Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 2 Episode 4

Sight For Sore Eyes / Bloo's Brothers

Aired Unknown Mar 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Bloo's Brothers really saved Sight For Sore Eyes' a## on this

    Now let me state that I hate Sight for Sore Eyes,and loved Bloo's Brothers. So now for my first episode review,I will review this episode. Okay,so let's start with Sight For Sore Eyes:

    It starts with Bloo trying to find Mac,and he finds him seeing an imaginary friend running on the street. They save him,and find out that he is a friend named Ivan who want to find his owner after getting blinded by the streetlights. Mac ditches Bloo,while Bloo tries to find him. Wilt,Coco,and Eduardo get super pissed at Bloo,while he gets beaten up by a kid's brother after doing something bad to him,while Ivan ditches Mac. The 3 friends find him in the dumpster,and Bloo tries to explain him what happened,only in a huge half-a##ed way. He says that Mac ditched him and that his brother Terrance threw him in the trash,and they believe him. Don't ask me how. They find Ivan,and when Mac passes by,the friends get very pissed off at him,and start bashing him. They all find Ivan's owner Stevie,and Ivan says that he didn't ditch him,even though he admitted it when he chewed Mac out. Ivan then gets blinded by a flash of a camera,and another chase occurs. Now,in my opinion,this episode just sucked. Ivan was extremely annoying with his constant "AHHH!!STEVIE!!" Crap that's not even funny. I hated Bloo for telling that huge lie about him in the dumpster,causing me more reasons to hate him. Wilt,Eduardo and Coco were at their worst in this episode. I just hated it when they called Mac names like "El Stupido" and "Ditchy mcabandonPants" all because they believed Bloo's lie. Ivan joining them was even worse. He's close to being as bad as Bendy. Plus,There were barely any funny moments in this episode. So yeah,I really did not enjoy this episode.


    Bloo's Brothers

    Mac brings Bloo for show and tell,and he ruins everything,but entertains the entire class. Mac gets tickets to the Ice Charades,and Bloo gets the other one,rubbing it in other people's faces. The entire class bring their Bloo imaginations (And a Blue Homestar Runner) to the class,and they soon have fun the entire house,and even have a choir. Mac tries to find Bloo for the tickets,and everybody wants to go,saying they were the real Bloo. Mac soon finds the real Bloo,after a hilrailous Jerry Maguire line. The founder of the IC comes,saying that it's canceled,but all of the Bloo clones make up for him,posing as the giant Blueberry. This episode was very enjoyable to watch. It was funnier than the other episode,and actually kept me watching. The Bloo's clones acted hilrailous,Bloo singing the "I'm going to the Ice Charades" song was so funny,and the Bloo acting emotional was just so funny. Just trust me,this is more enjoyable.


    Overall,please watch Bloo's Brothers,not Sight for sore eyes.

    This was hilarious in Sight for sore eyes the ending was Homestar related, along with in Bloo's brothers with the one bloo "clone" that looked like Homestar! That kid must have been on homestarrunner before creating thier version of Bloo, lol. Well, besides the Homestar references, it was pretty funny, too. I really liked the part when all the different bloos were being tested by Mac, especially the last round. Poor Ed, he really wanted to go. I'm the type of person who feels sorry for and crys for cartoon characters. I am just wierd... I really need a life. Yeah
  • Sight for Sore Eyes seemed to get funnier as the story progress, while Bloos Brothers had it's moments here and there.

    There are many misunderstandings in the first story. The story is a basic problem that becomes complex with Bloo lending a hand to help fix the problem. But isn't that always the case? It is funny though, but it is always funny when he suffers the consequences of his actions.

    The second story also involves Bloo helping out and messing up, providing unusual circumstances. The story has filler though, what with the exercise that Mac has to preform in order to get to the end of the story. Unfortunately, that isn't all that funny, so I wish something else happened.
  • Sight for Sore Eyes? Heartwarming! Bloo\'s Brothers? Lighthearted!

    This episode strays away from blatantly funny to rather touching.

    In Sight for Sore Eyes, a 24-eyed imaginary friend named Ivan is seperated from his blind child, Stevie. Mac and Bloo must help Ivan find Stevie before Stevie gets hurt. Meanwhile, Wilt, Eduardo and Coco are looking for Bloo, since they were in the middle of a game of Hide and Seek.

    In Bloo\'s Brothers, after Mac bring Bloo to show and tell to inform his class about the imaginary friends that can be adopted, the class makes their own copies of Bloo, each with variations that set them apart from the real Bloo. Mac also has a ticket for Bloo to see the Ice Charades, but he can only take his Bloo.

    I found Sight for Sore Eyes to be touching. I never have seen that many imaginary friends in the series so far show emotion for their child.

    Bloo\'s Brothers was rather interesting. It was funny and touching, since Mac had Bloo since he was 3 years old.

    I recommend this episode to anyone who wants a bit of a laugh tinged with drama.
  • These episodes were good like I thought they would be!

    I wasn't as excited to watch Bloo's brothers but A Sight for Sore Eyes was really good! I thought it was funny when Ivan was running around screaming like crazy when he lost his blind friend Stevie. I was very glad to know that they chose Kevin McDonald from Kids in the Hall to play Ivan's voice and that made me like Ivan a little more. I think Kevin did a good job.
  • Great two shows

    Instead of the usual thirty-minute show
    I loved the two shoes
    They should do it more often
    But they don't at all
    Loved the one with the guy with so many eyes
    Couldn't live with that many eyes
    Also loved it when Mac took Bloo to school
    That the kids try to imagine Bloos
    Not too good that they came out right
    Even though Bloo acted pretty arrogant
    Mac saved the day and helped also saved the Ice Charades
  • This two episodes are really funny and great. Except for the other one or Sight for Sore Eyes because Ivan was annoying and stupid but it was ok. The best episode in this two is Bloo's Brothers because it is very funny.

    This two episodes are really funny. In Sight for Sore Eyes, Ivan was annoying and acting stupid but this episode is funny. In Bloo's Brothers, I like the part when the Bloos were singing the Ice Charades song and I like it. I also like the part when the Bloos came one by one because the kids on Mac's class imagined them. A really great and funny episodes of Foster's.
  • Bloo's Brothers was great The other one kind of sucked.

    In my opinion, Bloo's brothers gets 5 and Sight for sore eyes gets a 3. Bloo's Brothers was one of the best 11 minutes of my life. All of the different Bloos were hilarious, starting fires and playing pranks, they truly were incredibly, gut-bustingly funny.
    The conclusion was funny too, 'yeah, ok sappy it's definitely not you!' But the let down for me came in 'sight for sore eyes'. I can see the humour, that's why I still give it 3 out of 5, but it got really repetitive, what with Ivan running around all the time, he got really annoying to me, really quickly.
    On the whole, still a really good episode. Extra 0.5 for Bloo's brothers.
  • The two best and funny episode of Foster's, Sight for Sore Eyes and Bloo's Brothers.

    This is one of my favorite episode of Foster's. In Sight for Sore Eyes, I like the part when Ivan shouted and Mac came and he said "What happened Ivan" then Ivan said "oh,nothing" "But you screamed" "oh,yeah I remembered something about the park" then Mac asked "What did you remembered about the park?" then Ivan said "I remembered it" Mac ask again "What did you remembered about the park?" then Ivan said "About what" "The park!" that part is really funny.

    In Bloo's Brothers, I like the part when the Bloos came and sang The 100 percent harmony of "The Ice Charades." After in this two episodes or I mean credit loops, I like the part when Ivan is finding Steve and the Bloos were marching or walking. These two episodes were really funny that's why I like it.
  • Ditching/Bloo has siblings. A good filler episode which wasn't intersting but it wasnt flawless.

    Sight for Sore Eyes was a very special episode because we got to see for the first time in a show a blind person. I think Ivan being voiced by Kevin McDonald was a brilliant idea. I was laughing at the ditching scenes. The ending was great as the whole episode began over again. Lauren Faust did an awesome job with this segment.

    Bloo's Brothers was also great. This is the first episode that Adam Pava writes an episode. ANyway, Mr. Herriman not understanding the prank was great as he also did not know he was pranked in "Partying is Such Sweet Soiree". I just didnt like it when Coco was pranked because she was so sad and she didn't deserve it. Unlike Duchess, who did. Bloo, who kept saying "Im going to the Ice Charades" waskinds irritating but funny. I was also sorry for Eduardo but he was kinda obsessive. I would like to see the Bloos again because they really have personalities.

    Overall, a great filler episode that you should see.
  • Ivan is awesome, and the multiple Bloo's are halirious!

    Episode 1 of 2-SIGHT FOR SORE EYES

    Great. It has some great moments. Ivan was so funy, and when he ran around screaming was cute. It was nice to see his worried about his creator. Awww. What I didn't like was Bloo getting beaten up and thrown into a dirty trash bin. Bloo didn't really mean to knock down the boy, he just didn't understand he wasn't Stevie, but still he DID knock him down. Overall, a wonderful episode that was my fave out of the two.

    Episode 2 of 2-BLOO'S BROTHERS

    Mac's friends at school all decide to create their own Bloo imaginary friends, and they all trun out crazxy and different in some way. Meanwhile, Bloo and Mac are waiting to go to the Ice Charades. But first they msut get rid of the rampaging Bloo's before it's to late-and find the real Bloo when he gets lost in the crowd! This episode was a nice idea. All the different little Bloo's were funny. Like the one with too many eyes, or the one with fangs, the one with loads of chins, the one that looked like a Hawiian surfer, the one with big red lips, the one with a redneck voice and cowboy hat, ect. I was sorry for Bloo for not being able to be in the Ice Charades when all the others were. But it was good.

  • When a blind kid loses his seeing eye friend, it is up to the gang to help reunite the 2 before they get hurt / Mac brings Bloo to his Show and Tell and everyone imagines Bloos for themselves, but ends up abandoning them all.

    Hilarious! A Sight For Sore Eyes was simply superb. I laughed so much in this episode, I could watch it over and over again and I would not get sick of it, on the other hand, Bloo's Brothers was also a great episode, I especially loved the Ice Charades song.
  • Am I seeing things? Why are there many different Bloos? Two outstanding 11-minute episodes. Faust and Pava did a great job.

    These two 11-minute episodes make up for the last two.

    Sight For Sore Eyes: The episode begins with Bloo playing tag by tagging his best friend, Mac, but Mac wasn't even playing the game. Then, we hear a scream. It was a multiple-eyed imaginary friend, named Ivan (voiced by Kevin McDonald [voice of Pleakley from 'Lilo & Stitch']). Ivan was seeking for his creator, named Stevie (who shared similar characteristics to famous musician, Stevie Wonder). Stevie is a blind kid. Back at Foster's, Ed, Wilt, and Coco believed that Bloo ditched them.

    Outside, Bloo, Mac, and Ivan went to seek for Stevie. Bloo get himself into trouble by tracking down this kid, which only led to the kid getting his older brother to kick the crud out of Bloo. Ed, Wilt, and Coco were walking around looking for Bloo, then a moaning sound was heard. Bloo was trying to explain what happened, and the other friends believed that Mac abandoned Bloo. Mac went looking for both Bloo and Ivan.

    Once he met up with the others, Wilt, Coco, and Ed were angry at Mac, even labelling him 'Ditchy McAbandonpants.' Mac was trying to explain what really happened. Later on, the gang resumed their search for Stevie. Bloo went nuts again, and tracked down another kid. Again, it was not Stevie. This caused a food fight at a birthday party. A moment later, Ivan finally found Stevie. All went well....well, sorta. Ivan was blinded again, and lost Stevie....kinda. Mac was with Stevie, and the gang moved forward at the end.

    Bloo's Brothers: It began at Mac's school, when the school chidren were doing show and tell. After the last kid finished (or didn't) his show and tell, Mac did one about Bloo and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friend. The children were all amused with what Bloo can do, so they've decided to do something that they thought was cool. Guess what that cool thing was? Imagining a friend, just like Bloo.

    Back at Foster's, thanks to Mac and Bloo for mentioning Foster's to the kids at school, both received tickets to see Joe Ice Charades. Bloo got really excited, started to rub it in on the gang's faces, and repeatedly said "I'm going to the ice charades". Later on, each kid from Mac's class sent each of their versions of Bloo to Foster's...not needing them anymore. Bloo formed an army with the other clones, and they all performed the Ice Charades theme song, in 100-part harmony.

    Later in the episode, Mac realized what had happened, and he stated that only one Bloo can go with Mac to see Joe Ice Charades. Mac narrowed down the different number of Bloo clones down to two, both of them looked and spoke identically. The only difference between the two are their personalities. After a few questions, one of the Bloos had their final word (he was saying how he and Mac had all the great times together, and how he's completed, and how he loved Mac). Little did he know, Mac knew that he was a 'fakie', and a sappy version of Bloo, in which the real Bloo isn't like that.

    Later, Joe from Joe Ice Charades appeared at Foster's saying that the show would be cancelled, unless some people can take over the show. So, the cloned Bloos were in the Ice Charades performance, and the original Bloo was unhappy with the fact that he could have been the one performing.

    Conclusion: It's really tough to say which of the two I loved more. They are both really outstanding episodes. Lauren Faust wrote an outstanding episode in SFSE, and Adam Pava wrote a really hilarious episode in BB.