Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 3 Episode 12

Setting a President

Aired Unknown Feb 17, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Quotes

    • Eduardo: Senor Mac, which is the right answer to win the sticker?
      Mac: There's no right answer, Ed. Just punch who you want to win.
      Eduardo: I don't wanna punch no one.
      Mac: Punch the hole on the paper next to your choice for president.
      Eduardo: Oh, OK. (Slight pause) Which one is that?
      Mac: Whoever you want. (Walks away)
      Bloo: I'll help you out, Ed.
      Eduardo: You will? Gracias, gracias, Senor Bloo. (Hands Bloo ballot)
      Bloo: No problem. Just punch here next to Mr. Herriman.
      Eduardo: But I think I want to pick Senorita Frankie.
      Bloo: Yes, but on this, you punch who you don't want to win.
      Eduardo: Oh. (Punches Bloo and claps his hands) I like voting.