Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Cartoon Network (ended 2009)





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  • It's a great show,even if some of the characters are unlikable

    Before Cartoon Network was going a bit down the crapper,around 2004-2006,there were some bad cartoons (Atomic Betty,Squirrel Boy),while the rest of them were great and very underrated,C.I.P,Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. The show is about an 8-year old kid named Mac,and his imaginary friend Bloo. He has to give up his friend,but sends him to a foster home where imaginary friends are taken care of until they find another owner and get adopted. There he meets Frankie,Mr Herrimen,Eduardo,Coco,and Wilt. But since he doesn't want to give him up,Mac has to visit Bloo everyday. Now,the show has such an original plot. There has never been a show like this before. The animation for this show is brilliant. It's colorful,and there is never a dull design. Speaking of them,The designs for the friends have got to be one of the best character designs ever created. Each one of them look great,and refer to my last statement. The show is also funny,and barely relies on toilet humor,but when it does,it really is just unessecary (Misspelled),especially when it focuses on the plot,like when Eduardo thought he was farting in a video when in reality,Bloo edited it with him arm farting. Now,besides that,this show is great. My biggest flaw has got to be the characters. Now,believe me,I do like some of the characters,but most of them are just really bad. Bloo is the major example of that. Now,Mac is a responsible child,but could have his moments,like his sugar rushes,but on the other hand,Bloo is a huge prick. He was great for the first few episodes,but then he started to become from funny,to a selfish,idiotic,jerkface who only wants attention,and only cares about himself,even if he could still be funny. Mr Herriman is even worse. He could also be funny,but he is such a huge killjoy who ruins everything,only cares about work,and never cares for anyone. He also treats Frankie like a huge slave. He's forcing her to do work all the time,never lets her have a break for once,and even kept her from going to a concert she worked hard on. Goo is also extremely annoying,and never shuts up,even if she did realize that. Duchess is by far the worst character of the entire show. She is such a selfish prick to everyone,treats as if she was the only normal character,and makes Sarah Jessica Parker look like an angel. There are also minor characters like Bendy and Goofball that piss me off so badly. And heck,even some of the good characters like Wilt and Coco could act like pricks too. Other than that,the characters are great. Plus,there could be some unlikable episodes like Everybody Knows Its Bendy,and Imposters home for Um..Make Em Up Pals. And the show ended so poorly. Overall,this show is great,and very original,and is CN's finest.