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  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of those few amazing shows that you will always love.


    Amazing. That's the only word you could use to describe Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

    Its premise is interesting and very original. The plot sequences for each episode are interesting and will always keep you guessing. Even when you watch an episode like "Everyone knows it's Bendy," you still have to admire it.

    The characters are colorful and creative, each their own personality. Mac is a hard-working 8 year old boy. He is fun loving and goofy, but knows when something is wrong. Bloo, Mac's imaginary friend, is also fun loving but mischevious and will often cause trouble in each episode that the gang has to fix. Wilt is a REALLY tall red imaginary friend that is very nice and talented at basketball. Eduardo is a purple spanish imaginary friend that cries a lot at ordinary things. Coco is a "airplane plant thing" that hatches easter eggs with usually ridiculous but helpful things inside them.Frankie is the caretender to all of the imaginary friends and could deal with almost anything to the point of total moronicness. Mr. Herrimanis the manager of buisness affairs as well asFrankie's boss. I didn't like him too much because he always bossed Frankie around and gave her ridiculous tasks.There are so many other minor imaginary friends that you have to see for yourself.

    Now there are only 2 issues that I have with this show, and they are not too big. They probably won't ruin your enjoyment of the show but they are still there.

    1. Bloo-In the first episode, Bloo was a caring and loving imaginary friend. But from most episodes then on, he was just a selfish and obnoxious trouble maker that wanted attention. Since none of the characters had any character development except for Frankie and Mr. Herriman, we're kinda stuck with him.

    2. The finale-The last episode, "Goodbye Bloo," was a disappointment. First, Bloo never left. Mac did. And he didn't even really leave! (Sorry for the spoiler.) Also, the show ended on a cliff hanger. I do give props to Craig McCracken since he knew that the series should end before it started cranking out bad episodes near the end.

    Even though Foster's has two small issues, Foster's is still one of the greatest cartoons to this day and you will love it, if you don't already. It is for anyone and everyone.

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