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  • Hmm. A show about a foster home for imaginary friends, doesn't sound too intesting....however this show has more than meets the eye.

    Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends- sound interesting? Not to someone who hasn't seen it. When I first heard of this show, I thought I was going to barf, but it was a lot better than it seemed. So...starting from the beginnning, a boy named Mac has to get rid of his imaginary friend Bloo, but he doesn't want to. They see this place called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, where Bloo can stay and not be adopted as long as Mac comes to visit him every day. It definitly hooked me.

    The basic rolls are filled- Mac, the common sense-filled, sane one, that goes overboard sometimes, Wilt, the nice one, who always gets taken advantage of, Eduardo, the shy one, that can occasionally come out of his shell, Coco, the eccentric, weird one, Frankie, the friendly parent-like one, Mr. Herrimen, the fun-spoiling party pooper one, and Bloo, the selfish trouble maker who's always looking for a good time. It has a well put together plot, and some interesting episodes.

    Some of it's episodes were absolutly hillarious, such as Store Wars, or World Wide Wabbit. Though, some episodes I felt were hastily made, and just plain pointless. Some are absolute classics. I can't say it's going down the hill, since some of it's newest episodes were awesome, but maybe just that it had some ups and downs. It's a very popular show for the time it was made, and how long it's been showing, with showing no sign of stopping. All and all, this show is one of last remaining non-garbage original CN shows.
  • Pretty Good

    I think that this show is HILARIOUS. Bloo is selfish, greedy, hair-brained-scheme-making, neusince and Mac is a smart goody goody two shoes. They are an unusual match and oddly fit together like one cant be without the other(bloo definentyly) but what i mean is that Mac completes Bloo and vice versa. Eduardo is funny, so is wilt and coco. I wish I knew what she was saying. Mr. Herrimen is just like my Grandpa in some ways. Strict yet sometimes goes with the flow. Madame Foster belongs in the Insane Asylum but is cool all the same. Just because she is N U T S (coo coo) she is still funny all the same:-)))
  • Clever and well written, but many of the characters are so annoying

    This is a very well written show. So many of the episodes I find to be very funny. The writters always add so many unexpected twists that I find dead hilarious. Unlike many shows, Foster's is very good at having random plots.

    Also, some of the characters, like Wilt, Eduardo, and Frankie I think are some of the best in any cartoon. I think Eduardo is my favorite. Cocoa is also interesting but also a little crazy. I like how everyone can still understand her. But what really drags the show down are many of it's other characters. Many of the minor characters, like Bendy and Goofball are a couple of the worst jerks I've ever seen in any show. The episodes they were in were the worst in Cartoon Network. Lately Madame Foster is also making me mad, like how she screwed Mac over in the Europe episode.

    Then there's Bloo, the biggest jerk of all. For goodness sake, he's far worse than Bender from Futurama (At least Bender is a cool jerk). A fine example is the camping episode where he ate all their food and left Wilt to drown.

    Maybe I'm being overly critical, but so many jerks in the show has been turning me away lately. I mean come on, it's like it's trying to get people to hate the characters. Though obviously not a dark show, it has recently seemed even more mean spirited than both Billy and Mandy and Invader Zim. At least those shows had mean characters who were bad in a good way.

    So overall, it's a good show. However, so many of the characters I find to be absolutely appalling.
  • This show is awesome !

    Back in \'04 when it first appeared, I went in my sister\'s room to tell her something. As I was about to tell her, I saw her watching this show. I\'m like: What's this? My sister says: A new show. Wanna watch it ? I did, I liked it, and I\'m writing this review for you. Foster\'s Home is about a kid named Mac and his imaginary friend, Bloo. When Mac has to give Bloo away, he finds out he\'d miss him so much he can\'t leave him. So he brings Bloo to Foster\'s Home, a place where you can adopt imaginary friends. But Mac doesn\'t want Bloo adopted, so The owner of Foster\'s Home, Madame Foster, makes a deal with Mac so he can always see Bloo. After that Mac and Bloo make friends with other imaginary friends named Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco. Bloo\'s antics lead him, Mac, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco into wacky adventures and tight situations, but they always prevail in the end. All in all, this is one Hell of a show!
  • I love every episode

    bloo and mac are the best characters on cartoon network. well that's what i think, i love bloo's twisted behaviour and mac's trying to be responsible but also wants fun behaviour. there adventures every episode are hilarous. the creators who though of this episdoe were awesome with great imagination. fosters home for imagination rules!
  • An amazing show!

    This is one of my favourite shows! I started watching it pretty recently and I liked it. It's funny and original. I gave it a 10 because I like it that much. My favourite character is Bloo. He's very funny. I like Mac too but not as much as Bloo. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is not a show only for younger kids. It appears to be one but it isn't. It's enjoyable for older kids too. My brother and sister also like this show so we watch together and laugh together. Wilt, Coco and Edwardo are good characters too. It's probably the best show on Teletoon!
  • this show is very unique it gets better season by season

    this show is very unique it gets better season by season i love this show it is a very funny and good and weird show wow i dont know back then in season 1 this show wasnt that good but in season 3 it got better so i give this show a 9.9 out of 10.0
  • Best Show on CN!

    Yes, I know its a kiddie show, but I got to say I love it! My favorite imaginary friend is Cheese. At first I thought this show would suck! But I was wrong. When I first saw the show, it had me laughing. My brothers and sisters also like it. I hope this show never ends, and I also hope Mac and the Gang will have a lot of adventures. This show should not go downhill like the rest of them. My favorite episode is Mac Daddy and the Big Cheese (Because of Cheese of course) So thank you for who read my review on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
  • This show is very Inventive, funny, oringinal, and beutifully well drawn

    This show is one of the best thing Craig made up. Art Truly have a great resemblence of Samurai Jack, Also made the Flash Program have a new use then Cartoons on When there a great show like this, there are plenty of hidden jokes that any age can enjoy, like Donald "Trunk" as Trump, Coco fear of Flights which represnt 9-11 Terroist fears, and the Lord of The Rings Parody, now if they could do The Matrix. I love Bloo acting, he's like the new Bender from Futurama. The show humor is prefectly paced. I just love it the humor it used for random characters of the Household, I think it deserve a reward for this. This is one of the few cartoons that ever excels from the retarded cute predictable world of cartoons like few great cartoons like Calvin and Hobbes or the Boondocks. Its stay perfectly oringinal and one of my all time favorites on cartoon fridays
  • This is a great show, and I enjoy it

    This is a great show, its original because it has many friends and the topic would really be something real hard to think of, I mean A home for Imaginary friends?! Well this show is really fun, Bloo is great with his self absorbed personality makes the show better. I also like the different kinds and varieties of friends, I personally like Eurotrix.
    Foster's should keep going and going and I'm sure it will make a great impression and a great tv show too, since its great now, then I will enjoy it later too and remember the old times I spent in watching it!
  • it rocks

    it rocks its the best show in the world its called fosters home for imaginary friends it was nomenated for an emmy and the creator is craig mccraken or something like that :D its about a house full of imaginary friends and a boy named mac he has a big jerk brother named terense or something like that :D and a imaginary friend named bloo regared q qazoo in short "bloo" mac's mom says that bloo cant stay with them because he is to much trouble and then they have to put him in fosters home for imaginary friends but what mac and bloo dont know is its a fosters home that means athe imaginary friends were abandend by there creators and now bloo can stay with out being adopted only in one condecon that he visits bloo every dayb
  • This is a great show.

    This is a great show. Its funny and it has some pretty tight characters, Wilt, my most favorite one is annoying, but funny, funny, but annoying. But there are somethings that this show could fix, like the unfairness and unhappy endings in certain episodes that makes the show a little boring and painful to watch. But over all, this is an awesome show, and one of Cartoon Network's best shows, even though in my book, this is nothing compared to Ed, Edd n' Eddy, but its still very worth watching.
  • Some of Cartoon Network's Best Work.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of the best cartoons ever created. It has unique characters and charming and witty jokes and plots that make it such a great show. This is a cartoon that can be enjoyed by people of all types and age groups. This is a show worth a long "life" on air.
  • the cartoon is really Funny

    this is one of my personal favourites because the show is original funny and has a lot to doesn;t get borring and each episode is different from the other...the show is mainly for children but it can really be enjoyed by everyone...Im glad that they are making new episodes and I hope it doesn't die soon..THe main star of the show is Blue who is funny and I really like how he acts because he never thinks for the others he is selfish and doesn't care about the concicuencess (spelling)..I can't wait to see the new episode this week and the show ruleZ
  • Good show to enjoy and laugh along with! I always watch this show even if Ive seen the episodes!

    Over all, this show is really good! As i said, it's great to laugh along with and no matter what the age, it's a must see for many people. What I like about this show is that it's funny, it brings up my spirits when I'm down, and it's good comedy for the whole family. I like animation so that's also another bonus for it. My favorite character would probably be Bloo or Goo. Bloo because he's the most awesomest imaginary friend there is! He's funny, weird, and yet very entertaining. Goo because she's just staright down hilarious and is weird yet fun to watch. I love this show alot!
  • ...

    I Love The New Banner!!!! I've Been A Fan Of This Show Since It's Been Out In August 2004, And It's Stilly Funny And Exciting To Me. I've Been A Fan Of The Ninety minute Movie, Season 1, Is How It Started. Season 2, It Got Funnier. Season 3, Even MORE funnier, And Season 4 Well, Just Plain Dumb And Boring. Though I Can't Wait For Season 5, I Hear Wilt's Creator Is Gonna Appear In That Season!!
  • The story of a kid and his ethereal blue friend.

    Mac is your ordinary eight-year-old. He's bright, precocious and loves nothing more than a day spent playing with friends. The fact that some of his friends are blue, not solid and hover above the ground really shouldn't matter.

    His mother doesn't think so, and tells him the ghost he calls Blooregard Q. Kazoo should take his place alongside his blanket as a relic of his early years. Neither Blue nor Mac are eager to go along with this plan.

    In come Madame Foster and her Home for Imaginary Friends. Bloo can have a place there, provided Mac will stop by every day. And so it is. Fun and craziness await them as they set out to show that good luck and a little imagination are all you need.
  • I watch this almost every day. It's awesome, and two years ago it owned my life.

    This is a hilarious cartoon, and Bloo is my favorite character. He is the best little blue blob ever! I LOVE the latest episodes, one of my favorites being Squeeze the day-the food part i loved the most.

    Just watching the antics and successes of a boy and his blob are soooo funny- the premeire was another one of my favs. I saw the first as well thoguth out.

    The only problem is the animation. Where have you seen it before? Powerpuf girls. They stand around and blink half of the time.

    But the awesomeness of the show makes up for it.
  • Personally, I LOVE this cartoon. There isn\'t a bad mood i\'ve had since it came out that hasn\'t been cured by watching this show!

    Bloo has just the right amount of deviousness and innocence, and he makes me giggle just watching him or listening to him whine. I love his relationship with Mac who seems to love him unconditionally. Eduardo is so darn loveable I just want to snuggle him. Wilt is such a nice guy and it\'s so cool that he plays basketball and is named Wilt. And of course Cheese...who doesn\'t like cheese? Some new episodes are struggling to keep up with some of the classics such as \"Mac Daddy\" and \"Go Goo Go\", but for the most part, it\'s a show that I look forward to watching, whether it be rerun or premeire. I also like how they sneak in jokes that only grown up fans can possibly get, nice to know that the writers are catering to those of us who are still young at heart enough to appreciate Foster\'s. Keep it up, but if not i\'ve Tivo\'d my favorite episodes!
  • A really great show, that doesn't just cater to children

    I've loved Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends since day one. It's got a wonderfully unique style of animation, and the writing, while not the best, is hilarious. Whilst watching Foster's, I'm in stitches almost the entire time. I'm glad to see a Cartoon Network show that doesn't fall along the lines of Camp Lazlo, or any of the other stupid shows. The main character, Bloo, is in my opinion, one of the greatest cartoon characters I have ever seen. he's not your cliche hero, he's obnoxious, loud, mean, and that's what makes him great. Mac as well, because while you think he's Bloo's foil, and is always the good guy, he has his streak of mischeviousness. Overall a great show.
  • It was good until the episodes like the Europe and the Bendy episodes came along and now the show isn't going very well.

    There's a lot of things that I like about this show, but there's also a lot of things in it that I hate about it as well. Let's start out with the things that are good about it:1.Original animation
    2.Wilt and Ivan are very good characters in my opinion
    3.Intresting concept for a show

    Now here's a few things I don't like about this show:
    1.In most of the episodes, there's always at least 1 or 2 scenes where the characters say the same stupid thing over and over or just stare at each other for more than 5 seconds (this occured a lot in the pilot)
    2.They bring back the characters I hate too much. I don't know what some of you people see in these characters, especially Cheese. He's obnoxious and the ugliest thing in that show
    3.Either Mac is an 8 year old with a low voice, or he's a short teen pretending to be 8 going through puberty
    I hope you liked reading this review and thanks for your time.
  • Without a doubt, cartoon network's best show.

    Like most other shows, when I first saw a commercial for it before the premeire, I thought it was going to be stupid and a failure. Boy, that was completely flipped around when I saw the premiere! This show is about an eight year old boy named Mac. He has an imaginary friend named Booregard Q. Kazoo who is Mac's only friend. Then one day, Mac's mom told him that he was too old to have an imaginary friend, so they put Bloo in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. But Mac was still able to see Bloo everyday after school. In every episode crazy things happen! There's a lot of great humor in this show. If you haven't seen it already, you need to. You'll love it.
  • This show is about imaginary friends.

    I love that show mostly because i used to like the power puff girls and the creater made a new show and its way better than the power puff girls and i wish i had an imaginary friend not cause i dont have any friends but because he/she or what could make me laugh
  • Mac and his imaginary friend have crazy adventures along with: Coco, Wilt, Edwardo, sometimes Mr. Herriman, sometimes Franky, sometimes Goo, sometimes Madame Foster, and all the other amazingly fun friends at Foster's.

    This is one of my absolute favorite shows! Every episode is more funny, fun, crazy, wild, unexpected, nutty, and outragesly entertaining than the last. With so many funny characters, like Madame Foster, Cheese, Bloo, Edwardo, Coco, Goo, etc. etc. etc. Every episode is a wild adventure. And, it really makes you wish that you could imagin up a friend, and have it where they became real. And, you just can't help laughing whenever you see the show. One of my favorite episodes is the first one with cheese in it, he's so dumb he's hilarious! This show is basically a FANTASTICLY, EXTREMELY, AMAZINGLY, OUTRAGESLY, STUPENDOUSLY, AWSOMELY GREAT show!
  • mildly interesting.

    fosters home for imaginary friends is a cartoon tv show about a house for imagianry friends. The main charachter mac is a little boy who is about 8 to 10 years old who created an imaginary friend named blu. Blu is the funniest charachter on the entire show and he is the only person on the show who can make me laugh. There are other imagunary friends who live at fosters. Coco ( a giant bird who can only say the word coco) an edwardo ( a giant purple thing) and a giant basketball player.

    overall: average kids tv show with some funny episodes and some bad ones.
  • Awesome show! MY NEW BEST FRIEND!

    I love this show who doesn't? lololololol. It's just perfect for me! Who other people enjoy this show. I think this is very creative and interative show. Maybe very atrravtive. Sorry guys when i miss spell its because i write fast lol. so ill rate this 10.0 for funny funny funny funny funny. . . . . . . . Well then i dont know what else to say about fosters but i enjoy seeing. May fosters always run forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever an ever and ever and ever and ever!
  • From the creator of Powerpuff Girls makes a series that is mildy interesting with its pretty cool artwork but its dialogue, and its situations make it very disapointing to watch.

    The whole idea of Foster\\\'s is that imaginary friends who are unwanted go to Foster\\\'s Home for Imaginary Friends. Mac is Bloo\\\'s owner who is an 8 year old who in almost every episode has to solve every problem which gets really really repetive. Bloo is a guy who annoys people and still gets away with it and thinks its really fun, yea I\\\'d be really mad too.. Theres Wilt, Eduardo, CoCo, Frankie, Mr. Herriman, and Madame Foster herself (hater her in that episode Foster\\\'s Go To Europe though...) who are GREAT side characters with unique personalities and seem like they can\\\'t get any better in the progress of the show. I still feel like Frankie should deserve more because really she\\\'s the one doing all the work for the imaginary friends like brushing teeth, cleaning, and baking, etc. The artwork made by talented Craig McCracken whose artwork was great in Powerpuff Girls is also great in here but gets interrupted by horribly-written scenes and almost every episode has a moral like \\\"Its ok to be a loser\\\" or \\\"Don\\\'t judge a book by its cover\\\" and obviously the moral is ok but its right next to something thats not relative to it!

    OVERALL, this show is average and not that great to get more than 9.1 or even more than 7.5...
  • I love love love love love this show so much!

    This show is totally funny!!! One of the main characters, Bloo, is so sarcastic that it's hillarious!! I think if you want to watch a really good episode then watch the one where Bloo, Mac, a pizza guy, and this imaginary prince fall in love with Frankie. And plus this show is Created by Craig McCracken so you know it's gotta be awsome.
  • the coolest show

    this show is nice i no and my fav of all is chess he is so0 funny and fosters home is a good show its got many ratings i think?any way if you like this kind of show that makes you laghf you but off then watch this right here
  • Fosters home for imginary friends is a place to adopt imanginary friends! With funny adventures with mac and bloo!

    It is a laugh your pants off show. I love it, its soooo funny! I don't know how anyone can't like it. Every episode is a new adventure with new surprises and sometimes new charaters. Bloo is the best! He is funny and he was adopted by Mac who vists bloo every day at Fosters home for imangery friends. With the friends there they go shopping plan tricks or something unexpected. You have to watch it! Once i saw an episode i was hooked. Now i want to see all the episodes on youtube. All in all this is a show you want to see!
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