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  • Hilarious and funny. The future of Flash Cartoons is now!

    Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends is acually a flash cartoon (shows made with a computer). Fosters is a show anyone would love. It is funny, classic, and solid.

    The best art in a flash cartoon. Perfect animations, backgrounds, and great character design.

    Bloo is a cartoon character unlike any other. He never learns a valueable lesson, he is funny, and has a quite simple design.

    All episodes so far have great storylines and are all humorous.

    Top Characters
    1. Blooregard Q. Kazoo (or just Bloo)
    2. .....uhh.....just give me time to think....oh never mind, end revierw.
  • Absolutely brilliant. Foster's is amazing. In my opinion, it is the only good show on Cartoon Network.Foster's is a nice alternative to, say, the Fairly Odd Parents that families can watch together. Foster's is a very good show that I hope will be on for

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends- I first read the title in an ad on the back of National Geographic Kids. I rolled my eyes. Yawn. I hadn't watched Cartoon Network since I was little, and I was obsessed with the Powerpuff Girls.
    Recently, my younger brother has had the same obsession with everything Cartoon Network. I'd be baby-sitting, and not really paying much attention to what he was watching. One morning, I happened to overhear a little bit of 'The Sweet Stench of Success'. I found myself laughing at every line. And after that, I actually started looking up the times when it was on and taping every episode. It was only the begining...
    I started reading on (then TV tome) about the show and its episodes. It wasn't until then I realized that Foster's and the PPGs had the same creator.
    I love the humor in this show- it has older humor that teenagers and adults will like, and that younger kids won't understand. Although, the older humor is very mild and does not leave children with inappropriate thoughts or words like other kids shows.
    Foster's is a nice alternative to, say, the Fairly Odd Parents that parents, baby-sitters, teenagers, and siblings can watch together. Foster's is a very good show that I hope will be on for several years.
  • not what i thought but better.

    at first i thought it would be stupid because imaginary friends don't relly need homes.their just what little kids think up in their heads at a young age.but the show is funny,creative,has characters that you would never forget.bloo is so funny,like in the one were he's got all those clones-frankie:bloo,have you been playing with mac's lab set?bloo:yes frankie,yes i have but thats not where these handsome devils came from,their from the kid at mac's class.that was one of my favorite eps.i think now this is gonna be one of those shows when viewers are gonna tell younger kids about it like old peple tell me about fat albert,the real verson.
  • Ever wonder what happened to that imaginary friend you used to have? They're probably here.

    I'm still trying to figure out why a show like this hasn't been around before. It's such a simple storyline everytime-so simple that there is no way you can't enjoy it. The art is the same way.

    You don't need to think, and there aren't any intense moments. It's just fun to watch square-headed Mac and his imaginary friend Bloo run around and create chaos.

    So in short embrace simple chaos and watch Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, a show about Bloo and Mac, and some new friends. But there is more to this show then the TV tells us...

    Yes, this show is mostly for little kids, probably about 4-10 or something. But it's appealing zest to the common friends that most of us had is enough to draw a larger crowd of commentaries.

    The personalities of the characters in this show, unlike the characters in Teen Titans, aren't as important as the appearence and importance. Why? Because they're imaginary friends, and though most of us think that's crazy, the same majority still wants to talk to their imaginary friend in public; just as they did when they were kids.

    My rating, a well held up 9. For this show is funny and memorable at the same, and it has a few puns that are sure to make a 14 year old say the beautiful words in their head: "I know that's corny, but in some weird, twisted way, It's funny!" I know I say that every time!

    I await more.
  • Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends is cooler than you.

    It\'s sad that this show hasn\'t gotten much media attention like other annimated series (SpongeBob, Family Guy etc) because it truly is awesome. I just happened to be flipping through the channels and landed on this show. I had never even heard of it before that (Because like I said, no promotion!)
    Anyways, even though most people probably haven\'t heard of this show, give it a chance. Its on Cartoon Network, almost every day I believe. It always sucks that there are great shows out there, but they don\'t get the promotion they deserve and then wind up getting canceled.
    If you like the wacky offbeat humor of shows like The FairlyOdd Parents or SpongeBob, it is guaranteed you\'ll love this show..
    So give it a try.
  • I can never get enough of this cartoon!!!!!

    If you are looking for a cartoon with a lot a lughs and barely any violence, then you need to check out Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
    About a month ago (May 2005), I heard friends from school saying quotes from this show that seemed very funny. I asked them what show it came from and it came from Foster's. So I decided to give this show a whirl. I found out that this show is INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!!!!!!! Although I didn't see the pilot episode until a month later, I still got to kow a lot about the characters by watching most of the other episodes.
    Mac is my favorite character only becuase he has the same personallity that I have. He is a smart kid and somewhat shy and thats's how I am like too. But Bloo is the funniest though.
    I recommend you watch this show and give it a try. I'm sure you'll like it.
  • You Haven't Lived Until You've Seen This Show.

    This Show Makes Craig's Other Show, PPG, A Rookie Show. If You've Seen The Episode's Mac Daddy & Frankie My Dear, You've Probably Laughed So Hard That You'd Probably Spread The Word To Spread The Humor. I Still Act Out Cheese's "I Like Cereal" & "I Like Chocolate Milk" Phrases Because Their So Freakin Hilarious And Bloo's Continuous Joke Of Saying That Mac Had No Chance With Frankie Until Mac Sternly Says "Don't Say It" Is Classic.
  • This show begins and ends with laughter. All throughout this show is funny. Thank you Cartoon Network.

    The first time i saw this show I had my doubts. But I stuck with it and now it is one of my favorite cartoons on T.V. today. My favorite episode Sweet Stench of Success. Go watxh this show right now. Really what you waiting for. Ok now I am just filling space. Why is there a one hundred word minimum. That is stupid. Eduardo is hilarious. The best character though Bloo is a close second. I can't stand Mac. He is too much of a goody tissue. This is one show i can watch with my little sister without being embarassed.
  • This show is very funny, even though it is addressed for younger children.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is the best animated show I've seen on TeleTOON in a very long time. Even for older kids, the sounds featured on the show rocks! I think that it should NEVER be cancelled, and anyone that wants to be cancel is evil and doesn't know what they're doing! I think that everyone should watch it and enjoy what you see!
  • Wow I thought this show would be immature and pointless, but I watched an episode and it was pretty funny...

    Wow I thought this show would be immature and pointless, but I watched an episode and it was pretty funny... I think this show will last awhile then be cancelled, mostly like dexter,courage, and ppg. It's one of those shows when things happen, they are never mentioned in later episodes as if they never happened.
  • Show about imaginary friends, what else can I say!?

    The best show ever I love it! The storylines, the characters the EVERYTHING! My fav character is definitly Bloo. This is a show about imaginary friends so grab yours and watch it please! In fact I'm watching it right now and laughing my butt off! Anyone of any age can watch it I'm 13 and can watch it and still think it's hysterical, so it's a little childish maybe thats why i like it!
  • Good show very funny but can be kiddish at times

    I can't belvive I'm saying this but I like this show it has its very funny moments.The only thing is that most times the humor can be so childish that the joke is not as funny.The promblem with theses shows is that they have a great storyline nice charcters but the jokes are used and are not that funny and makes it a bit pointless.Anyway it's a great show,and I consider if you have younger siblings looking for imagination and comedy Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends is the right me
  • Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is one of the three shows I watch on Cartoon Network. The other are Billy and Mandy and Cow and Chicken (well, I did back when it was on!) It has great humor and very interesting plots.

    Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is one of the three shows I watch on Cartoon Network. The other are Billy and Mandy and Cow and Chicken (well, I did back when it was on!) It has great humor and very interesting plots. I mostly every this show every friday. Every episode just gets better and better. It's worth watching every friday. I have feeling that this show will be on TV for a long, long time. I wonder how the ratings are, they are probably really, really good. Who ever doesn't watch or have never seen this show doesn't know what they are missing.
  • It's really quite good!

    The thing is about this show is that you never know if the episode is going to be good. My favorites are "Store Wars", "World Wide Wabbit", "Bye Bye Nerdy", and "Partying is Such Sweet Soire", but others like "Berry Scary", "Dinner is Swerved", and "Busted!" pretty much suck! So sometimes it's GREAT and sometimes its STINKY!
  • A great cartoon about A house that shelters imaginary friends who had been forgotton or grown out of.Mainly focused around a boy named mac and his imaginary friend bloo with supporting characters Eduardo,Coco,Wilt,Mr Herriman,Frankie and madame foster

    The pilot starts off with Mac getting in trouble and being told to get rid of Bloo.When they hear of Foster's home for imaginary friends they get the idea of having bloo live there unfortunately living there bloo can be adopt and is almost by a girl and renamed tiffany.But new friends Wilt Eduardo and coco play cat and mouse keeping him from adoption till mac gets there.After a wild adventure Madame foster owner of Foster's allows bloo to live there and not be adopted but only if mac visits everyday at 3.With new friends and a few enemies mac and bloo are ready for a whole bunch of new adventures.

    Brings back childhood memories.A must see for anyone who wonders what happened to there imaginary friend or someone who still has a lil kid in their heart
  • At the first look, the show seems childish. Look again.


    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is currently my favorite show on Cartoon Network. You may think that it is childish, but it is really a significant project. The characters are all well played. The character development between episodes is amazing. I reccomend this show to all.

    The show bases on an 8-year old boy and his imaginary friend, Bloo. After Mac's mother bans Bloo from the house, Mac takes Bloo to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. They find Frankie, Mr. Herriman, Coco, Eduardo, Wilt, Duchess, Madame Foster, and many imaginary friends there. Bloo will not be put up for adoption as long as Mac visits him after school every day.

    You cannot imagine the possibilities of episodes. There is an endless amount of imaginary friends; you can just make up a new one. This show should never be canceled, and it should always be treasured.
  • HILARIOUS! I'm speechless.

    Okay, every episode is hilarious with clever humor, the character designs are amazing, and the animation is perfect. I can't explain it... but I'll try. Okay, so there's a blob named Bloo who's the imaginary friend of a kid named Mac, who's really shy, but Bloo's fun-loving. Classic. Awesome show.
  • Great show for all ages.

    Foster's Home is a great show that has great ideas for characters that are part of it. The animation is easy because of the simple designs of the characters but they all reflect off of what this show is all about. This is one of few Cartoon Netork shows that from this point on might be considered a classic.
  • Hilarious and Well done cartoon, with a new perpective of animation...

    Hilarious and Well done cartoon, with a new perpective of animation. This cartoon is make with a new kind of animation and really cool in details, color, etc.

    The main history is really original, and each episode is better then the other, really funny watch this serie, about friendship, comedy and life.
  • Babyish, huh? I've turned over most of my class, who originally thought it was babyish. You're making a mistake by not watching this. Go on. TV. NOW!

    This show is quite possibly the biggest underdog I've ever seen. It rose up from its quiet beginnings, and I'm sure no-one except the writers knew about it until just before its premiere. Then, we saw the words Imaginary Friends in the title, and pledged not to watch it. Then, I'm sure we happened to catch sight of an episode, and loved it since. Go on, try watching ONE episode. Chances are, you'll have a new show in your top 10 list of shows. Comedy, Romance, Action, complete and utter randomness... this show has it all! (It even has a 7 foot tall posh rabbit in a tuxedo!)

    This show is the best cartoon out there right now. It\'s ahead of its time, hilarious and has top notch animation. This shows humour makes it not just for kids but for older people too. It\'s amazing. The characters are great. Frankie is the best though. Need I say more?
  • out of all the new shows on cn this is the best

    it is okay not tooo bad not toooo good just okay
    it idon't hate it i don't looove it i just like it it is way better than other new shows like juniper lee and camp lazelo but not as good as dexters lab or ppg it is in my opinion mediocer
    not horrible not amazing
  • heartwarming and funny,

    heartwarming and funny, this is Craig McCrackens best work to date. follow Mac, a nine year old boy and his hillarious imaginary friend blooregard (bloo) cue kazzo through their fun filled adventures at foster's home for imaginary friends. The creative and humorus elements makes this show a delight to watch!
  • I love this show so much that I watch it every day!

    I saw this show when Nickelodeon was off the air for some dumb "Let's Just Play" thing, and I wanted to see what else was on TV. I was channel-surfing when a big tall rabbit and a redheaded girl caught my eye. Then I fell in love with the cute brown-haired 8-year-old! That's when my obsession for this show started to bloom.

    That episode I had just seen on TV was "World Wide Wabbit." Then my recording of the show began with the premiere of "Adoptcalypse Now," which made me want to record the show even more!

    Friends, if you are looking for a really good show just to entertain and make you laugh, I greatly reccommend Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends!
  • A wonderfully imaginative children's show that's also great for adults and teenagers.

    Like I said, a wonderfully imaginative children's show that's also great for adults and teenagers. It's a very amusing show, and I absolutely adore all the imaginary friends (except Duchess, of course *shudders in utter disgust and revulsion*). All in all, I recommend this show to everyone of all ages!
  • I like it very much.

    Very entertaining and funny show with some good characters and interesting plots. I'll admit, I never really liked the PowerPuff Girls. It seemed smart enough, but it was verl girl-oriented (as you can see from the title), and that took away from my enjoyment. But Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is an excellent show. I watch it whenever I can.
  • It is about a boy which has an imaginary friend that wants to be destroyed by their bigger brother. He lives with their parents and their brother but to be this very annoying one he/she decides to invent an imaginary friend.

    One day he/she was resting in the night the boy seeing television and you see that in the promotions he/she said that there was a called mansion Foster and that it was for imaginary friends and he/she decides to put to their friend there since in their house their brother it would destroy it. The following day it takes it and after a long walk it arrives and he/she meets with the one that assisted and he/she teaches him the whole place from those but beautiful until those but ugly. When concluding he/she realizes that if he/she left it he/she stayed until somebody adopted it and he/she said it to the one that assisted that please he/she left it as if it was a hotel and friends were made he/she decides that it could stay if esque will visit him every day and it accepts. Of there he/she went him to visit to newspaper.
  • The show is awesome.

    You know, I really love Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. It's hilarious, especially Bloo and how he fools around with people and messes around with Mr. Herriman. I also like how the show is designed ... it's a flash cartoon. I like flash cartoons. It's very obvious that the creator of the Powerpuff Girls made this show too. I love this show.
  • Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends: Where true ideas are not forgotten.

    Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is a very original show: beyond anything, the animation is quite simple, but yet one of the best on any animated shows I've ever seen. The concept of a home for imaginary friends where the kids who created them have forgotten them seems genius.

    The characters are another thing that the makers of 'Foster's Home...' should be proud of. From the clever and sensible Mac, a kid who doesn't want to forget his imaginary friend, to Coco, an insane bird/plane/tree creation, to Wilt, a kind and generous disabled imaginary friend, to Eduardo, a scardey cat "gaurdian" friend, to Madame Foster...the list goes on: each character is worth a mention.

    The whole idea for the show deserves a thrusty round of applause, so I shall take this time to do so.


    The fact that imaginary friends can be seen by everyone when they've been created, the way that they can be adopted again, and the way that somehow, everyone loves the selfish and rude main character, Bloo are all slightly obscure and inventive.

    I give Foster's a ten out of ten, a two thumbs up, a rather large percentage or whatever. But I'd suggest it to everyone: what appears to be a "baby" show, is actually one of the best shows I've ever seen.

    This show is a good idea: don't let it be forgotten.
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