Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 5 Episode 3

Say It Isn't Sew

Aired Unknown Jun 08, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Say It Isn't Sew: Bloo tries to escape a store for sewing and make it to the Vomit Comet roller-coaster.

    Say it Isn't Sew: This episode was really good. Bloo becomes buddies with Madame Foster, btu ends up in a store that Bloo tries to escape from, but Madame tells Bloo that she'll go on the roller-coaster with him in a minute, but more than a minute to spare! It was funny that someone does a charade that someone is going on the roller-coaster.("Hi"(makes imitation of riding the roller-coaster)"Bye")Now, Bloo tells us about the the exciting thing about excitement, fun, and puking. In the end, Bloo finally rides the roller-coaster, but got sick, but Mac DIDN'T. Lastly, why is Eduardo buddies with Herriman? I liked it, this episode should air often!

    Plot: Very good, and quite funny.

    Characters: Very good character to the Foster's characters(say that five times fast). I unfortunately have a problem, and it's that because my favorite character was buddies with my least favorite character.

    Originality: Live your live with riding on the coaster without blowing a single chunk! BTW, good originality here with the last sentence I made and with the plot.

    Final Grade: B-
  • Funny episode i must say ^w^ but i think Bloo and madam foster both deserve what they got.

    Bloo was being impatient and went with Madam Foster. Then when he saw the fair he went crazy which made madam Foster's button pop. That's what Bloo gets for being impatient. But then at the same time Madam Foster wasn't being fair at all because she was taking her sweet time fixing just one button. and when they were about to leave she ended staying even longer talking to one of her friends which wasn't fair...well to me it wasn't. But in the end Bloo learned something artistic.
  • Great episode. Click on continue for the rest.

    A very exciting episode, considering the location and everything. I didn't get to see the ending or the credits, but I'm sure that they're both excellent. It's all about Madame Foster and Bloo and how they go to a fabric store to sow something that belongs to Madame Foster. They did everything possible there, and I'm not going to say everything, just that Craig McCracken really made some good episodes after "The Big Lablooski" and actually Flo Jerkhins from that episode was seen in "Say it isn't Sew". Now I'm really looking forward to "Something Old, Something Bloo" and that's it.FINAL EPISODE SO FAR: "Say it isn't Sew".
  • Madame Foster's sweater button pops off while she's driving Bloo to the fair, so they stop into a fabric store to get another one. She insists it'll be just a "Jiff". Nope, it's not!

    I figured I'd probably like this episode even before I saw it. I've done some sewing in my day, and am quite familiar with the whole fabric and craft store scene. It was so funny seeing Bloo running loose in one. And, who'd have guessed it, he's boooorrreeddd. He falls a sleep a couple different times and has some strange dreams. He plays with toddler toys in the play area, which I found adorible, especially since I remember playig with those same toys myself. He's clever and witty, and eventually manages to escape despite Madame Foster telling him he's breaking the "buddy oath" if he leaves without her. But along with getting out the door, there's still the issue of crossing the street, and getting past the ticket guy at the fair. All ends well, and Bloo ends up getting just what he wants, other than losing the bet he made with Mac. And Madame Foster gets her just deserts, too, which was also great. Loved the episode! It's already become one of my favorites!
  • Bloo finds out the hard way that spending the day being Madame Foster's buddy is like living in a living nightmare!

    Bloo has been known for his impatience in past adventures of his, while Madame Foster has been known for sometimes having a no non-sense attitude when it comes to dealing with unruly or non-behaved Imaginary Friends. Yet when the two forces get together & try to be buddies, Bloo's day quickly goes from good to worse! Madame Foster insists on making a 'quick' stop at a sewing shop before she takes Bloo to the fair. Translation: She's going to be Forever! And of course Madame Foster's constant delays is pushing Bloo Far beyond the edge of what any Imaginary Friend should endure! Desparate, Bloo concocts a very elaborate scheme to get out of the store without Madame Foster knowing in order to get to the fair & ride on a roller coaster before Mac can! Bloo gets his way, but in spite of all his hard work, Bloo Still ends up losing a bet to Mac when Bloo throws up in the roller coaster after just one ride! Talk about irony, huh? It's nice to see a change in character chemistry. I mean, there has been plenty of Mac & Bloo interaction, but up until now, we've never really seen how Bloo & Madame Foster interact with each other! Now that we have, I have to say it's very interesting! I really enjoyed this episode! Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • What happens in JoAnn Fabrics STAYS in JoAnn Fabrics.

    This episode was especially funny to me because I got to see Bloo subjected to the horrors of being stuck in a craft store with a LADY. The dream scene in which Madame Foster has sewn a Bloo voodoo doll (say that three times fast) and is poking it to keep him from escaping illustrates my point exactly. The old man in the play area was funny because I think he had been there with HIS mom, waiting to go to the fair, since he was a child. It was also cute to see Bloo as the crossing guard at that crosswalk. I didn't know he cared so much about girl scouts, old women, and even ducks. Awwww.
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