Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 3 Episode 12

Setting a President

Aired Unknown Feb 17, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Wilt asks Jackie Khones his name, Wilt says that it's the law to look him up in the book and give him a fun sticker that says "I Voted". Giving him the sticker is not the law, but it isn't against the law.

    • It seems that Frankie's pay is larger than Mr. Herriman's even though he is the president of the house.

    • Why would Frankie and Mr. Herriman get paid? Foster's is a non-profit organization. The only money it gets is from donations, and that money should only be for buying food and paying bills.

      Correction: While the majority of the money a Non-profit earns through donations and events goes towards their cause, they also have employees they need to pay, so that the Non-profit can continue to do its good work. They are almost just like any other business, although their employees usually get paid less than their corporate counterparts. Most non-profits can not run on volunteers alone. Beside I am sure Frankie needs a salary just like any other person with a job.

    • Bloo said that all of the things Mac named that he's done Bloo said they all were all Mr. Herriman's fault. This is not true. Mr. Herriman did not even appear in "Frankie My Dear" or "Squeakerboxxxxxxx", and in "Cookie Dough", Bloo was the boss of Mr. Herriman!
      Reply: I think someone missed the point of the joke here. Maybe this thought will help: expecting logic from Bloo is like expecting rationality from a psychopath.

    • When the advert said that 22 years ago Frankie could barely speak a word and spent most of her time sleeping and crying, Frankie claimed it to be all lies but 22 years ago was when she was born so it wasn't all lies. Unless Frankie wasn't born a baby.

    • When Mac mentions bad things Bloo has done, he mentioned sabotaging Frankie's date. Sabotaging Frankie's date turned out to be a good thing because Dylan was a jerk.

    • Bloo progressively says 2+3 should equal 6, 7, and "even 42". This could be an unintentional, mathematical joke, since 6 multiplied by 7 equals 42.

    • One of the campaign ads said that Mr.Herriman had been running the house for thirty years, but when we saw Mac interviewing Uncle Pocket's former children in "Bloo Done It", some of them had gray or white hair.
      Reply: Uncle Pockets is probably quite old. He must have been around for a while before he came to Foster's.

    • When Frankie is shown as a baby, we see her with a full head of hair. Babies get their hair when they are two or three years old.

  • Quotes

    • Frankie: (after hearing the song, at Mr.Herriman's office, banging on the doors) Bloo! You dirty, rotten, cheating, stinking little.
      Bloo: Name calling. That's what you sunken to? For shame, Frankie, for shame.

    • Wilt: Hey Jackie. Name please.
      Jackie: You know my name.
      Wilt: I know, but you have to tell me so I can look you up in this book. It's the law.
      Jackie: (Folds arms) I hate politics.

    • Frankie: You can have... my old job.
      Mr. Herriman: No, no I think it's for the best. Besides I like my new job.

    • Frankie: A vote for me is a vote for freedom!
      Wilt: Wow! You got my vote!

    • Herriman: Miss Frances is going to win!
      Bloo: Really? I haven't noticed.

    • Frankie: Not so fast, rabbit! I'm throwing my hat in the ring, too!
      Eduardo: She doesn't even wear a hat!

    • Mr. Herriman: As usual, you are only putting in half the effort of the others, Two Head Fred.

    • Eduardo: Senor Mac, which is the right answer to win the sticker?
      Mac: There's no right answer, Ed. Just punch who you want to win.
      Eduardo: I don't wanna punch no one.
      Mac: Punch the hole on the paper next to your choice for president.
      Eduardo: Oh, OK. (Slight pause) Which one is that?
      Mac: Whoever you want. (Walks away)
      Bloo: I'll help you out, Ed.
      Eduardo: You will? Gracias, gracias, Senor Bloo. (Hands Bloo ballot)
      Bloo: No problem. Just punch here next to Mr. Herriman.
      Eduardo: But I think I want to pick Senorita Frankie.
      Bloo: Yes, but on this, you punch who you don't want to win.
      Eduardo: Oh. (Punches Bloo and claps his hands) I like voting.

    • Bloo and Mr. Herriman: (Singing) Frankie, Frankie, Frankie!
      Bloo: She's awfully fat and stanky!
      Bloo and Mr. Herriman: Frankie, Frankie, Frankie!
      Mr. Herriman: She's mean and old and cranky!
      Bloo and Mr. Herriman: Frankie, Frankie, Frankie!
      Bloo: Her mind's an utter blankie!
      Bloo and Mr. Herriman: Frankie, Frankie, Frankie!
      Mr. Herriman: She never says please or thankie!
      Bloo and Mr. Herriman: Frankie, Frankie, Frankie!
      Bloo: She deserves a spankie!
      Bloo and Mr. Herriman: Frankie, Frankie, Frankie!
      Mr. Herriman: She once robbed a bankie!
      (Both inhale deeply)
      Bloo and Mr. Herriman: Herriman, Herriman, Herriman!
      Bloo: He's a very merry man!
      Bloo and Mr. Herriman: Herriman, Herriman, Herriman!
      Mr. Herriman: He's not at all a scary man!
      Bloo and Mr. Herriman: Herriman, Herriman, Herriman!
      Bloo: He's got a golden manly tan!
      Bloo and Mr. Herriman: Herriman, Herriman, Herriman! Let's all vote for Herriman!
      Bloo: (Speaking) Also Frankie is dumb.

    • Mr. Herriman: Frankie's a doo doo head.

    • Bloo: You know, my opponents say five, but I say that five is not good enough! I say six or seven! Or even forty two!

    • Bloo: (Looks as if he has something to say something, then stops) Herriman smells like poo.
      (Everyone cheers)
      Mr. Herriman: But he's just mudslinging! (Gets mud thrown at him) I should have seen that coming.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Abraham Bloo

      When Bloo is on the debate, he has a beard which makes him look like Abraham Lincoln.

    • Mme. Foster: Quote from Spider-Man.
      Madame Foster says to Frankie "with great power comes great responsibility" this is a reference to the movie Spider-Man, in which Peter Parker/Spider-Man is told the same thing by his uncle.

    • Answer: 2+3=42
      Bloo's answer to 2+3, 42, is a possible refrence to Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy by Douglas Adams, in which the answer to "Life, the universe, and everything", was Forty-Two.

    • Name: Billy the Squid
      Reference to "Billy the Kid".

    • Disclaimer: From the 2004 Presidential Election in the USA.

      When Mr. Herriman says "I'm Mr. Herriman and I approve this message", he refers to the new disclaimer that was used during the 2004 USA Presidential campaign between incumbent George W. Bush and opponent John Kerry.

    • Episode Title: Setting A President.
      From the phrase "Setting a precident."