imaginary friend Blooregard Q. Kazoo (or Bloo for short.) Although Bloo’s the ‘star character’ in the show, the other imaginary friends (mainly Wilt, Eduardo, Coco) offer unique personalities to contrast Bloo’s usual selfish attitude. Wilt is overly kind and giving, Eduardo is scared of practically everything and Coco is, to put it simply, a bit crazy yet very resourceful.

    The show’s guest characters are also far from forgettable. Who could forget the episode with Cheese? Or Berry? Or Goo?

    In addition to the imaginary friends, the main human characters are also great and likeable. There’s Mac, the star of the show. Frankie, the kind girl who’s Madame Foster’s granddaughter and who’s been taking care of imaginary friends for years, and, of course, Madame Foster; the woman responsible for Foster’s existence (and the creation of her own imaginary friend, Mr. Herriman.)

    All in all, Foster’s is a great, highly original, creative and unique show that I’d recomend to anyone interested in cartoons.
  • This show is very funny and creative!!!

    This show is da bomb!!!! I love Mac, Bloo, Cheese, Coco, Eduardo, Wilt, Goo, and all the other characters on teh show!!! Well...except for Terrance, Dutchess, and Berry...Terrance is stupid AND mean, Dutchess is a spoiled brat, and Berry is really crazy....But overall, my fave is Goo...she is sooooo like me!!! We\'re both hyper, talkitive and over-imaginative....I also like Cheese...He is really funny, especially when he says \"I like cereal\" or \"I like chocolate milk...\" I also like the episode when Bloo keeps saying \"It\'s hot in Topeka....\" \"Pick my hot toe, Pick it!!!\" \"I\'m a hot toepicker!!!\" \"Topeka\'s hot, my toe is hot, pick it!!!\"
  • Bloo you rule!!!

    In a world where imaginary friends come to life...

    When Mac finds out he can't keep his imaginary friend, Blooregard anymore, he leaves him in the Fosker's Home For Imaginary Friends. Anyhow, Mac and Bloo have a lot of crazy adventures evry day, which always get them in trouble!
    I love this show!
  • This show is not just hilarious, it\'s very original.

    This show takes place in a world where Imaginary Friends are actually real. This is the story of a boy named Mac and his Imaginary Friend Bloo. When Mac\'s mom thought he\'s to old for Bloo, he takes him to Foster\'s Home for Imaginary Friends, an adoption center for Imaginary friends. After seeing how good his imagination and love for Imaginary friends is, Mac gets to visit the house every day, and as long as he does, Bloo will never get adopted. This is a great show to watch, you\'ll be sure to laugh. It\'s Y7 so kids under that age can\'t watch it.
  • This is a great cartoon for kids of all ages (as well as adults) with comedy tuned for the young and the old.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is a kid's comedy show at its heart. However, the unique and interesting characters of the the house make this show applicable to anyone, really.

    My personal favorite "friend" is the purple, two-horned, Spanish-speaking Eduardo. He's kind-hearted, goofy, and gives everyone little Spanish lessons (unitentionally) through his use of dialogue.

    The art of this show is clearly drawing similarities to the old cartoon "Samurai Jack." It's important to know that the man who created this show also created Dexter's Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, and Samurai Jack. He probably got the same art team to do this show, and it is well-fitting for the show, and makes it ten times better. While there are a set of main characters, the house allows the writers and creators to add in other friends at times for comedic purposes.

    What makes this show great is the writing. The art and style is already great, but the show would not be so good if it wasn't for the great writing in the show. All of the dialogue is good and in context. Mac, the main boy in the show, displays the vocabulary of an average kid of a similar age. All of the friends have their strengths and weaknesses, but their reactions to the events of the show are uncanny. For example:

    Eduardo mans the vacuum as Wilt tries to catch a "ghost", which is really Bloo powdered in flour. When Wilt realizes the vacuum is on the wrong setting, Wilt scolds Eduardo and tells him to flip the switch. After Eduardo follows the directions, Wilt says, "Yeah, that's really sucking!" Confused Eduardo says to himself, "There is no pleasing him."

    Watch this show withe a friend or with your kid and tell me it's not the best cartoon on daytime television.
  • The Fosters its great.

    I wish I can play as Bloo or Mac I like it because it funny I watch it ondemand on comcast I like to see all Fosters Friends. it a great show to watch. I watch it if i dont have noting to do I like watching Hannah Montana in Disney Channel. you should go to Hannah Motana And give it 10. I have to wright more then 100 words on the review at list to mush. I like the one whan the dogs.
  • different!!!

    This show is a very kool one because every character is different and that what makes this show so different. . . the olny bad thing is Bloo's attutides and his greedynuss but besides that i like the show. I like one of the character called cheese he is my favorite anyway besides Bloo it is a good show and that is all.
  • Awesome!!!!

    I think this show is one of the best cartoons ever made. It is very unique and funny. My favorite character on the show is Bloo. I think he is hilarious!!! Other characters I like are Mac, Edwardo, Wilt, Harryman, and Co Co. My favorite episode is the one with Cheese. That episode was too funny!!! I wish they would make another episode with Cheese in it. Another episode is when Bloo had a house party while Harryman and Madame Foster was gone. The part I liked opn the episode is when Bloo made Mac hyper. They need to keep on comin' with the funny episodes!!!
  • There hasn't been a show that rocked so hard since Invader ZIM! (my opinion, kiss my butt if you don't think so)

    There hasn't been a show that rocked so hard since Invader ZIM!

    Yes, I'm not lieing. This show is so cool.

    This show is about when abandoned imaginary friends are given a second chance by living in an orphange called Foster's home for Imaginary Friends, in hopes of being adopted by a new kid who needs them. Inside there are many imaginarys who inhabit the house. Foster's is a foster home. And a foster home is like an orphange. But Foster's provides three square meals a day, shelter, and a warm heart to imaginarys.

    "Foster's home for Imaginary Friends is a wonderful, funderful, imagination habition. We provide food, shelter, and a warm heart to imaginary friends, who's looking for a place to call 'home'. So if you know or have an imaginary friend, who despreatly needs a home, then come on down to Foster's home for Imaginary Friends, where good ideas are not forgotten."

    All this made me watch this show, and it made me fall in love with it too. So, yes, I'd reconmend it. Please, watch it.
  • This is a very great show about the adventures of a blue blob and his friends

    This show is about a home for imaginary friends. The main characters Bloo, Mac, Eduardo, Wilt, and Coco cause many problems have many adventures and cause a lot of trouble there, but mostly it is Bloo who cause all the trouble. This character is very destructive and selfish but is funny at many times and has his productive and sharing moments. Mac is the creator of Bloo and is normally very good 2 examples of him having an attitude or going crazy is in the episodes Scribbles and Partying Is Such Sweet Soiree. In scribbles he goes crazy over scribble freedom (scribbles are imaginary friends made bye baby that can be annoying at times) In Parting Is Such Sweet Soiree Bloo chases him to eat sugar which Mac goes crazy if he has. He accidentally knocks over some super sugar punch and goes nuts. Eduardo is a scaredy cat but did fight huge and tough imaginary friends in Eddie Monster. Wilt is an imaginary friend who always says sorry and is that okay and never says no is great at basketball and is really tall but learns how to say no in Where Theres a Wilt Theres a Way. Coco is a crazy bird who lays egg with special suprises inside her craziness is definately proven in My So Called Wife
    and that is pretty much the show
  • Its my kind of show!!!

    Very impressive!!! This show beats the crap out of some other cartoons! Its a interesting and very very funny show about a boy named Mac sending his imaginary friend Bloo to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, where unwanted imaginary friends go to live!!! The show flows the adventures of Bloo and his "imaginary" friends Mac, Coco, Frankie, Mr. Harrison........... This show happens to be one of the best!!! Even through its a cartoon, the material isn't really for little kids. I love this show! I love this show! Oh, did I tell you I love this show!?
  • This show is hilarious. Although the concept may seem childish, it actually is very funny. I was surprised that it was as funny as it was.

    This show is great. I can only imagine that, in a couple of years, this show will be on Boomerang, and we will be telling our children how we used to watch it. The show is very well done, but sadly is unappreciated by some.

    I say if you have never watched this show, you should the next time it's on the air. Most shows only have a few moments of extreme funniness, but this show has almopst endless laughs. As funny as it is, though, I wonder how long they can keep the show going. That worries me because they use so many of their good ideas in one episode, I just wonder how long it would take for them to run out of fresh and original. Fortunately, with the idea of imaginary friends coming to life, I'm pretty sure it would take a while for that to happen.

    Best of luck to the writers, and I hope the show is a continued success. Peace out!
  • I realize that my score of this show and the classification I put it in don't go together. My score is based on most of the episodes of this show and how I feel about it as a whole. The class is based on the most recent episodes which were poorly made.

    When this show first aired, it seemed well thought out (with solid characters) and fun to watch. The first three episodes that made up the pilot movie were good, because it introduced us to the world of Foster's and, more specifically, the main imaginary character Bloo and the kid who imagined him, Mac.

    Now this movie depicted Bloo with a pretty-much normal personality, but the first episodes that followed (which premiered out of order) had him acting like a jerk. The first was Store Wars, and Bloo was acting like a jerk to pretty much everyone in the episode: namely Coco. Then the next was The Trouble with Scribbles and Bloo was acting like a jerk again in the beginning of the episode. At first, these episodes soured me a little towards Bloo and even the show; but I continued to watch, because of the other great characters.

    Eventually it seemed that Bloo was less of a jerk until episodes like Camp Keep a Good Mac Down aired. But these episodes seemed few and far in between. Overall, I enjoyed most of my time spent watching Foster's.

    On to the most recent episodes. The past maybe five episodes have been so subpar in my opinion, because while I was watching them, I didn't laugh. Not even once. That is why I classified this show as Needs fine-tuning. I was tempted to classify it as Going downhill fast or even Past its prime, but I'm hoping this trend of bland episodes will end.
  • An imaginary friend named Bloo, along with Wilt, Coco, Eduardo, and his 8-year old best friend, Mac, explore the household and find themeselves in an adventure every day.

    Even if it\'s not much of the famous programs to watch out there, I actually find this one likable. Infact, I\'ve watched it so much that it\'s become my favorite cartoon show. Sure, the characters may lose their personality at times, but that doesn\'t stop me from watching it. Whether they\'re out or in character, I personally think it\'s the show itself that matters. And so far, to me, it\'s better than most animated series. I\'m hoping to hear about new episodes soon.
  • A brilliant show that is better than most of the other shows on Cartoon Network.

    This show is really excellent.The first time I watched it I laughed all the way through.Craig McCracken was really creative when he created the charcters.For an example, Bloo,would be impossible for most people to create on their's a great show,and It really makes you laugh.Even though I didn't see the first episode,I saw most of the other episodes and they were hillarious!The charaters design is excellent.I can't belive that anyone could make up such funny lines to put into an episode on their own.If you haven't seen this show,you haven't seen the best Television show that has came on in a long time.
  • the first time i watched i with my little sister i almost pee\'d my pants it was so funny! it\'s pretty much the best show on the planet! i catch myself looking for what time it\'s on tv all the time! Excelent!

    Fosters is absolutly amazing! it has that kind of stupid funny feal to it. it\'s kinda like ed edd and eddy only better and with more characters. theree personaltys ar amazing! everyone can find there own favorite character and my personal favorite is cheese. my mom hates him cause he\'s annoying but i think of him as that anoying kid that drives you crazy buit you just want to hold all day long and just squeeze his cheeks...............................................................I love fosters home for imaginart friends! It rocks my socks!....................................................................................I II I I I II I I I II I I I I I LOVE CHEESE!

    LOve, Lovemuffin...
  • Hillarious(however you spell it)

    This show is perfect for people who just want to get a good laugh. Parents and children alike will enjoy just sitting down and watch the hillarious plots.

    The show is about a boy(Mac) and his trouble making friend(Bloo) who befriend others at Fosters. Together with the help of Wilt, Coco, Eduardo, Mr Herriman and Frankie they weave a crazy show with crazy and delightfully easy-to-catch-on plots (Usually started by the nefarious Blooregard-Q. Cazoo)
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of the cutest shows I've ever seen. It envolves a boy named Mac his friend Blooregard Q. Kazoo "Bloo". Where they meet Eduardo, Wilt, and Coco.

    In Foster's Madame Foster opens a place for imaginary friends. Her imaginary friend (ever since she was a little girl) runs the adoptions. His name is Mr. Herriman. Madame Foster's neice Frankie is the cleaner and the one who usually bonds with the friends. Mac created Bloo. He visits Bloo everyday because he lives at the house, just to make sure Bloo isn't adopted Mac goes there for hours after school. Bloo is a crazy fiend. He has to top everyone in the house. Cheese is Bloo's little "brother". He loves chocolate milk and cereal. He has problems with Bloo when they want to paint a racecar. Until the end you have to love Cheese, until you find out he was lost and not created by Mac. You always fall in love with Cheese, how can you not?!?! Wilt is a tall friend who helps everyone. He's very polite and will do anything to help. Eduardo is a liitle scared of some things. He's a purple guardian friend who likes potatoes!!! Coco is a bird, airplane, plant thing who only says COCO. Coco coco coco coco coco!!!
    If you don't watch this show you should. They will have you laughing.
  • An AMAZING show. The animation is better, the jokes are funny, the plot is superb, and the characters learn from time to time. I RECCOMEND THIS SHOW TO EVERYONE!!

    Craig Mccracken has done it again with a new twist and a taste for comedy that makes you wanna laugh out loud. This is a show about 2 friends, Mac and Blooregard Q. Kazoo. Mac an 8 year old boy is smart and responsible and takes care of his imaginary friend Bloo who is a jerk. His mother dosn't want to keep him so he takes Bloo to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, the adoption center created by ol Madame Foster. Together they meet Wilt the nice red tall doll imaginary friend that plays basketball and other types of sports. He dosn't know how to say NO until (When There's a Wilt There's a way). Eduardo a monster who's a scardy cat likes anything that's cute including puppies. He also likes potato's. Coco a bird/airplane/plant thing that speaks her own language ex. (Cococococooco). She lays easter eggs that inside can be anything (money,shoes etc.). Frankie aka Frances Foster (who is related to Madame Foster) likes her job as a maid, but sometimes she has bad luck and get's screwed by Herriman and Bloo. Mr. Herriman a bunny in a tuxedo is the headmaster of Foster's (and maybe the imaginary friend of Madame Foster) who likes rapping I think. And finnaly Madame Foster a woman who might be in her 80's has a mind of a child. She also loves parties. When you get to watch the show you get to know much about the main characters like Mac getting a sugar rush and Bloo turning white when he's sick. There are also other characters as well (Duchess,Berry,Cheese,Ivan,Goo,Richie,Blake and many others). So if you hate this show it's fine but in my opinion. I Love This Show!!
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is great. I love it.

    This show is great. It's funny and if I could, I'd wish that I could work there. I haven't been watching it recently but I watch it now and then. My favorite episode is Go Goo Go. My favorite chracters are Mac Bloo, and Wilt. I want my own Imaginary friend...
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