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  • Nice

    THis show was an awsome show from the start but in this watchers opion it has gone flush flush down the toilet but I love all the other episodes they are clever and have this hidden thing that kepps you coming back for more and it literaly gets you hooked on the show some episodes like Imposter Home of Um Make Em Up PAls is one of the worst episode in the series but Store Wars is the absolute Best in the seris Bloo's "Rip off artist" quote Classic. Overall an excellent show and is well thought and played out. DOminic
  • Being a very imaginative and hilarious show, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends really stands out as one of the best, or perhaps best, show on Cartoon Network.

    The show started out pretty decently. It had a great start in the form of a pilot movie. Then came the next ten episodes for the first season. The first season didn't have that much humor but they eventually picked up the pace in the second season. From there on and onto the next seasons, they were able to keep the viewers enjoyed and filled with laughter. The thing that obviously kept the series alive were the characters, all of whom I will sorely miss. Each of the characters had their own specific trait that made them unique and special in their own way. Bloo was the selfish one. Mr. Herriman was the strict and "always-follow-the-rules" kind of character. Frankie was the cool and caring big-sister kind of character. Mac was the boy who would usually try to get Bloo out of trouble or also known the classic sidekick. Madame Foster was the hyper-active old lady. Coco was the crazy girl who could only say her name. Wilt was the helpful one. And of course, Eduardo was the crybaby. All of these characters contributed to the show's great humor.

    I personally love the animation as well. It wasn't breathtaking, but it was just brimming and nice to look at. Even the songs were really enjoyable and catchy. Another thing I greatly love is that this show doesn't have repetitive plots and there weren't much cliches. Accompanying these is the show's rather great humor. It's not something you can actually describe as witty humor but it can really make people laugh, or at least grin.

    Unfortunately, and like all shows, this show does have its flaws. For one thing, I'd have to admit that this show has a tad too much screaming with the characters. Another flaw it has, on some occasions, is inconsistency, specifically the characters. Bloo, at the start of the show, was a sweet and caring character but then he suddenly turned into a selfish and ego-maniacal one. Although his selfishness did contribute greatly to the show's humor. For the other characters, there are some episodes wherein they seemed really out of character. Characters are what keeps shows alive, so there really shouldn't be any inconsistency. Although unlike in other shows, these inconsistencies aren't really that bothersome so it doesn't really bring the show down too much.

    The last thing I dislike is the ending of the show. It was just so appalling how they ended a great show. Except for Frankie and Herriman, no one had any actual character development. From my standpoint, characters should usually have some kind of change in their heart in the end of a series.

    All in all, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is a superb show with a few flaws but will, no doubt, keep its audience enjoyed with its fun characters and somewhat witty plots and humor.
  • I love the theme tune, I love the episodes, I love the characters. I LOVE FOSTERS!

    Who doesn't like a show like this? (Rhetorical question) It's a friendly, funny, creative show for all of the family. I first discovered it when at my friends house. We were flipping channels, and arrived at CN. A new show was on, and so we gave it a try. One of my friends hated it, but the other and I loved it, and from there on in I'd watch it loads. I haven't seen all of the episodes, but I used to like the older ones before they introduced the newer imaginary friends. I have nothing against the new ones, but the older ones were my classic. It's a show about a place where you can adopt imaginary friends, and all of the adventures Mac, his friend Bloo and their other imaginary friends get up to. Frankie, a typical teen who helps out there, and there's that rabbit who's name I can't remember, and of course Madam Foster. A great show. Well worth watching.

    Grade: A+
  • A surberp animation show.

    This show is about a boy named Mac and his imaginary friend Bloo but since Mac's mom thinks that Mac a little too old to have an imaginary friend, she makes him get fid of Bloo but then there was a time when Mac and Bloo find a foster home that was called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. So Mac leaves Bloo there everyday since he can't keep Bloo with him in his house. But Mac has to visit Bloo everyday so he won't get adopted by a different kid. Mac and Bloo end up making friends with three imaginary friends who are Wilt, Edurado, and Coco and a woman named Frankie.
    This is a funny show and great for kids and up like me, I'm a teenager and I still enjoy some cartoon shows there is nothing wrong with liking cartoons even if your too old for those kind of things.
    Overall, this show has humor and it can make a lot of people at least laugh in one episode so if you haven't heard of seen the show then you don't know what your missing.. =)
  • Very imaginative, and very funny

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is easily one of the most creative, and best shows to air before CN fell in hard times. The show was about an 8 year old named Mac who has been forced to give up his imaginary friend named Blooregard Q Kazoo, or Bloo for short. Mac finds a place for him called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. In it are other imaginary friends that have been placed in there, and Mac meets Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Mr. Herriman, Frankie Foster, and Madame Foster. Together they all get into wacky, and crazy stuff that ends them all in trouble. The premise is really creative, and original, and this show utilizes it to its full potential. The characters on this show are characterized well, and have great personalities to them. Mac is a kind hearted kid who tries to make everything right. Bloo is the opposite of Mac he is headstrong, and very goofy in everything he does. Wilt is a very kind and generous friend who doesn't get angry easily. Eduardo is a bit of a coward, but has a huge heart of gold. Coco is random, and lays eggs that contain a variety of things like cards, or a picture. Mr. Herriman is strict, but knows what's right for the house. Frankie is able to keep her chin up despite all the trouble she has thrown at her. Madame Foster is a sweet lady who has a wild side to her as well. The stories are also very creative, and have plenty of humor to them all. I especially enjoyed the World Wide Wabbit one the best. The humor is really funny, and each character manages to bring their own type of humor. I especially love Cheese and his random use of humor in this show. The artwork is really good. The characters were designed beautifully, and a look very imaginative, and the set designs looked very creative. The animation was also very good, and flowed very smoothly in this show. The show did have some bad episodes like the Imposter's Home, which is the worst episode of the series, and I Only Have Surprise for You, and some of the newer episodes were kind of bland. Thankfully Craig must have realized the show was starting to sink, and finished the show. Overall this is indeed on of the final good shows by CN before it went into a rut, and even though I was sadden by the show ending it was starting to tank, so maybe it was best that this show was put to rest before it got bad.
  • Me love Foster's! It has good art and designs!

    Foster's I think might be the best (or at least on the top ten list of best TV shows) Cartoon Network's got in their posession (well right now anyway.) I'm glad this show's still got more new episodes being produced for it, I can't wait to see Destination Imagination! It looks so totally awesome! Cartoon Network fortunately still has some great shows and this is one of them! Another one I can think of is Tom and Jerry! I love that show along with this one! Its good to see a classic cartoon being played, and as for this one, it is good to see a modern cartoon today with superb animation, and entertainment with the imagination! I love the show's characters, and my favorites are Wilt, Cocoa, and Edwardo (also along with his creator!) I think Frankie is also pretty cool too. Whenever I know when this show is going to air next, I always sit down and get comfortable, and then enjoy watching it! (Same thing goes for Tom and Jerry!) Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends to me is a great and successful animated TV show that I think the whole family can enjoy. Its TV movies are usually awesome too, like Good Wilt Hunting! I love a lot of episodes too. The person who created another one of my most favorite shows which is The Powerpuff Girls, created this show too. He is none other than Craig McCracken! I like him, he has a lot of good talent, and can make some awesome animated TV shows! I hate to see this show canceled, especially if its about to end soon. Once Foster's ends then what? Maybe some more new shows can hopefully be produced that are spectacular like this one, well it was great while it lasted!
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of those few amazing shows that you will always love.


    Amazing. That's the only word you could use to describe Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

    Its premise is interesting and very original. The plot sequences for each episode are interesting and will always keep you guessing. Even when you watch an episode like "Everyone knows it's Bendy," you still have to admire it.

    The characters are colorful and creative, each their own personality. Mac is a hard-working 8 year old boy. He is fun loving and goofy, but knows when something is wrong. Bloo, Mac's imaginary friend, is also fun loving but mischevious and will often cause trouble in each episode that the gang has to fix. Wilt is a REALLY tall red imaginary friend that is very nice and talented at basketball. Eduardo is a purple spanish imaginary friend that cries a lot at ordinary things. Coco is a "airplane plant thing" that hatches easter eggs with usually ridiculous but helpful things inside them.Frankie is the caretender to all of the imaginary friends and could deal with almost anything to the point of total moronicness. Mr. Herrimanis the manager of buisness affairs as well asFrankie's boss. I didn't like him too much because he always bossed Frankie around and gave her ridiculous tasks.There are so many other minor imaginary friends that you have to see for yourself.

    Now there are only 2 issues that I have with this show, and they are not too big. They probably won't ruin your enjoyment of the show but they are still there.

    1. Bloo-In the first episode, Bloo was a caring and loving imaginary friend. But from most episodes then on, he was just a selfish and obnoxious trouble maker that wanted attention. Since none of the characters had any character development except for Frankie and Mr. Herriman, we're kinda stuck with him.

    2. The finale-The last episode, "Goodbye Bloo," was a disappointment. First, Bloo never left. Mac did. And he didn't even really leave! (Sorry for the spoiler.) Also, the show ended on a cliff hanger. I do give props to Craig McCracken since he knew that the series should end before it started cranking out bad episodes near the end.

    Even though Foster's has two small issues, Foster's is still one of the greatest cartoons to this day and you will love it, if you don't already. It is for anyone and everyone.

  • An adorable creative show that stood out during the dark ages of Cartoon Network.

    Foster's premiered during a very bad time for CN. Newer, crappier shows were taking the spotlight, the classic cartoons were being dumped off on Boomerang (not that I don't mind Boomerang, it's just that some people can't get it), and Toonami was being phased out.

    ...and then came this show.

    It was August 13, 2004, and everyone had just left my birthday party (I would turn eight on the 21st that year). Mom showed me an article in the newspaper that the creator of my favorite show, The Powerpuff Girls, was making a new cartoon. I turned on the TV and watched it. And I LOVED IT.

    You're guessing Bloo's my favorite character, right? Ha ha ha, no. It was Mac. He's just so cute, sweet, and sensitive, I wish I could just take him home with me sometimes. As an eight-year-old, I had a bit of a fangirl crush on him (we were around the same age, anyway). I aged. He didn't I lost the crush, but I still find him huggably adorable. My other favorite characters are Wilt and Frankie.

    The episodes were very well-written, and bad episodes would only be once a month. The humor is a good mix between little kid humor, and adult humor (though nothing extreme, it's still TV-Y7). The characters are all very lovable, except for Terrance and Duchess.

    Aside from Codename: Kids Next Door and Camp Lazlo, this was the only CN show I could watch. I really wish it could've kept running, but then it would end up all crappy like the newer episodes of SpongeBob and Pokemon.
  • I love this show so much that I watch it every day!

    I saw this show when Nickelodeon was off the air for some dumb "Let's Just Play" thing, and I wanted to see what else was on TV. I was channel-surfing when a big tall rabbit and a redheaded girl caught my eye. Then I fell in love with the cute brown-haired 8-year-old! That's when my obsession for this show started to bloom.

    That episode I had just seen on TV was "World Wide Wabbit." Then my recording of the show began with the premiere of "Adoptcalypse Now," which made me want to record the show even more!

    Friends, if you are looking for a really good show just to entertain and make you laugh, I greatly reccommend Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends!
  • Suprisingly this is a good show that was made in this decade.

    With all this crap and horrendous garbage on television these days, this is one of the few shining gemstones of a tv show that was made around the start of the new generation, which happened this decade of course. Foster's Home rocks! I actually love it! I mean think about it, the whole idea and effort put into this show is something you don't see too often these days, and the main concept of this show was definitely made correctly and excellently. Foster's Home for imaginary Friends is where you can think up and create any form of imaginary creature you wish! Its amazing! You can create some male or female creature in your head...and presto! It can be as tall as a skyscraper, possess magic powers, be made entirely out of metal, you name it! This show proves a good solid form of animation, imagination, and creativity! Now for a recap: This show first starts off at Mac's house, where he has an imaginary friend named Bloo, but his brother Terrance keeps picking on him, and soon afterwards Mac's mom tells Mac that he's too old to keep having an imaginary friend live with him. Fortunately Bloo is now welcomed to Madame Foster's huge mansion filled with all sorts of imaginary friends and creatures where they all departed from their creators. Madame Foster is the owner, where her daughter Frankie works, also along with her imaginary friend: Mr. Herriman. As long as Mac promises to meet Bloo every day, Bloo can stay there forever, that way Mac and Bloo can have endless days having fun with each other! Bloo also gains three other friends that go by Edwardo, Wilt, and Coco. I got a lot of favorite episodes for this show, except for the ones such as Imposter's Home, Foster's Goes to Europe, Beat with a Schtick, and few others. I'm glad that after those nerve-wracking episodes, the writers learned their lesson and didn't make those character beating episodes again. Because I sure felt sorry for them. Anyway, boy I made a long review, so I'll leave off after this: I have lots to say about this wonderful show and it sure has done well on Cartoon Network. It sure has come a long way! The characters are all unique and special. And this show will always be a favorite of mine. I also loved the tv movie Destination Imagination! That's all so bye-bye.
  • Oh yeah.

    One of the legendary shows. Let me explain.

    Warning: Spoilers.

    Plot: Imaginary friends, made by kids and even adults by their imagination! In this cartoon, they can be seen. You can do anything to them. Let's move to the storyline itself. Mac, a 10 year old, has to send his imaginary friend away because he's a grown up now. Mac, and his imaginary friend, Blooregard Q. Kazoo, doesn't like the idea. Because he would get adopted by other kids. Bloo is going to be in the Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. When they get there, they got a tour from Wilt, the imaginary friend who's there for a long time, Wilt showed the places, rooms, and the other friends in here. They cried for a bit, but Madame Foster, told them that Bloo can stay, if Mac visits him everyday. And now there they go. Bloo and Mac are always having fun in the house everyday, and Bloo, somewhat gained alot of pride, is now doing ridiculous things.

    Characters: They have good points. a lot of points. Mac, is a good natured boy, Bloo, became a braggart and gained pride after now he's in the house forever, sometimes annoys me, but his ridiculous stuff that he does makes up for it. Eduardo is a big imaginary friend but also a big coward! Coco, sometimes hard to convince, and can be grouchy sometimes, and somewhat a little smart. Wilt, a loyal friend that will do anything for you, easy to trick, Bloo tricks him most of the time. He can't deny every errands from people. Mr. Herriman, annoying at some times, but sometimes he is funny! Frankie, does all the chores in the house, helping the friends in their problems, but she is kind anyway. Madame Foster, a quirky old woman that does ridiculous things that you wouldn't expect an old woman would do! Terrence, Mac's big brother, rather than being a generic big bully, he makes some fun stuff around that can make you laugh. That's how unique they are. Voicing is nice.

    Humor: Innuendos, Bloo's schemes, their problems are making this show funny. Each character and episode has problems and stuff that are just funny. The episode "Bus the Two of Us" is hilarious. Almost every episodes.

    Art: Some are poorly drawn, not an issue, because they're an imaginary friend! Imaginations are sometimes supposed to be cluttered! Animation is excellent.

    Overall: 9.5. Great show IMO. Makes me laugh all the time. I recommend watching this one.
  • A well written show

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, a show that was kick off way to soon. I think that this show was a great show for it's well crafted imaginary characters and the well though out episodes. Another reason way this show is so good, is that the characters do have original personalities and are like able. The next thing that is also enjoyable are the original plots, I truly think that this show comes up with some amazing ideas for an episode that work so well with the characters. I do think that this show really needs to come back, hopefully a petition could be made to bring this series back. Though, it may never happen it is worth a shot!
  • Screw Adventure Time, MAD, and Johnny Test! This is real Cartoon Network!

    This is obviously the 3rd best show that ever aired on Cartoon Network. 2nd was Johnny Bravo, 1st is Ed Eddn Eddy. The Story is created by Craig McCracken, creator of The Powerpuff Girls, presents an Emmy-Award winning Flash-animated Cartoon Network original series with some of the best friends you can think of. In this world, imaginary friends become real the instant a kid thinks them up. Everyone can see them, everyone can talk to them -- but what happens when a kid outgrows his friend? Then that friend is welcome at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, an adoption center owned by old Madame Foster, that provides a home for them, until a child in need of an imaginary friend, who can't think their own up, comes to adopt them. One such friend there is Blooregard Q. Kazoo, the creation of eight-year-old clever, yet shy Mac, who's mother tells him he's too old for Bloo. Though the little blue blob felt that "adoption is not an option," Mac convinced him to stay long enough that, after a sinister plan devised by self-centered Duchess and Mac's 13-year-old dumber than dirt bullying brother Terrence fails, Mac proves his loyalty. Moved by his loyalty and pure imagination, Madame Foster, herself, states that Bloo may stay at Foster's without ever having to worry about being adopted. In return, all Mac has to do is visit every day. This isn't a problem, considering that Mac would rather spend his after-school time with Bloo and all the other wacky friends, like the egg-laying sanity challenged bird-airplane-plant thing Coco, cowardly protector Eduardo, basketball-playing Wilt, along with Madame Foster's granddaughter Frankie and the imaginary friend created by Madame Foster, Mr. Herriman, than at home. Every day, thanks to Blooregard's crazy schemes, the gang end up in wacky adventures. The last good show on Cartoon Network was Camp Lazlo! I hope the real cartoon network returns someday! Except we can keep The Amazing World of Gumball and Regular Show.
  • McCracken -- Childhood's best friend?

    Craig McCracken, known for his show “The Powerpuff Girls”, has given us an hour-and-a-half long pilot episode of his next creation entitled “Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends.” The pilot is about a boy named Mac, who has a brother named Terrence (who is in frigging need of braces and quite possibly a new brain). Mac’s mom said that he is too old to keep the imaginary friend he had created named Bloo. Bloo’s physical appearance can be described as the blue ghost from the video game Pac-Man. His ambition to become rich and famous shows that he is selfish and careless. When Bloo finds out that there is a place called Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, he becomes excited and shows Mac. And therefore, they come up with a plan. Franky, the caretaker of the home, agrees that Bloo won’t be up for adoption if Mac comes by to visit him at least once a day. So Bloo is happy and Mac is happy. Oh yeah, and Bloo isn’t the only one who lives at Foster’s.

    There are quite a lot of other imaginary friends that wander around the place. One has ten thousand legs; another has eight eyes. There are ugly friends, cute friends, tall friends, short friends, evil friends, kind friends – what a variety! And three of these friends have become friends with Mac – Wilt, a tall red guy with a broken eye and one arm; Coco, a female (bird?) who, instead of speaking English, uses her own dialect (“Co Co Coco Cococo CO!”); and finally, Eduardo, a big and strong, yet fearful, imaginary friend who speaks Spanglish, a mix of English and Spanish (“Si, and may I say you look magnifico, Franky.”)

    Out of all the cartoons that I have watched over the past two years, this has got to be the best one I’ve seen yet. Foster’s Home not only entertains the young ones, but it impressed me to see how well they can project cuteness with Flash animation. Adults may think this is an immature show, but children who have not yet gotten to age ten will have a different opinion about Foster’s.

    I have a nasty feeling about Bloo, though. He does not care about the other imaginary friends and he pisses Mac off sometimes. I don’t think Bloo is the best cartoon character from the drawing board, but he can definitely top any other current Cartoon Network star anytime. Besides, he’s the most popular guy from the show. All of the show’s regular viewers love him – he’s cute and funny, and that’s what a kid needs in a cartoon nowadays.

    The show has given us (or at least the children) thrills and laughter from a beginning of the episode to the end – stuff that other cartoons from CN will never do. Craig McCracken definitely takes the cake, as he is the only remaining man out there that can give Cartoon Network a chance for survival.
  • Foster's Home For a Great Cartoon.

    Craig McCracken, the genius who made The Powerpuff Girls, put his skills to the test once again in Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, one of Cartoon Network's greatest series before the network took a great downfall. The show had amazing humor, it was well-written, and clever. Sure, the characters were REALLY annoying, especially Cheese, but we learned to live with it throughout the series and sometimes we found them funny. I'm not sure why Cartoon Network wanted this series to end, maybe it's because the President, Staurt Snyder, wants a channel called Cartoon Network to have some more live-action series, because you know, I love myself some of that. (No, get rid of him.) Craig McCracken, if you're out there we need more series from you, Cartoon Network's kind of dieing. I know you stepped down, but seriously, we need a great series before Staurt Snyder decides to make Cartoon Network like Fox News.
  • FHFIF is what you call a cartoon,and has got to be one of the most creative shows of all time


    If I had to say the best modern CN cartoon,it will forever belong to Fosters. This show is about an 8-year old kid named Mac,and his imaginary friend Bloo,and Mac has to give up Bloo as he is aging. He ends up sending him to Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends,a home that takes care of given up friends until they are adopted. Mac then has to visit him every day to prevent adoption. This sounded original,and as a result,this ended up as a mind blowing cartoon. The animation and artwork is great,and the imaginary friends' designs are creative. The characters are great,and have a lot of them have backstories to them. Mac is one of the serious characters of the show. Bloo in the other hand,is the opposite of Mac,and is funny and crazy at times. But I started to hate him in the new episodes because he started to become of self centered lazy selfish trouble maker who only wanted attention. Wilt was friendly,athletic and tall,and he has the biggest backstory to him and why his eye is messed up and how he has one arm. Eduardo was a spanish purple cookie monster look a like who was friendly and a chicken at times,but can become vicious while angered. Coco was my favorite though. She's a cute and hilrailous bird\plant\airplane plant thingy who can lay easter eggs and can only say her name. Frankie was hilrailous, and when she is angered,she could be tough and could beat someone up. Madame Foster was a sweet old lady,but at times,she could be awesome,and tough. Mr Herriman was the only main character I hated. He is selfish at times,and is way too harsh on Frankie. I also didn't like Goo and Duchess. Goo was annoying and never shuts up,and Duchess was an ugly,obnoxious selfish jerk who treats everyone like slaves. I did like Cheese and his obsession of cereal and chocolate milk. This also has it's funny moments,and it's gags. This show also makes references to PPG like Frankie dressing up as Blossom,and MoJo Jojo appearing in the first episode. My only complaint,besides some of the characters,was the finale. This show ended in a cliffhanger,and wasn't a good way to end the series. But overall,Foster's was a great cartoon,and was one of the greatest. Please watch this show,and I guarantee you will love it.

  • I loved this show!

    Man, does this show bring back memories.... I remember when Cartoon Network sent all of those promo DVDs with Camp Lazlo, Juniper Lee, and this amazing show! First of all, the animation is simply amazing! This is back when cartoons were done with care. ALl of the characters are great and really memorable! The voice acting is great! There are really no annoying characters. (I especially love Cheese
  • Excellent Show

    amazing and entertaing storylines keep this show fresh!Awesome animation and good voice acting keeps this show from falling down the tubes,yet at some times the show keeps falling on plot lines that involve bloo doing some thing retarded,but in retrospect the show does a wonderful job of keeping childrens attetion for 30 minutes makes fosters an awesome animated comedy!Or kids show,and the fact that it ended when lame half ass shows such as total drama island are still on the air makes me sad,some times I think the guys at the network are just balls to wall stupid,oh well a good show none the less...
  • One of a kind, Hoping for re-runs :]

    Ok, Fosters home for imaginary friends is a show about a 10 year old boy Mac, and his imaginary friend, Bloo regard Q. Kazoo. Mac is told by his mother that he cannot keep Bloo anymore. This is when Mac desperateley searches for an idea, how can he keep bloo? Bloo ends up seeing an advertisement for Fosters home for imaginary friends and checks it out with mac the next day. After alot of debating and fighting, (Dutchess, terrence, ETC) Bloo finds his new home Amazing, with some new friends such a Wilt, CoCo, Eduardo, and Cheese. The people running fosters are Madam Foster, Mr Harriman, and Frankie.
    Overall fosters is a great show
  • When its gone I don't know what the world do?

    Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends is one of the best shows I have ever seen! It is getting old I mean Blue Whinning all the time is so irtating. They should get some new Martiral.
    My opion The first 4 Seasons were the best. My favorite episode of all time whould have to be House of Blues. My least favorite episode whould have to be well I don't have one! They are all so good. I have to say when Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends is over the World will END! I just hope they end Fosters good and not bad.
  • A brilliant show which in my opinion lost some of it's luster in series 2 (mainly because I've seen Squeakerboxx so many times that it bores me now, thanks CN Europe for rerunning it 7 times a day in 2006) but regained it in series 3 onwards.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary friends is a piece of cartoon network gold created by the uber talented Craig McCracken, creator of the Powerpuff Girls and animation director for Dexter's Laboratory. Foster's Home for imaginary friends is mostly focused on Mac who is a young boy who has an imaginary friend named Bloo who his mom tells him that he has to get rid of Bloo because he's, "too old for imaginary friends" He doesn't want to leave Bloo out on the street so he tries to get him into Foster's Home for Imaginary friends which unfortunately is an adoption home but all works out in the end of the Pilot (WATCH IT)

    Overall this series is brilliant, it has it's good moments, it's bad moments, it's annoying moments, it's famous moments (It's hot in Topeka) and... Cheese "I like Chocolate Milk!" So yeah, this is probably the 2nd last greatest CN show along with Adventure Time which I believe may be ending soon due to the declination of the new episodes. Not to mention Foster's is very similar to the Powerpuff Girls and I'm...personally not that fond of the PPG's, it was the weakest Cartoon Cartoon for me along with Sheep in the Big City, Mike Lu and Og, Whatever Happened to Robot Jones and I.M Weasel, however, I still love the Powerpuff's even to this very day and Foster's Home has the same charm as the Powerpuff Girls!

    9.0/10 = A/A+
  • With its colorful characters, bright animation, humorous plots, and unique music, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is an artistic masterpiece.

    There is not a word that can describe this imaginative show. The animation is just...breathtaking! Every color, every movement, every abstract line; it's all so beautiful. Its mixture of bright and warm colors really stands out, making it noticeable among the vast crowd of today's conformist cartoons. Like The Powerpuff Girls, Craig McCracken's other creation, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is more than just a silly cartoon. Its a prime example of artistic brilliance that should go down in history as one of the world's most innovative masterpieces. On top of that, you've got original characters who bring life to the show and are the very breath that the plot thrives on. With such a unique cast that any person could relate to, the potential for an individual to empathize with characters in the show is amazingly high. In fact, the plots themselves are character-driven, which keeps you involved. I find myself attentive and awake throughout the entire span of most episodes because the plots and characters are incredibly exceptional. Another aspect of the show I'd like to mention is the bizarre, but outstanding music in the show. It's absolutely pleasing to the senses. I've also gotta admit that this show is incredibly funny. I'd have to say, with all honesty, that Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of the best shows out there as well as one of history's most beautiful masterpieces.
  • This show is very funny, even though it is addressed for younger children.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is the best animated show I've seen on TeleTOON in a very long time. Even for older kids, the sounds featured on the show rocks! I think that it should NEVER be cancelled, and anyone that wants to be cancel is evil and doesn't know what they're doing! I think that everyone should watch it and enjoy what you see!
  • This show is pretty good but I find it strange that reading people's reviews of bad show/episodes make me laugh much more than shows that are TRYING to be funny.

    Since I've pretty much summed up my overall context of the show, I will now give my preferences on the show.

    Plot: Usually stupid, but in a good way (if you know what I mean).

    Voice acting: Above average.

    Dialogue: Hmmm...average.

    Animation: Ouch! This animation is worse than Flapjack! While I don't usually pay attention to things like this, I sometimes am repuled by a new friend/really ugly person. Especially Dutchess.

    Humor: Now this is strange. I laugh so little at TV shows that sometimes I can't even tell if a show is attempting to be funny or not. Now, I can definentally tell Foster's is trying to be funny (I think), but I usually see right passed their humor.

    Characters: Several are annoying, others well made.
  • One of the best shows that has ever been on Cartoon Network

    Bloo can be a real jerk but it would be boring if he was not. He is one of the funniest characters. I wish I could give this show an 11/10.

  • You Haven't Lived Until You've Seen This Show.

    This Show Makes Craig's Other Show, PPG, A Rookie Show. If You've Seen The Episode's Mac Daddy & Frankie My Dear, You've Probably Laughed So Hard That You'd Probably Spread The Word To Spread The Humor. I Still Act Out Cheese's "I Like Cereal" & "I Like Chocolate Milk" Phrases Because Their So Freakin Hilarious And Bloo's Continuous Joke Of Saying That Mac Had No Chance With Frankie Until Mac Sternly Says "Don't Say It" Is Classic.
  • "Foster's" is one of the best animated television programs in recent years. If you haven't seen this series, you've gotta check it out.

    Over the summer of 2004, I have seen some of the promos of a brand new series, titled "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends." I kinda shooked my head, as if I wasn't going to be impressed with this program. My first reaction when watching the promotions for "Foster's" was, "what kind of garbage is Cartoon Network coming out with?" I thought that I was going to bypass this show. What intrigued me was the fact that Craig McCracken is behind this series. McCracken was the creator, director, of the hit series, "The Powerpuff Girls."

    So, I ended giving this series a shot..starting with the Pilot movie, and it changed my impression of the series. The series focuses on an 8-year-old boy, named Mac, who was forced to give up Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo. Mac was able to send Bloo to Foster's (a mansion for imaginary friends) and encounter some friends, but not before dealing with Mac's older brother, Terrence.

    "Foster's" is one of the best animated shows for this decade, so far. The originality factor is significant, the writing for the most part is excellent, and the animation is just great. The whole team deserves a round of applause. Please, tell you friends about this series. They certainly will not regret watching this show.
  • One of the Best Cartoon Network Shows

    I love this show since I was little. It's hilarious, memorable, witty, clever, and brilliant. Season 1-2 were awesome. Season 3 was great, but I hated the Goo episodes. Season 4 was funny; Season 5 was great because Goo stopped appearing. Season 6 was also amazing Destination Imagination. The characters are funny, well Coco sometimes annoys me and Goo is the worst of the show. I love the plots and the animation. I knew that it was going to last for 5 years, for some reason. My favorite episode is Mac Daddy. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of Cartoon Network's best shows ever made.
  • One of the best shows on CN back then

    This show was funny as hell, but it was pretty annoying at times, but it was still funny and imaginative. Why can't CN have shows like this. and for all you people out there who say it made no sense why if they were imaginary friends, why are they real, it's because most kids wish their imaginary friends were real, and this show shows it.
  • Good shows like this always make me sad when they end.

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends was a very cute and funny cartoon show. I always loved watching it on Cartoon Network, it was great! My favorite character is Bloo, I also loved Edwardo. This show has a lot of likeable characters, and I sure do like a lot of characters, Wilt and Coco are also very cool and interesting! I can't believe Cartoon Network ended this show now. Bloo was a troublemaker but I also thought he was good and funny! Mac and Wilt are really nice and they both try as best they can to do the right things. Mr. Herriman, the Imaginary talking rabbit created by Madame Foster, loves to enforce the rules and keep law and order in the huge mansion. I was impressed when I first saw Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. A lot of the episodes I had a fun time watching, this show is very creative too. The whole show was awesome and I am glad that it was able to last for a while. I am still sad that a neat show like this ended though. There was so many great episodes and tv movies, I never got tired of this show. I think this is a kind of show that you will find enjoyable and will always want to see some new episodes!
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