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  • I love the theme tune, I love the episodes, I love the characters. I LOVE FOSTERS!

    Who doesn't like a show like this? (Rhetorical question) It's a friendly, funny, creative show for all of the family. I first discovered it when at my friends house. We were flipping channels, and arrived at CN. A new show was on, and so we gave it a try. One of my friends hated it, but the other and I loved it, and from there on in I'd watch it loads. I haven't seen all of the episodes, but I used to like the older ones before they introduced the newer imaginary friends. I have nothing against the new ones, but the older ones were my classic. It's a show about a place where you can adopt imaginary friends, and all of the adventures Mac, his friend Bloo and their other imaginary friends get up to. Frankie, a typical teen who helps out there, and there's that rabbit who's name I can't remember, and of course Madam Foster. A great show. Well worth watching.

    Grade: A+
  • Nice

    THis show was an awsome show from the start but in this watchers opion it has gone flush flush down the toilet but I love all the other episodes they are clever and have this hidden thing that kepps you coming back for more and it literaly gets you hooked on the show some episodes like Imposter Home of Um Make Em Up PAls is one of the worst episode in the series but Store Wars is the absolute Best in the seris Bloo's "Rip off artist" quote Classic. Overall an excellent show and is well thought and played out. DOminic
  • CN has really got to start airing this more!

    I fell in love with this cartoon ever since I saw the first premiering episode to where it all began with Mac having an imaginary friend called Bloo! But then his mom began to realize that Mac is beginning to get too old to have an imaginary friend with him all the time, and then presto! We got a huge mansion filled with imaginary friends and creatures from around the world all gathered at Foster's with important staff such as Madame Foster and her daughter: Frankie, and then Madame's imaginary friend: Mr. Herriman. The creator is very good and very creative for creating a wonderful show such as this, he also made the Power Puff Girls! This show has limitless imagination where endless possibilities of seeing all sorts of new and different imaginary friends shows Craig can be a genius! There's a lot of cool plots and characters introduced and shown in a lot of episodes, we also got great specials such as Good Wilt Hunting. A good episode I think would be Partying is Such Sweet Soiree! Unfortunately there's a few episodes here and there with crappy endings like Foster's goes to Europe. That episode did at least start off good by introducing that cool European Imaginary friend (I forget her name.) There has been a lot of fun and exciting episodes though and is a good classic animated TV show that the whole family can sit down and enjoy watching it! Foster's will always be one of my favorites next to SpongeBob and Teen Titans, so with a creative show such as this that's why I'm saying CN needs to air this more to see great reruns and any possible new episodes. As we need to see more fun and off the wall shows like this after seeing a lot of poorly written and low quality shows on our Televisions these days. Foster's Home is an excellent show!
  • A little boy is forced to give up his imaginary friend and makes a deal with Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, as long as Mac visits Bloo everyday, Bloo will not be adopted. Many adventures await the two friends and the other friends at the home.

    I've been watching this show almost since it began a couple of years ago. The shows have gotten better and better, though were good to begin with. This is great show, with humor that apeals to many age groups from younger kids to adults to just enjoy cartoons. The plot is easy to understand and follow and the animation is pure and simple. The show itself features a cast of enjoyable and memorable characters, both human and imaginary friend. The imaginary friends are whimsical and creative, some with a dry sense of humor and those who are just plain goofy. This show was made to apeal to a wide spectrum of viewers and does it's job wonderfuly. I highly recommend it.
  • One of CN's best shows.

    Seeing what has happened to CN these days has made me realize that this is perhaps one of the few shows that is currently saving CN right now, i think its funny! We got a nice storyline for this show based on kids who think up imaginary friends are able to come to life! An impessive idea, who doesn't want a creature you think up to come to life so yo can hang around with him/her at certain times? I don't know anyobdy who deosn't. The show was born when this show got a TV movie to begin with, as the reuglar show features Mac greeting and hanging around with his best pal Bloo! I like Bloo, he may be a troublemaker at times, but i just find his character so cool! Bloo tries his best to have fun doing whatever he feels like! We also got some great plots in certain episodes of this show too, i also think Frankie is hot! I also like Wilt because we both like basketball. This show rocks! Unfortunately, if its one downfall/problem i've seen in past episodes of this show, is the bashing of characters in certain episodes, two examples are:
    1. Everyone knows its Bendy.
    2. Imposter's Home for um...make 'em up pals.
    I remmeber some of the things that happened in those episodes, and i didn't find them funny at all. This si actually similar to what the writers are doing to Squidward in certain episodes of SpongeBob, yeesh, this writers got to learn to not be so mean to animated characters, because not only am i sure the voice-actors weren't too happy about this, but i think a lot more people find it not funny than those who do. Not to mention more are upset about this situation than those who aren't, but fortunately those episodes happened a while ago. Besides those episodes i still find this show awesome and terrific. Craig McKracken sure can make some amazing and cool shows!
  • This show is pretty good but I find it strange that reading people's reviews of bad show/episodes make me laugh much more than shows that are TRYING to be funny.

    Since I've pretty much summed up my overall context of the show, I will now give my preferences on the show.

    Plot: Usually stupid, but in a good way (if you know what I mean).

    Voice acting: Above average.

    Dialogue: Hmmm...average.

    Animation: Ouch! This animation is worse than Flapjack! While I don't usually pay attention to things like this, I sometimes am repuled by a new friend/really ugly person. Especially Dutchess.

    Humor: Now this is strange. I laugh so little at TV shows that sometimes I can't even tell if a show is attempting to be funny or not. Now, I can definentally tell Foster's is trying to be funny (I think), but I usually see right passed their humor.

    Characters: Several are annoying, others well made.
  • Probably one of the best shows ever aired on CN.

    I absolutely adore Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends! You can easily expect at least a few good laughs in every episode. I started watching Foster's a few years ago for a bit after I came home from school, like every few days or so or whenever I just happened to flip to it. I laughed-out-loud so many times my parents thought I'd blow a fuse! And, years later, now that I'm into it once again they just think I keep losing brain cells from every giggle and snort that comes out of me. But hey, they can't blame me for not wanting to let go of my childhood that easily!

    Anyways, AMAZING show, very likeable characters, and hilarious and well thought-out episode plots. Definitely a must-watch for any age.
  • This is an original and great show for CN

    When I was younger I found this show alot more interesting then I find it right now cause I am older right. First off this is an amazing show and it is original. Who would think of that you can create your imaginary friend and it comes to life that is like the best idea I have heard and seen and it also haves your personality like the second you. The show follows a boy named Mac who created Bloo an imaginary and is to old for him and he must get rid of him and he leaves him at Foster's and must visit him everyday so he won't get adopted.
  • Foster's Home Has I'ts moments.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is another reason why Cartoon Network still has it's goodness. The show isn't bad, the show is funny at times, and it kept you interested
    throughout the show. It's not my favorite show ever, but, Foster's Home will likely not dissapoint, especially if you love cartoons. Most episodes are really good and entertaining, so Foster's Home For Imaginary friends is a good show.
    Many People love the show, so why not give it a try? That's my review, thanks for reading and have a nice day. - a n d e r s o n 5 8 7
  • its a great show but mostly painful to watch ed edd n eddy is alot better its ed edd n eddy that should win a emmy not this show

    this show is great but some episode i dont like its usuly unfair for the chariter and they usashaly make you you hate the chariters like bloo he's very enoeing somtimes a jeark and realy selish most of the time but the movie was realy good and other episodes too but to much of the unfiarness like the ending of foster's go to eurup the end they fainly make it but madom foster took that i hate that makes you hate madom fosters and know one wants to hate the charters well thats my review and also ed edd n eddy is way better but I still like it I still think it's a classic show and it's one of my favorites it does diserve a emmy but Ed Edd'n Eddy diserves it way more .I have to give this show a 9 out of 10
  • so good show

    The show fosters home for imaginary is about a boy named mac an his imaginary friend . His name is bloo . Bloo has no place to go after mac`s mom tells mac to get rid of bloo . But they find a place called foster`s home for imaginary friends . Bloo gets taken there by mac and stayes there . Bloo stays there anyway . he makes new friends there and has many adventures . His friends are wilt , coco ,and edwardo . So this is a good show that should stay on . So again , in my opinion this show is really really great .
  • Makes you feel young again.

    Who wouldn't want an Imaginary friend? Well I would. LOL!
    Foster's Home makes me really feel like I am back to my young days. It's got so much kindness and humor in it that you can get lost into the cute things like Bloo going made or Coocoo just being Coocoo or Cheeze being Cheezyy. Foster's is a cartoon for everyone who wants to feel young or relax. I know that's it's really kiddy, but you will have to see it to know it. Foster's always have a really nice story line and it's not boring. Most of it is full of fun and entertaining.
    My favorite character in this is Bloo, he is one of the main characters and he is one of the funniest little fellows around in Foster's. But don't let him fool you, he is full of mischief..
    So to round it up, Forster's is one of the best childish cartoons around for me along with SpongBob.
  • Amazing show!

    One of the greatest shows i have ever seen, i am pretty sure that this will be one of the greatest shows in Cartoon Network History! At first i thought this show was not that good because, it was a little bit hard to follow, because i was young and didn't think that hard about things. Now i absolutly think that this is a top 10 show on TV right now. I watch this show usually everyday, and i am looking foward to each and every new episode of this show that comes out. Everyone should watch this show if they have a god imagination!!
  • When its gone I don't know what the world do?

    Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends is one of the best shows I have ever seen! It is getting old I mean Blue Whinning all the time is so irtating. They should get some new Martiral.
    My opion The first 4 Seasons were the best. My favorite episode of all time whould have to be House of Blues. My least favorite episode whould have to be well I don't have one! They are all so good. I have to say when Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends is over the World will END! I just hope they end Fosters good and not bad.
  • This show rocks!

    I really really love this show!Its awesome!Ah anyway heres something about the show.Bloo,Mac's cute imaginary friend one day must leave his house becouse Mac's mum thinks he is to old for an imaginary friend.Mac and Bloo got worried,but Bloo saw a commerical on TV.It was about a house called Fosters home for imaginary friends where children leave friends once they get too old.For an imaginary friend that is.So Mac decided to leave Bloo there but there was only one problem.Adoption!If Bloo gets adopted Mac will never see him again.But Mac promised to get back tommorow.Unfortunetly a girl came by and wanted to adopt him but Mac came just in time.Sadly in the 3th part of the movie Mac gets caught my Tarrence his jerky old brother and Bloo by Doughes an ugly imaginary friend and a monster created my jerky teenage boys.Buthe gets saved thanks to Mac,Eduardo,Coco and Wilt!Madame Foster a old lady who creared the house told that Bloo will not be put up for adoption if Mac gets from school on time.I have said enough already..Havent I?
  • I believe it's the greatest ongoing series on CN at the moment.

    Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends is the best ongoing show on Cartoon Network right now....well at least to me.
    It has a sense of humor that can be appreciated by all ages, almost like the old Cartoon Cartoons. A lot of the characters have human-like personalities and not complete stupidity like most of the cartoons you see today.
    Good animation and voices make it even better.

    It's not animated perfection. It has its good and bad episodes...but even when it's going downhill it shines among the other shows on it's channel.

    Now, please enjoy an episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends while I type this to meet the minimum word requirement.
  • Mac and bloo go on great adventures with the folks at foster's home for imaginary friends

    i like this show especially the charachter cheese. he is the funniest thing that hit cartoon network. oh man the music they have for his background is off the hook! I also like some bloo eps. the featur ethe arrogant imaginary friend doing so many funny stuff. Also mac's seriousness adds a touch of funny consdiring hes in like thrid grade. i think they should havve some more cheese eps instead of that green dude, forgot his name. the episode is also hillareious with the addition of madame foster a wild and crazy old women. oh man this show is great,
  • An enjoyable show, but a little overrated and lackluster if you are not into comedy.

    In my mind this show is solid. This show is about Mac, a young boy who lives with his older brother, and mother. One day, he creates an imaginary friend named Bloo who is very troublesome. Once his mother has drawn the last straw (it's a figure of speech), she forces Mac to kick Bloo out if thier home. Bloo is then forced to live in Foster's Home for Imaginary Firends with Mr. Heriman, and the others. Mac pays a visit every day to see Bloo, and friends, and they go on many adventures. The humor in this show does get annoying most of the time. There is just too much screaming, and weird moments in the show. The dialog in this show is solid. Some of the lines are funny. The music in this show is just a tad too childish. If maybe there was more rock in the music, I think the music would be alot better. Overall, overrated show in my opinion, childish music, crazy but sloid dialog, annoying humor.
  • A good show with humor and fun for anyone to watch. :idea:

    This is a pleasant show. The characters are fun, creatively designed, humorous, and are always getting into crazy situations that they must figure out how to get out of somehow. Although the series main focus is mostly based on the relationship between Mac and his creation of Bloo, other characters are also focused on and also have their own rich history. Wilt is the eternal optimist with a great skill for basketball and eternally apologetic. Eduardo is a nervous, strong character who always overcomes his fears and saves his friends whenever they are in trouble. Coco is the wild card, nobody really knows what she is all about. Frankie and Mr. Herriman are always at each other. Mr. Herriman represents old traditions, old ideas, and always tries to be fancy and proper. Frankie represents fresher perspectives, embraces new ideas and concepts, and tries to be more loose and relaxed in her life. The whole operation is overseen by Madame Foster who while ederly, proves she can stay in step with the rest of them. The writing is always consistent and there's always a chance for laughter any time a new episode airs. Even when this show is gone, I know that people will still enjoy the re-runs of the great episodes that were made for a long time. That's why I love this show, because I will also enjoy it even after it's gone. :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Hey this show is funny! I think it has done well. So cool and farafetched is what makes this a neat animated show that is also for children! Wacky in a good way!

    Bloo became Mac's Imaginary friend, but Mac's mom was getting concerned about Mac still having him around because of Mac's expanding age and trouble with his bully older brother! Fortunately for Mac he found Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends! And that is how the show started! So in the future episodes they encounter a lot of new people and imaginary friends, some friends are good like Wilt and Edwardo, some are good and eccentric in a good way like Cocoa! Others however are bad like Berry and Bendy! So the most entertaining and zany things can happen at the HUGE mansion of Foster's! Each episode features a different story! Madame Foster is the head of Fosters with her aids Frankie(her grandaughter)and Mr. Harriman(her imaginary friend). Madame Foster also is known for helping others and performing good deeds because it shows her doing that in one of the episodes! Thus wraps up my review of this show! My opinion: I think this show shows a lot of good ways and a few episodes are learning experiences, others show fun stuff and interactions! Again a lot of these episodes show different stories. I give this show a grade:B+ Have a nice day!
  • An overall good show.

    Criag McCracken from The Powerpuff Girls presents his new show: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Even though this show isn't as good as The Powerpuff Girls, it is still a pretty decent show. It has neat, flashy animation, great voice actors, interesting stories, and good comical humor. It is so much better some of the other crappy shows on Cartoon Network, since it is one of the few shows that still come on that I could actually laugh at. I hear that the show is getting canned in 2009, because of the 78 episode limit. That is really going to suck, because after this leaves, nothing but garbage will be showing on Cartoon Network.
  • There's entirely too much screaming going on on this show.

    All I can say is Grey Delisle's vocal chords must ache after a recording session. Her Frankie screams so very much that it almost detracts from her coolness. But who could blame her? She's an indentured servant, a 22 year-old college graduate slaving away in a completely thankless job that often results in cringe-inducing "humor" at her expense. And Bloo, the star "imaginary" friend (even though humans can see, feel and hear them) screams even more than poor, man-less Frankie. I won't say he's never made me laugh, but it seems that after the first season he's nothing more than a one-note jerk.
    Mac and Goo really save this show. Mac, Bloo's kind and thoughtful 8 year-old creator, is just a really good kid. He's not so good that he's unrealistic, though: his rowdiest moments are when he O.D.s on sugar! And Goo, while having many annoying qualities, also has a heart, plus, her quirky intelligence and odd look are refreshing for a female cartoon character. And then there's Cheese. I like Cheese, but the show is in danger of over-using him to the point where he's not funny. The first ep with him was gold, but the other one where Cheese locks everyone out of the house was more frustrating than anything else.
    But, all in all, I sometimes watch this show if I happen to catch it on. It's not awful at all, but I really wish everyone would just speak in their "inside voices" sometimes.
  • A show that makes no sense at all, but that's what's so great about it.

    When I first heard about this show, I wasn't that excited. For one thing, this is made by the same creator of The Powerpuff Girls. I liked that show a lot when it was on. This show is better. A lot better.

    I think it's a cute show and very silly. It may seem kinda kiddy at some times but personally, I like watching old humor that would've been funny for me at the time. Now I still find it funny.

    I hope this show keeps it up with it's success, because right now, it's one of the only good shows left on CN.
  • mac and bloo

    the was a perfect way to begin a great show. Nowadays, most cartoons just start showing random episodes from the start, but this show actually had a pilot and a good one at that this show is about a boy named man and his imaginary friend bloo. Mac's big brother terrence is always picking on them, and mac and bloo always find a way to bring him down. One day, his mom comes home to see the knocked out Terrence while he was bullying them. MAc has a personal talk with his mom and his mom tells him hes too old to have an imaginary friend. Mac and bloo are shocked and at a loss what to do....while mac sleeps, bloo watches t.v. and sees a commercial about a foster home for imaginary fiends. He and mac thinks its a good idea to take him there but they're in for a big surprise.....
  • An 8 year old forced to give up his imaginary friend, but finds a house fill with other imaginary frieds for his friend to live in, and more....

    Billy and Mandy, Camp Lazlo, and My Gym Partner's a Monkey were great shows. But regardless, without Fosters, Cartoon Network would indeed, be deadly dull. I,m kinda impressed with their animation style as well. I think it's adobe flash and premeire, unless anyone wants to correct me on that. I even noticed thier animation stlye changing since the beginning of the pilot movie, and onward to further episodes of season 1, the beginning of season 2-3, then completely changed in season 5! I also like how they refer to some real life or movie characters and puns to make the show more funnier. Some examples would be a parody of Donald Trump as Donald Trunk, the quote Just the Two of Us, for Bus the Two of Us, and I still can't believe Mac dressed up as Rambo in that surprise party episode!! Great laughs, great laughs.
  • One of the funniest shows on TV.

    I don't care if people think I'm childish for loving Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. I just think that if a show is entertaining I will watch it. This show is downright hilarious, Blooregard Q. Qazoo is probably one of the funniest characters ever. I love almost every character of this series with two exceptions. The first being Goo, oh my god is she the most annoying character ever... no.... in fact that honor goes to Cheese. For some reason Cheese has gathered a following that just baffles me to no end, how could anybody like a character who is an idiot, acts like a toddler, and is Lactose Intolerant. With that all being said, this show is amazing without Cheese and Goo, but with them it's just great.
  • It's a good Cartoon Network show!

    Great show I must say! I may hate the new shows on Cartoon Network, but when I first saw this, I got into it and began to like it. My favorite characters are Bloo and Cheese, because they are so funny, but Cheese is the funniest. I like it when he says "I like chocolate milk!" That line cracks me up! The other characters in this cartoon are good too. Like I said, this show is awesome! Go ahead and watch it! It's the best Craig McCracken cartoon since "The Powerpuff Girls"! Way to go, Craig McCracken! You rock, man! I must buy the DVDs now!
  • great show.

    There are only two words that I can describe Foster's Home, hilarious! Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends has the best kinds of child and adult comedy that anyone can enjoy. Bloo is my favorite character because he is outrageously funny and stupid. He's always getting himself and others trouble because of his unfortunate mistakes. Mac can be funny at times but not often. Mac is really funny when he eats sugar. That kid goes bonkers for sugar. He seriously transforms from a smart kid to a demonic sugar-craved freak running around butt naked. This show is awesome! It was funny and creative. A great job Craig McCraken.
  • Created and produced at Cartoon Network Studios by animator Craig McCracken, who also created The Powerpuff Girls.

    There are only two words that I can describe Foster's Home..."Splendid" and "Grand". Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends has the best kinds of child like comedy that anyone can enjoy. Bloo is my favorite character because he is outrageously funny! He's always getting himself and others trouble because of his unfortunate mistakes. Mac can be funny at times but not often. Maybe every other episode. Mac is really funny when he eats sugar. That kid goes bonkers for sugar. He seriously transforms from a smart kid to a demonic sugar-craved freak. I am really surprised in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. When it first aired on August 13, 2004, I didn't watch it because I thought it was going to go horribly wrong. But, I didn't know how horribly wrong I was. I caught the encore the next day. It was traumatized. It was awesome! It was funny and creative. The best quality flash animation I've ever seen. It was just...

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is 110% good animation. A++A++A++A++A++A++A+++
  • I will have to admit, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is a Guilty Pleasure for me.

    So, I go to my family's house and my brother is always in his room watching his shows; WWE, Naruto, Bleach, Foster's... When I walk in I will watch 2 of these shows. WWE and Foster's, Fosters is a great show. It is very creative and the art is acctually pretty amazing for a childs cartoon. When I watch this it kind of reminds me of the shows that I watched when I was a tyke; Smurfs, Snorkles, Thundercats, & USA's Cartoon Express. I will compare this show to those classics. Fosters is a great show and I think everyone should watch it!
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