Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 4 Episode 8

The Big Cheese

Aired Unknown Aug 07, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Foster's has been given a great opportunity: To be filmed on TV. Frankie wants to make the house in tip-top shape. As she's handing out cleaning equipment, she sees Cheese, and tells him to leave, because he doesn't live there. So he says,"OK."

Meanwhile, Mac is cleaning up the arcade, Bloo adds trash. When Cheese enters, Mac tells Cheese to leave.

When Eduardo is taking a shower, Cheese slowly creeps up to Eduardo, pulls the curtain, and pokes Eduardo with a carrot. Cheese is told to leave.
When Wilt goes to the store, Cheese tags along. Wilt says Cheese has to go home, and Cheese wants to go to the fair. Cheese won't let go of Wilt's hand, so when Wilt tries to shake him off, and stops, Cheese lets go, and Wilt runs away.
When Cheese enters Mr. Herriman's office covered in ice cream, he literally gets kicked out, spreading ice cream all over the place.
When Madame Foster and Coco kick Cheese out, he's just in time to hear Mr. Herriman enter in a code for a security system. Mr. Herriman enters a random code, and when Mr. Herriman leaves, Cheese starts to sing the code in noises.
When the Foster's friends gather outside, and find they are locked in, they all start arguing. When Cheese appears, he starts singing. He is told to go home, and as he is singing, Frankie realizes that Cheese is singing the code. They chase him, and when they catch him, they take him back. He cries, and everybody sings nursery rhymes to calm him down. None of them work. When Bloo sings about gopher guts in ice cream, Cheese calms down, until Bloo says "no spoon", and Cheese cries again.
Every body decides to play a game. They have to sing songs, and then get "candy", which is actually a rock. When Cheese takes his turn, he sings "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", with his own words, and when Frankie doesn't give him a rock, Cheese takes the rocks. Frankie has no more ideas. When things couldn't get worse, Goo appears. Fortunately, though, Goo is able to make Cheese sing the code by making dances. For every dance move, Cheese makes one of the sounds, in the correct order. After a few dances, Cheese wants everybody else to dance with him, and that means a game of follow the leader. When they end up tearing up the house, the code is complete. Mac was inputting the code when the parts were given. However, just as Mac is about to press enter, Cheese blocks the way, and Mac ends up pushing Cheese into the wrong button, setting off the alarm. Frankie yells at Cheese, and the news crew arrives. Even though they get a poor interview, Frankie is able to convince people to make donations. They order a new security device. When Frankie tries it out, though, Cheese is able to get in.