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  • Absolutely terrible show.

    My two brothers, Paul and Joey, have been watching this show for about a year now. Everytime the show is on, I have to leave the room! All the characters do is scream and wine and make annoying noises. Craig McCracken had a good run with The PowerPuff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory, but I'd have to say that now, he's really scraping the bottom of the idea barrel. And for that matter, why is it that everyone in the show can see the supposedly "imaginary" friends? If it wasn't for Adult Swim, CN would probably be gone. As terrible as this show is, there's really nothing better on the network anymore.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I just don't get the appeal?

    I found the theme song and the characters to be really annoying. I think Cartoon Network seriously over-plays this garbage, so I can't wait until they cancel it. If you like the show, well each to their own I guess. Just don't expect me to like it. When nothing else is on I might choose this show over a boring court TV show at best. This cartoon might have appeal if you're 8-12, but I'm just not in that category. Its not even cute funny in my honest opinion. I think kids could be watching much better stuff on TV.
  • Very bad

    Once again I will write a horrible review for this show. My old one got reported because someone did not like the score I gave it.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is a horrible show. I haven't seen the show much, probably because I can't watch for most of the episodes but here are reasons why I don't like it.

    1: IMAGINARY If everyone sees them and talks to them, then they're not imaginary. Either rename it or give some kind of other dumb reason.
    2: Is it just me, when I was a kid, I did not think of blue blobs and those creatures. Anyone agree with me here?
    3: Obviously I can find shows that are much better. Even the dub for One Piece and other anime are better, hate to say it.
    4: I think the kid's head is too big. Stop trying to copy anime

    Hopefully I will not get reported again, cause I honestly saw nothing wrong with my last review.
  • Worst show ever!

    Because my first review was deleted because people didn't like it I must now write an entirely different one. First off: The stories, the stories really bore me, I mean what's so interesting about characters getting lost in a house.

    The Humour: I have only once laughed at this show because I didn't if it was a joke, I can't beleive it even lasted one year on the air or even got picked up, the jokes are really stupid and only a two-year-old would find them funny.

    The Voices: The voices really bug me on this show, and I don't know why, especially Bloo's and Mac's. And that co-co thing makes me crie. I can't stand the sound Of it.

    The Characters: This is what earned the show a 0.1, I like Wilt, he seem allright to.

    Allright, hate me for writing this, but let it stand, after all it's just my opinion I don't make your reveiws get deleted because they say the show is good. -captaindillo
  • why is this show so popular? this show is so overrated

    Can anybody tell me what's so great about this show? Foster's home is about an 8 year old who has an imaginary friend named Bloo who lives at this house for imaginary friends founded by madame foster. This show is so dumb the characters are so annoying specially bloo man i can't stand him,he's just a greedy selfish blob. The animation is bad and the eps plot lines are stupid and everyone lacks common sense. Fist up why are they even imaginary if any one can see & interact with them. I feel so bad that little kids have to grow up watching this show. What ever happened to the good shows cartoon network had,why are they replacing all the good shows with crap like this.Im sorry but i just feel like this show is just overrated
  • Just when you thought shows for kids couldn’t get any worse.

    God this show is lame! It was ok when it first aired. But lately its just gotten near horrible. Bad behavior from a main character; no messages/morals for children; who is the target audience?? Bloo is loud and outspoken, selfish, greedy, and (more often than not) just plain not nice. He's not a bad guy, exactly, just very bad mannered with no social skills. He very rarely faces consequences for his words or actions, and the other imaginary friends (as well as his buddy Mac) seem to just accept his temperament and overlook his bad behavior. Also unlike more educational children's programming, there is seldom a message or moral to be learned from this show - it's just a cartoon.

  • I truly hate this show.

    I truly hate this show. I mean the kid Mac is probably the least annoying character but he's still annoying. Bloo is like the most selfish person o the planet. I mean in one episode he was obsesed about collecting trading cards he was completly blind to the fact he hurt one of his so called "friends" feelings. In another episode he cared more about himself than Eduardo when he broke his squeky elephant.And when he nags the living snot out of Mac I feel like I'm with my immature friend. Also Bloo was being a word so vile I would get kicked of this website if I said it when he cared more about winning a game than if he and Mec get in trouble. I know you guys will hate me for this review but I just wanted to say I HATE FOSTERS!
  • Why did I watch that ugly stuff?

    Craig McCracken, creator of The Powerpuff Girls , presents a brand new Flash animated Cartoon Network original series with some of the best friends you can think of. In this world, imaginary friends become real the instant a kid thinks them up. Everyone can see them, everyone can talk to them -- but what happens when a kid outgrows his friend? Then that friend is welcome to Foster\'s Home for Imaginary Friends, the adoption center, owned by old Madame Foster, that provides a home for them, until a child, in need of an imaginary friend, who can\'t think their own up, comes to adopt them. One such friend there is Blooregard Q. Kazoo, the creation of 8-year-old clever, yet shy Mac, who\'s mother tells him he\'s too old for Bloo. Though Bloo felt that \"adoption is not an option,\" Mac convinced him to stay long enough that, after a sinister plan devised by self-centered Duchess fails, Mac proves his loyalty. Moved by his loyalty and pure imagination, Madame Foster, herself, states that Bloo may stay at Foster\'s without ever having to worry about being adopted. In return, all Mac has to do is visit every day. This isn\'t a problem, considering that Mac would rather spend his after-school time with Bloo and all the other wacky friends, like the sanity-challenged bird-airplane-plant Coco, cowardly protector Eduardo, basketball-playing Wilt, along with Madame Foster\'s granddaughter Frankie and the imaginary friend created by Madame Foster, Mr. Herriman, than at home, with his 13-year-old stupid, bullying brother, Terrence. Every day, thanks to Bloo\'s crazy scheming, the gang end up in wacky adventures.
  • I just don't get it...

    If you love this show (like 1/2 of my friends), I suggest you turn around and read someone else's review because I HATE this show. Just in case you haven't turned away yet, here's my only compliment to the show: the animation is very creative and only seen in a couple of other shows. But enough Mr. Niceguy. This show is just abysmal! I can't understand why people like this show. I'm O.K. with a little bit of "potty humor" once in a while, but when 95% of the jokes have to do with farting or something of that nature, it just gets annoying. Bloo's voice is a little irritating, while Mac's doesn't sound like an 8-year old's at all. He sounds like he's half way through puberty. Eduardo crying 24/7 is getting old. If Coco is sometimes mildly intertaining, but is really just an annoyance like everyone except Wilt. Wilt is the only character who is entertaining and keeps the cartoon's score over 1.0. I wish CN would quit advertising every single show with Bloo. Why not use a better character from a better show (Camp lazlo, billy & Mandy), or at worst, Wilt. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is horrible show on an otherwise excellent channel. Cartoon Network: Please, cancel this show!!
  • i think bloo got dummer

    in the first season bloo was so much smarter he had clever dialouge and his voice was deeper he is still played by the same actor but over the seasons bloos voice got more high pitched and bloo got dummer along with it i miss the smart bloo all of his jokes used to make sense but not any more now he is just trying to force the laughs and another character that annoys me is coco how could everyone understand her this show deffinately needs subtitles and another thing why does good things keep happening to eduardo i mean he keeps acting so brave when he really is a big scardy baby and for some reason in the end something good always happens to him and that crazy old lady madame foster she is like the crazy old cat lady only for imaginary friends thats all i gotta say for this review edfan out
  • Worst cartoon I've ever seen.

    I think that in all of the cartoons I've ever seen, this one is the worst of them all. Sure, the pilot might've been a bit funny but all the episodes went downhill from there. I'd say change the channel, and for the writers... write better scripts. Make Frankie upstage Herriman. Make Bloo smarter. Make the episodes make more sense.
  • Not very good graphics, just plain wierd. I still got to say its funny but not all that interactive.

    This show really is quite a let down. The creatures in it don't seem to be "around talking to everyone" in each bit. Its funny in a wierd way I got to say. I've got to say its got funny stuff and things in it to do with friendship and many other things besides that. What I'm telling is that the character "Bloo" is the clown of the show, and most of the time hes doing something bad. Its teaching children to act like Bloo, to cause mayhem and destruction around in real life. Now, this is just MY opinion I don't want people yelling at me just because I said this.
  • Fosters' Homeless For Imagination

    Fosters' Home gets praised because its' unoriginal, because its' viewers are used to seeing every little prattling cliche they've seen in shows like Courage, like Powerpuff Girls, like Dexters' Lab, and Hey Arnold, all of which can be found in this, a clearly unoriginal effort.

    Granted, the pilot episode was pretty entertaining, but when you get into the later episodes, the execution is bland, the characters are either selfish and self-centred (Bluu, Frankie), intolerant and ungratful (Frankie, Bluu), playfully, and shyly, innocent (Wilt), or attempt to serve as the moral conscience (Mac, Mr. Hareman), when have you honestly not seen any of this before?

    As for some of the things the series gets away with...SPongebob, Dexter, and Powerpuff Girls got away with MUCH more than what this series dishes out, its' not new, but then, thats' why its' such a success, unexpected things make people look stupid if they can't handle it, and suprising things make them feel scared if they can't handle it, thats' why innovative shows like Codename: Kids Next Door gets downvoted and crap like this gets the noble peace prize.
  • I don't know why so many people like this, This is too overhyped.

    If you're a true lover of the show, then you might as well go somewhere else now.

    The show is too hyped up, Cartoon network obviously think this show is good because of Bloo, the simple character that anyone can draw, I'm just shocked about the fact that Bloo seems to be used in most of Cartoon networks adverts now.
    If you like this show, you should love the other shows like Xiaolin Showdown, KND and Grim adventures, because they are half as hyped up and they make me cheer, while I watch one episode of this show and.......... well, you get my drift here. This show should be finished with as soon as posible.
    Overall Rating: 4.6/10
  • i just can't get into it

    it's basicly about a kid named mac that has an imaginary friend named blue mac, has a bully for a brother named terrance he always beats up on mac and blue every time mac gets home from school. soon macs mo desides it is time to get rid of blue. then, blue sees a ad on television abou foster's home for imaginary friends so mac takes blue there at first he thought that he could visit blue every day but he later finds out that blue will be adopted... then he makes a deal with maddem foster (the manager of foster's home) and she tells him that if he visits blue every day he can't be adopted.
  • Although it has an original plot, the script is childish and Craig could've done better by making the imaginary friends more CUTE.

    It all started in that 1-and-a-half hour pilot, where Mack leaves Bloo behind in a home for abandoned imaginary friends, who are currently up for adoption. But Mack visits Bloo every day, and Bloo, being a special little Pac-Man ghost reject as I see him, is not up for adoption.

    Well, the flash animation was off the wall, and it has an original plot, but it couldn't make up for the show's lack of humor for adult viewers. Whatever happened to the good old family cartoons, where the parents and children can all laugh together, like the Simpsons or Dexter's Lab? Albeit the show's focused on younger viewers, they should make us fellow adolescents and adults laugh once a while, too.

    And Bloo? Well, let's say I utterly despise him. His stupidity, his poor financial skills, and selfishness has led everyone to say, "Aww, he's cute, but he's an asshole." Seriously, though, I want to see him change sooner or later, If I plan to keep watching the show, that is.

    Craig's PowerPuff Girls were a hit, but I admit I did not like that show either. But if I had to choose between this show and the PPG, I would rather watch the PPGs.

    "Well, after a few painful, Bloo-focused episodes from this show, a thumbs down comes to my mind."

  • This show needs some fine-tuning and fast!

    Its a good idea for a show, but it isn't very interesting. Don't get me wrong, we've all had our own imaginary friends (and if you just said or though: "No I didn't", you're lying). The show seemed like a good idea at first, but it's gone downhill since the first episode. Its actually mildly interesting.
  • What Happened??? By the way season 5 is terrible so far( In case your wondering ;)

    This used to be one of my FAVORITE shows but now... Season 1 was the stuff a good show is made of. The episodes and jokes were original. Season 2 wasn't half bad either. In fact my favorite episode "Frankie My Dear" is almost smack-in-the-middle of season 2. But in Season 3, I found the only 3 good episodes, episodes 32, 35, 39, 40, and maybe episode 29. Shame too, because this is was longest season yet. even if only by one episode) Season 4, even worse than Season 3. The rest of Season 5 wiil tell this shows fate.
  • I hate Bloo, but I love Cheese!

    This show is very good. The only thing worth watching on Cartoon Network that's not on Adult Swim. However, I can't stand Bloo. He's a selfish, obnoxious, lazy pain in the butt. I can't believe Mac thought of him. If I thought of that kind of friend, I would unthink him. However, Cheese is amazing. I like his one-liners, his craziness, and his rambunctiousness. Give us more Cheese because I can't get enough of him. Now that's a character that I would think up. The next character that I like is Mr. Herriman. He's uptight, but he can make it humorous. The best episode that has Mr. Herriman is 'Camp Keep a Good Mac Down' when he becomes a wild rabbit and he's not wearing his clothes.
  • I'm sorry to say this- this show cesreves to be cancelled for lowering itself to the same level as The Buzz on Maggie... It used to be good- now it sucks!

    I'm sorry to say this- this show cesreves to be cancelled for lowering itself to the same level as The Buzz on Maggie... It used to be good- now it sucks!

    Foster's Home for... this title is too long- not acceptable!!
    FHFIF was once a great show with a strong concept that could compete on almost any level of anime out there that today's youth is fickle, yet wise to watch ( this is so they're not wasting away from the crap on Disney and Nick..)

    I mean, come on- the idea that kids and teens that could create living beings with their minds, that other can see and treat like common citizens of our society- cool, because hopefully and eventually, we'll start accepting aliens, monsters, and robots as common, functioning parts of society easily- but only if we can put our differecnes aside and cooperate- now if only this show were out to teach us that. There's a problem with this concept of possible truth, however.

    It isn't- that's why it's starting to suck so much now- I do not ****ing know why so many people like it now!!

    What was once a bridge to a working society that the human mind without an imagination and creative thought wouldn't have a chance in hell building alone, what we get is justt another half-ass ripoff of The Simpsons and Family Guy. Hey, McCracken, could you leave the annoying behavior and crack-ass comedy stylings to these mentioned shows- you suck at this! Horribly!!

    I can easily say this, due to the fact that the main characters are so immature and stupid- Yeah, Mac and Bloo, I'm aimed at you (especially Bloo.)!
    I easily say this because Mac may be smart, but he is weak and a p****, especially without Bloo at his side. But let me ask you something, Mac- Why the hell would you want someone who's nothing like you, but like The Buzz on Maggie's main character- he's stupid, cruel, annoying, a jerk, an ass, and he thinks he's cool. He is, by all means, a bigger loser than his creator!!

    Wilt looks cool, Coco is cool for what she is, Eduardo- to sum him up- if I were woman, I'd totally do him!! Bloo is noting but blue piece of dog ****. Anyone I know, with as little imagination that they have, could have thought up something way better that this piece of trash.
    Hell, if I were Mac, for being such an annnoyance and nuisance to the working society around him, to jutify my mistake- I would've beat Bloo to death, then shot him. For a more positive change, I'd turn him into a girl, so he can know how it feels to be mistreated. Besides, I thikn Bloo would make a great woman- he feels and sounds the f***ing part!! Also, the issue with teenage minds in this show- this show thinks all teenagers are corrupt, arrogant, and stupid- that they have lousy imaginations that can only create stupid, destructive, and unintellegent monsters that aren't fit to exist. If all teens thought like this our society and created such worthless ideas, I'd embrace their genocide (teens and all.) What I'm saying is we don't need kids thinking they can get away with creating such worthless imaginary beings to hang out with, only to end up fighting for them, and dying... that just shows how worthless teenagers are today to our society, unless they have hard-working jobs, and worship the parents and adults who control them as if they were God- but above all that, good imaginations that arent just tools for violence at best.

    If Bloo isn't something really hate about this show, and why no one bothers to dance on his trecea when he deserves it, it's this!! It's sad I say all this- if you still like this show, loyal patrons of this site, enjoy it with all my blessing- it is the only one ofthe current original 4 shows (Billy and Mandy, Camp Lazlo, and Class of 3000) keeping this channel from becoming Adult Swim (I'd thank God if that happens right about now. This channel sucks overall without Adult Swim or Toonami on it.).

    Just keep in mind, though- the only reasons can still hold its own, despite retarded characters are dragging it down like so many other shows:

    -Beautiful execution of the very term animation itself
    -Creative and developing characters (other than Bloo)
    -A strong and original concept
    -The fact that it'll, after awhile, make you think mainly, "What if I had an imaginary companion, yet he was real- think of all the conversations about feelings I could have!"

    But, come on ,CN, when are you going to learn that having one more stupid characters in your show doesen't make it any moore hilarious- stupid people are the Reason our democracy will end, and we, the people will eventually end up slaves to a corrupt empire out to wipe out everyone who doesen't agree with them... not what we want. That, and this stupidity and nuicansy are best keft to the Simpsons and Family Guy...

    a 5.5 out of 10.
    F91- sorry for the harsh words. But CN knows better if they don't want people worse than me ranting about this... I mean, some of the reviews I read before this berating the show suck hard!!
  • It's On Too Much....

    This show is okay, but it is on too much... They are the spokespeople for Cartoon Network. I actually think that this is an okay cartoon, and a great idea....

    I was watching Cartoon Network for the first time in years, and I was thinking "What Crazy Shows Does Cartoon Network Have These Days" I saw Fosters, and it is created by they guy that created The Power Puff Girls, but Foster's has better animation. I thought the show wasn't that good, but then I watched it again, and some of the episodes are hilarious!!

    But only some of them. Other episodes are just plain wierd. And why are the majority of the Immaginary Friends look like freaky monsters?! Bloo isn't, which says that not Everybody creates Immiganary Friends like that, and I'm not talking about Eduardo, who is a monster... I am referring to the "broken" one, that guy that is made of some kind of green slime, that french snob, that little one that gets Bloo's old room, and other wierd Immaginary Friends.

    But Madame Foster is okay, and so is Frankie, Mr. Herriman, Bloo, Eduardo, Coco, and Mac. And so is that guy with the mustache and the Irish accent that has made several apperances, but I think that they should make THAT guy a regular cast member!! And they should bring back Redd, and Wally, and Mandy (from The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy, which also had a show like this on TV one time, but the Foster's House blows up!! ) But Mandy was sooooo funny in that one episode with "Goo". ( or whoever that girl is ) , they should also bring back her!!

    They really could be doing a lot more with Foster's, since it is about all these immiganary friends and some we should see more, and some we should see A LOT less. In a house that is an immaginery friend itself, who knows how many ideas the writers can come up with... and it seems like they aren't thinking of very much of them.... They could get one of their immiganery friends to do that for them....
  • The people who created this show needs to edit this show. They need to edit everything in this show.

    I like the dilemas and the story lines , but it's needs some improvement. I gave it a 5.2 out of 10 because of the animation, lack of comedy and the sounds.

    First of all, they need to edit the animation of this show, I mean sure they're all imaginary friends, but it's not that, it's everything else, besides the characters. The problem with the details is they use pencils instead of computers. Guys, that's why there's markers, you guys could use markers with those sharp ends for the detail. For pencils, it shows it all... wrong. Also, the colors of the objects. For example, the food that was shown on Episode 4: Dinner is Swerved, all of the food was just orange, purple and green. Show it the way it's supposed to look. Remember to work on the animation, but don't make it look like anime.

    Second of all, maybe add a little bit more comedy for godsake because I don't think this show's very funny. For example, in Episode 37: Cockoo for Coco Cards, when Bloo got the telescope friend and said Bingo, a friend came named Bingo and catched the telescope friend when Bloo thew him. You know what would be even funnier? If Bingo missed the telescope dude and he broke.

    Third, the sound effects and language. For the sound effects, the sound editors added a little too much sound effects. That annoys me. What annoys me the most is the foul language that most people use. They always say the word stupid and shut up when they're pist or a bully. Is this a little kid show or a BIG kid show? Sounds like a BIG kid show because of the language.

    Last, but not least, some parts in this show have scenes where people and other things are absolutly silent and they stay in the same motion.

    For example, on Episode 3: Busted, when Mac came in, he said, "Hey Bloo! Bloo?"

    Then, the gang arrived and they stood there silently staring at Bloo. They did that for about 30 - 45 seconds. That's the most retarded thing that anyone would do. Speak to him @*#%! Sorry 'bout that.

    Well, if the creators edit this show, I will raise my rating from 5.2 to 9.3 or 9.7 or something.

  • Really,it's a good plot...but it's a little childish...

    I DID watch that movie that premiered the show,and it WAS a good idea off and on paper.But,to ME,it seemed a bit childish.It was some what funny and all,but..well...whatever.If it had ben a little more grown up,it would have gotten a better rating... so, I don't know. I guess you could give it a chance.As for me,I'm bot watching...
  • mildly interesting.

    fosters home for imaginary friends is a cartoon tv show about a house for imagianry friends. The main charachter mac is a little boy who is about 8 to 10 years old who created an imaginary friend named blu. Blu is the funniest charachter on the entire show and he is the only person on the show who can make me laugh. There are other imagunary friends who live at fosters. Coco ( a giant bird who can only say the word coco) an edwardo ( a giant purple thing) and a giant basketball player.

    overall: average kids tv show with some funny episodes and some bad ones.
  • hehe changing my mind hurts again!

    yep i'm changing most of my reviews and i made a big mistake on this one.
    i like it but i dont hate it.
    and i stand by my case that i hate the rabbit.
    Its kinda funny but just some episodes show Bloo's selfishness
    that makes it funny.
    The constant return of Cheese is kinda funny but not all the time.
    Writing this review with a headache so can't really think of anything to write and if i did i would be writing in circles.
  • It wasn't as good as it used to be.

    It was funny in the beginning but it has gotten really stupid. They had kinda stupid games on like big,fat, awesome house party. More like small, skinny, stupid house party. Bloo thinks he is cool but he isn't even close to being cool. They can't think of good names like Wilt's creator's name is Jordan Micheals. And Wilt is obviously based off of Wilt Chamberlaiin one of the best basketball players in the world. Coco is cool because she can lay eggs that have prizes in them. Mac Daddy was okay but it was so cheesy if you know what I mean. Cheese is funny sometimes but other times he is just plain stupid.
    Peace out
  • Its not bad

    I can truthfully say that it is not a bad show it is that I can not seem to want to watch it. There is a point to it and it has some funny parts, but the thing is it is not for everyone. I myself do not like the show because it seems like their making fun of kid’s imaginary friends. The show does have some good episodes but when it comes down to it just does not amuse me like other shows do. The creators did do a good job in thinking up situations for the show, but they really need to make it worth watching.
  • Seriously, what is our day and age coming to? When I was younger, cartoons were never this bent out of shape; I indeed fear for our younger feature generations of kids who are going to be subjected to the stupidity that is bad network program airing.

    With each new coming of cartoon series that introduce themselves to Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Kids WB, brings along more gut-wrenching and non-sense making criteria for our youths to have to ingest; however, once in awhile - hence awhile they actually do something right. [Ex: Naruto, Code Lyoko.] What happened to the good old days where cartoons were actually interest to watch, and 80% of the time there were no idiot characters making spectacles of themselves as a moronic rouge for generating comedy? When I was younger, I would be watching Speed Racer, Thundercats, and even the Animaniacs, things of their nature. Foster\'s is main character is rude, self-centered, and not everything a protagonist should be. I know this is content suitable for children, but come on already; Enough is enough.

    It is " mildly " funny, but most of the time it is not. There is no distinctive plot, as of many of these half written cartoon shows these days. It revolves mainly around Bloo. Who is often rude, conniving, and other wise deceptious. Can you tell me what morals we are setting for younger audiences? Once again, cartoons are not what they used to be. All I have really seen from series like this was mediocre attempts at enacting " funny ", self-centered attires on behalf of the characters in the show, and nothing that constructs anything positive for profound morals. You may as well read a book.
  • out of all the new shows on cn this is the best

    it is okay not tooo bad not toooo good just okay
    it idon't hate it i don't looove it i just like it it is way better than other new shows like juniper lee and camp lazelo but not as good as dexters lab or ppg it is in my opinion mediocer
    not horrible not amazing
  • If your looking for the REAL most overrated cartoon ever made, your search is over.

    After Craig McCracklen's creation of The Powerpuff Girls and his assistance with Dexter's Laboratory he makes another cartoon for us to enjoy. The show about a normal eight-year old boy with a huge box head named Mac, lives with his mom and brother named Terrence who always makes fun of him and his simple blue colored imaginary friend named Bloo which is short for Blooregard Q. Kazoo. Normally in some other cartoons the imaginary friend is something a kid thinks of with his mind and makes it his friend because the kid has no friends, but in this show when a kid thinks it comes to life in everyone's eyes. They then go to Foster's home for imaginary friends. A place where all kinds of them can live when the kids are too old for them to be with and so Mac can still see Bloo without his mom knowing. But there is a twist. I'm sure most of you know the rest so I'll just get to what I think of it.

    What's good and bad.

    Nice plot line for kids.
    Most of the characters are unique.
    Nice home-style feel to it.

    Character design hasn't been improved through the seasons.
    Can be exaggerating a lot of times.
    Theme music is lame and background music is MOSTLY unsatisfying.
    The Jokes would either be predictable or out of character.
    Mac's voice has been changed to a ridiculous voice after the first season.

    This show is alright and funny but it's style, humor, and animation can sometimes knock the funny part away and make it really dorky and disturbing. The show is not really as perfect as everyone says. All I'm saying is the show could have been a lot more better and decent then this. I would recommend this show to children 3 years old and lower. The rest of you should just avoid the show at all costs.

    One last thing... the first 6 disagrees I got was because my review on this show before was a bit too negative. If you agree to this review that means you know what good cartoons are. For those of you who still think I'm totally wrong can just disagree if you didn't.
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