Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 5 Episode 6

Schlock Star

Aired Unknown Sep 11, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Bloo might think he's all that, but he's fooling himself! But if his friends help him out, he will always be okay! :!:

    Bloo wants to be a big rock star! And he sees his golden opportunity in a new band called Pizza Party! Unfortunately for Bloo, they already have a lead singer in Bloppy Pants and they do Not appreciate the changes Bloo tries to make to their band! But someone else appreciates the music: Mac! And he signs on and becomes their Manager! So Bloo desides to form his Own band called Taco Fiesta! With Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo! Unfortunately, Bloo's arrogance and impatience once again get in the way and he fires them for refusing to perform to his required levels of performing! So he's going to try a solo career, but Bloo might be in for a rude wakeup call unless his friends are willing to do something about it and help him out! Fortunately, that's what they do, everyone makes up and everything works out for the best in the end, which is all any good cartoon strives to make possible, which is why I like this show! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • A classic battle of the bands! Bloo Sabath V.S. Pizza Party V.S. Taco Fiesta.

    So, Bloo's jealous of a new band in the house that won't let him in. So, he forms himself his own band: Taco Fiesta. Problem is, Bloo is Bloo, so the band immediately drops him out.

    Meanwhile, Pizza Party's popularity rides higher and higher, and Bloo decides to form his own band consisting of himself only. The songs in this episode range from both hilarious to catchy. For example, Taco Fiesta's song goes simply like this:





    Next, there's the "Talk to the Jeans" song by Pizza Party. While it gets stuck in my head all day, it is very silly. I mean, the whole song is about getting over someone by a pair of Denime jeans. LOL.

    Seriously, a very historical, musical, and hilarious episode in "Foster's" history.
  • Bloo is jealous of a house rock band. Him, Ed, Coco and Wilt form a competing band but they can't play very well. Bloo leaves them and dresses like a punk rocker. He challenges Pizza Party(the other band) to a battle of the bands.

    This is the king of all cartoon episodes. Cartoon Network really knows what they are doing when they write shows about rock and roll groups. I love bloo's metal style. Totally funny. This is their best work yet. awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Rock ON Cartoon Network
  • Schlock Star: Bloo starts his own band with Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco.

    This episode was kind of good or Foster's one.

    Schlock Star: To cut to the chase, this is about a band named Pizza Party, but Bloo wants to start his own, which dosen't start out good. Coco, of course, Mac likes the band and puts them on concert, but Bloo and his band do that too. Potato, I seem to like the band's song anyway, even Coco, Wilt, and Eduardo's song. It was the battle of the bands! To let you be more expected, you should watch this episode. End of review. Kumquat!

    Plot: This episode was 'cleverly plotted.'

    Character: This episode never had bad taste in character, except when Bloo gets messed with the Pizza Party band and starts his own called the ''Taco Fiesta.''

    Originality: This episode was not very unoriginal, but of course good.

    Action: There wasn't any action, but too bad there can't be no more concert, ever! Oh well, this episode did turn out to be good as I said.

    Episode Grade: C+
  • This episode is such a rockin' episode! It's great for those who love rock and roll, especially the cartoon itself and music! Even for those who wanna go to concerts, see what they look like, what it is like there and bands!

    This is one of the best episodes of Foster's that I ever watched. I'm not that into rock and roll music but I do listen to music. Anyhoo, it's weird that I like rock music or songs only in cartoons, shows, or movies like for example "The Chosen One" by Mavin and "The Chosen One" by The Jonas Brothers which were both the Season One & Two versions of the American Dragon: Jake Long theme song. I was doing a little dancing while sitting on my bed and rocking to the music. I like the song that the Pizza Party band and the Taco Fiesta band made, but the song Taco Fiesta did was kinda lame 'cause it's just the same words over and over again. I think the music seems to be dance with a little mix of pop 'cause I just heard some sounds of instruments which were normally being played in dance music. I was rocking to the song that the Pizza Party band did and dancing to the song Taco Fiesta did. Those songs were pretty awesome. :D The lead singer of the band sung pretty good and how those band members played those instruments were fantastic. I loved the music, wish I could download it from the internet. Unless, I could use my MP3 player to record the song directly from the episode like I did to the Season Two theme song of Am-Drag. This episode has some ups and downs and it would have been better if the song "Designer Jeans" wasn't been played or done more than once and if this episode have more funny parts. Probably, Craig McCracken or anybody of the animation crew must have over done it. But there were funny parts like for example, Frankie shouted to the gang, "No more concerts, EVER!!!!" and then fire on the Foster's Home could be seen as well as a few fire vehicles are there to put out the fire with the hose. I think I also saw some police cars parking outside the home. The finale was so awesome than when the song was been played over and over again. You know, I did thought of some bands myself but they are not rock bands. They are parodies of my favourite bands, Girls Aloud and Sugababes. The Mario parody of Girls Aloud is the Marioverse Maidens and the American Dragon: Jake Long parody of the Sugababes is the American Angels. Members of the Marioverse Maidens are Princess Peach as Nadine, Princess Daisy as Cheryl, Kate as Sarah, Grace as Nicola and Azalea as Kimberly. The members of American Angels are Rose as Heidi, Trixie Carter as Keisha and Jasmine from the American Dragon: Jake Long episode, "Dragon Breath" as Amelle. Overall, this episode is awesome but in small doses and it should have been better. It's not as funny as the rest of the episodes. By the way, those characters from American Dragon and the Mario series, I don't own them. They are obviously belonged to their respective owners. But I do own the idea of the characters forming a band and the name of the groups. I have a wild imagination, by the by.
  • Bloo gets by with a little help from his friends

    Like Craig McCracken, I am a huge Beatle fan myself
    As well as it has some Beatles stuff in the
    Episode where Bloo thinks that he has it all and doesn't
    Need anybody at all. And wants to be a star. But
    He is only fooling himself and that he thinks that he
    Could get by all on his own. But Mac, the conscience Of the show, becomes Bloo's manager as well as insist
    That he take along Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco to help form
    His band. Everybody kisses and makes us. As there is no
    I in team. It is a team effort that will carry you far!
  • The Rock Band episode!

    Bloo wakes up to a strange noise and can't seem to find where on earth it's coming from. It turns out to be a garage band playing in the, well, garage! They call themselves Pizza Party, and they're working on a hit they call "Designer Jeans". Bloo wants to join, but they claim he ruins everything, so in a fit, he goes off to start his own band. I didn't find it as funny as the other episodes so far this season, and I thought playing the song three times was a bit over done. Maybe the song could have been playing in the background during one or two of those times, and a funny situation happening in the foreground or something. The last performance of the song was great, and would have been greater if they hadn't played the song twice already. But Bloo trying to impersonate one of the KISS members was funny, and Yay for the return of Goo! A great addition to my favorite show. :)
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