Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 1 Episode 10

Seeing Red / Phone Home

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Seeing Red: Terrence has an idea to make up a friend named Red to beat Bloo and Mac up with, though the friend he creates doesn't seem to be capable of comprehending the task it was given. Will Red serve Terrence as he was created for, or will it choose it's own path and disregard what Terrence ordered him to do? Phone Home: Bloo is jealous of Wilt being the most friendly friend in Foster's, so he tries to rescue imaginary friends just like Wilt does. When Bloo finds a man in a cell-phone suit and thinks he's a friend, he consistently tries to bring him back to Foster's. Little does he know that the cell phone isn't what he seems to be.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Well Terrance makes an imaginary friend. Bloo gets obsessed with trying to make friend of the month.

    Ok so in the first part Terrance trys to make an imaginary friend and makes Red, a red block of a bully. They team up to beat up Mac and Bloo. So Red holds up Bloo so Terrance can beat up Mac and succeds. Although while Mac is getting beat up Red is getting beat up cunningly by Bloo. In the end Bloo and Mac team up but get beat by Terrance and Red saves the day while beating up Terrance. In the next part Bloo gets jealous of Wilt for being friend of the month for a lot of months. He brings home a man in a cell phone costume not knowing its not an imaginary friend. In the end he realizes it and apologizes but Mac brings home an imaginary friend and gets a car. Not the best review but to sum it all up it was a good episode.moreless
  • What can I say...didn't like it.

    I'm all for Foster's, but I found that this episode(s) was a little bit...hmmm...silly, too silly to be funny or clever like most of the other episodes are. I also find it a little bit...stupid, no offence, but Terrance makes an evil friend called Red, who's designed to smash Bloo. Red is like, half the size of Frankie and that means double the size of Bloo, so I found it a little stupid when Bloo, this little midget blob, beats the crud out of Red. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Bloo, and I hate Terrance, but I found it a little too silly for my taste.moreless
  • I'm not a fan of the episodes with two completely different stories. These two stories seem pretty close to being introductary storylines, too. What with the mini tour of the grounds and the whole Friend of the Month acknowledgement.moreless

    Well, Seeing Red is kind of funny. I like when Terrence regain consciousness and says, "That's what I need! Pizza!" Red is really funny when he's first imagined and smells the flower. I also like when Bloo and Red first meet each other.

    The bulk of the story, though, is Bloo putting Red through various punishments while on tour, and that's mildly funny. When Red starts crying, however, is when it gets funny again and when he's talking with Terrence is fun.

    Phone Home is funny at times, too. Bloo being envious of Wilt's fame is mildly amusing. I guess it gets really funny when Bloo starts draging the guy in the cell phone suit down the sidewalk. "Read 'em and weep boys."

    The ending is kind of blah, though, after Mac rescues his first friend.moreless
  • Two great shows!

    It was two episodes for thirty minutes

    And I must admit very good ones

    As Terrance creates or tries to create a mean friend but in the end, he got his just desserts

    As His "friend" Red was really sweet and kind

    Also Wilt, one of my favorite friends in the show, proves you don't have to win awards

    In order to be kind but you just have to have a good heart and soul in order to be a friend to a friend in need.moreless
  • This episodes are great and funny. This will only hurt for a second! / I saved an abandoned imaginary friend!

    This episode is great! In Seeing Red, the funniest part was when Terrence pay the things that he did to Red by Bloo. That part was funny and the other parts of this episode was really funny. In Phone Home, I like the part when Bloo was trying to save or get the Phone that he thought an imaginary friend. So he brought it to the Foster's Home to make all the imaginary friends see it. This two episodes are great and funny.moreless
Sean Marquette

Sean Marquette


Tara Strong

Tara Strong


Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Coco/Madame Foster

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Frances "Frankie" Foster/Duchess

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr


Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Friend #3/Crying Child

Recurring Role

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Friend #2/Bone

Recurring Role

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Red/Manager/Cell Phone Guy

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Terrence: That's it! I need...PIZZA!
      (Pizza Imaginary Friend appears)
      Pizza Imaginary Friend: Howdy doo! I love you!
      (Terrence starts to eat Pizza Imaginary Friend)

    • Red: Me like honey.
      Bloo: Good! Now go in there and dance for that honey!
      Red: (Inside the bee hive) Dance, dance, dance, now give me honey. (Bees sting Red)

    • Beagle-Puss Imaginary Friend: (After seeing the man in a cell phone suit go by) I've heard of a mobile phone, but this is ridiculous.
      Bloo: Hey, did you see a...
      Beagle-Puss Imaginary Friend: I already made the joke, son.

    • Terrence: Now it's time for you to do what you were created to do: SMASH BLOO!
      Red: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! SMASH BLOO! (Hops off)
      Terrence: This is gonna be SO rad!
      (Red returns)
      Red: (Holding flowers) Got Bloo!
      Terrence: Huh?
      Red: (Sniffs flower) Bloo smash pretty!

    • Bloo: Now, what's her [Frankie's] number again? Oh, yeah. (Starts jumping on the person in cell phone suit) 5! 5! 5! 6! 3!...
      (Eduardo comes in)
      Eduardo: Bloo, I have something to tell you.
      Bloo: Not right now, can't you see I'm on the phone?
      Eduardo: Oh, si, I sorry.
      (Eduardo leaves)
      Bloo: Now where was I... Oh yeah! (Continues jumping on the man in the cell phone suit) 0! 0!
      (Person in cell phone suit groaning in rhythm)
      Bloo: Darn it, busy.

    • (Person in cell phone suit goes inside store)
      Shopkeeper: Oh, no you don't. You stay out here and sell phones. Heh heh, that's a good one: sell phones. (Person in cell phone suit groans) I know it's hot in there, but you're the only one who fits in the suit. Besides, the zipper's stuck. So, the only advice I have for you is to go out there and sell phones. (Chuckles.)

    • Terrence: I know, I need.... PIZZA!
      Pizza Friend: (Spontaneously appears) Howdy-doo, I love you! (Terrence eats the pizza friend)

    • Bloo: (To Wilt) I say you're jealous 'cause I beat you at your own game! I say you're jealous because it's gonna be my picture on that wall in there! I say you're jealous 'cause I brought home the best abandoned friend ever! And I say you're jealous 'cause I brought home....
      Frankie: A man in a cellphone suit.
      Bloo: That's right! A man in a... say what?
      Mr. Herriman: Yes, dear boy. A man... in a suit.

    • Red: Now it's your turn to get a big hug! (Hugging Mac and Bloo) Red love you guys!
      (Mac and Bloo almost choke at his affection)
      Bloo: (Hoarsely) Love.. hurts.. !

    • Bloo: (While making Terrence beat himself up) You're so cute when you're stupid!

  • NOTES (15)

    • Fast Forward: Two Imaginary Friends
      The Beagle-Puss Imaginary Friend returns in "Imposter's Home For, Um... Make-'Em-Up Pals" and "Setting A President", while the one-eyed cat comes back in "Bloo's The Boss".

    • Human Debuts: Cell Phone store manager, Man in Cell Phone suit.

      Imaginary Friend Debuts: Pizza Slice, Red, Cyrus the purple sea serphent, Phil, Joe and Frank (the purple, pink and brown unicorns), Beagle-Puss Imaginary Friend, One-Eyed Cat Friend.

    • Animation Studio: Boulder Media, Ltd.

    • Title Card Sound: Both are just different versions of the theme tune, which would later be used in the other two-part episodes "When There's A Wilt, There's A Way/Everyone Knows It's Bendy" and "Sight For Sore Eyes/Bloo's Brothers."

    • Look Hard: In "Phone Home," when they discuss about the 'Friend of the Month,' one of the imaginary friends looks a lot like Snively from Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM, but with glasses.

    • Bloo calls money 'cash monies.'

    • We learn that imaginary friends are not immortal. They can die (watch what happens to the pizza friend).

    • The pizza friend is the second friend Terrence has ever created and Red is the third. From what we know about his first friend, he gave it away. Red is still alive, and the pizza friend dies in this episode since Terrence ate him.

    • Credits: Red is holding the cellphone suit man trying to call Bloo. He said "Bloo?... Bloo?" during the entire credits.

    • Running Gags: 1) In "Seeing Red", there is a running gag of a character saying "This will only hurt for a... " Terrance, Red and one of the horses said a second, but Bloo said it would be for a week. 2) In "Phone Home," there are many puns about "Cell Phones" and "Mobile Phones," as well as Bloo telling Eduardo while trying to unsuccessfully dial Frankie "Can't you see I'm on the phone?" 3) Bloo thinking that the search for an imaginary friend is a contest and Wilt trying to tell him it isn't.

    • Wilt & Eduardo have no dialouge in "Seeing Red."

    • Madame Foster is absent in both segments, and Coco is absent in "Phone Home."

    • This is the first episode to have two segments, instead of one.

    • Red's more than just Bloo's friend now. Since Terrence created him, and Mac is Terrence's brother, Red is also Bloo's cousin.

    • Mr. Herriman for once wasn't the slightest bit bossy or demanding (a characteristic often seen in him in this show), although it might've been because of the screen time he got in this episode.