Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Cartoon Network (ended 2009)





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  • Being a very imaginative and hilarious show, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends really stands out as one of the best, or perhaps best, show on Cartoon Network.

    The show started out pretty decently. It had a great start in the form of a pilot movie. Then came the next ten episodes for the first season. The first season didn't have that much humor but they eventually picked up the pace in the second season. From there on and onto the next seasons, they were able to keep the viewers enjoyed and filled with laughter. The thing that obviously kept the series alive were the characters, all of whom I will sorely miss. Each of the characters had their own specific trait that made them unique and special in their own way. Bloo was the selfish one. Mr. Herriman was the strict and "always-follow-the-rules" kind of character. Frankie was the cool and caring big-sister kind of character. Mac was the boy who would usually try to get Bloo out of trouble or also known the classic sidekick. Madame Foster was the hyper-active old lady. Coco was the crazy girl who could only say her name. Wilt was the helpful one. And of course, Eduardo was the crybaby. All of these characters contributed to the show's great humor.

    I personally love the animation as well. It wasn't breathtaking, but it was just brimming and nice to look at. Even the songs were really enjoyable and catchy. Another thing I greatly love is that this show doesn't have repetitive plots and there weren't much cliches. Accompanying these is the show's rather great humor. It's not something you can actually describe as witty humor but it can really make people laugh, or at least grin.

    Unfortunately, and like all shows, this show does have its flaws. For one thing, I'd have to admit that this show has a tad too much screaming with the characters. Another flaw it has, on some occasions, is inconsistency, specifically the characters. Bloo, at the start of the show, was a sweet and caring character but then he suddenly turned into a selfish and ego-maniacal one. Although his selfishness did contribute greatly to the show's humor. For the other characters, there are some episodes wherein they seemed really out of character. Characters are what keeps shows alive, so there really shouldn't be any inconsistency. Although unlike in other shows, these inconsistencies aren't really that bothersome so it doesn't really bring the show down too much.

    The last thing I dislike is the ending of the show. It was just so appalling how they ended a great show. Except for Frankie and Herriman, no one had any actual character development. From my standpoint, characters should usually have some kind of change in their heart in the end of a series.

    All in all, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends is a superb show with a few flaws but will, no doubt, keep its audience enjoyed with its fun characters and somewhat witty plots and humor.