Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 2 Episode 4

Sight For Sore Eyes / Bloo's Brothers

Aired Unknown Mar 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Bloo's Brothers really saved Sight For Sore Eyes' a## on this

    Now let me state that I hate Sight for Sore Eyes,and loved Bloo's Brothers. So now for my first episode review,I will review this episode. Okay,so let's start with Sight For Sore Eyes:

    It starts with Bloo trying to find Mac,and he finds him seeing an imaginary friend running on the street. They save him,and find out that he is a friend named Ivan who want to find his owner after getting blinded by the streetlights. Mac ditches Bloo,while Bloo tries to find him. Wilt,Coco,and Eduardo get super pissed at Bloo,while he gets beaten up by a kid's brother after doing something bad to him,while Ivan ditches Mac. The 3 friends find him in the dumpster,and Bloo tries to explain him what happened,only in a huge half-a##ed way. He says that Mac ditched him and that his brother Terrance threw him in the trash,and they believe him. Don't ask me how. They find Ivan,and when Mac passes by,the friends get very pissed off at him,and start bashing him. They all find Ivan's owner Stevie,and Ivan says that he didn't ditch him,even though he admitted it when he chewed Mac out. Ivan then gets blinded by a flash of a camera,and another chase occurs. Now,in my opinion,this episode just sucked. Ivan was extremely annoying with his constant "AHHH!!STEVIE!!" Crap that's not even funny. I hated Bloo for telling that huge lie about him in the dumpster,causing me more reasons to hate him. Wilt,Eduardo and Coco were at their worst in this episode. I just hated it when they called Mac names like "El Stupido" and "Ditchy mcabandonPants" all because they believed Bloo's lie. Ivan joining them was even worse. He's close to being as bad as Bendy. Plus,There were barely any funny moments in this episode. So yeah,I really did not enjoy this episode.


    Bloo's Brothers

    Mac brings Bloo for show and tell,and he ruins everything,but entertains the entire class. Mac gets tickets to the Ice Charades,and Bloo gets the other one,rubbing it in other people's faces. The entire class bring their Bloo imaginations (And a Blue Homestar Runner) to the class,and they soon have fun the entire house,and even have a choir. Mac tries to find Bloo for the tickets,and everybody wants to go,saying they were the real Bloo. Mac soon finds the real Bloo,after a hilrailous Jerry Maguire line. The founder of the IC comes,saying that it's canceled,but all of the Bloo clones make up for him,posing as the giant Blueberry. This episode was very enjoyable to watch. It was funnier than the other episode,and actually kept me watching. The Bloo's clones acted hilrailous,Bloo singing the "I'm going to the Ice Charades" song was so funny,and the Bloo acting emotional was just so funny. Just trust me,this is more enjoyable.


    Overall,please watch Bloo's Brothers,not Sight for sore eyes.