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  • Best Cartoon Network original ever.

    In honor of this shows 10th anniversary (August 14th, 2004), I have decided to review the show itself. This is definitely one of the most original and creative shows that I've ever seen. Foster's was about a 8 year old kid named Mac who is forced to give up his imaginary friend by his mom because he got too old to own an imaginary friend. So Mac sends Bloo to a foster home called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, a foster home that consists of a variety of imaginary friends that the owners can visit any time they want.

    The creator does a wonderful job at keeping the characters unique and maintaining their likability. Mac is a kind hearted child who wants everything to go good. Bloo is the exact opposite of Mac, instead Bloo is a goofball who causes chaos in things he does, but they can also keep him likeable and funny. Wilt is the tall and kind guy who doesn't get mad easily.

    Eduardo is a bit of a coward, but he has a huge heart of gold. Coco is a palm tree bird who can only say her name, but has a unique talent to lay eggs with cool and useful items in them. Frankie is the caregiver at fosters and does a good job at keeping everything in order and making sure everything goes right. Mr. Herriman is a little bossy, but at least he knows whats right for the home. Madame Foster is a sweet old lady who has the energy to live life at the fullest. Each character brings in their own type of humor that is garunteed to make you laugh, and there are plenty of funny moments to go around in most of the episodes. The animation flows very smoothly and doesn't have a choppy feeling to it. The artwork is superb, with the characters being designed beautifully, and the set designs look really creative.

    There were a few bad episodes worth passing up, such as Everybody Knows Its Bendy, Where There's A Wilt There's A Way and the disappointing series finale, Goodbye to Bloo, so those are worth avoiding, but other than that, I highly recommend this series to anyone, it is a classic to behold. With it's memorable characters, creative storylines, clever humor and unique feel, Foster's will sink in history as one of the greatest shows ever made. I was saddened when the series ended, but the episodes that aired when the shows was about to end felt pretty dull and lacked the charm the previous episodes had, so maybe Craig McCracken thought it was a good idea to end the series before it would go downhill.