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  • The people who created this show needs to edit this show. They need to edit everything in this show.

    I like the dilemas and the story lines , but it's needs some improvement. I gave it a 5.2 out of 10 because of the animation, lack of comedy and the sounds.

    First of all, they need to edit the animation of this show, I mean sure they're all imaginary friends, but it's not that, it's everything else, besides the characters. The problem with the details is they use pencils instead of computers. Guys, that's why there's markers, you guys could use markers with those sharp ends for the detail. For pencils, it shows it all... wrong. Also, the colors of the objects. For example, the food that was shown on Episode 4: Dinner is Swerved, all of the food was just orange, purple and green. Show it the way it's supposed to look. Remember to work on the animation, but don't make it look like anime.

    Second of all, maybe add a little bit more comedy for godsake because I don't think this show's very funny. For example, in Episode 37: Cockoo for Coco Cards, when Bloo got the telescope friend and said Bingo, a friend came named Bingo and catched the telescope friend when Bloo thew him. You know what would be even funnier? If Bingo missed the telescope dude and he broke.

    Third, the sound effects and language. For the sound effects, the sound editors added a little too much sound effects. That annoys me. What annoys me the most is the foul language that most people use. They always say the word stupid and shut up when they're pist or a bully. Is this a little kid show or a BIG kid show? Sounds like a BIG kid show because of the language.

    Last, but not least, some parts in this show have scenes where people and other things are absolutly silent and they stay in the same motion.

    For example, on Episode 3: Busted, when Mac came in, he said, "Hey Bloo! Bloo?"

    Then, the gang arrived and they stood there silently staring at Bloo. They did that for about 30 - 45 seconds. That's the most retarded thing that anyone would do. Speak to him @*#%! Sorry 'bout that.

    Well, if the creators edit this show, I will raise my rating from 5.2 to 9.3 or 9.7 or something.

  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends rules

    This show rocks.I remeber the first time i saw this great show.Its about a 8 year old boy called mac that imagines a imagineary friend and names him bloo but a couple of years later his mum says hes too old for imaginary friends so mac takes bloo to fosters.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of those few amazing shows that you will always love.


    Amazing. That's the only word you could use to describe Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

    Its premise is interesting and very original. The plot sequences for each episode are interesting and will always keep you guessing. Even when you watch an episode like "Everyone knows it's Bendy," you still have to admire it.

    The characters are colorful and creative, each their own personality. Mac is a hard-working 8 year old boy. He is fun loving and goofy, but knows when something is wrong. Bloo, Mac's imaginary friend, is also fun loving but mischevious and will often cause trouble in each episode that the gang has to fix. Wilt is a REALLY tall red imaginary friend that is very nice and talented at basketball. Eduardo is a purple spanish imaginary friend that cries a lot at ordinary things. Coco is a "airplane plant thing" that hatches easter eggs with usually ridiculous but helpful things inside them.Frankie is the caretender to all of the imaginary friends and could deal with almost anything to the point of total moronicness. Mr. Herrimanis the manager of buisness affairs as well asFrankie's boss. I didn't like him too much because he always bossed Frankie around and gave her ridiculous tasks.There are so many other minor imaginary friends that you have to see for yourself.

    Now there are only 2 issues that I have with this show, and they are not too big. They probably won't ruin your enjoyment of the show but they are still there.

    1. Bloo-In the first episode, Bloo was a caring and loving imaginary friend. But from most episodes then on, he was just a selfish and obnoxious trouble maker that wanted attention. Since none of the characters had any character development except for Frankie and Mr. Herriman, we're kinda stuck with him.

    2. The finale-The last episode, "Goodbye Bloo," was a disappointment. First, Bloo never left. Mac did. And he didn't even really leave! (Sorry for the spoiler.) Also, the show ended on a cliff hanger. I do give props to Craig McCracken since he knew that the series should end before it started cranking out bad episodes near the end.

    Even though Foster's has two small issues, Foster's is still one of the greatest cartoons to this day and you will love it, if you don't already. It is for anyone and everyone.

  • One of the best shows that has ever been on Cartoon Network

    Bloo can be a real jerk but it would be boring if he was not. He is one of the funniest characters. I wish I could give this show an 11/10.

  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is excellent!

    Foster's is a typical comedy about a kid called Mac and his imaginary friend Bloo yes the idea is kinda childish but who cares loads of older people love it as well and adults might love it i recommend this for anyone who is not stupid at least this is'nt one of those shows like Robotboy and Ben 10 is it's a great show and funny at times all though i hate Coco because she's the biggest jerk on the planet and Bloo is only half a jerk he is'nt really a jerk he does something nice in the end i recommend kids should watch this and not the Robotboy crap and why is some person disagreeing with my review? it's a good one unless they hate Foster's but it is the truth this show can take down Robotboy down any day.
  • Superb show not the best though


    I liked this show. it was one of my favorites during the 2004-2010 era. It is a bit better than The Powerpuff Girls. The plot for this show was amazing. However, it wasn't perfect because it had a few flaws. Some of the characters can be jerks at times. Also, Goo Goo talks WAAAAAY toooo fast...I have to use the closed captions to understanding what she's saying. And I think that's all the flaws. Other than those, I enjoyed most of things in this show. I don't understand why some people think Bloo is an annoying character. I understand that he is annoying in a few episodes, but I think he's a funny and underrated character. The other characters (Mac, Eduardo, Wilt, Coco, etc.) are funny as well. Most of the episodes are really enjoyable. I only hated like 5 episodes and probably 3 alright episodes. I am going to reviews some of the episodes for the show, but that won't be until 2-3 months later. Overall, I enjoyed the show. I had not seen all the episodes though. 9/10

  • If your looking for the REAL most overrated cartoon ever made, your search is over.

    After Craig McCracklen's creation of The Powerpuff Girls and his assistance with Dexter's Laboratory he makes another cartoon for us to enjoy. The show about a normal eight-year old boy with a huge box head named Mac, lives with his mom and brother named Terrence who always makes fun of him and his simple blue colored imaginary friend named Bloo which is short for Blooregard Q. Kazoo. Normally in some other cartoons the imaginary friend is something a kid thinks of with his mind and makes it his friend because the kid has no friends, but in this show when a kid thinks it comes to life in everyone's eyes. They then go to Foster's home for imaginary friends. A place where all kinds of them can live when the kids are too old for them to be with and so Mac can still see Bloo without his mom knowing. But there is a twist. I'm sure most of you know the rest so I'll just get to what I think of it.

    What's good and bad.

    Nice plot line for kids.
    Most of the characters are unique.
    Nice home-style feel to it.

    Character design hasn't been improved through the seasons.
    Can be exaggerating a lot of times.
    Theme music is lame and background music is MOSTLY unsatisfying.
    The Jokes would either be predictable or out of character.
    Mac's voice has been changed to a ridiculous voice after the first season.

    This show is alright and funny but it's style, humor, and animation can sometimes knock the funny part away and make it really dorky and disturbing. The show is not really as perfect as everyone says. All I'm saying is the show could have been a lot more better and decent then this. I would recommend this show to children 3 years old and lower. The rest of you should just avoid the show at all costs.

    One last thing... the first 6 disagrees I got was because my review on this show before was a bit too negative. If you agree to this review that means you know what good cartoons are. For those of you who still think I'm totally wrong can just disagree if you didn't.
  • FHFIF is what you call a cartoon,and has got to be one of the most creative shows of all time


    If I had to say the best modern CN cartoon,it will forever belong to Fosters. This show is about an 8-year old kid named Mac,and his imaginary friend Bloo,and Mac has to give up Bloo as he is aging. He ends up sending him to Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends,a home that takes care of given up friends until they are adopted. Mac then has to visit him every day to prevent adoption. This sounded original,and as a result,this ended up as a mind blowing cartoon. The animation and artwork is great,and the imaginary friends' designs are creative. The characters are great,and have a lot of them have backstories to them. Mac is one of the serious characters of the show. Bloo in the other hand,is the opposite of Mac,and is funny and crazy at times. But I started to hate him in the new episodes because he started to become of self centered lazy selfish trouble maker who only wanted attention. Wilt was friendly,athletic and tall,and he has the biggest backstory to him and why his eye is messed up and how he has one arm. Eduardo was a spanish purple cookie monster look a like who was friendly and a chicken at times,but can become vicious while angered. Coco was my favorite though. She's a cute and hilrailous bird\plant\airplane plant thingy who can lay easter eggs and can only say her name. Frankie was hilrailous, and when she is angered,she could be tough and could beat someone up. Madame Foster was a sweet old lady,but at times,she could be awesome,and tough. Mr Herriman was the only main character I hated. He is selfish at times,and is way too harsh on Frankie. I also didn't like Goo and Duchess. Goo was annoying and never shuts up,and Duchess was an ugly,obnoxious selfish jerk who treats everyone like slaves. I did like Cheese and his obsession of cereal and chocolate milk. This also has it's funny moments,and it's gags. This show also makes references to PPG like Frankie dressing up as Blossom,and MoJo Jojo appearing in the first episode. My only complaint,besides some of the characters,was the finale. This show ended in a cliffhanger,and wasn't a good way to end the series. But overall,Foster's was a great cartoon,and was one of the greatest. Please watch this show,and I guarantee you will love it.

  • An adorable creative show that stood out during the dark ages of Cartoon Network.

    Foster's premiered during a very bad time for CN. Newer, crappier shows were taking the spotlight, the classic cartoons were being dumped off on Boomerang (not that I don't mind Boomerang, it's just that some people can't get it), and Toonami was being phased out.

    ...and then came this show.

    It was August 13, 2004, and everyone had just left my birthday party (I would turn eight on the 21st that year). Mom showed me an article in the newspaper that the creator of my favorite show, The Powerpuff Girls, was making a new cartoon. I turned on the TV and watched it. And I LOVED IT.

    You're guessing Bloo's my favorite character, right? Ha ha ha, no. It was Mac. He's just so cute, sweet, and sensitive, I wish I could just take him home with me sometimes. As an eight-year-old, I had a bit of a fangirl crush on him (we were around the same age, anyway). I aged. He didn't I lost the crush, but I still find him huggably adorable. My other favorite characters are Wilt and Frankie.

    The episodes were very well-written, and bad episodes would only be once a month. The humor is a good mix between little kid humor, and adult humor (though nothing extreme, it's still TV-Y7). The characters are all very lovable, except for Terrance and Duchess.

    Aside from Codename: Kids Next Door and Camp Lazlo, this was the only CN show I could watch. I really wish it could've kept running, but then it would end up all crappy like the newer episodes of SpongeBob and Pokemon.
  • Great cartoon to air on Cartoon Network

    While this isn't my favorite cartoon on Cartoon Network, this is a great and enjoyable cartoon to watch on Cartoon Network. This cartoon doesn't beat "Camp Lazlo" in my opinion but it was better than most of the Cartoon Network shows in the past. I wish "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" didn't end because I really did enjoy it. It's an adorable, funny, and very creative cartoon. The things I don't like this show is that sometimes the characters can be jerks. Bloo could be a total jerk. Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco can even be jerks at times. The rest of the characters could be jerks as well. Mr. Herriman could get on my nerves especially when he always orders Frankie to do things. This show can also have some annoying moments especially when there's episodes that involve Cheese. I don't think Cheese is bad character and I do like him but he can get on my nerves. Goo can also get on my nerves as well just talking non-stop. Anyways, I do recommend this cartoon and it's very enjoyable for everyone to watch. It really is an adorable, funny, and very creative cartoon. Overall, maybe not my favorite cartoon but it is enjoyable and I do recommend it to anyone that loves to watch cartoons. 8/10
  • This is a good show

    This is such a good show and it does even though it does have a few bumps in the road it is a very good show. It is Funny, Has good stuff, and is very "Imaginary". The first time I saw it I was thinking Cool. It never upsets and it is a good show. What more to say
  • One of the only mid-2000's cartoons that I really, really liked!

    "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" was a Cartoon Network original series. It premiered in 2004 and lasted until 2009. This show was about imaginary friends coming to life. And 8-year-old Mac has an imaginary friend named Bloo. He created Bloo when he was only 3 years old, so they have been friends for most of Mac's life. But then Mac's mom tells him he is getting too old for imaginary friends and he is gonna have to give up Bloo. So behind his mom's back Mac let's Bloo stay at "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends". A buisness started by Madame Foster, that works as a home for imaginary friends when a kid doesn't want their friend anymore. Of course, Mac still wants Bloo so everyday after school he comes over to Foster's to spend some time with Bloo. The show was created by Craig McCracken, the creator of "The PowerPuff Girls", another Cartoon Network original. And this show is just as great as PPG. Craig should still be making shows because both of these are great. Foster's is one of the best shows CN's ever had. It was funny, original, entertaining, and had good animation for a show animated in flash. One of the best cartoons from the mid-2000's era. This was just a really good show. Some characters were kind of annoying, and some episodes were a little lacking, but this show was still great! I loved it. I liked the idea of real imnaginary friends, I liked this show's sense of humor, I liked most of the characters, and this was just a fun show! *Cartoon King's Favorite Episodes:
    "Dinner is Swerved"; "Mac Daddy"; "One False Movie"; "Bloo's Brothers"; "Trouble with Scribbles" and "Store Wars".*

    Rating: 84% "Great"

    -Cartoon King
  • probably one of the best cartoons released since SpongeBob's release.

    You know, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is a good show for the kids. It's somewhat....hilarious, especially Bloo and how he fools around with people and messes around with Mr. Herriman. Except they have odd graphics...for some reason, it reminds me of South Park's image, what do you expect? They're both computer generated. It also has some adult humor such as, "Frankie! We can't do it without the drill!" You get that joke? I also loooved the Halloween special, it was really funny, but I'm surprised that was aired on Cartoon Network without controversey(just think if they did that on Nickelodeon) . I'm also shocked that the creator of the Powerpuff Girls made this show too. I don't know why, but this looks like a cartoon that could have been popular to the world and impact culture, don't ya think? Except, I know I have respect for Tom Kenny, but Eduardo always cries! Why did you copy SpongeBob? anyway, This show is so cool.

    Grade:B/C range
  • I loved this show!

    Man, does this show bring back memories.... I remember when Cartoon Network sent all of those promo DVDs with Camp Lazlo, Juniper Lee, and this amazing show! First of all, the animation is simply amazing! This is back when cartoons were done with care. ALl of the characters are great and really memorable! The voice acting is great! There are really no annoying characters. (I especially love Cheese
  • It's pretty good better than any of the japenese crap.

    fosters home for imaginary friends is a show about a 8 year old boy who has an imaginary friend named blooooo.He was sent to fosters home for imaginary friends to get away from his mean brother terrance and to keep bloooooo.the show to me is pretty good but there are some better shows out there like i am weasel,courage,robot jones,ppg,dexters lab,cow and chicken,Johnny Bravo,ed edd n eddy and kids next door.
  • A brilliant show which in my opinion lost some of it's luster in series 2 (mainly because I've seen Squeakerboxx so many times that it bores me now, thanks CN Europe for rerunning it 7 times a day in 2006) but regained it in series 3 onwards.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary friends is a piece of cartoon network gold created by the uber talented Craig McCracken, creator of the Powerpuff Girls and animation director for Dexter's Laboratory. Foster's Home for imaginary friends is mostly focused on Mac who is a young boy who has an imaginary friend named Bloo who his mom tells him that he has to get rid of Bloo because he's, "too old for imaginary friends" He doesn't want to leave Bloo out on the street so he tries to get him into Foster's Home for Imaginary friends which unfortunately is an adoption home but all works out in the end of the Pilot (WATCH IT)

    Overall this series is brilliant, it has it's good moments, it's bad moments, it's annoying moments, it's famous moments (It's hot in Topeka) and... Cheese "I like Chocolate Milk!" So yeah, this is probably the 2nd last greatest CN show along with Adventure Time which I believe may be ending soon due to the declination of the new episodes. Not to mention Foster's is very similar to the Powerpuff Girls and I'm...personally not that fond of the PPG's, it was the weakest Cartoon Cartoon for me along with Sheep in the Big City, Mike Lu and Og, Whatever Happened to Robot Jones and I.M Weasel, however, I still love the Powerpuff's even to this very day and Foster's Home has the same charm as the Powerpuff Girls!

    9.0/10 = A/A+
  • Probably Cartoon Network's final good cartoon show.

    Like I said, this was probably Cartoon Network's last great idea before it began to go downhill. I honestly think I wouldn't like this show. I don't remember why, but I think it was because I thought it looked really retarded. But then I think I watched a few episodes, and really liked it. The plot for this show is really creative: an eight-year-old boy named Mac still holds onto his imaginary friend, Bloo. Now his Mom wants Mac to give Bloo up, so Mac brings him to an adoption home for imaginary friends called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friend. It's probably one of the most unique and original ideas in the history of cartoon shows. The characters are entertaining, but sometimes I hate Bloo because he could be a real jerk sometimes. However, when he wasn't, he was one of the funniest ones on the show. But I thought Mac could be a little too mature for an eight-year-old sometimes, and he did act a little too serious at some parts. I think my favorite characters are either Wilt or Eduardo. Another thing that I like about this show is the humor. It's never overdone, and is usually hilarious. I find myself laughing at least once during every episode. I was never disappointed by any of the movies, and actually they usually would exceed my expectations. I honestly don't know why this show was ever cancelled. Everyone I know who watched said that it was good, and I know many other people felt the same way. And what CN replaced it with is just stupid. Foster's Home will, hopefully, go down in history as one of Cartoon Network's best.
  • Seriously, what is our day and age coming to? When I was younger, cartoons were never this bent out of shape; I indeed fear for our younger feature generations of kids who are going to be subjected to the stupidity that is bad network program airing.

    With each new coming of cartoon series that introduce themselves to Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Kids WB, brings along more gut-wrenching and non-sense making criteria for our youths to have to ingest; however, once in awhile - hence awhile they actually do something right. [Ex: Naruto, Code Lyoko.] What happened to the good old days where cartoons were actually interest to watch, and 80% of the time there were no idiot characters making spectacles of themselves as a moronic rouge for generating comedy? When I was younger, I would be watching Speed Racer, Thundercats, and even the Animaniacs, things of their nature. Foster\'s is main character is rude, self-centered, and not everything a protagonist should be. I know this is content suitable for children, but come on already; Enough is enough.

    It is " mildly " funny, but most of the time it is not. There is no distinctive plot, as of many of these half written cartoon shows these days. It revolves mainly around Bloo. Who is often rude, conniving, and other wise deceptious. Can you tell me what morals we are setting for younger audiences? Once again, cartoons are not what they used to be. All I have really seen from series like this was mediocre attempts at enacting " funny ", self-centered attires on behalf of the characters in the show, and nothing that constructs anything positive for profound morals. You may as well read a book.
  • The adventues of Mac and his imaginary friend Blue at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

    This show is a good idea. The characters aren't usually stupid but have the ability to be. Sometimes the show can even be funny, but I think it needs a lot of fine tuning before it could become great. The friends are imaginitive, the episodes are interesting, but something is missing from the show, that sometimes makes it boring and even sometimes annoying. The character Blue for example can be odd, but is mainly annoying and self centered, not really good characterists for a main character. Mac is by far my favorite character, and is mainly the view of how the outside world views Foster's.
  • Absolutely terrible show.

    My two brothers, Paul and Joey, have been watching this show for about a year now. Everytime the show is on, I have to leave the room! All the characters do is scream and wine and make annoying noises. Craig McCracken had a good run with The PowerPuff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory, but I'd have to say that now, he's really scraping the bottom of the idea barrel. And for that matter, why is it that everyone in the show can see the supposedly "imaginary" friends? If it wasn't for Adult Swim, CN would probably be gone. As terrible as this show is, there's really nothing better on the network anymore.
  • Just when you thought shows for kids couldn’t get any worse.

    God this show is lame! It was ok when it first aired. But lately its just gotten near horrible. Bad behavior from a main character; no messages/morals for children; who is the target audience?? Bloo is loud and outspoken, selfish, greedy, and (more often than not) just plain not nice. He's not a bad guy, exactly, just very bad mannered with no social skills. He very rarely faces consequences for his words or actions, and the other imaginary friends (as well as his buddy Mac) seem to just accept his temperament and overlook his bad behavior. Also unlike more educational children's programming, there is seldom a message or moral to be learned from this show - it's just a cartoon.

  • I just don't get it...

    If you love this show (like 1/2 of my friends), I suggest you turn around and read someone else's review because I HATE this show. Just in case you haven't turned away yet, here's my only compliment to the show: the animation is very creative and only seen in a couple of other shows. But enough Mr. Niceguy. This show is just abysmal! I can't understand why people like this show. I'm O.K. with a little bit of "potty humor" once in a while, but when 95% of the jokes have to do with farting or something of that nature, it just gets annoying. Bloo's voice is a little irritating, while Mac's doesn't sound like an 8-year old's at all. He sounds like he's half way through puberty. Eduardo crying 24/7 is getting old. If Coco is sometimes mildly intertaining, but is really just an annoyance like everyone except Wilt. Wilt is the only character who is entertaining and keeps the cartoon's score over 1.0. I wish CN would quit advertising every single show with Bloo. Why not use a better character from a better show (Camp lazlo, billy & Mandy), or at worst, Wilt. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is horrible show on an otherwise excellent channel. Cartoon Network: Please, cancel this show!!
  • This is not a very interesting, exciting, or adventurous show.

    This show, if you ask me, is COMPLETELY pointless. I watched it once, and I will tell you I'll NEVER watch it again.

    All the imaginary friends (except Blue) are WEIRD. They really scare me becuase they are so stupid. Now Mac, I guess he's OK. He's one of the better characters. Maybe it's becuase he's REAL. I don't know, the charcaters are just a little freaky and... well that's enough criticism, don't you think?

    Onto the good stuff:
    The only thing I like about the show is Blue. He's cool. BEYOND cool. I find him to be entertaning. He's funny. He's Blue. I love Blue. He's also ah-dorable. If I had an imaginary friend was I was younger, I'd make him look and act extactly like Blue.
  • I don't know why so many people like this, This is too overhyped.

    If you're a true lover of the show, then you might as well go somewhere else now.

    The show is too hyped up, Cartoon network obviously think this show is good because of Bloo, the simple character that anyone can draw, I'm just shocked about the fact that Bloo seems to be used in most of Cartoon networks adverts now.
    If you like this show, you should love the other shows like Xiaolin Showdown, KND and Grim adventures, because they are half as hyped up and they make me cheer, while I watch one episode of this show and.......... well, you get my drift here. This show should be finished with as soon as posible.
    Overall Rating: 4.6/10
  • Not very good graphics, just plain wierd. I still got to say its funny but not all that interactive.

    This show really is quite a let down. The creatures in it don't seem to be "around talking to everyone" in each bit. Its funny in a wierd way I got to say. I've got to say its got funny stuff and things in it to do with friendship and many other things besides that. What I'm telling is that the character "Bloo" is the clown of the show, and most of the time hes doing something bad. Its teaching children to act like Bloo, to cause mayhem and destruction around in real life. Now, this is just MY opinion I don't want people yelling at me just because I said this.
  • I quote; This show stinks. I am so sorry for saying that! I should have watched an episode fist. I did and I liked it. I give it a 9.

    This show stinks. Put on sailormoon, instead of this stuff. I only watch it when nothing is on, but I still do not like it. Boring, so like change the channel! As I said before, they should put something usefull on like sailor moon. come on cartoon network. You use to be great with Dexters Lab, Powerpuffgirl, cartoon cartoons, and sailor moon![all the old shows. Animation stinks too. Come on! who would find this cartoon entertaining? I sure don\\\\\\\'t, It is below average. barely intersting. Cancel it and replace it with Sailor Moon. Cartoonetwork is gone downhill. I hate the channel. I used to love it. Now it is just stupid. Boooooooooooo, Cartoonetwork. this review is the opisite now it is great!
  • Its not bad

    I can truthfully say that it is not a bad show it is that I can not seem to want to watch it. There is a point to it and it has some funny parts, but the thing is it is not for everyone. I myself do not like the show because it seems like their making fun of kid’s imaginary friends. The show does have some good episodes but when it comes down to it just does not amuse me like other shows do. The creators did do a good job in thinking up situations for the show, but they really need to make it worth watching.
  • hehe changing my mind hurts again!

    yep i'm changing most of my reviews and i made a big mistake on this one.
    i like it but i dont hate it.
    and i stand by my case that i hate the rabbit.
    Its kinda funny but just some episodes show Bloo's selfishness
    that makes it funny.
    The constant return of Cheese is kinda funny but not all the time.
    Writing this review with a headache so can't really think of anything to write and if i did i would be writing in circles.
  • This show needs some fine-tuning and fast!

    Its a good idea for a show, but it isn't very interesting. Don't get me wrong, we've all had our own imaginary friends (and if you just said or though: "No I didn't", you're lying). The show seemed like a good idea at first, but it's gone downhill since the first episode. Its actually mildly interesting.
  • Worst cartoon I've ever seen.

    I think that in all of the cartoons I've ever seen, this one is the worst of them all. Sure, the pilot might've been a bit funny but all the episodes went downhill from there. I'd say change the channel, and for the writers... write better scripts. Make Frankie upstage Herriman. Make Bloo smarter. Make the episodes make more sense.
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