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  • cool show...

    One of my favorite cartoon. I really love watching it because it is so funny. I really like blue, He is so funny and cuddly. I remember the days I first saw this show it was really boring and stupid. But The story was cool and sometimes funny, it is very humorous and very cool for small children.
    I really like watching its series again and again, becuase it is really funny. My friend also like this cartoon, we often share some stories about this show. I also like The grim adventure of Billy and mandy the show is really cool...
  • I like chocolate milk! (And this show!)

    I was just flipping channels one day when I suddenly stumbled across Foster's, and I'm so glad I did! The characters are all hilarious - it's almost impossible to have just 1 favorite. One can't help but keep on coming back to this series to see what the characters are up to, especially Bloo, the mischevious imaginary friend who always gets himself into trouble. And it's always fun to see the different kinds of imaginary friends wandering around in the background. The animation is also ok and pretty neat. Overall, I give Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends a very big 10!
  • Love the show.....with Cheese as my all time favorite character!

    Why is Cheese my favorite character?
    I think it's mainly because he's just plain old silly!
    "I like chocolate miiiiilk"
    "Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go"
    This 'thing', imaginary friend is just hilarious!
    I look forward to seeing FHIF anyway but when Cheese is on it, it just makes it even better!
    I think he's a little cutie and he just adds so much with the little bit that he does/says.
    My favorite episode is when Mr. Herriman tried putting in a new alarm for the house and he 'literally' chose a number at random and Cheese is the only one that knew what Mr. Herriman put in by the sounds the code made and then to get it out of him, Goo....yes, it out of him but everyone else had to get into this silly little dance that Cheese was was so funny!
    I save the time each and everyday on my satellite receiver so I won't miss an episode!
  • Fun cartoon that can make even the most anti-animation, adult laugh.

    There are many great cartoons out there and this is one of them. I don't know if it will ever reach classic status, but I think it definitely deserves to. I can only hope that the writers find away to bring the awesome fun of Foster's to the big screen every time the opportunity arises.
    I have watched the character progression from the beginning. The animators and voice over artists have done a great job in assuring that characters grow through each episode. In the beginning, Bloo's voice was far more annoying and not in a good way. I am disappointed that more people don't know about this cartoon. I have a strong feeling that if it were promoted more on popular cable channels or other forms of media, a new wave of children as well as adults would become fans. This show is A+++ in my book, or rather, my T.V. set.
  • A really great and funny show! Well done to the creators!!!

    Definitely one of the funniest animations out there. I really liked Cheese in the first episode he showed up in. And I think the funniest character is...well...Bloo, of course!!! His mischiefs totally rock!!! Herriman should really give him a break already, but then again, I don't blame him either... Coco is really great too, and I really love the commercial Cartoon Network made about her when she wrecked that stage with her dancing!!! That was pure gold! Oh and, of course, Madame Foster is a fantastic character too. Her creation was a pure success! I think the show wouldn't be that good as it is without her. And how could I forget about Cherry...I mean Larry...I mean Berry! That character should be brought back immediately! And Terrence is a major crap. Duchess is too, but at least she has her funny moments! My favorite episode would be...I think Duchess of Wails. And also Berry Scary and Mac Daddy. So anyway, this is a show that everyone should definitely watch, you don't see many cartoons like this one is!
  • Great show!

    I love this show! The animation is great, the dialogue is actually well thought-out for a CN show, the plots are unpredictable, and characters are awesome. Bloo is my favorite character! He is the coolest! He even teaches us the meaning of friendship. I also like Frankie! She is so HOT! This show is getting better every season! I hope that CN will make a sixth season of this show and maybe even make a movie out of it. That would be awesome! I hope there will even be more characters on this show too! The plots are getting better too! I like how Coco finally gets to meet her creator and how Eduardo finally achieves his goal of becoming a gangsta rappa and then he gets to fight Mega Man X3 bosses to save the Foster's house! Yo, Cartoon Network, keep it up!
  • Not a bad show

    This show is pretty good, I mean I'm not a huge fan of it but still. It's my second favorite show on cartoon network and does atract me pretty well. This show is bacically about a Foster's home except instead of children, there are a bunch of imaginary friends and also an 8 year-old named Mac go's and visits his imaginary friend Bloo every day after his mother forced him to give him up, although I can't imagin a parent would make his/her kid give up something that is very spesil to them, even if they think that he might be too old or something. I guess my favorite character is bloo, he's sorta cute and I guess he is a little funny sometimes, I actily don't find this show as funny as some people do, but like I said, it's a good show. So anyway, this isn't something I watch regularly, but It does make sence to me why this show so popular, why can't Catscratch be this popular?!?!
  • This show is Sooo Funny about a place for Imaginary friends (no duh!) its just soo funny

    Its a Funny show i say i mean come on you have to agree with me on this one Mac (not Max) he's smart and Funny and Bloo he's funny and smar- i mean he soo stupid that makes him funny! right thats what makes him funny. I gave it a 8.3 because in a nother way its..its... sorta weird in a way because of everything i mean Cheese is a retart Goo what kind of name is Goo its like something a baby would say or something and theres about a million imaginary friends in that house prettey soon they will get crowded.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends has become one of the greatest things in my life. It makes me feel happy.

    Foster's Home has been a great influence on my life. I LOVE Foster's. I love the characters as well as the surroundings. All of this is inspirational and very interesting. I love the fact that it is a big mansion which has be dedicated to a number of needy and unwanted imaginary friends by a little old lady with a heart of gold. I love the fact that it is an original idea and it is based on originality. I love the fact that it started all those years ago and is coming from being a house with old fashioned aspects going into modern aspects.
  • HAHAHA!!! Bloo is so crazy. i love this show, it's my favorite on Cartoon Network these days.

    This show is really funny. and sometimes weird. Mac goes to Foster's to visit Bloo everyday, if he doesn't, Bloo gets put up for addoption. Most of the others at fosters would like to be addopted, but Bloo wants to stay with Mac. I love all the episodes with Cheese! he is funny. I had tons of imaginary friends when i was a kid, which is part of the reason i love this show so much. Now i know where they went! This show is funny for kids and even adults (if you like the same things as your kids. Horray for Fosters!
  • ilove fosters home 4 imaginary friends!

    i love the shows with mac , edwardo, coco, bloo, wilt, mr. harridmen , madom foster, CHEESE, berry, frankie, and the rest of the gang ! everytime i watch i laugh. i have tons of buttens , shoelaces , shrits , pens , folders , notebooks , and tons other of stuff of the funny gang expecally cheese and bloo !!!!!!!!!! i try 2 watch it every nght if i cant me and my friend talk about it on the bus . i have season 2 with cheese in it i think he is sooooooooooooo funny !!!!! oh ya my sister is exacly like berry she acts sweet and inasent but she is evil! lol i encoarage you to watch the show if you havent it is great !
  • Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is a diamond in the rough in Cartoon Network's twilight era.

    I feel like I don't even know Cartoon Network anymore. I miss the old shows from the 90's and early 2000's. Luckily, one really good show managed to come out of the crap they've been airing lately: Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, from Powerpuff Girls creator Craig McCracken. It's by a veteran who knows how to capture the look and feel of what Cartoon Network was like during its golden age. This show is a zany good time with an original and clever premise. What makes it even more innovative is that it's animated in Flash, making it (I think) the first televised show to ever be animated in Flash. Don't worry, it's not like those poorly animated toons you'll find on Newgrounds. Think more along the lines of Homestar Runner. The people animating the show know what they're doing. The designs of the imaginary friends are creative and there is plenty of room for creativity in the show's premise--I mean, think of the amount of imagination that can go into the creation of an imaginary friend, right? This show is one of the few reasons left for anyone to ever tune into Cartoon Network before Adult Swim starts.
  • im 21 i think fosters home for imaginary friends is the best cartoon of all time my friends think its histerical that my husband and i walk about giggling to each other about the previous nights show. i also have the box set i think its soooo good !

    i think if you are unsure if you like fosters home for imaginary friends or not you need to watch series 2 episode 20 Mac Daddy, as cheese is the best ever i laugh from start to finish every time i watch this one and walk around for days saying "i like cereal !" cheese is introduced for the first time and he is so cute and funny i think if i had an imaginary friend he would be like cheese (slightly crazy) and i was so upset to find out that bloo and cheese arent going to be brother ladys. i think they should bring cheese back for more episodes as is silly smile always makes me laugh.
  • all left of the great shows cn used to make

    xiaolin showdown was a good show in cn but originially came from kids wb so doesn't count ed,edd,neddy started to fall downhill once coming back from elementary the newer shows........ " shakes head" heck no this show is left of the cn magic and when the show will end sometime in the future cn's glorious days of its wonderful charm is over left with average cartoons or cartoons only4 year olds like when that era is over i'm starting to watch boomerang where the original better cn shows ( including fosters ed edd n eddy and maybe xiaolin showdown will be in the future)
  • this show is real good

    i love this show i just love this show its real silly and just awsome i think that every carttonetwork fan will love this show!! at first i thought it was a baby and just a plain old kid show but i was WRONG this show is funny and exciting at the same time my favorite charcter in this series is bloo because hes the funniest one in the seires and my second favorite charcter is CHEESE cause hes real funny lol the characters are real funny in this show too and it gets more better and funnier every season which i love so i give this show a 9.3/10 love it
  • Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is a good cartoon in small doses, even though I watch it.

    I'm glad Craig McCracken created a new show which actually made me got over the suffering of missing The Powerpuff Girls. Most episodes are hilarious but some are not. What's lacking are fewer action and less romance scenes. I only seen a few romance moments like for example Frankie's relationship with her ex-boyfriend. The show is pretty enjoyable to watch but it gets old when it shows the episodes over and over again like it did on Boomerang at night. I like the in-jokes like for example a cameo of the Mario Bros. in a new episode about the Foster's gang going to some market to sell their old stuff. There are a lot of references from some games and other cartoons, perhaps other episodes and songs. Overall, this show is the absolute best but in small doses. It would have been better if there are more action and romance scenes. I love a combo of romance, humor and action.
  • This show rocks.

    Fav show of all time i wish that i was in this world i love mac and cheese they are my fav characters.b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b bbbb b b b b b b b bbb b b b b b b bb b b b b b b b b b b b sorry about all the bs i had to fill my word count.
  • Okay, this show rocks!

    Umm, okay, this si like, one of the only newest cartoons that I like, and boy, is it a joy to watch everytime! Okay, it's about this boy who is forced to give up his imaginary friend, but he finds this nearby place where imaginary friends are kept and often placed up for adoption. Now Mac promises to visit him everyday after school if he doesnt want to give him up forever. Everytime you watch this, you probably will expect a ton of laughs! Like I said, this is like, the first cartoon on CN ever since the old shows got cancelled that I've ever started to like! My favorite characters are Mac, Bloo, Cheese, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco. Cheese is my top favorite because he's always random, and hilarious! Anyways, this is the best that CN ever came up with, and I hope it doesn't get cancelled!
  • Very Cool.

    This show is cool, The Same guy who worked on Dexter's Labratory and The Powerpuff Girls created this show. It's Exicting, and a New Plot. Everyone in the home is cool, Mac is always helping his friends and nice, Bloo is ok, sometimes i want to reach into the tv and get him, sometimes he is jerky, but his adventures and games are funny. Wilt really is nice, and loves sports, and will help you, because is always nice and cheerful. Eduardo is very sensitive, and will run when he is afraid (he has many fears), but is kind of a body guard/ protective friend, so he will defend you from bad people. Coco is really silly, she can lay eggs that can contain many things. Frankie, Mr herriman, and Madame Foster care for the imaginary friends (of couse mac does not live here, he visits Bloo each day, I do not want to spoil it for you, though, if you are new to this show). Very Entertaing Show, and funny, kinda random, and also Parodys from many Things. Good Show, 9/10
  • I think this show is great.

    I like this show a lot. It is very entertianing, so you never get bored, no matter how many times you try. The plot is great and a home for imaginary friends, that is unlike other shows, thats what makes it good. I wish you could think up friends when your bored and sad and need an extra hand. That would make life a luxery. I wish but you just can't do that. Well, the show is also funny. For a small little house looking place, it has LOTS of rooms. That would be a good place to exercise. That would be the life.
  • This shows is amazing

    This show is a spark of imagination put on by an amazing person. I admire this show's characters plot and everything else. This show is great and its one of my personal favorites. I recommend you all to watch this cartoon its different from anything else I've seen. But i want to warn you about something by the fifth season the show is getting a bit worse as the months go by so to speak. I must agree with the other users who have reviewed this the show is just getting worse from season 4-to when ever it will end. Well gotta fly see ya around.
  • What Happened??? By the way season 5 is terrible so far( In case your wondering ;)

    This used to be one of my FAVORITE shows but now... Season 1 was the stuff a good show is made of. The episodes and jokes were original. Season 2 wasn't half bad either. In fact my favorite episode "Frankie My Dear" is almost smack-in-the-middle of season 2. But in Season 3, I found the only 3 good episodes, episodes 32, 35, 39, 40, and maybe episode 29. Shame too, because this is was longest season yet. even if only by one episode) Season 4, even worse than Season 3. The rest of Season 5 wiil tell this shows fate.
  • i think bloo got dummer

    in the first season bloo was so much smarter he had clever dialouge and his voice was deeper he is still played by the same actor but over the seasons bloos voice got more high pitched and bloo got dummer along with it i miss the smart bloo all of his jokes used to make sense but not any more now he is just trying to force the laughs and another character that annoys me is coco how could everyone understand her this show deffinately needs subtitles and another thing why does good things keep happening to eduardo i mean he keeps acting so brave when he really is a big scardy baby and for some reason in the end something good always happens to him and that crazy old lady madame foster she is like the crazy old cat lady only for imaginary friends thats all i gotta say for this review edfan out
  • why i never thought this a home for imaginary friend haha

    OMG thisis one of the bes shoew for children i have wacthed it is funny it have everythin .my favorite is eduardo i thing that he is from mexico or fome place of latin america sometime i wacht the show only for him i so good nad he look mean in the some time it is strange really
    in my opinio edurdo is that tipe of friend that need much love .bloo it crazy he just make trobles and all stuff like that soo... wildo is tall big and so thin he really like to help the other person and make them happy.
  • Foster's Home for imaginary friends is an awesome show with many hilarious moments and scary parts...

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is mostly about a kid named Mac who finds out that he has to give up his best friend Bloo who is an imaginary friend. He is shocked at what must happen and sad, but soon finds out about Fosters.He places Bloo there and he visits him. They have many hilarious moments and funny adventures as they discover more about Foster's then meets the eye... They meet many friends there including Coco, Eduardo, Wilt, and others. Production of this show is to continue in September 17th. This show is for ages 5 and up... I would say that this is a very interesting show that sometimes combines other shows like Billy and Mandy...
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I just don't get the appeal?

    I found the theme song and the characters to be really annoying. I think Cartoon Network seriously over-plays this garbage, so I can't wait until they cancel it. If you like the show, well each to their own I guess. Just don't expect me to like it. When nothing else is on I might choose this show over a boring court TV show at best. This cartoon might have appeal if you're 8-12, but I'm just not in that category. Its not even cute funny in my honest opinion. I think kids could be watching much better stuff on TV.
  • ??????????

    I loved the first and second season, and I used to look forward to new episodes, but now I think who cares? Every 3 minutes, someone screams. Bloo turned in to a Jerk, I hardly ever seen Mac, and they're making Coco look stupid. Why dosen't Frankie get married, and where are her parents? Mr. Herriman is such a Party Pooper, and won't give Frankie a break. I wish there was an episode where Frankie quits, and Mr. H has to take care of the house. The house is a mess, and all imaginary friends (except Mr. H) and Madame Foster get the flu so they can't help. Mr. H begs her to come back, and he gives her a raise and a coupan for a five star salon. I predict Fosters will be canceled, after the week of new episodes.
  • For a modern-day cartoon, this is actually good. No, not good, it's awesome!

    Behold, the one and only Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, the best (and only enjoyable) cartoon of the 2000's! But I'm not surprised, because this is the work of the great Craig McCracekn, after all. The opening theme is kind of annoying, but it gives you a quick opportunity to get a snack, anyway, and you can always mute it (I do). The plots are incredibly cool, though. Every episode features some outrageous problem or unique event, and they all deserve nothing less than a robust applause. You never know how it will turn out, and they keep you coming back for more episodes. Also, I actually laughed out load from watching a few episodes, as it has the rare talent of clean, hysterical humor. But what really attracts me are those comical characters. I just love them all! Even the nastiest villain-like characters have a way of making you love them. I especially love that mischievous, self-centered, psychotic Bloo! He's probably one of the main reasons this show is so awesome! If you haven't seen this show, then you're missing out!
  • One of my personal favorite shows.Best show Ever.

    Foster's is one of my personal favorite shows.Bloo is my favorite character because he can be so funny and active.Bloo even thinks he's cooler then everyone else.That is very funny.Wilt will be my second favorite because he can get so funny like the episode where he has to learn to say no.Eduardo is one of the best characters ever.He is so funny all the time like in Cheese A Go-Go and House of Bloos.Wilt is also one of the best and funniest characters ever.He was so funny in Where There is A Wilt Theres A Way and also Cheese A Go-Go and Make Believe It Or Not.Bloo,Wilt, and Eduardo rock out loud.Best Show Ever.Go Bloo,Wilt, and Eduardo.Bloo,Wilt,and Eduardo rock.
  • Good and funny show with brilliant ideas!

    This show is really excellent.The first time I watched it I laughed all the way through.Craig McCracken was really creative when he created the charcters.For an example, Bloo,would be impossible for most people to create on their's a great show,and It really makes you laugh.Even though I didn't see the first episode,I saw most of the other episodes and they were hillarious!The charaters design is excellent.I can't belive that anyone could make up such funny lines to put into an episode on their own.If you haven't seen this show,you haven't seen the best Television show that has came on in a long time.
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