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  • Although it has an original plot, the script is childish and Craig could've done better by making the imaginary friends more CUTE.

    It all started in that 1-and-a-half hour pilot, where Mack leaves Bloo behind in a home for abandoned imaginary friends, who are currently up for adoption. But Mack visits Bloo every day, and Bloo, being a special little Pac-Man ghost reject as I see him, is not up for adoption.

    Well, the flash animation was off the wall, and it has an original plot, but it couldn't make up for the show's lack of humor for adult viewers. Whatever happened to the good old family cartoons, where the parents and children can all laugh together, like the Simpsons or Dexter's Lab? Albeit the show's focused on younger viewers, they should make us fellow adolescents and adults laugh once a while, too.

    And Bloo? Well, let's say I utterly despise him. His stupidity, his poor financial skills, and selfishness has led everyone to say, "Aww, he's cute, but he's an asshole." Seriously, though, I want to see him change sooner or later, If I plan to keep watching the show, that is.

    Craig's PowerPuff Girls were a hit, but I admit I did not like that show either. But if I had to choose between this show and the PPG, I would rather watch the PPGs.

    "Well, after a few painful, Bloo-focused episodes from this show, a thumbs down comes to my mind."

  • Fosters' Homeless For Imagination

    Fosters' Home gets praised because its' unoriginal, because its' viewers are used to seeing every little prattling cliche they've seen in shows like Courage, like Powerpuff Girls, like Dexters' Lab, and Hey Arnold, all of which can be found in this, a clearly unoriginal effort.

    Granted, the pilot episode was pretty entertaining, but when you get into the later episodes, the execution is bland, the characters are either selfish and self-centred (Bluu, Frankie), intolerant and ungratful (Frankie, Bluu), playfully, and shyly, innocent (Wilt), or attempt to serve as the moral conscience (Mac, Mr. Hareman), when have you honestly not seen any of this before?

    As for some of the things the series gets away with...SPongebob, Dexter, and Powerpuff Girls got away with MUCH more than what this series dishes out, its' not new, but then, thats' why its' such a success, unexpected things make people look stupid if they can't handle it, and suprising things make them feel scared if they can't handle it, thats' why innovative shows like Codename: Kids Next Door gets downvoted and crap like this gets the noble peace prize.
  • Really,it's a good plot...but it's a little childish...

    I DID watch that movie that premiered the show,and it WAS a good idea off and on paper.But,to ME,it seemed a bit childish.It was some what funny and all,but..well...whatever.If it had ben a little more grown up,it would have gotten a better rating... so, I don't know. I guess you could give it a chance.As for me,I'm bot watching...
  • Very bad

    Once again I will write a horrible review for this show. My old one got reported because someone did not like the score I gave it.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is a horrible show. I haven't seen the show much, probably because I can't watch for most of the episodes but here are reasons why I don't like it.

    1: IMAGINARY If everyone sees them and talks to them, then they're not imaginary. Either rename it or give some kind of other dumb reason.
    2: Is it just me, when I was a kid, I did not think of blue blobs and those creatures. Anyone agree with me here?
    3: Obviously I can find shows that are much better. Even the dub for One Piece and other anime are better, hate to say it.
    4: I think the kid's head is too big. Stop trying to copy anime

    Hopefully I will not get reported again, cause I honestly saw nothing wrong with my last review.
  • why is this show so popular? this show is so overrated

    Can anybody tell me what's so great about this show? Foster's home is about an 8 year old who has an imaginary friend named Bloo who lives at this house for imaginary friends founded by madame foster. This show is so dumb the characters are so annoying specially bloo man i can't stand him,he's just a greedy selfish blob. The animation is bad and the eps plot lines are stupid and everyone lacks common sense. Fist up why are they even imaginary if any one can see & interact with them. I feel so bad that little kids have to grow up watching this show. What ever happened to the good shows cartoon network had,why are they replacing all the good shows with crap like this.Im sorry but i just feel like this show is just overrated
  • Excellent Show.

    This show is about thousands of imaginary friends living in a house. An 8 year old boy named Mac visits the house everyday to see the imaginary friend he created. That imaginary friend's name is Bloo, and most of the time, Bloo is up to no good. Mac also sees other imaginary friends. Those imaginary friends are named Coco, Eduardo, and Wilt.

    This show was awesome in my opinion. It was better than Out of Jimmy's Head. The episodes, characters, and jokes were awesome. I will never forget this show. I give Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends a perfect 10 out of 10.
  • Foster's is so unique!!!

    The way the writers connect everything together. The plot,
    the conflict and the ending. It reminds me of Seinfeld in
    that way. Also, a little bit of the Simpsons. The jokes
    are hilarious and off the wall. Especially, Bloo. Everything
    he does is so funny. Which I also think makes the show very
    clever. It's cute, it's funny and overall entertaining for
    a kids' show. I hope there will be much more new episodes
    and I hope the ideas will only continue to get better. This
    show makes me laugh and entertained so much. The humour will
    always stay new and fresh for a very, very long time.
  • a good show for the kids.

    the show was good.i know it was but it was not better than camp made fun of stuff.example,every episode makes fun of something.cartoon network had a movie of it and it was the last episode,i guess.mac cant eat sugar because he will go crazy.everybody knows that.then,he finally did it.he did the pop rock and soda thing.duchess looks ugly in this show and bloo makes fun of the most things of pop culture i give this show a B because of making fun of things a lot.berry returns in one episode and she getting hit by a rubberband ball was good.
  • was,t in to it that much but it was pretty good

    the show foster home for imaginary freinds is basicly a show about these creatchers called imaginary freinds. and they baisly live in a house of freinds. the one thing i like about this show is its kinda like seseme street in one big house. the charicters of this show will totally remind you of elmo big bird and oscer. the animation is sexy. smooth and really werid and is not like any other animaded seris you would see. the only thaought i had against this seris is that it kina went a little downill by the end of the seris not to bad it was still pretty instrusting. anyway this show was basicly one of cartoon networks best well iave nothing elseto say.

    this is trippy 2x4 sighning off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Join Blue and his friend Mac as they go on wacky adventures.

    Ok I had to babysit this kid one night and he absolutely adored this show. He had recordings of it so we had to watch Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends all night, then we played Fosters figures for a while. I could not stand it. I really do not fight the show funny at all. Blue's voice and laugh is very, very annoying; I still have it stuck in my head. The idea of the show was good but they didn't deliver it well enough. Overall I have to say I didn't like it, other people may and I respect their opinion. Overall 6 out of 10.
  • Great

    Mac, a lonely boy, is forced by his mother to give up his imaginary friend, Bloo. He does and gives him to Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends. There, he visits Bloo every day, and them and all the imaginary friends have fun, primarily Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco.

    I think this was a decent show. I didn't like some of the later episodes because of Cheese (whilst he was funny, he was too repetitive with his lines, which was the point but still), and... yea. But for the most part, good show, my grade for it would be about a B+
  • a good clasic cartoon

    fosters home of imaginary friends was a well done cartoon that was made by the creator of the ppg . it was about imaginary freinds fosters home was a home of imaginary friends that lost there conpane or were abandoned. and it featured a boy name mac and his imaginary friend name blue they go through alot of crzy adventures with the othe imaginary friends in the house like elardo and others others i think the show was a great hit for cartoonnetwork and i seen all the eps and have some of the boxsets of the show. i like it and gave it 8
  • Great for kids, decent for others.

    This show is one of the better shows in recent years. The characters are endearing, the plots are mostly entertaining, and the rest is amusing. The flash animation is a nice change from the now-tired 2D animation. Many of the people working on this show also previously worked on other Cartoon Network shows such as Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls. I sadly never saw the final episodes due to them being aired out of my reach. The airing times suck on Cartoon Network nowadays. Whatever the case, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is a great show.

    Presentation: A
    Dialogue: B
    Style: A
    Re-watch value: B
    Overall Grade: A-
  • I almost cried when this show ended..

    When I first saw the movie,I didn't what to expect. At that time,I was pretty picky on what to watch. The jokes were hilarious,but I normally laugh at almost anything. This time was different. It made me laugh like those old Spongebob episodes made me. My favorite joke in the movie was,"Let's Bloo this!" The whole scene made me crack up. The Christmas and Halloween specials were my all time favorite. But hey,who doesn't love a holiday special? There is no reason to dislike this show. Unless of course,you are bitter and more mature. But we all have that little immature child side in us right? I also wanted to point out that my favorite all time joke was when Bloo was home alone and did that whole,"I am Pierre!" sketch. There's a young boy named Mac who lives with his mother,his jerky older brother,and his beloved blue imaginary friend. One day,his mother explains to him that he is much too old to be around an imaginary friend and he must give him up. That night while Mac is asleep,Bloo goes channel surfing. He sees a commercial about a foster home for imaginary friends. Both of them get in some strange and hilarious predicaments with their new friends:Eduardo,Wilt,Coco,Frankie and many others. Each episode is packed with laughs and sometimes a lesson to go with it.
  • Good shows like this always make me sad when they end.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends was a very cute and funny cartoon show. I always loved watching it on Cartoon Network, it was great! My favorite character is Bloo, I also loved Edwardo. This show has a lot of likeable characters, and I sure do like a lot of characters, Wilt and Coco are also very cool and interesting! I can't believe Cartoon Network ended this show now. Bloo was a troublemaker but I also thought he was good and funny! Mac and Wilt are really nice and they both try as best they can to do the right things. Mr. Herriman, the Imaginary talking rabbit created by Madame Foster, loves to enforce the rules and keep law and order in the huge mansion. I was impressed when I first saw Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. A lot of the episodes I had a fun time watching, this show is very creative too. The whole show was awesome and I am glad that it was able to last for a while. I am still sad that a neat show like this ended though. There was so many great episodes and tv movies, I never got tired of this show. I think this is a kind of show that you will find enjoyable and will always want to see some new episodes!
  • This show is awesome.

    I love this show! It's a work of genius. I've seen every episode at least a gazillion times. I was sad when they ended it but at least they air reruns. Each episode is hillarious and pure gold. I especially love the episode, "Store Wars." That one is awesome. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is an outstanding show. I can see how it won an Emmy 5 times. If you haven't seen Foster's then look it up on the internet or watch it on Cartoon Network because once you watch it you'll love it as much as I do. Overall I give Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends a 10.
  • I love this show!

    All right, well this show takes place in a world where if someone concentrates hard enough, they can create an imaginary friend that is totally real. In this world, there's a 10 year old named Mac who created an imaginary friend named bloo, that looks a lot like a pac man ghost. Anyway, Mac's mom thinks that Mac's to old for an imaginary friend, and tells Mac he needs to get rid of Bloo. He decides to put Bloo in a place called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. It's a gigantic mansion where Imaginary Friends that aren't wanted anymore can be sent so they don't end up on the streets. Mac visits Bloo every day, and is also kept company by a host of other hilarious charaters. This is an amazong show and I wish it had lasted longer than it did. Hopefully they'll start airing re-runs soon. It's definetly better than anything they show now. 9/10!
  • good show

    this show was good at least when it was on air. its about this kid named max and he made a imaginary friend named blue and he go's to this place where only for imaginary. he while is there he gets in trouble and max comes there after school everyday and plays with him. they need to make more epoised of this because the old ones are geting old and getting bored of them. this show is way better than flapjack to me but iam not saying flapjack is bad it still good but not as good watch this show
  • reruns

    i really hope theres reruns this show rocks after a couple of months of this show beign canceled and theres now reruns im really starting to miss this show ALOT so plezz make re-runs and also umm well i have to make this at least 100 words so im gana do this for the rest of the review blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h hh h h h hh h h h h h hh h h h h h h h h h h h h hh hh h h h hh h h h h hh h h h h h h
  • The best idea ever thought of.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is every kid's dream come true. Kids often wish their imaginary friend was real and this program is just the thing to get their imaginations whirring. There are so many bright colours and the animation is fantastic, i find myself putting paper on the screen and tracing them. Its almost like the perfect world. I bet there isn't one kid mad on this show who wishes they couldn't live in a world where imaginary friends come true. I love Bloo and loads of kids wish they couldve created him first and they want one of their own.
  • A classic for years to come.

    I will miss this show in so many ways. Thank you for being my friend. No pun intended. There aren't enough shows like these being aired and it's a shame. That's what is lacking now, imagination and it shows. The shows today suck like nobody's business.

    The one thing I didn't like about the show was adding the little black girl to the show. I am black and I found her annoying in the worst way which took away the show's chemistry of Bloo and Mac. Now that's gone, it showed you that you didn't need to add anything to an already great show.

    Now it's time to have the rest of the season be put on DVD for me and other to enjoy for years to come.
  • Excellent Show

    amazing and entertaing storylines keep this show fresh!Awesome animation and good voice acting keeps this show from falling down the tubes,yet at some times the show keeps falling on plot lines that involve bloo doing some thing retarded,but in retrospect the show does a wonderful job of keeping childrens attetion for 30 minutes makes fosters an awesome animated comedy!Or kids show,and the fact that it ended when lame half ass shows such as total drama island are still on the air makes me sad,some times I think the guys at the network are just balls to wall stupid,oh well a good show none the less...
  • One of a kind, Hoping for re-runs :]

    Ok, Fosters home for imaginary friends is a show about a 10 year old boy Mac, and his imaginary friend, Bloo regard Q. Kazoo. Mac is told by his mother that he cannot keep Bloo anymore. This is when Mac desperateley searches for an idea, how can he keep bloo? Bloo ends up seeing an advertisement for Fosters home for imaginary friends and checks it out with mac the next day. After alot of debating and fighting, (Dutchess, terrence, ETC) Bloo finds his new home Amazing, with some new friends such a Wilt, CoCo, Eduardo, and Cheese. The people running fosters are Madam Foster, Mr Harriman, and Frankie.
    Overall fosters is a great show
  • With its colorful characters, bright animation, humorous plots, and unique music, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is an artistic masterpiece.

    There is not a word that can describe this imaginative show. The animation is just...breathtaking! Every color, every movement, every abstract line; it's all so beautiful. Its mixture of bright and warm colors really stands out, making it noticeable among the vast crowd of today's conformist cartoons. Like The Powerpuff Girls, Craig McCracken's other creation, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is more than just a silly cartoon. Its a prime example of artistic brilliance that should go down in history as one of the world's most innovative masterpieces. On top of that, you've got original characters who bring life to the show and are the very breath that the plot thrives on. With such a unique cast that any person could relate to, the potential for an individual to empathize with characters in the show is amazingly high. In fact, the plots themselves are character-driven, which keeps you involved. I find myself attentive and awake throughout the entire span of most episodes because the plots and characters are incredibly exceptional. Another aspect of the show I'd like to mention is the bizarre, but outstanding music in the show. It's absolutely pleasing to the senses. I've also gotta admit that this show is incredibly funny. I'd have to say, with all honesty, that Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of the best shows out there as well as one of history's most beautiful masterpieces.
  • Suprisingly this is a good show that was made in this decade.

    With all this crap and horrendous garbage on television these days, this is one of the few shining gemstones of a tv show that was made around the start of the new generation, which happened this decade of course. Foster's Home rocks! I actually love it! I mean think about it, the whole idea and effort put into this show is something you don't see too often these days, and the main concept of this show was definitely made correctly and excellently. Foster's Home for imaginary Friends is where you can think up and create any form of imaginary creature you wish! Its amazing! You can create some male or female creature in your head...and presto! It can be as tall as a skyscraper, possess magic powers, be made entirely out of metal, you name it! This show proves a good solid form of animation, imagination, and creativity! Now for a recap: This show first starts off at Mac's house, where he has an imaginary friend named Bloo, but his brother Terrance keeps picking on him, and soon afterwards Mac's mom tells Mac that he's too old to keep having an imaginary friend live with him. Fortunately Bloo is now welcomed to Madame Foster's huge mansion filled with all sorts of imaginary friends and creatures where they all departed from their creators. Madame Foster is the owner, where her daughter Frankie works, also along with her imaginary friend: Mr. Herriman. As long as Mac promises to meet Bloo every day, Bloo can stay there forever, that way Mac and Bloo can have endless days having fun with each other! Bloo also gains three other friends that go by Edwardo, Wilt, and Coco. I got a lot of favorite episodes for this show, except for the ones such as Imposter's Home, Foster's Goes to Europe, Beat with a Schtick, and few others. I'm glad that after those nerve-wracking episodes, the writers learned their lesson and didn't make those character beating episodes again. Because I sure felt sorry for them. Anyway, boy I made a long review, so I'll leave off after this: I have lots to say about this wonderful show and it sure has done well on Cartoon Network. It sure has come a long way! The characters are all unique and special. And this show will always be a favorite of mine. I also loved the tv movie Destination Imagination! That's all so bye-bye.
  • This is one of my favorite shows.Sure,it had ups and downs,but its getting better

    This is one of the best shows on CN.It saved CN-s future by beeing the only current show that isnt complete crap unlike some shows *cough,squirrel boy,cough;my gym partner;cough;skunk fu;cough,george of the garbage*Anyway,it started airing 6 years ago.When I first saw the commercial,frankly,it looked to kiddy and I tought "Im never gonna wach that" but I decided to give it a chance,and immediatly fell in love with it.House of Bloos was the best pilot ever,showing his full potential,hillarious jokes and characters deph.Animation is superb,I cant beleive its flash.The characters design is unique,and the background is amazing.The characters are interesting and likable.Bloo is hillarious,selfish and playfull,i would call him a creative idiot,in a good way.Mac is a good kid,and only one with common scence.I like Franky,Madam Foster,Wilt,Eduardo,Terrance nad Dutches.Mr Harriman has his moments,but I think his main purpose is to be stuffy and a litte annoying.I dont like Coco very much,but she is becoming less annoying in later seassons.The voice acting is great and really fits the characters,expecially Bloos.The episodes are silly and they always keep me interesting.But there were some flaws in the show.The first season was amazing.All the episodes were great,expecially the pilot.The second was great too,but I didnt like "Bye Bye Nerdie" It was compleatly out of character and very cruel to Mac.The third season was the worst in my opinion.It had some hillarious episodes,like when they make a movie,but I hated Imposter's Home For Um...Make 'Em Up Pals.I felt so sorry for Franky cause of that new friend who was a complete jerk.And I dont like Hicci Burp.Completly useless episode.But,thankfully,the season 4 was a major improvment,with all the great episodes,exept I Only Have A Suprise For You.Really painfull to wach.Again,Mac got the short and of the straw.Ok,I didnt see the whole 5-th season,but some episodes were great.Exept Little Green Peas.They just reused the old episodes and added a little green pea that sounds like Mickey Mouse.Kinda dissapointing.But ofcourse,every good show has flaws.And Im looking forward to the 6th season cause I have complete faith in it.And yes,I still have one little complain.Ive noticed that writers were getting a little lost when they started introducing new characters.Im talkin about Cheese and Goo.Now,Cheesee was funny in his first appearence,but then they started showing him more and more,and he became very annoying rather then funny.I really dont see why great show like this needs a random character that serves as a comic releif.All the original characters had no problem beeing funny so far.And frankly,i prefer to get my randomness from Ed (Ed Edd n Eddie) rather than Cheese.And now I have the need to mention Goo.She was also good in her first appearence,but now she is a permanent character too.But i feel like she is just token female character,like someone with whom would mac have some sort of child love relathionship,cause Franky is too old for him.And Goo isnt very funny,rather annoying,and became very bossy in later season.Instead,I want more Dutchess,Terrance and his imaginary friend Red.Yeah,whatever happened to them?They are much better than Goo and Cheese.I hope I will get to see them in season six.Those 3 would make the funniest team.I like Fosters very much.It will never get old.Go ahead,make 6 more season,I would like that very much :)
  • a little boy takes his imaginary friend to live in a home with other imaginary friends, because the little boy's mom thinks he is too old for dear bloo.

    fosters really is da bomb. a classic show, that even my mom watches every episode. i personally never want it to end. i probably will watch destination imagination tonight; i recorded it last night. my favorite character is easily cheese- he brings excitement and hilariousness to the show! how could you not love bloo? i have cried during the show- its just so sweet. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . definetly a classic to replay the reruns forever! watch fosters on cartoon network!
  • Me love Foster's! It has good art and designs!

    Foster's I think might be the best (or at least on the top ten list of best TV shows) Cartoon Network's got in their posession (well right now anyway.) I'm glad this show's still got more new episodes being produced for it, I can't wait to see Destination Imagination! It looks so totally awesome! Cartoon Network fortunately still has some great shows and this is one of them! Another one I can think of is Tom and Jerry! I love that show along with this one! Its good to see a classic cartoon being played, and as for this one, it is good to see a modern cartoon today with superb animation, and entertainment with the imagination! I love the show's characters, and my favorites are Wilt, Cocoa, and Edwardo (also along with his creator!) I think Frankie is also pretty cool too. Whenever I know when this show is going to air next, I always sit down and get comfortable, and then enjoy watching it! (Same thing goes for Tom and Jerry!) Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends to me is a great and successful animated TV show that I think the whole family can enjoy. Its TV movies are usually awesome too, like Good Wilt Hunting! I love a lot of episodes too. The person who created another one of my most favorite shows which is The Powerpuff Girls, created this show too. He is none other than Craig McCracken! I like him, he has a lot of good talent, and can make some awesome animated TV shows! I hate to see this show canceled, especially if its about to end soon. Once Foster's ends then what? Maybe some more new shows can hopefully be produced that are spectacular like this one, well it was great while it lasted!
  • A surberp animation show.

    This show is about a boy named Mac and his imaginary friend Bloo but since Mac's mom thinks that Mac a little too old to have an imaginary friend, she makes him get fid of Bloo but then there was a time when Mac and Bloo find a foster home that was called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. So Mac leaves Bloo there everyday since he can't keep Bloo with him in his house. But Mac has to visit Bloo everyday so he won't get adopted by a different kid. Mac and Bloo end up making friends with three imaginary friends who are Wilt, Edurado, and Coco and a woman named Frankie.
    This is a funny show and great for kids and up like me, I'm a teenager and I still enjoy some cartoon shows there is nothing wrong with liking cartoons even if your too old for those kind of things.
    Overall, this show has humor and it can make a lot of people at least laugh in one episode so if you haven't heard of seen the show then you don't know what your missing.. =)
  • I love the theme tune, I love the episodes, I love the characters. I LOVE FOSTERS!

    Who doesn't like a show like this? (Rhetorical question) It's a friendly, funny, creative show for all of the family. I first discovered it when at my friends house. We were flipping channels, and arrived at CN. A new show was on, and so we gave it a try. One of my friends hated it, but the other and I loved it, and from there on in I'd watch it loads. I haven't seen all of the episodes, but I used to like the older ones before they introduced the newer imaginary friends. I have nothing against the new ones, but the older ones were my classic. It's a show about a place where you can adopt imaginary friends, and all of the adventures Mac, his friend Bloo and their other imaginary friends get up to. Frankie, a typical teen who helps out there, and there's that rabbit who's name I can't remember, and of course Madam Foster. A great show. Well worth watching.

    Grade: A+
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