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  • One of Cartoon Network's last good shows.

    This show is just as good as the Powderpuff girls (ok so maybe Powderpuff girls are a little better but still) what i really like about this show is that Mac, the main character is poor, but despite that it shows that you can have fun and friends without money
  • Best Cartoon Network original ever.

    In honor of this shows 10th anniversary (August 14th, 2004), I have decided to review the show itself. This is definitely one of the most original and creative shows that I've ever seen. Foster's was about a 8 year old kid named Mac who is forced to give up his imaginary friend by his mom because he got too old to own an imaginary friend. So Mac sends Bloo to a foster home called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, a foster home that consists of a variety of imaginary friends that the owners can visit any time they want.

    The creator does a wonderful job at keeping the characters unique and maintaining their likability. Mac is a kind hearted child who wants everything to go good. Bloo is the exact opposite of Mac, instead Bloo is a goofball who causes chaos in things he does, but they can also keep him likeable and funny. Wilt is the tall and kind guy who doesn't get mad easily.

    Eduardo is a bit of a coward, but he has a huge heart of gold. Coco is a palm tree bird who can only say her name, but has a unique talent to lay eggs with cool and useful items in them. Frankie is the caregiver at fosters and does a good job at keeping everything in order and making sure everything goes right. Mr. Herriman is a little bossy, but at least he knows whats right for the home. Madame Foster is a sweet old lady who has the energy to live life at the fullest. Each character brings in their own type of humor that is garunteed to make you laugh, and there are plenty of funny moments to go around in most of the episodes. The animation flows very smoothly and doesn't have a choppy feeling to it. The artwork is superb, with the characters being designed beautifully, and the set designs look really creative.

    There were a few bad episodes worth passing up, such as Everybody Knows Its Bendy, Where There's A Wilt There's A Way and the disappointing series finale, Goodbye to Bloo, so those are worth avoiding, but other than that, I highly recommend this series to anyone, it is a classic to behold. With it's memorable characters, creative storylines, clever humor and unique feel, Foster's will sink in history as one of the greatest shows ever made. I was saddened when the series ended, but the episodes that aired when the shows was about to end felt pretty dull and lacked the charm the previous episodes had, so maybe Craig McCracken thought it was a good idea to end the series before it would go downhill.
  • Not as good as Ed, Edd n' Eddy

    But still a show that should never be forgotten.

    Craig mcracken who worken on great shows like powerpuff girls and dexter's lab, created another great show is 2004. Now, 2004 was not a good year for cartoon network. Most of the cartoon cartoons got canceled and were replaced by bland shows like atomic betty and baby looney tunes. Honestly, I thought that the network was going downhill, until I saw this show. At first, I thought this show was going to suck because of the annoying and childish commercials. But I finally gave it a chance, and boy was I impressed. The shows was really hilarious. The characters actually all had unique and different personalities and the art style was really beautiful. The episodes are well written and are enjoyable for kids and adults. The only episode I hated was the bendy episode, but let's face it, even the hardcore fans hated that episode. And the goofball episode and the episode were the house throws mac a surprise party were neither good nor bad. While they were mean spirited to the max, they also had some great jokes.

    Also, I kinda agree with supermariobros11, this show was way better than my little pony. But my little pony is actually not a bad show. It's actually GOOD if you get past the girly nature of the show..

    But back on topic, this show is amazing and it definitely deserved to be a cartoon cartoon instead of that stupid robot jones show that nobody remembers. Yes, it's THAT good. If you haven't seen this show, go watch it. If you get past the childish premise, it's actually a really awesome show.

  • This was replaced by MLP?

    Okay, this is a good show, but it's sad it got cancelled. But it got replaced by a terrible show, aka MLP. Seriously, don't watch MLP and watch this.
  • Obssesd

    I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH IT MAKES ME NOT WANT TO LIVE IN REALITY. I've watched this a lot so I know this so lets get down to the grading and rating

    Characters: All the characters to me were very funny and cute my favs are: .Mac because he's smart and sets a good example for kids(and he's the cutest thing on that show) .Goo because she's random funny and is pretty smart if you can create all those friends 3 .Bloo because he brings the life to every episode. My hated ones are:. because he's so strict and treats Frankie like a slave 2. Ducthess because she also treats people like they are slaves. 3. Cheese because he's disgusting and very annoying.

    Dislikes: I love this show but we all know somethings we know can get annoying like the episode I hate to my guts I Only Have A Surprise For You. I didn't like this one because they humiliated my fav character and all the characters acted like jerks too(Even Wilt !!!). Also I didn't like Bendy or Imposters because its annoying how they try to annoy everyone else and I wish in the Imposters episode that Goodall was a human and got in trouble.

    Loves: I loved Mac and Goo because I read fhfif fan fictions with them in love and its cute enough to make my heart stop. Also bloo is the boss and bloooo are my 2 favs because they make me ctmu

    This my favorite show and who ever does not like it or my review needs to go and do some therapy MAJOR THERAPY so thats all for now folks

  • Awesome carton.

    An awesome cartoon, I love Coco, she was funny.
  • Foster's Home For a Great Cartoon.

    Craig McCracken, the genius who made The Powerpuff Girls, put his skills to the test once again in Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, one of Cartoon Network's greatest series before the network took a great downfall. The show had amazing humor, it was well-written, and clever. Sure, the characters were REALLY annoying, especially Cheese, but we learned to live with it throughout the series and sometimes we found them funny. I'm not sure why Cartoon Network wanted this series to end, maybe it's because the President, Staurt Snyder, wants a channel called Cartoon Network to have some more live-action series, because you know, I love myself some of that. (No, get rid of him.) Craig McCracken, if you're out there we need more series from you, Cartoon Network's kind of dieing. I know you stepped down, but seriously, we need a great series before Staurt Snyder decides to make Cartoon Network like Fox News.
  • Bring it back!!! Bring it back!!!

    I loved this growing up but then they replaced it The marvelous misadventures of Flapjack.

    I dont know why it was cancelled.this is they best show in the history of cartoon network

    If someone from cartoon network is reading this, Bring this show back

    this deserves a 20 out of 10
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends rules

    This show rocks.I remeber the first time i saw this great show.Its about a 8 year old boy called mac that imagines a imagineary friend and names him bloo but a couple of years later his mum says hes too old for imaginary friends so mac takes bloo to fosters.
  • One of the best shows that has ever been on Cartoon Network

    Bloo can be a real jerk but it would be boring if he was not. He is one of the funniest characters. I wish I could give this show an 11/10.

  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is excellent!

    Foster's is a typical comedy about a kid called Mac and his imaginary friend Bloo yes the idea is kinda childish but who cares loads of older people love it as well and adults might love it i recommend this for anyone who is not stupid at least this is'nt one of those shows like Robotboy and Ben 10 is it's a great show and funny at times all though i hate Coco because she's the biggest jerk on the planet and Bloo is only half a jerk he is'nt really a jerk he does something nice in the end i recommend kids should watch this and not the Robotboy crap and why is some person disagreeing with my review? it's a good one unless they hate Foster's but it is the truth this show can take down Robotboy down any day.
  • FHFIF is what you call a cartoon,and has got to be one of the most creative shows of all time


    If I had to say the best modern CN cartoon,it will forever belong to Fosters. This show is about an 8-year old kid named Mac,and his imaginary friend Bloo,and Mac has to give up Bloo as he is aging. He ends up sending him to Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends,a home that takes care of given up friends until they are adopted. Mac then has to visit him every day to prevent adoption. This sounded original,and as a result,this ended up as a mind blowing cartoon. The animation and artwork is great,and the imaginary friends' designs are creative. The characters are great,and have a lot of them have backstories to them. Mac is one of the serious characters of the show. Bloo in the other hand,is the opposite of Mac,and is funny and crazy at times. But I started to hate him in the new episodes because he started to become of self centered lazy selfish trouble maker who only wanted attention. Wilt was friendly,athletic and tall,and he has the biggest backstory to him and why his eye is messed up and how he has one arm. Eduardo was a spanish purple cookie monster look a like who was friendly and a chicken at times,but can become vicious while angered. Coco was my favorite though. She's a cute and hilrailous bird\plant\airplane plant thingy who can lay easter eggs and can only say her name. Frankie was hilrailous, and when she is angered,she could be tough and could beat someone up. Madame Foster was a sweet old lady,but at times,she could be awesome,and tough. Mr Herriman was the only main character I hated. He is selfish at times,and is way too harsh on Frankie. I also didn't like Goo and Duchess. Goo was annoying and never shuts up,and Duchess was an ugly,obnoxious selfish jerk who treats everyone like slaves. I did like Cheese and his obsession of cereal and chocolate milk. This also has it's funny moments,and it's gags. This show also makes references to PPG like Frankie dressing up as Blossom,and MoJo Jojo appearing in the first episode. My only complaint,besides some of the characters,was the finale. This show ended in a cliffhanger,and wasn't a good way to end the series. But overall,Foster's was a great cartoon,and was one of the greatest. Please watch this show,and I guarantee you will love it.

  • An adorable creative show that stood out during the dark ages of Cartoon Network.

    Foster's premiered during a very bad time for CN. Newer, crappier shows were taking the spotlight, the classic cartoons were being dumped off on Boomerang (not that I don't mind Boomerang, it's just that some people can't get it), and Toonami was being phased out.

    ...and then came this show.

    It was August 13, 2004, and everyone had just left my birthday party (I would turn eight on the 21st that year). Mom showed me an article in the newspaper that the creator of my favorite show, The Powerpuff Girls, was making a new cartoon. I turned on the TV and watched it. And I LOVED IT.

    You're guessing Bloo's my favorite character, right? Ha ha ha, no. It was Mac. He's just so cute, sweet, and sensitive, I wish I could just take him home with me sometimes. As an eight-year-old, I had a bit of a fangirl crush on him (we were around the same age, anyway). I aged. He didn't I lost the crush, but I still find him huggably adorable. My other favorite characters are Wilt and Frankie.

    The episodes were very well-written, and bad episodes would only be once a month. The humor is a good mix between little kid humor, and adult humor (though nothing extreme, it's still TV-Y7). The characters are all very lovable, except for Terrance and Duchess.

    Aside from Codename: Kids Next Door and Camp Lazlo, this was the only CN show I could watch. I really wish it could've kept running, but then it would end up all crappy like the newer episodes of SpongeBob and Pokemon.
  • This is a good show

    This is such a good show and it does even though it does have a few bumps in the road it is a very good show. It is Funny, Has good stuff, and is very "Imaginary". The first time I saw it I was thinking Cool. It never upsets and it is a good show. What more to say
  • I loved this show!

    Man, does this show bring back memories.... I remember when Cartoon Network sent all of those promo DVDs with Camp Lazlo, Juniper Lee, and this amazing show! First of all, the animation is simply amazing! This is back when cartoons were done with care. ALl of the characters are great and really memorable! The voice acting is great! There are really no annoying characters. (I especially love Cheese
  • Excellent Show.

    This show is about thousands of imaginary friends living in a house. An 8 year old boy named Mac visits the house everyday to see the imaginary friend he created. That imaginary friend's name is Bloo, and most of the time, Bloo is up to no good. Mac also sees other imaginary friends. Those imaginary friends are named Coco, Eduardo, and Wilt.

    This show was awesome in my opinion. It was better than Out of Jimmy's Head. The episodes, characters, and jokes were awesome. I will never forget this show. I give Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends a perfect 10 out of 10.
  • Foster's is so unique!!!

    The way the writers connect everything together. The plot,
    the conflict and the ending. It reminds me of Seinfeld in
    that way. Also, a little bit of the Simpsons. The jokes
    are hilarious and off the wall. Especially, Bloo. Everything
    he does is so funny. Which I also think makes the show very
    clever. It's cute, it's funny and overall entertaining for
    a kids' show. I hope there will be much more new episodes
    and I hope the ideas will only continue to get better. This
    show makes me laugh and entertained so much. The humour will
    always stay new and fresh for a very, very long time.
  • This show is awesome.

    I love this show! It's a work of genius. I've seen every episode at least a gazillion times. I was sad when they ended it but at least they air reruns. Each episode is hillarious and pure gold. I especially love the episode, "Store Wars." That one is awesome. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is an outstanding show. I can see how it won an Emmy 5 times. If you haven't seen Foster's then look it up on the internet or watch it on Cartoon Network because once you watch it you'll love it as much as I do. Overall I give Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends a 10.
  • reruns

    i really hope theres reruns this show rocks after a couple of months of this show beign canceled and theres now reruns im really starting to miss this show ALOT so plezz make re-runs and also umm well i have to make this at least 100 words so im gana do this for the rest of the review blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h hh h h h hh h h h h h hh h h h h h h h h h h h h hh hh h h h hh h h h h hh h h h h h h
  • The best idea ever thought of.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is every kid's dream come true. Kids often wish their imaginary friend was real and this program is just the thing to get their imaginations whirring. There are so many bright colours and the animation is fantastic, i find myself putting paper on the screen and tracing them. Its almost like the perfect world. I bet there isn't one kid mad on this show who wishes they couldn't live in a world where imaginary friends come true. I love Bloo and loads of kids wish they couldve created him first and they want one of their own.
  • Excellent Show

    amazing and entertaing storylines keep this show fresh!Awesome animation and good voice acting keeps this show from falling down the tubes,yet at some times the show keeps falling on plot lines that involve bloo doing some thing retarded,but in retrospect the show does a wonderful job of keeping childrens attetion for 30 minutes makes fosters an awesome animated comedy!Or kids show,and the fact that it ended when lame half ass shows such as total drama island are still on the air makes me sad,some times I think the guys at the network are just balls to wall stupid,oh well a good show none the less...
  • One of a kind, Hoping for re-runs :]

    Ok, Fosters home for imaginary friends is a show about a 10 year old boy Mac, and his imaginary friend, Bloo regard Q. Kazoo. Mac is told by his mother that he cannot keep Bloo anymore. This is when Mac desperateley searches for an idea, how can he keep bloo? Bloo ends up seeing an advertisement for Fosters home for imaginary friends and checks it out with mac the next day. After alot of debating and fighting, (Dutchess, terrence, ETC) Bloo finds his new home Amazing, with some new friends such a Wilt, CoCo, Eduardo, and Cheese. The people running fosters are Madam Foster, Mr Harriman, and Frankie.
    Overall fosters is a great show
  • Me love Foster's! It has good art and designs!

    Foster's I think might be the best (or at least on the top ten list of best TV shows) Cartoon Network's got in their posession (well right now anyway.) I'm glad this show's still got more new episodes being produced for it, I can't wait to see Destination Imagination! It looks so totally awesome! Cartoon Network fortunately still has some great shows and this is one of them! Another one I can think of is Tom and Jerry! I love that show along with this one! Its good to see a classic cartoon being played, and as for this one, it is good to see a modern cartoon today with superb animation, and entertainment with the imagination! I love the show's characters, and my favorites are Wilt, Cocoa, and Edwardo (also along with his creator!) I think Frankie is also pretty cool too. Whenever I know when this show is going to air next, I always sit down and get comfortable, and then enjoy watching it! (Same thing goes for Tom and Jerry!) Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends to me is a great and successful animated TV show that I think the whole family can enjoy. Its TV movies are usually awesome too, like Good Wilt Hunting! I love a lot of episodes too. The person who created another one of my most favorite shows which is The Powerpuff Girls, created this show too. He is none other than Craig McCracken! I like him, he has a lot of good talent, and can make some awesome animated TV shows! I hate to see this show canceled, especially if its about to end soon. Once Foster's ends then what? Maybe some more new shows can hopefully be produced that are spectacular like this one, well it was great while it lasted!
  • I love the theme tune, I love the episodes, I love the characters. I LOVE FOSTERS!

    Who doesn't like a show like this? (Rhetorical question) It's a friendly, funny, creative show for all of the family. I first discovered it when at my friends house. We were flipping channels, and arrived at CN. A new show was on, and so we gave it a try. One of my friends hated it, but the other and I loved it, and from there on in I'd watch it loads. I haven't seen all of the episodes, but I used to like the older ones before they introduced the newer imaginary friends. I have nothing against the new ones, but the older ones were my classic. It's a show about a place where you can adopt imaginary friends, and all of the adventures Mac, his friend Bloo and their other imaginary friends get up to. Frankie, a typical teen who helps out there, and there's that rabbit who's name I can't remember, and of course Madam Foster. A great show. Well worth watching.

    Grade: A+
  • A little boy is forced to give up his imaginary friend and makes a deal with Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, as long as Mac visits Bloo everyday, Bloo will not be adopted. Many adventures await the two friends and the other friends at the home.

    I've been watching this show almost since it began a couple of years ago. The shows have gotten better and better, though were good to begin with. This is great show, with humor that apeals to many age groups from younger kids to adults to just enjoy cartoons. The plot is easy to understand and follow and the animation is pure and simple. The show itself features a cast of enjoyable and memorable characters, both human and imaginary friend. The imaginary friends are whimsical and creative, some with a dry sense of humor and those who are just plain goofy. This show was made to apeal to a wide spectrum of viewers and does it's job wonderfuly. I highly recommend it.
  • Probably one of the best shows ever aired on CN.

    I absolutely adore Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends! You can easily expect at least a few good laughs in every episode. I started watching Foster's a few years ago for a bit after I came home from school, like every few days or so or whenever I just happened to flip to it. I laughed-out-loud so many times my parents thought I'd blow a fuse! And, years later, now that I'm into it once again they just think I keep losing brain cells from every giggle and snort that comes out of me. But hey, they can't blame me for not wanting to let go of my childhood that easily!

    Anyways, AMAZING show, very likeable characters, and hilarious and well thought-out episode plots. Definitely a must-watch for any age.
  • When its gone I don't know what the world do?

    Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends is one of the best shows I have ever seen! It is getting old I mean Blue Whinning all the time is so irtating. They should get some new Martiral.
    My opion The first 4 Seasons were the best. My favorite episode of all time whould have to be House of Blues. My least favorite episode whould have to be well I don't have one! They are all so good. I have to say when Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends is over the World will END! I just hope they end Fosters good and not bad.
  • This show rocks!

    I really really love this show!Its awesome!Ah anyway heres something about the show.Bloo,Mac's cute imaginary friend one day must leave his house becouse Mac's mum thinks he is to old for an imaginary friend.Mac and Bloo got worried,but Bloo saw a commerical on TV.It was about a house called Fosters home for imaginary friends where children leave friends once they get too old.For an imaginary friend that is.So Mac decided to leave Bloo there but there was only one problem.Adoption!If Bloo gets adopted Mac will never see him again.But Mac promised to get back tommorow.Unfortunetly a girl came by and wanted to adopt him but Mac came just in time.Sadly in the 3th part of the movie Mac gets caught my Tarrence his jerky old brother and Bloo by Doughes an ugly imaginary friend and a monster created my jerky teenage boys.Buthe gets saved thanks to Mac,Eduardo,Coco and Wilt!Madame Foster a old lady who creared the house told that Bloo will not be put up for adoption if Mac gets from school on time.I have said enough already..Havent I?
  • A good show with humor and fun for anyone to watch. :idea:

    This is a pleasant show. The characters are fun, creatively designed, humorous, and are always getting into crazy situations that they must figure out how to get out of somehow. Although the series main focus is mostly based on the relationship between Mac and his creation of Bloo, other characters are also focused on and also have their own rich history. Wilt is the eternal optimist with a great skill for basketball and eternally apologetic. Eduardo is a nervous, strong character who always overcomes his fears and saves his friends whenever they are in trouble. Coco is the wild card, nobody really knows what she is all about. Frankie and Mr. Herriman are always at each other. Mr. Herriman represents old traditions, old ideas, and always tries to be fancy and proper. Frankie represents fresher perspectives, embraces new ideas and concepts, and tries to be more loose and relaxed in her life. The whole operation is overseen by Madame Foster who while ederly, proves she can stay in step with the rest of them. The writing is always consistent and there's always a chance for laughter any time a new episode airs. Even when this show is gone, I know that people will still enjoy the re-runs of the great episodes that were made for a long time. That's why I love this show, because I will also enjoy it even after it's gone. :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
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