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  • Why do some haters want this cancelled?It rocks out loud like Camp Lazlo!

    A shy 8-year-old boy named Mac.Toke Bloo to "Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends"."Cheese"Bloo hates!Bloo thinks cheese is annoying(I don"t).Goo is a girl who uses her imagination alot seen in "Go Goo Go".Duchess is a gruse girl even if she takes a shower.Terrance is macs brother and bulley.Terrence used a friend to smash Bloo Red as seen in "Seeing Red"Frankie is the assistant at Fosters with her Grandma Mademe Foster.Mr.Herriemen.Bloo hates him.Frankie can"t take his rules.So,Come on over to "Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends"where great memories aren"t forgotten
  • I like it! the show is fantastic It all starts out when Mac and Bloo living together. Terrence bullying them. Then thier mom comes home and she says to Mac to get rid of Bloo. When Bloo is watching T.V. he finds foster's and lives there for now a

    It is funny and cool. It was a great idea for a show. This show is better than the power puff girls. My favorite character is Cheese he is so funny! My faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite episode is The Big Cheese but he yells alot. My other fav. characters are Mac, Wilt, and Bloo.
    As for me Tina I think the show is very creative imaginary friends? thats genius! This show is fantastic my favorite episode is Make believe it or not because its a spoof of starwars and thats funny. My favorite character is Bloo he's funny and smart. It's fantastic really.
  • The show involves a boy Mac and his best imaginary freind bloo.

    The best part about this show is the character cheese. CHEESE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the episodes "Mac Daddy" "Infernal Slumber" and "The Big Cheese", cheese stars with his random words. A new episode airing on cartoon network on 5/4/07 involved Bloo classifying cheese to be an alien. Cheese said "Gotta go gotta go gotta go!" Too many times in the episode, but all in all the episode was fine. Anyway, the show is enjoyable for many, yet is not all that great. The only amazing, astounding, impeccable part of Foster's Home For Imaginary friends is the character cheese! Cheese rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Awsome!!!!!

    aig McCracken, creator of The Powerpuff Girls , presents a brand new Flash animated Cartoon Network original series with some of the best friends you can think of. In this world, imaginary friends become real the instant a kid thinks them up. Everyone can see them, everyone can talk to them -- but what happens when a kid outgrows his friend? Figure it out on this great shoe on Cartoon Network.

  • A wonderful story of a boy, his imaginary friend and other people's imaginary friends. A great way to escape the world mentally. Full of fun and comedy without being explicit. Sweet!

    My favorite episode is "Mac Daddy" where Mac thinks he made another imaginary friend. Cheese! "I like chocolate milk!", "I want cereal" and many more gut busting quotes from the greatest character in all of Foster's Home. The show in general is super sweet. A total must see. Great for all ages. Perfect for older people trying to find their inner child again. 10,000 kudos for the creator and animator. Did i mention that I L O V E T H I S S H O W! (forgive the caps, looking for words to fill up the last few words.)
  • It's a show about an 8 year old named Mac who has to give up his imaginary friend because his mom says he's too old. Mac sends Bloo, the imaginary friend, to fosters, where they have many exciting adventures.

    This is one of my absolute favorite shows. It's meant for little kids, but my 24 year old sister is in love with it . . . and so am I. Some of the jokes are even meant for grown ups (and teens) sometimes. My all time favorite character is Cheese. He's the best. Although he's my favorite, The episodes he's in aren't my favorite. My favorite EPISODE has to be "Squeeze the Day". It's so hilariously funny. I know I might sound like a dork, but I know every single word to that episode. Watch it sometime. It's good.
  • This show is my absolute favorite!!!!!!!

    This show is THE FUNNIEST show in the whole wide world! My favorite character is Bloo and eduardo. My favorite episode is probaly most likely "Squeeze The Day". I once told someone i like this show. And there like Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is a kids show. No it's not. Most of thejokes only older people would understand. But you know what, whatever. Because my uncle LOVES this show to. And last time i checked he's like forty , i guess. The person that made this show also made The Powerpuff Girls. Ya i don't watch that show anymore. But when i was a kid i loved that show. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
  • This show is made with Adobe Flash Player. This was done to save money, but not much. The whole story is based on a boy who was supposed to get rid of his imaginary friend--but he won't. Instead he goes to the Foster Home (for imaginary friends) for help.

    This show is actually one of my personal faves...I really like it! The sad part is that I am almost 17 years old and I still enjoy this show. MY fave character of all time is probably going to be Berry, the deranged imaginary friend who is crushing on Bloo. She is just such an eccentric friend, she could be the perfect girlfriend to keep Bloo on his toes. Of course my fave episode, along with most likely every other tween and pre-teen, is the first time Cheese is introduced into the show. Bloo just about blew a gasket when he thought he might have acquired a brother. The entire episode took us through Bloo's thought process as he tried to figure out how to be rid of Cheese but finally showed us that Bloo did care about Cheese--if only for a moment. It's not the fact that this shown is a exceptionally comical cartoon that makes so many individuals love it. It's because there are characters that show true character growth and mirror many emotions that are shown by the tween age group.
  • Not like the other CN shows.

    Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Kid's next door, Camp Lazo are all shows I'm sure have some kind of appeal to kids now but there are sure not that great.

    Foster's home isn't really much like those shows. It doesn't have much depth in story but hey all kid's shows are like that. The show's filled with a ton of cute yet not too cute cast of monsters and characters who aren't stupid and brainless like Ed and those other two Eds. The show looks pretty good and it's pretty enjoyable by kids and adults as well. It's a show I wouldn't mind watching some more on CN and because they don't air a big variety of shows throughout the day it's usually on.
  • Don't let the title of this show make you think it is aimed for young ones.

    I at first thought this show was going to be no good at all...but I simply decided to watch an episode because I do not judge anything until I have seen it. Turns out, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is actually a show with lots of funny situations and great characters. Because of the title of this show, though, it will definitely be hard for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends to attract an older audience.

    The flash animation used in this show is probably what makes this show amazing. Probably one of the best flash-animated cartoons to date. Although the backgrounds are not very detailed, more importantly the characters are very colorful.

    Another thing I like about this show is that how the episode ends is very unpredictable (unless you've watched the episode before, of course). I enjoy surprise endings, not the predictable endings like in the recent Spongebob Squarepants episodes.

    Voices are well done. Not much to say here.

    But probably my favorite part about this show is Bloo. Such a simple character, but so well known. Without Bloo, there would be little to no point in watching this show because Bloo is what makes this show humorous and well worth watching. Cartoon Network did an excellent job in picking out which person would voice Bloo. I say this show is awesome and should definitely stay on Cartoon Network for many years. After all, Cartoon Network doesn't have a wide variety of good shows besides Naruto and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. If you have not watched an episode, I highly recommend you watch at least one FULL episode. Don't let the title of this show make you think this show is for a young audience, this show definitely has something for all ages. I give Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends an 9.5 out of 10.
  • One of the only good new shows on cartoonetwork.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of the only good new shows on cartoonetwork. Its about a imaginary friend name Bloo created by Mac and his mother didnt want Bloo anymore so Mac made Bloo live in a Foster Home for Imaginary Friends. Camp lazlo and this show are the only good news shows. I am not like a really fan of this show but Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is a way better show than My Gym Parner`s a Monkey and Squirrel Boy. The charaters are fine, the episodes are cool, and the plots are just weird, in a good way. I am surely it will lasted for a long time cause its a very cool show to watch.
  • I like this show! It's very funny and unique in art.

    At first, I thought this show was not very good and it lacked in art, sound, and comedy, but now, I'm not a critic anymore. This is a very decent show and I think that because Bloo and all his friends (Mac, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, etc.) are always on crazy and mischievous adventures like when Bloo needs to fix Madame Foster's bust when he broke it by breaking every rule in the house, trying to stop all of the imaginary friends from being adopted, and tons more kooky adventures. I hope the producers and directors don't change the plot of the stories because this show would go *flushes the toilet* in the next season (if there is one). Overall, I gave this an 8 out of 10, or a 4 out of 5 stars.
  • After the first episode the next day two girls were flinging thier tongues and kicking peoples shins... and it was because of this show. Also it is a pretty good show.

    Ok, so this show is about a boy named Mac and his imaginary friend Bloo. Because his mom says Mac can't keep Bloo he leaves Bloo in the care of Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends. Thier, if Mac visits him once a day Mac can keep him. Mac is an eight year old boy with a very wide imagination. Bloo is rather selfish but has a fun unique personality. There they meet other friends. Some other imaginary friends. Theres Wilt, who is very friendly and is full of basketball. Theres Coco, who can only say the word coco. Theres Eduardo, the spanish looking fraidy cat even though he looks tough. My favorite character Frankie, who is a redhead and granddaughter to the owner of the house. She is a teen, and is wild. And finally theres Mr.Heriman, the uptight rabbit who is the "manager" of the house. So this show has great potential, and is really great. Thats my thought on this show.
  • I was recently talking to some friends about how cartoon shows for kids seem to have gone downhill especially in the last couple of years, happily though Foster’s home for imaginary frie...

    I was recently talking to some friends about how cartoon shows for kids seem to have gone downhill especially in the last couple of years, happily though Foster’s home for imaginary friends (FHFIF) is one firm example that there is always an exception to the rules.

    The general storyline about a world were imaginary friends come into existence when they are thought up by a kid is a refreshingly original one and the idea of a foster home for them was a pure recipe for success. The episodes are always well written and have an appeal for all members of the family.

    Characters while simple in design they are quite elaborate in personality and charm. Most of the characters are designed to impact the younger audience and get the correct emotion from them depending on what the writer wants. However there are quite a few tongue 'n cheek jokes aimed to get laughs from an older audience, in particular by the character Bloo. The show's writers also seem to have a thing for parodies of anything and everything, from Pac man and space invaders to Star wars and the matrix.

    My favourite part of this show was the episode Squeeze the day when Mac and Bloo run round like a pair of nut cases. ‘THIS IS A JOKE’ lol.

    Any way it is quite a show and if you have the time it’s a very good watch!
  • Speaking in terms of originality, art, and every desirable quality in an animated cartoon, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is the best and most outstanding cartoon currently showing on Cartoon Network.

    At first, because I had been too caught up watching another Cartoon Network series, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, I hadn't noticed the brighter-by-contrast Foster's. My first real introduction to the show came through the online game Big Fat Awesome House Party, proclaimed by Cartoon Network as their "biggest game ever." Something about Bloo's simple yet original design appealed to me and I decided to actually check it out. The first episode I paid serious attention to just happened to be "Frankie My Dear" where Bloo's hilarious disguise as "Orlando Bloo" won me over to the show, entirely. From there onwards, I officially became one of the many fans of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

    So, now, on to what I like about the show.

    One outstanding aspect of the show would be its humor. Not the potty humor so often found in Billy & Mandy, but a purer sort of humor. Ever since I began watching Foster's, it has never failed to evoke laughter from myself and my sister. The unique animation of Foster's is given a different reception by each different individual. I for one, applaud it, because the "fat black line (as McCracken called it)" is the boring plain ol' outline of too many CN characters. Finally, Foster's possesses something found rarely in modern cartoons- morals. Craig McCracken, the executive producer of Foster's, was also the creator of the Powerpuff Girls, in which morals were a pronounced feature. Although the moral theme in Foster's is more subtle than it was in the PPG, undoubtedly it is still there. (Only Bloo never seems to learn his lesson.)

    Cartoon Network continues to produce more animated series, year after year churning out more failures and more unoriginal crap, but they have yet to produce another cartoon that lives up to the standards of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
  • It's good show.

    this show is a funny show, that I like to watch if nothing else I like is on. I prefer animes over cartoons like this, but It's a good show. It's about a boy named Mack who had to give up his Imaginary freind because his mom thinks he's to old. Mac sends his freind to a foster home for imaginary freinds and now they go on all sorts of adventures behind his moms back. I like this show because it's good for lauphs, and sometimes it's nice to watch something not actiony all the time. When I first saw the comertial for Fosters Home for Imiginary freinds I thought it was a baby show but I was wrong.
  • really cute and funny...

    Oooh! i love this show. It's just so cute........ Bloo, especially. So, he may not have any ears or legs and he doesn't have a nose(how does he breathe?). But he is so cute!!!But he is also obnoxious, naughty, and thinks about himself most of the time. Good thing there's Mac. Mac is cute too!!! With his tv block head and his cute little Mac outfit. All the other imaginary friends are cute too. Eduordo,coco but Wilt is my favourite. He's so nice and kind I want an imaginary friend like him.Overall, this show is really enjoyable and so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cartoon Network Has Birthed A Newborn Comedy!

    I remember when I first saw that forsters coming was coming to cartoon network and I said \"This show looks so stupid. It looks like a blue\'s clues kind of show\". Then I actually sat down and watched it and I was shocked that the show was freakin halarious. Forsters characters are so unique and so funny that this show will automatically grab you in. I\'m 22 and I have to say that this show is on my daily list of shows to watch when I get in from work. I\'m pretty sure that every episode I\'ve watched has had me laughing out loud from \"Blue\" & \"Cheese\". These two characters are two of the most funniest characters on this show. So, if you\'re watching cartoon network and want to laugh out forsters home of imaginary friends.
  • Concidering all the recent cartoons CN has been putting on, this is incredible.

    Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends is a show about a boy name Mac who has no freinds except for imaginary friends at a mansion called Fosters. HIs own imaginary friend is named Bloo. This show has a whole lot of characters most of them are just imaginary friends they just dont name. This show is great except it is on way to often. When ever I go to CN, its usually on. I would be better if it wasn't on as much to give other goods shows like this one to give their chance to shine. Anybody to adults to kids should enjoy this show.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is an Emmy award-winning, American animated television series created and produced at Cartoon Network Studios by animator Craig McCracken

    In this world, imaginary friends become real the instant a child imagines them. Unfortunately for the imaginary friends, the children outgrow them. When that happens, the friends are left to fend for themselves. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends was founded by the elderly Madame Foster to provide a foster home (hence the title) for abandoned imaginary friends; their motto is "Where good ideas are not forgotten." There are (according to "Setting A President") 1,340 imaginary friends at Foster's Home. It has been suggested that the house itself may be imaginary, as well. In the end of "Emancipation Complication" Madame Foster states that there are 2,037 Imaginary Friends currently residing in the house.
  • At first I thought this was a crazy show, but as it went on, it began to grow on me.

    A show about a boy who had to give up on his imaginary friend due to the fact he was getting too old for him. But then they found the solution, Fosters Home For Imaginary, an immense victorian manor that looks after imaginary friends with nowhere to go, they stay there in hope that some day another child will come and adopt them so they can move on to another life. This is a zany series that centres Mac visiting his friend Bloo everyday to prevent him from being adopted. Their friendship carries on with their other friends, Wilt, Coco, Eduardo and the other inhabitants of Fosters.
  • One of my favorites. This show is pretty good and really funny!

    I would recommend this show to anyone who's into good humor.
    Me and my best friend watch this show together a lot. We both really enjoy it! It's one more show I found that's actually funny and not dumb and point-less like some other shows I've seen on CN before.

    Pretty good show, decent plotline, so I reward it with a 9.4!
  • Worth more than it gets.

    This amazinly funny show is worth more than it gets, It's funny, tells a good story, has morals, laughs and tears, it's got it all. This show has brought life to the dead shows that pollute our televisions, this one has heart and can go somewhere beyond just a kid show. It's cute and loveable characters give it the taste of the shows we all loved as a kid. The main child, Mac, and his imaginary friend Blue, have touched the hearts of many. This show gets my gold medal as one of the best,loving,smart shows in the world. Congrats to all that have put their time into making such a wonderful show!
  • The best kind of show to watch when you don't feel like thinking a great deal. It has plenty of funny moments and each episode stands alone, so you don't have to have seen previous episodes to understand what's going on.

    Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is about an orphanage of sorts for abandoned imaginary friends. Bloo, created by Mac, is loved dearly by Mac but is no longer allowed to live with him. So he goes to live at Foster's, where Mac visits him every day. Because the other Imaginary friends at Foster's are all up for adoption, the deal is that, as long as Mac visits regularly, Bloo won't be adopted.

    The colourful variety of friends means that there is rarely a dull moment. Wilt, the tall, basketball-loving friend is always polite and overly helpful. Eduardo is a large purple friend whose cowardice only disappears when his friends are in trouble. Coco is the crazy one, who doesn't seem to care much of what her effect is on others.

    Together, their antics cause plenty of trouble for Mr. Hareaman, the paranoid rabbit who keeps things in order and Frankie, daughter of Madame Foster, who is charged with cleaning up the place.

    Bloo's wild creativity and reckless behaviour means he is constantly coming up with schemes to get what he wants. He is selfish and lazy but rather than making us hate him, this only serves to make us love him more. The humour of the show often revolves around Bloo's practical jokes, or the misfortune of other friends.

    There is also a randomness element to the show that makes it so ridiculous that it is funny. This is particularly relevent with the character of Cheese. He rarely makes sense, and constantly gets on Bloo's nerves, but the things he says often leave me in fits of laughter.

    With each new episode, there seems to be another friend introduced. Every character is original and unique, and their personalities make the show interesting to watch.

    The storylines are fairly basic and easy to follow, and rarely effect the next episode, meaning that you can pick any episode as your first without being too worried about being clueless as to what is going on.

    But the best part of the show is its unpredictability. You never know where it's going to go next; the only limit is your imagination ...
  • Indeed, the best imaginary cartoon...

    The first time I saw the commercial of this on Cartoon Network, it didn't even got my full attention. But it repeated so often, that one time I decided to watch the cartoon. And not only was very funny, but intelligent too. In a time where most shows are about people turning into monsters to fight monsters that may turn into people or something like this, this show is about imagination, as pure and simple as it can be. Even the most strange imaginary friend has a personality, and the seemingly infinite number of them almost guarantee that it can be less repetitive than most shows.
  • Besides Teen Titans, Foster's is the best show on Cartoon Network.

    The pilot episode was great and my favorite character is Bloo. After the pilot, he is always in trouble and is always trying to get himself into trouble. My favorite episode is when Bloo, Eduardo, and Wilt go to Mac's apartment and they spend the night there. It is funny and Goo and Coco get mad at them and decide to go. Cheese cand makes it even funnier. Another good episode is Good Wilt Hunting, where we get to see the creators' of the imaginary friends. I still wonder why new episodes haven't aired yet. I wonder what the next episode is.
  • Very good show!

    This is one of the onley good tv series on CN still running right now. It has alot of hilarious episodes like 'Bus the Two of Us' and it does have some bad episodes like 'Everyone Knows it's Bendy' but it doesn't much of those. This series keeps getting better every season! I think it's the best tv shows still running on CN. It's also got some cool references to video games and tv series and some CN show charactor cameos which makes this series alot cooler. I hope it runs for a long long time unless it goes downhill.
  • Okay

    It was funny in the beginning but it has gotten really stupid. They had kinda stupid games on like big,fat, awesome house party. More like small, skinny, stupid house party. Bloo thinks he is cool but he isn't even close to being cool. They can't think of good names like Wilt's creator's name is Jordan Micheals. And Wilt is obviously based off of Wilt Chamberlaiin one of the best basketball players in the world. Coco is cool because she can lay eggs that have prizes in them. Mac Daddy was okay but it was so cheesy if you know what I mean. Cheese is funny sometimes but other times he is just plain stupid
    Overall okay show
  • Great for all ages.

    I love this show! I'm 21 years old and I love this show! It's so cute! I love all the charactors and how different each of them are. Eduardo is the best because he look so threatening but he's just a big scaredy cat. I love how all Coco says is "Coco!" with different volumes and emphasis and how Wilt never really seems to get mad even though he had a rough life before Fosters. Mac and Bloo make such a great pair and Frankie tries her best to keep everything under control for Mr. Harriman and Madame Foster. This show is great, I'll watch it whenever it's on!
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