Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 4 Episode 3

Squeeze the Day

Aired Unknown May 12, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

When the friends go out to the beach and leave Bloo in the house alone on purpose so that he doesn't ruin the fun, he and Mac try to squeeze in as much fun as possible and make it the best day of their lives, but are they bringing the house down?moreless

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  • It's hot in Topeka!

    I love this episode because it's all about Bloo and Mac. My favorite part was when Bloo was watching the weather and the weather man said it's hot in Topeka. Then Bloo kept saying it and it got funnier. One of the best episodes ever.
  • Bloo and mac are left alone in fosters

    this episode was about bloo left alone in fosters while the rest of the people in the house go to the beach and enjoy life without bloo for a few hours

    this episode was silly and good we see what would happen if mac and bloo are in fosters alone for about 6 hours. they do weird and silly stuff they even wanna slide down the stairs and remember Fosters is huge and they have about 1,000 or more steps! i like the fact that frankie left bloo on purpose it was funny and she dident even feel bad about it lol

    so good episodemoreless
  • Favorite 4th season episode.

    This is my favorite 4th season episode in that it entales most of the Foster's House and the fact that Mac and Bloo could do anything in any part of the house from running around the house to eating massive piles of food in the kitchen. This episode entales every part of the house, The foyer, the Dining room, Mr Herriman's office, the kitchen, the arcade, the basketball court, the attic, the living room, Frankie's Room, the library, the backyard, a bathroom, that round hall with lots of entries (the one with the round foster's carpet with the big F on it) and the berdoom of wilt, Coco, Eduardo and Bloo. This is one of the Reasons I love this episode.moreless
  • Bloo is left behind (on purpose) while the rest of the friends in the house go to the beach. Unsure what to do at first, he wastes time watching the weather(hilarious!)until Mac shows up to help him do the most awsome of all things.moreless

    As a thirty-something adult with 2 children, I am not the least bit embarrassed to say I actually check my channel guide to find this episode and watch it each chance I get. It doesn't matter that we already own the episode! It's hilarious! The part where Bloo is watching the weather makes everyone at our house laugh histerically. Then, when Bloo experiments with the eyebrow pencil, it's just one hilarious thing after another. I can no longer say "it's hot" without finishing the sentence with "in Topeka"! I love this episode best of all, but hte series if definitely my favorite on Cartoon Network, and there is no objectionable content for a parent to worry about.moreless
  • Laugh-Out-Loud Funny!

    This episode is one of my most favorite! Really, all Foster's episodes have at least one funny scene, but I found this one had At least 6 funny scenes that are catchy enough to memorize and recite to yourself when you're bored or to cheer yourself up when you're stuck in traffic. That's what I do! =) LOL! This is Mac and Bloo at their best. You might find yourself more attached to their characters after watching them plummet down an elivator shaft, gorge themselves with junk food in the kitchen, attempt a practical joke, search for treasure in the back yard, and cause all the chaos expected when they're left in the house alone all day. I'll never get tired of this episode no matter how often it airs or how old it gets. =)moreless
Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo

Sean Marquette

Sean Marquette


Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Frances "Frankie" Foster/Duchess

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr


Tom Kane

Tom Kane

Mr. Herriman

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Coco/Madame Foster

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson


Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Recurring Role

Tom Kane

Tom Kane


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Mac and Bloo dig holes in the backyard, they only find a sack full of Mr. Pockets' mementos. Yet, when Madam Foster walks outside, she simply walks up to an already-dug hole and picks up her treasure from inside. Mac or Bloo would have noticed it when they dug the hole.

    • We find out that Foster's has 4,888 total steps.

    • When Frankie and Herriman are talking about bloo you can see in the background palm trees. Look closely one of them has eyes so that means it is Coco buried in the sand.

    • In "Partying Is Such Sweet Soiree", Bloo exposes that Mac cannot eat sugar or else he goes crazy and gets a sugar rush. But when Mac and Bloo stuff themselves in the kitchen, it looks like Mac was eating sugar.

    • In "Land of the Flea." The gang's alarm clock went off at 7:00 am. In this episode, it goes off at 9:00 am.

    • As the rest of the residents return to the house from the beach, Mr. Herriman is clearly wearing his black top hat,but as he leans in to ask Master Mac and Blooregard if they had been cleaning all day, he is wearing his yellow beach hat.

    • The "strawberry" jam Bloo offered to Mac was clearly grape jam - it was purple.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Mac: Where is everyone?
      Bloo: Everyone who?
      Mac: Everyone who lives at Foster's? Madame Foster, Mr. Herriman, Wilt...
      Bloo: Oh, they're gone.
      Mac: (In surprise) Gone?? They couldn't have just disappeared! What if they're in trouble?
      Bloo: Calm down, I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation...
      Mac: Yeah, like what?
      Bloo: Meteor.
      Mac: (Giving Bloo an unimpressed look)
      Bloo: You know the meteor that killed off the dinosaurs? Well, this was that meteor's son and it was looking for revenge, so it crashed into the earth wiping out every living thing except YOU and ME!
      Mac: Give me a break...
      Bloo: Think about it! Did you see anyone on your way over here?
      Mac: Yeah, I saw tons of people!
      Bloo: Zombies. (Again, Mac gives Bloo an unimpressed look) Everyone knows that when a meteor hits there's a nuclear explosion and everyone knows that when there's a nuclear explosion, zombies come out! (Imitates a zombie) Warrrggh! And you and me, Mac, we've got to fight 'em! (In sing-song fashion) Zombie fighters, nah nah nah nah, nahnah NAH NAH!!! Hi-yah!

    • Mac: Bloo, stop! This is our only chance to do the most awesome of awesome things! (Both run around the house and start screaming)

    • Bloo: Hmmm eye brow pencil.
      (Bloo draws an eyebrow and a French mustache on him, speaks in a bad French accent) I am Pierre Zeswon hahahaha! I put ze ducks in Crystal pond. (Bloo draws one of those evil goatees on him) I am Pierre's evil brother I STEAL ze ducks from Crystal Pond. (Bloo draws an ear on him) I am Pierre's third cousin I have ze ear on the side of my face hahahaha. (Bloo puts on lipstick, and speaks in a high-pitched voice) I am Pierre's girls friend mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa!
      Mac: What are you doing?
      Bloo: Umm nothing nothing. What are you doing?
      Mac: You got something. (Bloo smears the makeup all over his face) You still… (Bloo smears the makeup even more) You got it.

    • Weather Man: As a cold front sweeps in you can expect showers in Spokane.
      Bloo: Showers in Spokane. Shpokane.
      Weather Man: Temperatures are up there and it's hot in Topeka.
      Bloo: It's hooot in Toooopeeeekaaaa. It's hot, hot hot, hot hot hot, hoooo haaa haaa. Hot-a-tat-tat-tat! It's hot in Topeka. ...Topeker! I'm a toe pick-- I'm a hot toe picker! Pick my toe it's hot! Pick my hot toe, pick it! Topeka's hot, my toe is hot, pick it. It's hot in Topeka. It's hot, it's hot, it's hot. It's hot and it's hot and it's hot in Topeka! (Throws the TV remote up and out of view, and it doesn't come back down) ...Topeka.

    • (Bloo drops a potato chip)
      Bloo: Frankie there's a potato chip on the floor! Frankie! Frankie there's a potato chip on the floor and…Frankie? (Bloo says to potato chip) Wait there.
      Mr. Herriman, Frankie's not around and there's a potato chip…Mr. Herriman? Madame Foster, Frankie and Mr.Herriman took off somewhere and…Madame Foster?
      (Bloo Says to potato chip) Hold your horses! Wilt, I can't find Frankie, Mr.Herriman, or Madame Foster and…Wilt? Eduardo, Frankie, Mr.Herriman, Madame Foster, and Wilt are all missing. And since you like potatoes I have this chip…Eduardo? Coco, Frankie, Mr.Herriman, Madame Foster, Wilt, and Eduardo are all missing and…Coco? Jackie Khones, Frankie, Mr.Herriman, Madame Foster, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco are all missing..Jackie Khones? Never Leave Steve? Frankie, Mr.Herriman, Madame Foster, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Jackie Khones, Clam Blake, Jimmy Shoes, Captain Copalopicas, Eurotrish, Spaghetti, Sally Linda, The Incredible Mister Droop, and Howie Dooya are all missing and there's a potato chip on the floor…Never Leave Steve? Wait a minute Never Leave Steve never leaves! (Screams) WHERE IS EVERYBODY!?

    • Bloo: (Speaking to no one) Can you believe the service in this place? GUESS I'M GOING TO HAVE TO GET MY OWN BREAKFAST!

    • Man in movie: If I could look upon your garden every day, I'd die a happy man.

      (Girl on t.v. starts crying, Bloo starts crying)

    • Bloo: I'm a toe picker. I'm a hot toe picker. (Later)Topeka is hot. My toe is hot. Pick it.

    • Bloo: (He and Mac are about to start looking for the treasure. Singing) Who's gonna find that treasure fast? Whip-Smart McCoy. Who's gonna fix his afternoon snack? His butler Wimpy!

    • (Bloo finds an Eyebrow Pencil and draws a mustache and eyebrows on his face)
      Bloo: (In French accent) I am Pierre' Se'suare, I put 'ze ducks in 'ze crystal pond. Ha! Ha! Ha!
      (Bloo goes under the camera and comes back up with a goatee, still speaking in a French accent) I am Pierre's evil brother! I STEAL 'ze ducks from 'ze crystal pond! Ha! Ha! Ha!
      (Bloo goes under the camera again, and comes back up looking the same, still speaking in a French accent) I am Pierre's 3rd cousin. (He turns around with an ear drawn on the side of his head) I have 'ze ear on 'ze side of me face! Ha! Ha! Ha! (He goes under the camera one more time and comes back up with lipstick on, still speaking with thatvgoofy French accent, but in a girly voice) I am Pierre's girlfriend. (Kissing the mirror) Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! (Mac shows up)
      Mac: What are you doing?
      Bloo: (Blocking the lip marks on the mirror) Uh...nothing.
      Mac: You have something on your face. (Bloo tries to wipe off the make-up) Still there. (Bloo smudges it all over his face; Mac then speaks sarcastically and dully) You got it.

    • (Mac and Bloo are watching one of Frankie's movies)
      Mac: Ugh, this is sooo boring. (He turns and looks at Bloo, who is crying) Look, it's so bad you're crying.
      Bloo: I know. She just can't see how much joy he'd bring to her life.

    • Bloo: (After Mac was freaking out about what awesome thing to do before everyone gets home) Play ball in the house. (They toss the ball back and forth about four times)
      Mac: This is boring.
      Bloo: I know.

    • Bloo: I'm using my gold to buy all the gold in the world!

    • Bloo: Prank phone call!
      (Mac dials a number. The phone rings once, and someone answers.)
      Mac: Hello? This is a joke!
      (Hangs up phone)

    • Wilt: I'll go punish myself. (He walks away)

    • Bloo: Relax. There's a perfectly reasonable explanation (for everyone being gone).
      Mac: Like what?
      Bloo: Meteor.

    • Bloo: It's hot in To-pe-ka.
      (Later, at the end of this episode, Mac and Bloo say this again together.)

  • NOTES (11)


    • Plot: "Crime After Crime"
      There's two references here to events in "Crime After Crime" in this episode. First, when Wilt says "I'll go punish myself," this is a reference to when Mr. Herriman's insistence that Wilt punish himself (and his winding up in the same jail cell with Mr. H. after the police finds him red-handed with the jewels.) The other is during the credits when Madame Foster finds the Foster's Treasure, which was the plot device in Act 3 when Bloo tried to get himself out of eating "It."

    • Name: His Butler Wimpy
      No doubting this one for the character name of "Whipsmart McCoy's" sidekick that Blooregard calls Mac is derived from the Popeye character J. Wellington Wimpy.

    • The plot of this episode near the end is similar to the episode plot of O Ed Eleven, an episode of Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Mac and Bloo look for Madame Foster's treasure, and the Eds look for Eddy's brother's treasure.

    • This episode title is a variation of the phrase "Seize the day".