Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 4 Episode 8

The Big Cheese

Aired Unknown Aug 07, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Quotes

    • Erin Peterson: Do imaginary friends go to a happy, care-giving place when their creators are done with them? (In a serious tone) No! Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, a decrepit place that has fallen into a desperate state of disrepair, a place that buys candy... (Shows picture of Wilt holding candy) instead of even the simplest articles of clothing. (Shows Eduardo naked; Eduardo covers himself, tries to shy away from the camera, but the camera follows him, and starts crying) Tragic. Simply tragic. Even the care-givers are insensitive to the friends.
      Frankie: (To Cheese) GO HOOOOOOOMMMME!!!
      Erin Peterson: But with all hope lost, there is still courage buzzing around. Just ask this little guy.
      Cheese: Sprinkle, sprinkle, little bar, what I wonder is a cat.
      Erin Peterson: Even though all hope may be lost, this little guy gives everyone a reason to smile.
      Cheese: I have gingivitis.