Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 5 Episode 4

Something Old, Something Bloo

Aired Unknown Jun 15, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Bloo pretends to be old to fit into a retirement home that he thinks is paradise.

    This episode was really funny and crazy. It starts off with the Foster's Gang visiting a Retirement Home full of well, the Retired! Bloo notices how good and cool it is, while Madame Foster's relizes its bad and a conspiracy. Bloo returns there the next day to visit an old-timer he met the following day. But when the guard kicks him out Bloo uses water to wrinkle up his skin to make him look old. Then then the guard lets him in and Bloo feels great. But when Mac finds out he sends Wilt, Coco and Eduardo to get Bloo back. However they also find the retirement home great. So Madame Foster turns into a superhero (with Mac as her sidekick) and goes off to save Bloo. But will their plan work?
  • The Bloo that we love!

    This is the Bloo that we love a lot as Bloo wants to move out of Fosters and into a, get this, retirement home. Whoa! I mean, he would really be nuts in a retirement home. And what is this about Bloo not liking fruit as we see him eating banannas from time to time. Of course, Bloo's new "home" doesn't last very long as he is back at Foster's before you know it.
  • Being old and whithered = a good life

    Typical Bloo, he wants to move into a Retirement Home so he can be waited on hand and foot. It would be just too awesome! He finds out that he gets wrikly and whithered looking when he sits in water for a while, and does that so he can sneak in as an "old man". He's having the time of his life, and makes new friends with the elderly residents there. But Madame Foster insists retirement centers brain wash you and "make" you old, even if you're not. She and Mac go to rescue Bloo before he's ruined forever. It's funny, but it's more Madame F. who's funny rather than Bloo. It's certainly a little out of the ordinary. The only thing I didn't care so much for was some of the trademark "Foster's" humor came across as corny instead of funny, and the whithered "old" Bloo just isn't as cute or funny as the Bloo we all know and love. But overall, I really liked it.
  • I say that this is a very good episode. Bloo wanted to stay at that retirement home, huh?

    The Foster's Gang is spending another third sunday of the month at the local retirement home. However, Bloo thought it was boring until he learns that living in a retirement home is fun. So the next day, he tries to go to the retirement home and live there, and after being kicked out again and again, he stays in the fountain water too long until he's wrinkley. Madam Foster and Mac wanted Bloo out of that Retirement Home, and the episode ends with the gang having fun with the retirement residents, and Frankie had to appologise for her grandmother's behavior.