Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Cartoon Network (ended 2009)





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  • Oh yeah.

    One of the legendary shows. Let me explain.

    Warning: Spoilers.

    Plot: Imaginary friends, made by kids and even adults by their imagination! In this cartoon, they can be seen. You can do anything to them. Let's move to the storyline itself. Mac, a 10 year old, has to send his imaginary friend away because he's a grown up now. Mac, and his imaginary friend, Blooregard Q. Kazoo, doesn't like the idea. Because he would get adopted by other kids. Bloo is going to be in the Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. When they get there, they got a tour from Wilt, the imaginary friend who's there for a long time, Wilt showed the places, rooms, and the other friends in here. They cried for a bit, but Madame Foster, told them that Bloo can stay, if Mac visits him everyday. And now there they go. Bloo and Mac are always having fun in the house everyday, and Bloo, somewhat gained alot of pride, is now doing ridiculous things.

    Characters: They have good points. a lot of points. Mac, is a good natured boy, Bloo, became a braggart and gained pride after now he's in the house forever, sometimes annoys me, but his ridiculous stuff that he does makes up for it. Eduardo is a big imaginary friend but also a big coward! Coco, sometimes hard to convince, and can be grouchy sometimes, and somewhat a little smart. Wilt, a loyal friend that will do anything for you, easy to trick, Bloo tricks him most of the time. He can't deny every errands from people. Mr. Herriman, annoying at some times, but sometimes he is funny! Frankie, does all the chores in the house, helping the friends in their problems, but she is kind anyway. Madame Foster, a quirky old woman that does ridiculous things that you wouldn't expect an old woman would do! Terrence, Mac's big brother, rather than being a generic big bully, he makes some fun stuff around that can make you laugh. That's how unique they are. Voicing is nice.

    Humor: Innuendos, Bloo's schemes, their problems are making this show funny. Each character and episode has problems and stuff that are just funny. The episode "Bus the Two of Us" is hilarious. Almost every episodes.

    Art: Some are poorly drawn, not an issue, because they're an imaginary friend! Imaginations are sometimes supposed to be cluttered! Animation is excellent.

    Overall: 9.5. Great show IMO. Makes me laugh all the time. I recommend watching this one.