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  • Call me a baby but I actually like this.

    Yep. The title says it. You can call me a baby, but I like it. I dont actually watch it properly like everyday. And I have only seen like 4 episodes. But that because I watch it when I am bored. And I dont watch cartoon network anymore anyway. I used to all the time when I was younger! I think the little blue think is so cute. Whats his name? Its either boo or blue. Not sure. I'm not going to get into watching it though. But I will admit that its a decent show. Nobody reeaally knows That I watch it. Well I dont really, Only 4 eps.
    Anyway overall Its not a bad show. Very entertaining and funny! Oh... and cute!
  • Mac's mother says that he is too old for his imaginary friend, Bloo. So, Mac brings Bloo to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends in order to secretly keep hanging out with him. He must visit him everyday or else Bloo could get adopted by someone else.

    This show is very cute and funny. Bloo is my favorite character. He's selfish, rude, and a trouble maker, but he has a big heart and loves his friends. He was created by Mac, an 8 year old genius who lives in an apartment with his mother and mean older brother, Terrence. Bloo and his imaginary friend room mates Wilt (the tall, overly nice basketball star), Eduardo (the Spanish purple monster who is afraid of everything), and Coco (the annoying bird/plane/tree who can only say her name, Coco), have some crazy adventures in the house. Kids will love this charming cartoon because of its intelligent humor. I didn't give this show a Perfect 10 because I find that sometimes the plots are just too frustrating, especially in the episode where Mac tries taking the friends to Europe. But, overall this show is very funny and clever, and the surprise endings that currently happen are great!
  • cute show!!

    So Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is all about well a house made for imaginary friends. The story basically sets around Mac and his imaginary friend Bloo, other characters are Cheese,Wilt,Eurado(sorry if its spelt wrong) and etc...I've become a recent fan of the show so I don't everything about it yet. My favorite character is Bloo and I also like Cheese but Bloo is my absolute favorite. This show is good and seems to be popular, but why wouldn't it? with the mix of humor and many great times this show proves to be very very very awesome!! I'm gonna keep watching!
  • a very good show if you ask me

    this is my 2ed fav show (first being ed edd n eddy) it is funny and cool to me
    bloo has to stay at a foster home for imaginary friends cuz his 8 year old creator macs older brother is mean and his mom wants him to give bloo up you can download the episodes at i want just to say this but the web site says only 100 words or more so i just gotta keep typing stuff that this review does not need for it to be done so only some words left
    okay i am done now
  • This show is enjoyable to watch.

    An 8 year - old boy named Mac was a child that was forced to give up his imaginary friend , Blooagaurd Q Kazzo . Mac sent him to foster`s home for like these imaginary friends . The characters are Wilt , Coco , Ed , Bloo , Mr.Herraman and Frankie . Well those are the main characters anyway . Oh yeah , and Madam Foster . Wilt is a tall , nice , one arm , Basketball man . Coco would explain herself as , Cocococo cococo cococo cocococo coccoco cococo . Ed is a mexacain imaginary friend . Mr.Hettaman is a strickt runner of the house person . Franlie can be mean but she is mainly nice . With these characters anything could happen .
    129 words
  • Cool show!!

    Well, OK, this is what I think of the show!

    This show is about a Foster home for "Imaginary Friends" and the things that happen to a boy called Mac who visits there everyday and a few main imaginary friend characters in the show! Well, this show is really funny! I like it lots! It's one of my most favorite shows on TV! Almost all of the episodes are really funny! But some of the episodes, like the one about Bloo trying to throw a suprise party for Mac, I didn't really like, but it is still funny in some ways! This show is usually funny! So, I'll give this show a 9.1 for this show cuz of the few boring and annoying episodes!
  • I love this show

    Foster`s home for imaginary friends ( abreviated FHFIF )Is a show about an eight year old boy named mac who had to give up his imaginary friend named Bloo a gaurd Q kazzo ( Bloo ) Because Mac`s mom thought he was to old for an imaginary friend so one night bloo was watching tv when he saw a commercial for foster`s home that was for imaginary friends . Bloo told mac were he could be taken to and housed the for a time . Then mac found out that he cuold not stay there unless he was up for adoption.
  • Madame Foster opens up a home for imaginary friends who makers have grown too old for them. It's such an awsome show! I don't care what others think of it, it's aswsome!

    This is my favoriitte pass-time show. If I'm bored and nothing good is on, i am so glad to see this show is going on. it's so funny, especially bloo. he's my favoriite character. he is so stupid in a really halarious way! who doesn't love this show? in fact, i must hav seen every episode of this show so far. i hope to see more new episodes coming my way. this show is so much fun, i love it love it love it! it's ssoo cool. it may not be my all time favoritte, but it's definatly a top show of mine!
  • pretty good.

    I've been watching this show since it came out in 2004.Ans I have to say,it's pretty good.The character's are funny.The area the show is set in is pretty diverse.And it deserves at least an eight out of ten.I also wonder what the last episode is.And,when will they make a new episode already?
  • It's really unique.If u see this plz check out my blog it has a great game.

    Who would have thought of a show about imaginary friends that you can actually see and that any kid can imagine and bring to life? That show is totally original! All the shows today ( not including reality shows ) are about three best friends. Don't belive me? I'll give you a couple of examples That's So Raven, Hannah Montana, Even Stevens, American Dragon: Jake Long, and Lizzie McGuire .( By the way those are all Disney Channel shows ) This show is not only unique but original Bloo is so funny and he gets into so many messes and has really complicated ways of getting out of them.Although he always gets caught.
  • Funny show

    I like this show, it is good and funny. I didn't like this show before when it first came out, but once after I had seen a few episodes, I was hooked. The characters are wacky and very interesting and I liked Bloo because he was always sarcastic. Mac is also a good character and he and Bloo were a very good duo, causing chaos around the place. I like Frankie, Wilt and Eduardo since they are also funny. I didn't like Coco much, but I guess she was alright at times. The show was unique and by far one of the best things on CN right now. It is definitely a great show and worthy for all ages.
  • 1 word AWESOME

    I've been watching the show ever sine it premiered and it has been great! I mean wow. AT first i wasn't sure if it was going to be good but jeez its fantabulous i mean it's hilarious. the main reason wasn't sure if it was going to be good was because the creator made the retarded powerpuff girls but this is just great! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • A great show

    This show is about Mac and imaginary friends like Coco, Blooregard, Wilt, and more. Mac's imaginary friend is Blooregard also known as Bloo. Then something terrible happen to Mac and Bloo. They got separated because Mac's mom said that he was too old to have an imaginary friend. Bloo heard the conversation that he is not wanted. Then he founds a place called Foster's Home For Imaginary Friend. It's a place for imaginary friend who is no wanted or wanted to be adopted. Bloo tells mac about that place. Then they asked the owner if Bloo could stay there. He said yes but only if Mac visit Bloo everyday. In the house Bloo met a lot of imaginary friend. Some of the friends are Coco, Wilt, Ed, and a lot more. Great adventure starts in the house. Overall, this show is great. It's also funny.
  • This show is the greatest non-anime show on Cartoon Network.

    This show is about a boy named Mac and his imaginary friend Blooregard Q. Kazoo or better known yet as Bloo. The show starts off with Mac's mom saying Mac can't have an imaginary friend anymore because he's * and too old for that stuff. Bloo overhears and knows when he's not wanted. But just as he's about to leave he finds out about a place called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Its a place where Imaginary Friends go when they aren't needed anymore and want to be adopted. After telling Mac about it, the owner of the House says its okay if Bloo can stay just as long as Mac visits him every day. Then he won't be adopted. There he meets great friends like Coco, Wilt and Eduardo. They always get into crazy situations.
  • One of my favorate TV shows that use flash animation.

    I love this show. It's one of a few shows Cartoon Network after June 2004 that turned out to be good. Why I said after June 2004? Because June 2004 was when CN relaunched with it's brand new city look as well as a new logo and that's when Cartoon Network really started to suck. This show however turned out to be good. It's about a boy named Mac who had to leave Bloo behind at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. But in order for Bloo not to get adopted, Mac had to visit him every day. This is one of my favorite TV shows that used Flash animation. Other shows that used flash animation, such as: Hi hi Puffy Ami Yumi, and the live action/animated movie (soon to be a TV show unfortunatly) Re-animated turned out to be total garbage. The only flash animation shows on TV that I really like is this show and Camp Lazlo. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends turned out to be a great show, I especially liked Bloo. He's always funny. Hopefully Cartoon Network would still keep it a good show.
  • Worst show ever!

    Because my first review was deleted because people didn't like it I must now write an entirely different one. First off: The stories, the stories really bore me, I mean what's so interesting about characters getting lost in a house.

    The Humour: I have only once laughed at this show because I didn't if it was a joke, I can't beleive it even lasted one year on the air or even got picked up, the jokes are really stupid and only a two-year-old would find them funny.

    The Voices: The voices really bug me on this show, and I don't know why, especially Bloo's and Mac's. And that co-co thing makes me crie. I can't stand the sound Of it.

    The Characters: This is what earned the show a 0.1, I like Wilt, he seem allright to.

    Allright, hate me for writing this, but let it stand, after all it's just my opinion I don't make your reveiws get deleted because they say the show is good. -captaindillo
  • One of Cartoon Network's smartest moves.

    The show is about what happens to Imaginary Friends after their creators don't want them anymore. The funny thing is, usually, Imaginary Friends are only visible to their creators. In this show, however, anyone can see them, as well as talk, play and do other things with them.

    Mac is an average 8 year old kid. He has a terrible brother named Terrance, and he only has a mom. To make him happy, he has his imaginary friend, Blooregard Q. Kazoo, or, more simply, Bloo. In the movie debut, Mac and Bloo have to deal with the turmoil that ensues when Mac and Bloo try to find him a safe future at Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. After taking care of a plot to get rid of Bloo that was made up by Terrance, and an Imaginary Friend named Dutchess, Mac and Bloo are able to make a deal with the founder of the home, Madame Foster. The home is like a Foster home, where people, or in this, Imaginary Friends, can have a place to like until someone adopts them. Despite his mother's wishes, Mac and Bloo can't stay away from each other due to their huge friendship, so the deal is that Bloo can live there and never be adopted, as long as Mac promises to visit Bloo every day. The deal is made, and the only anics that go on after that are usualy caused by Bloo and his attitude and such.
  • and the sad part is it used to be good.

    The start of the show is way different than it is now.Bloo was a lot more enjoyable being that he wasn't crazy.Well this all stopped after episode 2, episode two.Since Store Wars,Bloo has been nothing but a nuisance.He is usually the reason an episode happens.Heres a simple plot synopsis:Bloo screws up,something happens to get Bloo outta hot water,the end. The show has some good origins though.The characters are "unique" to say the least but really its rare to see them out of character as well.The show itself has a good fanbase but it just annoys me to the point of no end.
  • Bloo + Wilt + Eduardo + Coco + Mac = GREAT

    Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
    goes over a boy MAC and he have an Imaginary Friend BLOO
    but he must it do away from mom
    and he bring BLOO to FOSTER's
    and there he gets new friends
    but MAC comes every day after school 2 to FOSTER's

    MAC = He is a smart boy ;
    He loves to play with Bloo & friends ;

    BLOO =
    He is it Imaginary friend of MAC ;
    He is some times smart , but some times not !!! ;
    He loves to play with MAC ;WILT ;EDUARDO ;COCO

    WILT =
    He is a nice Imaginary friend
    He loves to play with BLOO ;MAC ;EDUARDO ;COCO

    He is a spannish & nice Imaginary friend
    He is some times scared from litlle things
    He loves to play with BLOO ;MAC ;WILT ;COCO

    COCO =
    He is a strange bird that eggs gives
    He loves to play with BLOO ;MAC ;WILT ;EDUARDO

  • I hate Bloo, but I love Cheese!

    This show is very good. The only thing worth watching on Cartoon Network that's not on Adult Swim. However, I can't stand Bloo. He's a selfish, obnoxious, lazy pain in the butt. I can't believe Mac thought of him. If I thought of that kind of friend, I would unthink him. However, Cheese is amazing. I like his one-liners, his craziness, and his rambunctiousness. Give us more Cheese because I can't get enough of him. Now that's a character that I would think up. The next character that I like is Mr. Herriman. He's uptight, but he can make it humorous. The best episode that has Mr. Herriman is 'Camp Keep a Good Mac Down' when he becomes a wild rabbit and he's not wearing his clothes.
  • I truly hate this show.

    I truly hate this show. I mean the kid Mac is probably the least annoying character but he's still annoying. Bloo is like the most selfish person o the planet. I mean in one episode he was obsesed about collecting trading cards he was completly blind to the fact he hurt one of his so called "friends" feelings. In another episode he cared more about himself than Eduardo when he broke his squeky elephant.And when he nags the living snot out of Mac I feel like I'm with my immature friend. Also Bloo was being a word so vile I would get kicked of this website if I said it when he cared more about winning a game than if he and Mec get in trouble. I know you guys will hate me for this review but I just wanted to say I HATE FOSTERS!
  • I really like this show.

    You would think from reading my reviews for "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" and "Squirrel Boy" that I'm the anti-CN new shows; not 100% true. Since the first time I saw this show, I started liking it more and more each time. I find it a very funny show indeed. Some episodes are a lot better than others, but all in all I think they're great. I especially love episodes with Cheese. I find him absolutely hilarious. Seeing the episode "Mac Daddy" made me laugh so hard I nearly passed out from laughter. I give this show a high rating, because it definately deserves it. That leaves me with just one more statement...

    ...I like cereal! XD
  • I love this show!

    Its such an awesome cartoon. Its actually one of the only cartoons I watch now. Its funny, and almost will always put you in a good mood. The plots are always good, and every character is perfect in their place on the show. Bloo is really my favorite character, mainly because of his personality! He'll always find a way to get into trouble, always. Mack and Wilt and Coco are good characters too. Wilt is funny because he's "too" nice and Coco makes me laugh, especially when she's mad because all she'll say is "coco". Its a very good show, for all ages!
  • Mac has to bring his adorible imaginary friend to Fosters. He meets other friends and have fun adventures together.

    This show is the best in the world! I would die if it ever got cancelled! My favorate character is Wilt he is so nice and sweet! I also like Cheese. This wonderful show is truly the best in the history of cartoons! I hate anyone who hates this show!!!!!!!!
  • If you are into cartoons and humor - you will absolutely love Foster's...

    Typically, I wouldn't watch a cartoon. I'm more into my drama and comedy shows - but I love Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends because it is comedy. It has to be funnier than any other show I watch. My favorite character is Bloo because almost every word that comes out of his mouth is funny. This show has to be one of the best cartoons in history. I don't know how Craig McKracken comes up with his brilliant ideas - but he should keep doing it. I will watch Foster's 'till the end, and opefully that isn't any time soon!
  • i just can't get into it

    it's basicly about a kid named mac that has an imaginary friend named blue mac, has a bully for a brother named terrance he always beats up on mac and blue every time mac gets home from school. soon macs mo desides it is time to get rid of blue. then, blue sees a ad on television abou foster's home for imaginary friends so mac takes blue there at first he thought that he could visit blue every day but he later finds out that blue will be adopted... then he makes a deal with maddem foster (the manager of foster's home) and she tells him that if he visits blue every day he can't be adopted.
  • A show about a kid named Mac who puts his imaginary friend named Bloo in a home for imaginary friends and they go on wacky adventures. Simply amazing.

    This show is one of the greatest shows ever! The idea is completely original, the plot is great, and the animation is unique. What's really great about this show is that people can actually see the imaginary friends. People say this is childish, but actually, it appeals to any age. Who could dislike such a great idea? All the characters are funny in their own ways and the imaginary friends look so unique. This is the best idea for a show ever! It's random, it's funny, and it's unique. What's not to love about it? There isn't a show like this! It's so rare to actually find something just like Foster's. This is one of the best shows ever.
  • This is so funny!

    This show is one of the best ideas I know of. Whoever thought of this show has to be a total genius. This is one of the best animated shows I have ever seen! It is so funny, and it just continues to get better and better. My little sister thinks it's really funny, too. Her and I love to copy the characters, especially cheese, since he's so wacky. My favorite episode so far is probably "Cheese A Go-Go". It's absolutely hilarious! "gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go." I love copying that. My sister and I love to torture our mom by running around screaming that. The game "utter nonsense" on is probably the only game that my mom, sister and I will play together. It's just so silly and has no meaning, but it's still fun.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is a Cartoon Network origanal for children. This show should be ok to watch for 2 to around 14 or 15 year olds depending on what you watch.

    The movie opener for the show was about a boy called Mac and his imaginary friend called Bloo. Mac was told by his mom to get rid of Bloo. So he took him to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends to stay their till he found out it was a adoption home. He kept Bloo their and was told he could stay only if he visited Bloo everyday. Then his brother found out and joined up with Dutchess [another imaginary friend at fosters]. They then took a evil imaginary friend and used it to try to kill Bloo, but Mac and his friends stopped the evil imaginary friend Mac's brother and Dutchess. They then were happy, and Mac could keep Bloo at Foster's and still keep and visit him.
  • A kid outgrows his imaginary friend named Bloo so he is taken to Foster's home where he meets new friends and get them into his wild adventures.

    The first time I saw this show, I wasn't really into it at all. That is, until I saw the pilot episode, "House of Bloo's", I totally dig this show. Althought where I live it only airs season 1-2 so I have to see the rest on YouTube. It has really cool and funny characters. Bloo, full name Blooregard Q. Kazoo, is some what selfish and insensitive. Mac is a smart kid. Wilt is a really nice guy that always help people when they ask him for help. Eduardo might be scary but he wouldn't even hurt a fly. Coco is a bird - airplane - plant like creature who only says "Coco". Mr. herriman is the head of Foster's, a bunny who is obsessed with rules, sometimes known as "Funny Bunny". His creator, Madame Foster is a wacky old lady who loves parties. Frankie, her grand-daughter who oftens gets stressed out taking care of Bloo and his friends. Mac befriends a girl called Goo who has a wild imagination who is known to have created dozens of friends. The series even goes so far that they make a game entitle "Big Fat Awesome House Party". I recommend it to everyone! I give this show 9.4, and the game 10.0, total 9.7.
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