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  • MAc has to give up bloo to fosters home but he gets to live there and they go on cool adventures.

    Bloo is the back ground to how funny this show is. Bloo is not very smart and if he finds something he wants than he will pursue this object for the whole episode, which makes for funny antics. MAc who is the brains of the show is the worst character by far. Edwardo if a scared beast, wilt is a very kind baskett ball pro, coco is a bird and an airplane. Bloo is the only funny character and really likes paddle ball and is obsessed with them. Blue does get obbsessed with power and gets a little crazy when he gets power.
  • well now that spongebob has gone down the crapper this could be my new favorite cartoon show

    well now that spongebob has gone down the crapper this could be my new favorite cartoon show, Its funny and entertaining , its amazing how they can make a blob with a face so complex. The show's main humor is the hidden irony in everything that they do. Though i dont see how a nice kid like mac could imagine an little blue a hole mile Bloo regard Q. Kazoo, any way my favorite character is cheese cause he's hilarious and its always fun to luagh at the mentally crazy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
  • I'm sorry to say this- this show cesreves to be cancelled for lowering itself to the same level as The Buzz on Maggie... It used to be good- now it sucks!

    I'm sorry to say this- this show cesreves to be cancelled for lowering itself to the same level as The Buzz on Maggie... It used to be good- now it sucks!

    Foster's Home for... this title is too long- not acceptable!!
    FHFIF was once a great show with a strong concept that could compete on almost any level of anime out there that today's youth is fickle, yet wise to watch ( this is so they're not wasting away from the crap on Disney and Nick..)

    I mean, come on- the idea that kids and teens that could create living beings with their minds, that other can see and treat like common citizens of our society- cool, because hopefully and eventually, we'll start accepting aliens, monsters, and robots as common, functioning parts of society easily- but only if we can put our differecnes aside and cooperate- now if only this show were out to teach us that. There's a problem with this concept of possible truth, however.

    It isn't- that's why it's starting to suck so much now- I do not ****ing know why so many people like it now!!

    What was once a bridge to a working society that the human mind without an imagination and creative thought wouldn't have a chance in hell building alone, what we get is justt another half-ass ripoff of The Simpsons and Family Guy. Hey, McCracken, could you leave the annoying behavior and crack-ass comedy stylings to these mentioned shows- you suck at this! Horribly!!

    I can easily say this, due to the fact that the main characters are so immature and stupid- Yeah, Mac and Bloo, I'm aimed at you (especially Bloo.)!
    I easily say this because Mac may be smart, but he is weak and a p****, especially without Bloo at his side. But let me ask you something, Mac- Why the hell would you want someone who's nothing like you, but like The Buzz on Maggie's main character- he's stupid, cruel, annoying, a jerk, an ass, and he thinks he's cool. He is, by all means, a bigger loser than his creator!!

    Wilt looks cool, Coco is cool for what she is, Eduardo- to sum him up- if I were woman, I'd totally do him!! Bloo is noting but blue piece of dog ****. Anyone I know, with as little imagination that they have, could have thought up something way better that this piece of trash.
    Hell, if I were Mac, for being such an annnoyance and nuisance to the working society around him, to jutify my mistake- I would've beat Bloo to death, then shot him. For a more positive change, I'd turn him into a girl, so he can know how it feels to be mistreated. Besides, I thikn Bloo would make a great woman- he feels and sounds the f***ing part!! Also, the issue with teenage minds in this show- this show thinks all teenagers are corrupt, arrogant, and stupid- that they have lousy imaginations that can only create stupid, destructive, and unintellegent monsters that aren't fit to exist. If all teens thought like this our society and created such worthless ideas, I'd embrace their genocide (teens and all.) What I'm saying is we don't need kids thinking they can get away with creating such worthless imaginary beings to hang out with, only to end up fighting for them, and dying... that just shows how worthless teenagers are today to our society, unless they have hard-working jobs, and worship the parents and adults who control them as if they were God- but above all that, good imaginations that arent just tools for violence at best.

    If Bloo isn't something really hate about this show, and why no one bothers to dance on his trecea when he deserves it, it's this!! It's sad I say all this- if you still like this show, loyal patrons of this site, enjoy it with all my blessing- it is the only one ofthe current original 4 shows (Billy and Mandy, Camp Lazlo, and Class of 3000) keeping this channel from becoming Adult Swim (I'd thank God if that happens right about now. This channel sucks overall without Adult Swim or Toonami on it.).

    Just keep in mind, though- the only reasons can still hold its own, despite retarded characters are dragging it down like so many other shows:

    -Beautiful execution of the very term animation itself
    -Creative and developing characters (other than Bloo)
    -A strong and original concept
    -The fact that it'll, after awhile, make you think mainly, "What if I had an imaginary companion, yet he was real- think of all the conversations about feelings I could have!"

    But, come on ,CN, when are you going to learn that having one more stupid characters in your show doesen't make it any moore hilarious- stupid people are the Reason our democracy will end, and we, the people will eventually end up slaves to a corrupt empire out to wipe out everyone who doesen't agree with them... not what we want. That, and this stupidity and nuicansy are best keft to the Simpsons and Family Guy...

    a 5.5 out of 10.
    F91- sorry for the harsh words. But CN knows better if they don't want people worse than me ranting about this... I mean, some of the reviews I read before this berating the show suck hard!!
  • What a great show!

    I really love this show! It's the best of the best! I can't beilive that some people actually hate this show! Sure, I wasn't intrested when I seen previews of it, but after I saw the pilot, I thought it was cute, but later on, I begin to realized that this show is my number one favorite episode, and it's still is! My friends like my show! Even my old sixth grade teacher, Mr. Higer loves that show! I think about it almost all the time! Seriously, it has everything! It's a great show and nothing more! Fosters forever! Yeah!!
  • Best show on Cartoon Network

    I love Foster's. I always think where was a show like this when I was younger. I think this show is the best, it's the best I have ever seen on a cartton channel. At first I didn't think I would like it and I changed the channel then I got bored so I watched it and I wanted more of it. The show is a great show for kids and teens like me I even know people in like their 20's that watch this show. I hope this show keeps going because it is the best. It hasalot of laughs and it will keep your attention unlike some shows these days.
  • It wasn't as good as it used to be.

    It was funny in the beginning but it has gotten really stupid. They had kinda stupid games on like big,fat, awesome house party. More like small, skinny, stupid house party. Bloo thinks he is cool but he isn't even close to being cool. They can't think of good names like Wilt's creator's name is Jordan Micheals. And Wilt is obviously based off of Wilt Chamberlaiin one of the best basketball players in the world. Coco is cool because she can lay eggs that have prizes in them. Mac Daddy was okay but it was so cheesy if you know what I mean. Cheese is funny sometimes but other times he is just plain stupid.
    Peace out
  • Why did I watch that ugly stuff?

    Craig McCracken, creator of The Powerpuff Girls , presents a brand new Flash animated Cartoon Network original series with some of the best friends you can think of. In this world, imaginary friends become real the instant a kid thinks them up. Everyone can see them, everyone can talk to them -- but what happens when a kid outgrows his friend? Then that friend is welcome to Foster\'s Home for Imaginary Friends, the adoption center, owned by old Madame Foster, that provides a home for them, until a child, in need of an imaginary friend, who can\'t think their own up, comes to adopt them. One such friend there is Blooregard Q. Kazoo, the creation of 8-year-old clever, yet shy Mac, who\'s mother tells him he\'s too old for Bloo. Though Bloo felt that \"adoption is not an option,\" Mac convinced him to stay long enough that, after a sinister plan devised by self-centered Duchess fails, Mac proves his loyalty. Moved by his loyalty and pure imagination, Madame Foster, herself, states that Bloo may stay at Foster\'s without ever having to worry about being adopted. In return, all Mac has to do is visit every day. This isn\'t a problem, considering that Mac would rather spend his after-school time with Bloo and all the other wacky friends, like the sanity-challenged bird-airplane-plant Coco, cowardly protector Eduardo, basketball-playing Wilt, along with Madame Foster\'s granddaughter Frankie and the imaginary friend created by Madame Foster, Mr. Herriman, than at home, with his 13-year-old stupid, bullying brother, Terrence. Every day, thanks to Bloo\'s crazy scheming, the gang end up in wacky adventures.
  • About imaginary freinds that go to a foster home after their creators leave them o get to big for hem.

    Ohmy god, the best show eva! I mean come on. It dosn't get any funnier then this! All the episodes are great. Even all the characters are hilariuos! And my favorite characters are Eduardo, Bloo, and Mac. But hte thing is that Bloo was kinda a little bit better in the first season. Not saying that Bloo Isn't good in the other season, but I think that he's just better in the firt seasons. My two favorite episodes are "Squeeze the day" and "store Wars". I remember when this first came out too. I first didn't like it, but then I started to LOVE it!
  • a show about a house for imaginary friends who need a home.

    this show is fabulous.i love this show with all the friend and creatures that the kid's show and then mac come's with bloo and bloo is always doing mischef and trouble, which makes the house cleaner(her name is frankie) very mad because she has to clean up after bloo's messes.there are some other friends in the house like wilt who is a tall red guy who is very nice and then there is a eduardo who is a big furry monster who speaks spanish but he is a big fat chicken and a baby who is scared. and last there is coco who is part bird plant and plane and can only say any way i really love this show.
  • I love Fosters!

    When I first started seeing commercials for this series I was like what the heck. Cartoon Network is bringing in another terrible series into it's line up. But even so, I gave it a try and immediately fell in love with the series. Bloo is the greatest especially the way he acts and Mac rocks as well. How ever Coco (who is my favorite character) is one of the reasons why I watch the series. I love the way she says Coco but you can still understand what she is saying. Another thing to enjoy in this series is the fact that is there no limit to what kind of characters can feature in this wonderful series!
  • This is about a boy name Mac, who has an imaginary friend called Bloo, and since his mom did not want Bloo, he was sent to Foster Home, where he meet new friends everyday, and got into so much trouble at the same time.. ( good show )

    This is about a boy name Mac, who has an imaginary friend called Bloo, and since his mother did not want Bloo, he was sent away to Foster Home, where he meets new friend(s) everyday, and gets into so much trouble at the same time.

    I am not really a big fan of comedy shows, but when I saw this show I got hooked,it is funny and so unpredictable, unlike other shows I've watched.I know people might say it is boring and it is only for little kids but I like it. It is very good for a show meant for children, very unpredictable.

    -Awesome, cool, funny, and unpredicatble.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is about Mac and his adventures at a home for lost or abandoned imaginary friends.

    I love this show. My sister persuaded me to watch it a couple of months ago and I have loved it ever since. This show is exciting, memorable, and not to mention hilarious. I usually get a headache from laughing so hard. My favorite characters would have to be Mac, Bloo, and Frankie. My favorite episode so far would have to be Store Wars. When I first saw that episode, I pratically fell off of the couch laughing harder than I had ever laughed before. I can't wait to see what new episodes will come out. I'm sure they will be funny and memorable.
  • Ever wonder where you imaginary childhood playmates went to once you outgrew them? I have the answer: Welcome to Foster's.

    This has to be one of the best cartoons on the air today. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends appeals to a wide audience on a theme that almost everyone has is common: childhood playmates. Even having outgrown my own days of imaginary friends, the show makes me almost nostalgic as it takes me back to the times when I was younger. Of course, nothing I ever did with my friends was ever as crazy as what Bloo and Mac get themselves into. This show has a character for everyone; it would be almost impossible to not like at least one of them. From the responsible and exasperated Frankie down to the unpredictable Cheese, Foster's home really takes in all kinds.
  • Foster's is about an imaginary friends shelter that takes care of imaginary friends. when Bloo comes to the house everything flips upside down with his ex-friend Mac. Everyone finds that life can be alot more interesting!!!!

    mac is so funny because how he always plays and treats bloo. but i still cant believe he made up a friend like bloo. Bloo is soo funny all of his episodes are funny. i love the one where he goes on a road trip with Mac and all Mac wants is to go back to Fosters'. he gets a new job at a pizza shop put on those things that unclogge the tiolet to make him self taller and his way of the senic root is to go on a highway that is full of traffic. then i love the one when Bloo and the friends go to Macs' for a sleep over. Eduardo noked out Macs' brother and when bloo wants to play a joke on Macs' mom and mac was whispering mean things to bloo no one could understand what they were saying but bloo ended up almost crying that was really funny!!!
  • This is a great show because it isn't stupid and is very original and all.Also this is the only cartoon of the new ones of Cartoon Network that I like.

    This is a great show is great it's characters are: Mac, Bloo, Eduardo, Coco, Wilt, Frankie, Mr. Herriman, Madame Foster and many more.

    Craig McCracken, creator of The Powerpuff Girls , presents a brand new Flash animated Cartoon Network original series with some of the best friends you can think of. In this world, imaginary friends become real the instant a kid thinks them up. Everyone can see them, everyone can talk to them -- but what happens when a kid outgrows his friend? Then that friend is welcome to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, the adoption center, owned by old Madame Foster, that provides a home for them
  • A great funny show that's funny,origanal and uinique and gets better season by season.

    This show is funny and very good with it's weird and smart humor this show is very funny it's sasd that noone at my school loves this show they think it's stupid but I dont tell them anything back about that it's there opionin on this show I love this show it's decent and very good.
  • Fosters is a home for imaginary friends. It\'s an extremely funny show, with loveable charatcters and plenty of laugh out loud moments.

    This is a really great show. It\'s funny and original and you can\'t help but love all of the characters. Especially Bloo! I first watched it with my youger sister when she had it on the tv and I instantly fell in love with the show. It\'s rare that you\'d find a children\'s programme that will make you laugh out loud, but Fosters definately does.
  • Funny for people of all ages.

    My sister likes it, my brother likes it, I like it and where all different ages. This show is hilarious and I wish this dang computer would let me add it to my favorites. This show is much better then The Powerpuff Girls I liked it and all, but this show has a more original storyline. I mean think about it how many times have you seen superheroes save the day? Well a lot, but when it comes to Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends....Well all I have to say is it's different. It has imaginary things that come to life if a child thinks them up in a house! So..... it's different and this show is awesome!
  • I like this show...again. Since my last review for Foster's, it's gotten better.

    I loved this show early last year. My attitude began to change early this year. But now I like it again, just as I did at first.
    I wrote a review for Foster's a little while ago, stating my loss of interest and how I hated Bloo. But even though I still can't stand Bloo, I gained the interest again. All of the other charcters are cool with me. I just wish Mac wouldn't let Bloo take advantage of him.

    I gained interest, lost it, then gained it again. Foster's is cool.
  • WHEN nobody wants Imagianry friends, they dump them here at Foster's home of Imaginary Friends!!!!!!

    Imaginary Friends is an Emmy award-winning, American animated television series created and produced at Cartoon Network Studios by animator Craig McCracken, who also created The Powerpuff Girls. It first premiered on Cartoon Network on August 13, 2004, as a 90-minute television movie, which led to a series of half-hour episodes. The series currently airs on Cartoon Network and its affiliates worldwide, except in Canada where it currently airs on English and Francophone Teletoon networks due to Canadian television ownership regulations. The show was also on Kids' WB! from July 9 through August 13, 2005, but has since been taken off the schedule.
  • A great show!

    Foster'sc Home for Imagninary Friends is a superb show! My favourite character is Bloo, since he's alway getting into trouble. It's getting better every season, making me a huge fan of this show! My favourite episode was Store Wars, in wich the title was based of "Star Wars".

    It has good characters and good episodes, so overall, I'd give it 9.0/10.

    Go Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends!
  • Opens a new part of your imagination...

    FHFIF is an absolutely brilliant show! It's like a programme that takes you into a whole new world when you get indulged in an episode. It's had an effect on me since I watched the UK premiere.

    At first, I loved it.

    Then, I got out it for quite a while.

    Finally, I watched it at my friend's house and I fell in love with it again! I even made a little model of Bloo at school and I do MS Paint drawings at home! So you see, I'm now a Foster;s Fan once again!
  • My favorite animated show!

    Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is a great tv show for people of all ages! The show is really funny and the characters are all very funny! Blooregard Q. Kazoo is hilarious and his best friend Mac is also very cool. All the imaginary friends are very original and are very unique. Although some may say that this is a kids show, I like it and I am not a kid. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is a great show and I hope they will continue to come out with new episodes. I give Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends a 10.
  • A boy sends his imaginary friend to Foster's. Where they have all kinds of cool adventures.

    The plot is revolved around a boy named Mac. Also, there is his best friend Bloo. Along with Wilt,Coco, and Eduardo. They have wacky adventures together. You never know whats going to happen on the next episode. The characters are great. Especially my favorite Bloo. The show is also very funny. Sometimes the scenes are so random. That's a good thing for the show though. The storyline in the beginning is. Mac sends his imaginary friend Bloo to a Foster home. Mac comes after school to go to Foster's. Together they have fun. Basically watch this show. Its one of my favorites.
  • Mac sends his imaginary friend Bloo to a Foster home for imaginary friends because his mom says that he is to have an imaginary friend.

    Foster's Home for Inaginary Friends is one of my favorite cartoons. My favorite episodes are every Cheese episode! Cheese is awesome!

    This show is very funny! I can't believe that it is already two years old! It seems like just yesterday that I was in my room watching the first three episodes.


  • Hmm. A show about a foster home for imaginary friends, doesn't sound too intesting....however this show has more than meets the eye.

    Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends- sound interesting? Not to someone who hasn't seen it. When I first heard of this show, I thought I was going to barf, but it was a lot better than it seemed. So...starting from the beginnning, a boy named Mac has to get rid of his imaginary friend Bloo, but he doesn't want to. They see this place called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, where Bloo can stay and not be adopted as long as Mac comes to visit him every day. It definitly hooked me.

    The basic rolls are filled- Mac, the common sense-filled, sane one, that goes overboard sometimes, Wilt, the nice one, who always gets taken advantage of, Eduardo, the shy one, that can occasionally come out of his shell, Coco, the eccentric, weird one, Frankie, the friendly parent-like one, Mr. Herrimen, the fun-spoiling party pooper one, and Bloo, the selfish trouble maker who's always looking for a good time. It has a well put together plot, and some interesting episodes.

    Some of it's episodes were absolutly hillarious, such as Store Wars, or World Wide Wabbit. Though, some episodes I felt were hastily made, and just plain pointless. Some are absolute classics. I can't say it's going down the hill, since some of it's newest episodes were awesome, but maybe just that it had some ups and downs. It's a very popular show for the time it was made, and how long it's been showing, with showing no sign of stopping. All and all, this show is one of last remaining non-garbage original CN shows.
  • Pretty Good

    I think that this show is HILARIOUS. Bloo is selfish, greedy, hair-brained-scheme-making, neusince and Mac is a smart goody goody two shoes. They are an unusual match and oddly fit together like one cant be without the other(bloo definentyly) but what i mean is that Mac completes Bloo and vice versa. Eduardo is funny, so is wilt and coco. I wish I knew what she was saying. Mr. Herrimen is just like my Grandpa in some ways. Strict yet sometimes goes with the flow. Madame Foster belongs in the Insane Asylum but is cool all the same. Just because she is N U T S (coo coo) she is still funny all the same:-)))
  • Clever and well written, but many of the characters are so annoying

    This is a very well written show. So many of the episodes I find to be very funny. The writters always add so many unexpected twists that I find dead hilarious. Unlike many shows, Foster's is very good at having random plots.

    Also, some of the characters, like Wilt, Eduardo, and Frankie I think are some of the best in any cartoon. I think Eduardo is my favorite. Cocoa is also interesting but also a little crazy. I like how everyone can still understand her. But what really drags the show down are many of it's other characters. Many of the minor characters, like Bendy and Goofball are a couple of the worst jerks I've ever seen in any show. The episodes they were in were the worst in Cartoon Network. Lately Madame Foster is also making me mad, like how she screwed Mac over in the Europe episode.

    Then there's Bloo, the biggest jerk of all. For goodness sake, he's far worse than Bender from Futurama (At least Bender is a cool jerk). A fine example is the camping episode where he ate all their food and left Wilt to drown.

    Maybe I'm being overly critical, but so many jerks in the show has been turning me away lately. I mean come on, it's like it's trying to get people to hate the characters. Though obviously not a dark show, it has recently seemed even more mean spirited than both Billy and Mandy and Invader Zim. At least those shows had mean characters who were bad in a good way.

    So overall, it's a good show. However, so many of the characters I find to be absolutely appalling.
  • This show is awesome !

    Back in \'04 when it first appeared, I went in my sister\'s room to tell her something. As I was about to tell her, I saw her watching this show. I\'m like: What's this? My sister says: A new show. Wanna watch it ? I did, I liked it, and I\'m writing this review for you. Foster\'s Home is about a kid named Mac and his imaginary friend, Bloo. When Mac has to give Bloo away, he finds out he\'d miss him so much he can\'t leave him. So he brings Bloo to Foster\'s Home, a place where you can adopt imaginary friends. But Mac doesn\'t want Bloo adopted, so The owner of Foster\'s Home, Madame Foster, makes a deal with Mac so he can always see Bloo. After that Mac and Bloo make friends with other imaginary friends named Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco. Bloo\'s antics lead him, Mac, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco into wacky adventures and tight situations, but they always prevail in the end. All in all, this is one Hell of a show!
  • I love every episode

    bloo and mac are the best characters on cartoon network. well that's what i think, i love bloo's twisted behaviour and mac's trying to be responsible but also wants fun behaviour. there adventures every episode are hilarous. the creators who though of this episdoe were awesome with great imagination. fosters home for imagination rules!
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