Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 4 Episode 8

The Big Cheese

Aired Unknown Aug 07, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Quotes

    • Cheese: I like candy. (Sucks on rock) Eewww, candy is broken. (Throws rock)
      Frankie: (Gets hit by rock, gets angry and turns to Mac) Help me, Mac. In all my life I have never met, seen or ever heard of anyone more insane, more aggravating, more capable of driving you to the very brink of insanity!
      Goo: Hiiioiiaiiiiiaaaiii everybody. Am I late for the news show?
      Frankie: Oh no.
      Goo: (Cheese following Goo and trying to imitate what Goo says and does) Hey Frankie, why is everybody outside are you gonna do the news show be outside 'cause I thought you were gonna do it inside cause of all your embarrassing acacia trees. 'Cause acacia trees went out of style in like 1993 and just like lemon trees didn't...
      Frankie: Goo!
      Goo: What?
      Cheese: What? (Imitating Goo)

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