Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 2 Episode 4

Sight For Sore Eyes / Bloo's Brothers

Aired Unknown Mar 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Sight For Sore Eyes:

Bloo is running through the house and spots Mac who is nervously looking out the front window. Bloo rushes up to his creator and claims that he has found him and that he is the supreme seeker. Mac explains that he had just arrived at Madame Foster's home; he wasn't playing hide-and-go-seek, and tells Bloo to look outside.

Outside, a frantic imaginary friend named Ivan, who has over two dozen eyes, is running back and forth on the sidewalk calling out for Stevie, who is his creator. Eventually, Ivan calms down and tells the two that he is Stevie's seeing-eye friend, and that Stevie's lost. The three of them set out to look for Stevie, leaving Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo behind; they were the ones actually playing hide-and-go-seek with Bloo. Disgusted, the three leave the house to catch up with Bloo who totally ditched them.

Ivan tells Mac and Bloo that the last time he saw Stevie was in the park. As they walk down the sidewalk towards the park, Bloo spots a boy with sunglasses and starts to chase him. The boy runs away, but, eventually, Bloo jumps on him from behind, knocking the kid down. Mac yells at Bloo, explaining that can't be Stevie, as he saw Bloo and ran away, then realizes that Ivan ditched them. So Mac goes to the park to find Stevie himself, unintentionally leaving Bloo behind.

The boy with the sunglasses comes back to Bloo with his older brother, who beats Bloo up and throws him in a dumpster, where Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo find him. At first they're mad that Bloo ditched them, but then realize he's hurt and ask him what happened. Bloo, still dazed from the attack, started mumbling about what went down, and the other three think that Mac ditched Bloo and got Terrence to beat him up. They want to comfort him, so they bring him to the park.

At the park Ivan passes by the four of them, so Wilt asks him to join them. They all eventually come to realize that both Mac and Stevie have abandoned Bloo and Ivan, respectively. Then Mac comes along, and Wilt accuses Mac of being a Ditchy McAbandon Pants. More than a little frustrated, Mac explains that nobody ditched anybody, and that all they're trying to do is reunite Stevie and Ivan.

Eventually, they happen upon a birthday party in the park, and Bloo thinks one of the kids is Stevie, because Ivan said that he's wearing a colorful, pointy hat. While Bloo is causing utter chaos, Stevie hears and finds Ivan. Stevie wanted to know why Ivan ditched him, but all Ivan could remember was a blinding light that panicked him. Then a Mom came along to take their picture, which sent Ivan blindly running away again.

Bloo's Brothers:

It's show-and-tell time for Mac's class, and his presentation is Bloo; but more importantly he reads a speech suggesting his classmates go to Foster's home to adopt a friend. Bloo is acting silly, as usual, and the class loves him; but Mac wasn't able to finish his speech, although he did tell them the address. Afterwards, Mac and Bloo go to Madame Foster's home, and as a reward for spreading the word about the home, Frankie and the rest of the gang chipped in to buy them two tickets to their favorite show, the Ice Charades! Eduardo felt left out, though, because he wanted to go too, as he's liked them before they were cool.

After the crowd scatters, the door bell rings. Since no one is around, Bloo answers it, and one of Mac's classmates is there; but he's not here to adopt a friend, he's here to drop off the friend he just made, which is based off of Bloo. After awhile, all of Mac's classmates and then some, come by only to drop off their Bloo look-a-like. Bloo's brilliant idea is to bring them all together to sing the Ice Charades anthem.

Later, Mac stops by again to pick up Bloo for the Ice Charades show, but he can't find him in the sea of Bloo clones. Eventually, Mac narrows down all the possible Bloos (which includes Eduardo draped in a blue sheet) to just two. He asks them to prove who is who and one of them spouts some sappy speech, so Mac knows the other one is the real Bloo.

Just then, the president of the Ice Charades busts into the house saying that they have to cancel the show, because the guy who plays the blueberry can't perform. They get the idea that all the Bloo clones put together would be an able substitute, so the show is able to go on. Bloo is upset in the audience, as he would rather be in the show than see it.